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Please i want some of the products for my natural hair
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Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! Thanks for making this world so full of love by the touch of your motherhood.

Our twists can't stay locked down forever! What style are we breathing out in? Leave a comment down below.

Achieve any of these looks with our Au Naturale Afro Moisturizing Butter and Plaiting Pudding Cream, now at 50% discount PLUS FREE DELIVERY. Follow the link below to order from Jumia!

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Our twists can't stay locked down forever! What style are we breathing out in? Achieve any of these looks with our Au Naturale Afro Moisturizing Butter and Plaiting Pudding Cream, now at 50% discount PLUS FREE DELIVERY. Follow the link below to order from Jumia!

#covid19 #staysafe #darkandlovelyghana #haircare #beauty #accra #ghana
At Dark and Lovely we care about your safety and comfort. This will all be over soon. #keepcalm and #stayhome. In the meantime, purchase all Au Naturale products on Jumia at 50% off plus FREE DELIVERY. What are you waiting for? Place an order right now on https://www.jumia.com.gh/loreal-deals/
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Please, I need to know the how much does its cost

The leading range of beauty products designed for people of African descent. Our expertise is based on the in-depth knowledge of African hair gained by SoftSheen-Carson Laboratories, a unique research centre in the world, dedicated to studying ethnic hair

L鈥橭real was officially introduced into the West African market in 1997. In June 2009, the name of the company was officially changed to L鈥橭real West Africa 鈥 signifying its membership of the prestigious L鈥橭real Group - the world鈥檚 largest manufacturer of cosmetics with over one billion global consumers. L鈥橭real West Africa has many key brands for the West African market notably Dark and Lovely. We

Operating as usual


Countdown to Free Delivery and Up to 50% Off This Black Friday! 馃榿馃挏


Great for relaxed, colour-treated or heat-traumatized hair, Dark and Lovely moisture plus shampoo has an advanced combination of natural ingredients and body enhancing polymers infuses and seals moisture into each and every hair strand for a soft and full finish. 馃挏

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It is another beautiful week to Hair with us!

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The Improved Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer comes in pre-mixed sachets which makes it easier to use.

All you need to do is cut the sachet open, pour it into a bowl and you're good to go! A box comes with 12 sachets and you can use it for up to 6 relaxer applications.

Want to save money and look beautiful? Try the Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying relaxer today!馃挏

Call us to make purchase:
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Dear professional Hairstylist, your job just got easier!

With our winning professional pre-mixed relaxer, Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying relaxer and Fat Protein Neutralizing Shampoo, your clients enjoy seamless touch-up sessions.

Suitable for all crowns, Fat Protein Bodifying relaxer activates hair bounce and adds richer volume to the hair after relaxing while the Fat Protein Neutralizing shampoo helps to stop the relaxing process and balances the PH of the hair.



Your hair will love this!

Please call find out product prices and sales points near you:
Accra: 024 465 7538
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Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer is made with the right amount of Coconut oil, fatty acids and Wheat Germ Protein to give your hair the ideal conditioning experience, while providing the perfect dose of protein to your scalp.


Wear a smile today and turn up the volume of your crowns! The only time you should ever let your head down is to admire your shoes. 馃挏


Win Dark and Lovely Products! All you need to do is take a picture with a box or sachet of the New Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer WITH YOUR FAVORITE HAIRDRESSER! 馃ぉ

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Call to find your nearest outlet for purchase:
Accra: 024 465 7538
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Drop a 'Yasss' in the comment sections if you are excited about this because we are!馃榿馃挏


Introducing Fat Pro

Now Re-introducing...

The new improved Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer formulated to keep your hair richer and fuller!

Made by our African hair experts to give your hair a never to be forgotten relaxing experience.

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Hey Sleek Queens!
Make a right turn and face us, because we鈥檙e about to re-introduce one of our favorite products to the Dark and Lovely family.

Who鈥檚 ready for the reveal?


Tag a Queen with great hair and Get Ready to of your hair!

Our New incredible formula contains ingredients like Wheat Germ Protein, Coconut Oil & Fatty Acids to give your hair the nourishment it deserves. Do you know what is coming?


We are giving too many hints 馃榿 but scalp comfort is so important to us!

Our (Coming Soon 馃槈) newly improved product contains the active trio of Lithium, Sodium, and Calcium for ultimate scalp comfort.

Are you excited to try it out?


Get Ready! Your hair is in for the best time of its life with 3 relaxing agents; Lithium, Sodium and Calcium, Protein from Wheat Germ Protein and Coconut oil &Fatty Acids.

We will give you a hint; It comes in 1 pack already mixed 馃槈


Happy Monday Queens!
Something great is coming your way

Infused with ingredients like Coconut Oil and Fatty Acids to condition your hair, Wheat Germ Protein to nourish your scalp, and Conditioning agents to bodify and replenish your hair, our newly improved product gives you richer, fuller hair. Can you guess which Dark and Lovely Product this is?


Struggling with limp relaxed hair? We are bringing something that will give your hair the bounce and volume you desire. Drop a purple emoji if you are excited about this!


Hey Sleek Queens, let鈥檚 have a little chat.
We all have different hair journeys. What is your current challenge with your sleek hair journey?

Share your answer with us in the comments section.馃挏


Coming Soon

We've got something exciting coming for all our relaxed hair Queens! Watch this space!


Life might not be perfect, but you can have perfect, healthy hair! All you need to do is use Dark and Lovely products consistently 馃槈

Have a hair-perfect Monday Queens馃挏


Hair Tip for Hair Tips, from yours Truly 馃挏


We could all use a great hair tip! In the comments section, share one of the best natural hair tip you swear by and tag a few friends to join in. 馃挏


Here is your Monday Affirmation Queens!馃挏
We trust in your Crowns!


Deep conditioning treatments treat and replenish the hair with what it needs. For most people, it's either moisture or protein. Doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week or even twice a month can improve your hair's overall health.
How often do you do a deep conditioning treatment? Tell us below 馃挏


Thank us Later and Shop Anti-Dryness Hair Food Here: https://www.jumia.com.gh/dark-lovely-gro-strong-anti-dryness-hair-food-250ml-30709777.html


Happy World Afro Day to all the Glorious Natural Hair Queens! 馃槏馃挏

Leave a' 馃憤' emoji in the comments section if you are rocking your Afro out with pride today. Tag us or use the emoji when you do, we want to see you slay 馃槏


Gro Strong Anti-Dryness Hair Food

Countdown to ! Which ingredients do you love seeing in your natural hair products and why?

5 Benefits of Coconut Oil on Afro Hair:

1. Acts As A Detangler And Effective Leave-In Treatment.
2. Boosts Length, Volume And Shine.
3. Combats Dandruff And Lice.
4. Protects Hair From Sun Damage And Hair-Coloring Damage.

Shop for Gro Strong Hair Food Here: https://www.jumia.com.gh/mlp-darkandlovely-official-store/


It's Another Great Week to Hold your Crown Up High!馃挏
Tag a Queen who needs to hear this.


It's almost time for !

To celebrate, Tag a you know below and tell her what you love about her crown 馃挏


One Week to World Afro Day!
Friendly Reminder to love your Afro Crown Queens!


This month is all about Celebrating Our Crowns. Do you love your natural hair? Comment Below 馃挏


World Afro Day is Coming!

World Afro Day is on the 15th of September! Black women of all ages have been rocking their Afro's for years. Your natural hair is a crown!

Be inspired by these phenomenal women!


DID YOU KNOW? Dark and Lovely has been selected as the NUMBER ONE trusted haircare brand used by African hairstylists for African hair. 馃ぉ
Shout out to all our gorgeous queens and amazing hairstylists for trusting us these past years with your hair. Let's continue to create magic.
Leave a purple emoji if you have been rocking with us these past years. 馃挏

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Introducing Fat Pro
Gro Strong Anti-Dryness Hair Food
World Afro Day is Coming!
Gro Strong Coming Back Strong



Dark and Lovely, Au Naturale, Magic, Garnier, Blue Ice and Sadie. We have a complete collection of relaxers for all hair types and textures, conditioners, oil moisturizers, hair colours, for women and children. Deodorants, body lotions for the whole family and shaving products for men.



No. 16, Spintex Road

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Twists & Locs is the first natural hair salon in Ghana that provides total hair care for all types of natural hair. We are stockists of premium brands and natural hair care products. Let us make your "Curly hair Beautiful" today.

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Cornerstone Boutique provides the best in latest fashion. The store is located at (11th Street, Baatsona, Accra, Ghana), off the Total in Spintex Road. Come & visit us and you will not be dissapointed!! http://facebook.com/CornerstoneBoutique

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Your number one Dreadlocs Clinic

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Products Rendered by this Store is of 100% Effective and of Good Results In Days. Best Regards, Our Customers Our Priorities, Please Call / Whatsapp us: +233559589232

Covenant Kitchenware & Hair Products Covenant Kitchenware & Hair Products
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At Covenant Kitchenware and Hair Products, we provide you with the best and authentic kitchen accessories and hair products at very affordable prices. We are a subsidiary of "Elinam Trendz Gh", all registered trademarks of "Developed by myK's" concepts.

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Asafoatse Nettey Road, Accra, Ghana

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We make sure we give you the best hair style at an affordable price..

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