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Express Printing and E-commerce also available.Talk to us. Let us help you build your business successfully in Ghana. Good financial statement, User friendly accounting software, good tax records, and proper internal check systems to keep your business going. Let us Work.

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We may not need new 'bone bone boxes' .... they will act same given the same platform ..... new unbias Constitution to curb every bone bone boxes whom may find themselves There. .... lot of talking with beautiful languages(mostly from Buckingham palace) and its corresponding insult from the youth will take us to the great land of Nothingness


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WhatsApp us 24/7


Ghana To Have Beneficiary Ownership Register By October

“In this register of members, they should also indicate who among them are the beneficial owners,” she said, explaining that there was a form on the RGD’s website to be completed by companies, giving out the needed information.

She directed that by the end of July, all companies should start putting together the data of their beneficial owners.

Beneficial owners

A beneficial owner is the person to whom specific property rights in equity belong, even though legal title of the property belongs to another person.

Beneficial owners normally have directors or shareholders fronting for them, when they are actually the natural persons who will benefit ultimately from those companies.

“This person will now have to be disclosed, upon registration or when filing the annual returns, when our electronic software is updated to enable us to capture these data,” Mrs Oware said.

She, however, explained that it was possible that it was the same legal owners who were the beneficial owners.

“But it is also possible that somebody else who is neither a director nor a shareholder is the one who really has the controlling interest in that company and is benefiting from it,” she added.

Ghana risks

The move by the RGD to build a BOR has become necessary because the country risks being blacklisted by the European Union (EU) if it is unable to have a BOR in place by October this year.

The EU and all donor agencies want to be sure that the register is in place for their financial transaction in the country.

Why the register

Mrs Oware explained that the law required that such a register should be in place to enable the RGD to collect data to make it accessible to the public and institutions such as the Financial Intelligence Centre, the police, and the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO).

“This is important because people hide behind these companies to carry out money laundering, terrorism financing and other financial crimes,” she explained, adding that the register would also help people know the real people behind those companies in order to do business with them.

She explained that the onus was on the companies to provide such data for the RGD to collate, failure of which they would attract penalties and sanctions.

Mrs Oware further explained that those who were politically exposed were particularly required to declare their stance in the companies, such that they did not use their influence to acquire contracts for their own benefit.


Check your SSNIT statements


👉👉👉👉 ..............Apple or iPhone? 😁 01/10/2019

All Bank Customers To Be Issued With Domestic Cards

Can't wait All Bank Customers To Be Issued With Domestic Cards

[09/26/19]   The private sector can be a powerful partner in Africa's Economic development ... Tax holidays must reign on 👉Micro SMEs .


Government must fast-track the implementation of revenue collection automation to reduce leakages at local assembles and agencies. 06/09/2019

Digital Investments into agriculture in Africa achieving only 6% pe*******on: Experts

Watch out The African Green Revolution Forum has identified regional coordination and cooperation as essential to unlocking the full potential of new digital tools to boost food security and productivity. 05/09/2019

Is this the next phase in human evolution? - BBC Reel

AI is the future It’s been argued that humans are no longer evolving, but now a growing number of people are integrating technology directly into their bodies.


Huawei's next phone will not have Google apps.
I wonder if it will sell

[08/06/19]   New Company Act, 2019 ✌️


Strengthening the cash flow forecasting capacity could help countries to determine the right amount of cash reserves and carry with possible minimum cost – because cash is king.✌️


African superpower Nigeria has signed an agreement which aims to increase trade between African countries. This leaves Eritrea as the only African country not to be part of the trading bloc.

At the moment, African countries trade only about 16% of their goods and services among one another, compared to 65% with European countries, reports AFP news agency. The AU estimates that implementing the African Continental Free Trade Area - called AfCFTA - will lead to a 60% boost in intra-African trade by 2022.

[05/17/19]   '
Banking Industry’s Stakeholders Urged To Restore Market Confidence'


New Companies Bill, 2018
Parliament on Thursday evening passed the new Companies Bill, 2018, which replaces the Companies Act of 1963, to deal exclusively with company registration and regulation in the country.

The amendment to the Bill would establish a new Office of the Registrar of Companies out of the existing Registrar-General’s Department.

The Bill, a 428-page document, with 368 clauses, was laid before the House by Ms Gloria Akufo, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice on July 9, 2018, to create a new office to perform functions relating to incorporated partnerships and registered business names.

This new office will be responsible for the appointment of inspectors and will assume the functions of the Official Liquidator under the Bodies Corporate (Official Liquidations) Act 1963.

It will further undertake public education programmes on the operations of companies.

As part of the transitional arrangements, the office is to assume the status of a category III subvented agency under the Subvented Agency Act, 2006 (Act 706) and operate under the Ministry of Justice.

Under the new legislation, arrangements have been made to ensure that relevant personnel are transferred from the Registrar-General’s Department to the new office.

The office will have financial autonomy and be funded from income sources such as moneys approved by parliament, fees and charges, proceeds from sale of the Companies Bulletin, donations, grants and investment income.

The law, when it becomes operational, grants that an individual can register or start a business at the age of 18, revised downwards from 21 years.

It also gives room for dissenting minority shareholders to have rights to compel their companies to buy out their shares. Such shareholders will be entitled to request the company to purchase their share at a fair value.

It also seeks a complete abolition of ultra vires doctrine to companies in Ghana. Per the provisions of the Bill, companies will have the option to state the nature of their businesses or their objects.

The implication is that companies that will state their objects will be restricted to operate within the scope of their objects but those who opt not to state their object will have no restrictions and can do any legitimate business.

An issue that attracted attention during the consideration stage was whether to acknowledge personalities that made enormous contributions into the drafting and processing of the legislation, a matter which was finally determined that the names should not be part of the main.

Rather, Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye, the Speaker of Parliament expressed appreciation to contribution of the notables and directed that their names should be captured in the Hansard.

The House also passed the State Interests and Governance Authority Bill, 2019 to establish a State Interests and Governance Authority to oversee and administer the State’s interests in state-owned enterprises, joint venture companies and other entities in which the State has an interest and further, to ensure that these entities adhere to good corporate practices to promote growth of industry and commerce.

The Bill seeks to reform the governance structure of all state entities, among others.

A report of the Finance Committee of Parliament’s Finance explained that the “Government has resolved to adopt the single entity model to help harmonize guidelines and policies to overseer and administer entities which the state has interest as well as State-Owned Entities”.

The model would involve the establishment of an Authority to enhance coordination in the management of interests and ensure a clear line of accountability from State-Owned enterprises and other state interests.

Since 1959 Ghana’s legal framework which governs state-owned enterprises has undergone extensive reforms in pursuit of making these enterprises effective and more relevant within the economic development agenda.

Despite these reforms, the performance of state-owned enterprises has been constrained by issues of liquidity, capitalization and indebtedness, compounded by poor governance practices and perceived fragmented oversight by the multiplicity of other government organizations.

Throughout the years, many of the state-owned enterprises have consistently underperformed regarding their objectives, while others continue to incur loses.

The Government of Ghana in collaboration with the World Bank carried out an assessment of the corporate governance framework of the state-owned enterprise sector from 2013 to 2015.

The assessment sought to identify the core issues facing the state owned enterprises in terms of the existing governance and oversight arrangements.

The assessment, which focused on 39 wholly-owned state-owned enterprises, revealed an aggregate loss of approximately GH¢15 Million as at the end of the 2012 financial year.

The study further noted that the un-coordinated oversight of state-owned enterprises by different Government institutions and a lack of clearly defined ownership frameworks accounted for the poor performance of state-owned enterprises.

Another review carried out on four financial and economic regulators and a Trust, also revealed that these entities suffered from identical corporate governance challenges mainly in the arrears of transparency and accountability.


GRA to come up with a simplified electronic Tax filing system.

The app is an e-services platform that enables taxpayers to prepare, apply and receive GRA services online.
With this, individuals, and soon companies, will be able to file their annual tax returns at their own convenience.
The app allows electronic access to Tax Clearance Certificate (e-TCC), as well as Withholding Tax Credit Certificate (e-Tax Credit) and VAT Withholding Tax Credit Certificate (e-VAT Credit)


Know the rate of Withholding Taxes in Ghana

[01/11/19]   If you focus on Results you will never change but If you focus on change you will get Results 04/12/2018

How to get Ghanaians to pay their taxes Ghana's government should ban funerals for people who refuse to pay taxes, writes journalist Elizabeth Ohene.

[11/24/18]   Visa West Africa unveils innovative mobile payment service with some banks(CAL, GT, Ecobank & Zenith) in Ghana. Good move

[11/01/18]   Bank Of Ghana Sets New Rules For Forex Bureau
Areas to be covered
According to the regulator, all transaction must be captured electronically with receipts issued as well. Customers must also provide valid National ID to aid all transaction. The Central Bank argues that it would deal with any individual found engaging unlicensed operators. Any forex Bureau that fails to comply would also be sanctioned, face suspension and revocation of license.

[09/18/18]   Gov’t to leverage pension fund to solve housing deficit






“We must invest in Africa, but invest in an orderly way and create employment, not go there to exploit it,” he told Reuters in a wide-ranging interview while discussing the migration of Africans to Europe.

“When a country grants independence to an African country it is from the ground up – but the subsoil is not independent. And then people (outside Africa) complain about hungry Africans coming here. There are injustices there!


Businesses are still skeptical of the use of mobile money despite the boom in patronage of the service.

Some small scale business owners show mixed reactions to the use of mobile money services.

We need more education.


Chief Executive of the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority has attributed the slow growth of the country's export sector to the inability of exporters to access credit facilities at cheaper rates.

[05/22/18]   The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Bank of Ghana (BoG) has reduced its key lending rate to commercial banks marginally.
BOG dropped the rate by a 100 basis points to 17 percent

Now banks reduce your Killer Rates Now !


Use Charcoal; Not Palm Oil To Expel Poison : FDA warns

You will rather end up killing the person or damaging the lungs. So we don’t encourage expelling poisons, which are organic based with palm oil


Do not pay attention to the naysayers.
You need a driving force in life to propel you on and that is what you should keep your eyes on.
"An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to blow it out?"

Avoid skeptics and cynics. There is never a shortage of them. They specialise in discouragement. They always have something negative to say about your plans and dreams. Such people will keep you down and drain the energy and enthusiasm out of you. Be upbeat, high-spirited and pursue your goals and leave them to wallow in their pessimism.

[04/30/18]   Capital requirement: Bank of Ghana advises banks to suspend profit payments


This is where most get it wrong. Just because someone is doing something does not mean you can also it, or that it is what you should be doing in the first place. The road to success involves dispassionate thinking and hard decisions. And indeed, a contrarian mindset can be very beneficial in many situations.
You may have to do things that other people will find hard to swallow. The opposition may well emanate from close family who have stereotypes of what you should be doing after school.
You need to break out of that mindset which can be limiting and even oppressive.
A great example (in a different context) is from the Bible character Noah. Genesis 6-9. Here was someone building an ark on dry land. People thought he had gone nuts. But he knew what he was doing.
Move away from the herd mentality.


People are looking for solutions to their pain. Do not deceive yourself into thinking that there is nothing you can do.
Put on your thinking cap, look at people and situations with observant eyes (eyes that not only look but see), and ask yourself what need you can provide a solution for.
You would soon be on your way to starting a small business which will, over time, grow into something you will be proud of.


The United Nation has estimated the global cost of Sexual harassment and other gender-based violence at workplaces at $1.5 trillion. This figure, according the Managing Director of IFC is equivalent to the size of the Canadian economy.

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