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Alpo Martinez Reportedly Shot and Killed in Drive-By Shooting in Harlem 01/11/2021

Alpo Martinez Reportedly Shot and Killed in Drive-By Shooting in Harlem

Alpo Martinez Reportedly Shot and Killed in Drive-By Shooting in Harlem According to credible sources, it was revealed that Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez was shot and killed in Harlem. The shooting took place earl...


The Fortunate Slave


Africa 's Freedom 🌍💪🏿



When a 6-foot-tall African slave landed in Japan, he stuck out like a sore thumb. People lost all modesty and nearly caused a stampede trying to get a closer look. Such a sight was so foreign in Kyoto — he was one of the first Africans to ever arrive on the island — that a powerful Japanese warlord ordered him to remove his clothes while a flock of servants tried to scrub the “black ink” off his skin. Little did the warlord know that the slave was destined to become the world’s first Black samurai. #History #BlackHistory #Africa #afroamerican #AfroAmerican #AfroAmericanos #BlackAmerican #BlackAmericanHistory #BlackPower

- Cultural Heritage Centre Coventry CHCC
The True Story of Yasuke, the Legendary Black Samurai Behind Netflix’s New Anime Series


In 1579, an African man now known by the name of Yasuke arrived in Japan. Much about him remains a mystery: it’s unconfirmed which country in Africa he hailed from, and there is no verifiable record of his life after 1582. But Yasuke was a real-life Black samurai who served under Oda Nobunaga, one of the most important feudal lords in Japanese history and a unifier of the country. He is also the inspiration for Netflix’s new anime series Yasuke—a project from creator and director LeSean Thomas and the Japanese animation studio MAPPA, executive produced by LaKeith Stanfield, who voices Yasuke, and Flying Lotus, who produced the soundtrack.

This is not the first time that Yasuke has appeared in popular culture. Author Kurusu Yoshio published the children’s book Kuro-suke about the samurai in 1968. Yasuke also showed up as a playable character in the 2017 video game Nioh. And in 2019, before Chadwick Boseman’s death, it was announced that the actor would play Yasuke in a film based on the warrior’s story.

The Netflix anime series takes a new approach in telling Yasuke’s story—one that combines historical elements with fantastical components. “Animation is always the medium where you can do things that real people can’t do,” Thomas told TIME. In the show, there are plenty of giant robots, magical beasts and otherworldly fight sequences involving supernatural powers. But there are also scenes inspired by events recorded about the African samurai’s life.

One of the first scenes in the anime shows the first meeting between Nobunaga and Yasuke. After the feudal lord applauds him for winning a fight on the streets, he asks for Yasuke to be cleaned, thinking that his skin is covered in dirt. “Did you ink your skin black?” Nobunaga inquires when Yasuke’s appearance does not change. “I was born with black skin,” Yasuke responds. This interaction is not too unlike the actual initial encounter between the men. “Yasuke was brought before Nobunaga and he didn’t believe Yasuke’s true skin color was black,” said Thomas Lockley, a co-author of African Samurai: The True Story of Yasuke, a Legendary Black Warrior in Feudal Japan along with Geoffrey Girard. Lockley described this event from March of 1581. “[Nobunaga] ordered him scrubbed. Of course Yasuke’s skin remains intact,” he said. Nobunaga then threw a party to welcome the man into his court. According to Lockley, Yasuke entered the feudal lord’s service sometime within the next few days.

The anime series references a range of other moments documented in the life of the Black samurai who lived more than 400 years ago. Interest in Yasuke is bound to grow since, as Lockley says, he is widely regarded as the first-ever foreigner to be given warrior status in Japan. Here is the true story of Yasuke.

Who was Yasuke?
When Yasuke arrived in Japan in 1579, he was with an Italian Jesuit named Alessandro Valignano. They came by way of India, and according to Lockley, Yasuke was in service to Valignano most likely as a bodyguard. “As a priest he wasn’t allowed to have any soldiers or guards,” Lockley said of the Jesuit missionary. “Euphemistically, they had valets—manservants if you’d like—who were also versed in weapons.” In 1581, Valignano headed to what was then the capital city, Kyoto, to meet with Nobunaga and request permission to leave Japan. It was on this trip that Yasuke crossed paths with the feudal lord.

Some have said that Yasuke was a slave, and Lockley acknowledges the theory but disagrees. “Personally I don’t think he was a slave in any sense of the word, I think he was a free actor,” Lockley said. The author speculates that given the circumstances of how the African man arrived at his employment with Valignano, it’s possible that Yasuke was enslaved as a child and taken from Africa to India. There, Lockley said the man could have been a military slave or an indentured soldier, but he “probably got his freedom before meeting Valignano.”

Standing at more than six feet tall and described as having the strength of 10 men, Yasuke left a strong impression on Nobunaga. “It seems like he was a confidant, Nobunaga is recorded as talking often with him,” Lockley said in a follow-up email. “He was also a weapon bearer, and probably served in some kind of bodyguard capacity.”

Lockley also explained that in Yasuke’s time, the idea of a “samurai” was a very fluid concept. “You don’t have to possess any particular killing skills to be a samurai,” the author said. “Anybody who took up weapons on behalf of a lord could technically call themself a samurai, or could be called a samurai.”

In the years following Yasuke’s service to the feudal lord, it’s possible that hundreds of other foreigners—from places including Africa, China, Korea—were employed in a similar way as the African warrior. “He is supposedly the first recorded,” Lockley explained. The difference is that other foreigners that followed were not in service to Nobunaga. “There are several records of Black Africans serving more minor lords, and we don’t know so much about them because the lords they were serving were more minor,” he said.

Sumō yūrakuzu byōbu, drawn in 1605 by an anonymous artist. Author Thomas Lockley said that the individual in green, in the third panel from the left, is believed to be Nobunaga. He said it's highly likely that the Black man depicted in the artwork is Yasuke. Sacchisachi/Wiki Commons
What happened to Yasuke when Nobunaga died?
En route to a battle in 1582, Nobunaga was ambushed by his general Akechi Mitsuhide. This would come to be known as the Honnō-ji Incident, in which Nobunaga died in the Honnō-ji temple on June 21. Lockley said that Akechi and his soldiers were heading to the same battlefield, but turned around and attacked Nobunaga in an act of betrayal. “[Nobunaga] had 30 men, Akechi had 13,000 so it was a foregone conclusion,” Lockley said. Yasuke was one of the 30 men with the feudal lord.

Nobunaga was at the Honnō-ji temple at the time of the ambush. He performed seppuku, a form of ritual su***de that involves slicing open the abdomen. It’s regarded as a way of retaining honor even in defeat. “It was his last victory,” Lockley said. Instead of being killed, performing seppuku sends the message of being in control of one’s death. The ritual sometimes involves a kaishakunin, or a designated “second” who beheads the individual. “It’s a symbolic action, cutting your belly, to show the purity of your intentions,” Lockley explained. “But obviously nobody really wants to sit there while the guts are coming out.” A kaishakunin, usually a friend, would then cut off the head. Lockley said it’s traditionally held that Mori Ranmaru, an attendant to Nobunaga who was considered to be the feudal lord’s lover, acted as his kaishakunin.

Yasuke was in the temple with Nobunaga when he performed seppuku. “There’s no record, but tradition holds it that [Yasuke] was the one who took Nobunaga’s head to save it from the enemy,” Lockley said. “If Akechi, the enemy, had gotten the head and he’d been able to hold up the head, he would have had a powerful symbol of legitimacy.” Lockley explained that an act like that would have given Akechi credibility as a ruler. After the attack on Nobunaga, Akechi did not get much support and was soon defeated in battle. “Yasuke, therefore, by escaping with the head, could have been seen and has been seen as changing Japanese history,” Lockley said.

Shortly after Nobunaga’s death, Yasuke joined Oda Nobutada, the son of Nobunaga, who was nearby. “At that point, [Yasuke] fights again, a second battle of the morning,” Lockley said. “Nobutada has 200 men, not 30 men, but of course Akechi still has 13,000 so that’s again, another foregone conclusion.” On the same day of June 21, 1582, Nobutada also performed seppuku. Lockley said that Yasuke was most likely left wounded on the battlefield. The last record of Yasuke is of the man being escorted by Akechi’s troops to a Jesuit mission house.

The anime series Yasuke takes the void of knowledge post-1582 as a starting point: the Honnō-ji Incident is its opening scene. Kicking off with this historical setting, the show then dives into a reimagined, fantastical story about the legendary Black samurai.

Correction, May 3

The original version of this story misstated Africa’s geopolitical status. It is a continent, not a country.

© 2021 TIME USA, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Story Of African Man From Mozambique. Yasuke, The First Japan's Black Samurai In History

African History - October 21, 2020


R. Kelly Found Guilty of S*x Trafficking and Racketeering

I will never be part of this, evil, been done against R Kelly, why is it that, this kind of issue are mostly found in music and movies starts and majority of the music stars are black men and black Queens, and guess who George most of this mens, is white people, it's the time we the black community have our own,George who must be a Blake as well.

Mobile Uploads 25/09/2021

Good job, we need more of people like you


Chimamanda, thank you, thank you, my beautiful sister, tho the people your telling this don't really care, but we the Africans are the people who needs to know this, may we pay them pay in the same measure, so that this pain will be balanced.




Shoplifter Acts Crazy.


White woman harasses and accuses black neighbor for being too noisy


Racist Woman Smashes Neighbour's Car With Hammers


Hotel Employee Fired After Calling Police On Black Family Using Pool


Woman Harasses Government Worker


White Woman SLAPS Man At Football Game


George McLaurin, was the first black to be admitted into the University of Oklahoma in 1948. He was asked to be sitting in a corner far from his white classmates. He worked hard to be one of the three best students of the university.

This is what he said: "Some colleagues would look at me like I was an animal, no one would give me a word, the teachers seemed like they were not even there for me, nor did they always take my questions when I asked. But I devoted myself so much that afterwards, they began to look for me to give them explanations and to clear their questions."

Lesson: Forcing yourself to be accepted by people is a waste of time. Just focus and add value to yourself and people shall come seeking your help...
Think Unique Thoughts

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Humfree Okey Eze



South Africa's Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu said;

"My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom. Tell my people that I love them. They must continue the fight, Aluta Continua"


There's never not the right time for Jane Elliot


Sandy Boston Officiel

Ils jouent sur le dos du peuple

Ils s'enrichissent sur le dos du peuple

Ils décident sur le dos du peuple

Qui souffre et se meurt





Africa is not what you think...


2PAC Makaveli Outlaw King

👑 2Pac Banned Interview 👑


Did you get the point now 08/07/2020

“Why are you doing this to me” Men try to hang black man at a lake in Indiana Deputies in Indiana let it be known of the incident that occurred which authorities are taking very seriously. We have been seeing a lot around the world lately and it has been giving people mixed emotions. The police brutality has created a war in the minds of the individuals living in the United S...


Biafra Today

Bitter Truth for All Blacks in America!! 27/06/2020

Black babies were once used as alligator and crocodile bait in America in the 1900s - Face2Face Africa There has been documentation that during slavery and into the 20th century, black babies were used as alligator bait. It has been reported that profit-seeking white hunters used black “slave babies” to lure alligators out of the swamps to be killed for their skin. Many people, including those re...


Claudia Jordan

neighborhood back in the late 70’s/early 80’s. They would call my mother a n*gger lover, throw rocks at our dog and this one little racist white boy hit me in the face with a skateboard as he called me a ni**er. His trash ass mother cheered her son on as he and my brother eventually squared off (he lost/ lil bro won that one!) and he scurried off with a face as red as a stop sign. ✊🏾
They didn’t light crosses on our lawn or destroy our home but they definitely took some of the innocence outta our childhood. I never understood what these people saw in black people that bothered them so much. And I still don’t. But I do know that at some point the parents gotta stop the bu****it and stop teaching their kids to be loser racists. Cause that’s exactly what they are. Losers. Losers in life. Losing out on the opportunity to have a life filled with love and beautifully diverse. They’re encouraging their kids to be in a constant state of jealousy, misery and hate. Why would you even want that for your kids? Racists.... please hurry up and die out and become extinct so we can be a better race- the human race. Ya bastards.


Face2Face Africa

“Door of No Return”- Goree Island, Dakar, Senegal.

This was the view of the beginning of a horrifying voyage and a cruel fate for Africans.

Today, we remember our ancestors who never returned, and we celebrate the end of the greatest evil of mankind in human history!

Happy Juneteenth!

#juneteenth #slavery #black #blm #africa #racism #doorofnoreturn #humanity #ancestors #goreeisland #senegal 18/06/2020

Heartbreaking Moment Black Boy, 10, Hides From Passing Police Car Out Of Fear A father has shared the heartbreaking moment his young son hides from a passing police car. 10-year-old Eliah was playing basketball outside his home in Trumbull, Connecticut, when he spotted a police patrol car driving by. Caught on the family’s CCTV, Eliah can be seen hiding behind a parked....




PLO Lumumba

Every African and every person of African descent must listen to this wonderful speech by Omali Yesh*tela



Maponga Joshua III - AFRICAN MIND



#Facts 💯💯💯


Finally Media

Black lives matter RIP George Floyd

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