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Trade the #1 Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, with easyMarkets


lnd.easymarkets.com Trade Bitcoin CFDs, including BTCUSD, with easyMarkets and take advantage of the rising cryptocurrency trend. Open your account now.

[04/06/18]   Always have it at the back of your mind that trading is uncertain endeavor; no matter the amount of prior research work, there is no certainty of outcome.

[03/08/18]   To be successful, traders must have a complete understanding of any tool they use; its subtleties and nuances in each market type.

[03/08/18]   In choosing tools for your market analysis, try to limit your scope to tools that truly add value.

bloomberg.com 05/03/2018

Italy Parliamentary Election

Bloomberg live blog of Italy's election results... https://goo.gl/n9UtWf

bloomberg.com Welcome to TOPLive. We'll be blogging Italy's parliamentary election results starting just before 11:00 p.m. local time. Join us for news, analysis and market reaction.

marketwatch.com 05/03/2018

Dollar drops for second day as tariffs spark fears of global trade war

The fear of trade war is gradually gripping market participants... https://goo.gl/EUpMwz

marketwatch.com The dollar drops for a second straight day on Friday, as fears of a global trade war prompt investors to dump the greenback after President Donald Trump said the U.S. will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

axitrader.com 05/03/2018

Video: Market Morning - 5 Mar | AxiTrader

Take a read on the possible direction of the market before... https://goo.gl/XEBwFg

axitrader.com Video: Market Morning - 5 Mar

[03/05/18]   Your prime source of market information is the price action. Always trade what is in front of you; don't ignore the evidence that is in front of you.

ftalphaville.ft.com 02/03/2018

An abridged, illustrated history of volatility

History of volatility... https://goo.gl/GugqVx

ftalphaville.ft.com How volatility went from being a concept to a tradeable dominant risk-management metric, and what that means for markets.

financemagnates.com 01/03/2018

Pro Tips for Analyzing Cryptocurrencies | Finance Magnates

Tips for analyzing cryptocurrencies... https://goo.gl/DoaicQ

financemagnates.com The growth of cryptos over the past year has also attracted top traders worldwide, including Jarratt Davis who is now offering a new Mastermind Course.

bloomberg.com 28/02/2018

Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor Accused of Swindling $5 Billion of Cryptocurrency


bloomberg.com Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of bitcoin, is accused of swindling more than $5 billion worth of the cryptocurrency and other assets from the estate of a computer-security expert.

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Trade the #1 Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, with easyMarkets

Everything you ever wanted to know about Bitcoin... https://goo.gl/6rsZno

lnd.easymarkets.com Trade Bitcoin CFDs, including BTCUSD, with easyMarkets and take advantage of the rising cryptocurrency trend. Open your account now.




Take advantage of the current volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

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[02/27/18]   A Trading plan provides a general framework to develop a view of the market, undertake a repeatable trading process with consistency which is required for a successful trading career.

[01/22/18]   Anxiety has no place in trading because it consumes capital. Successful traders have the capacity to stalk their set up for the right opportunity to enter the market. Patience is required for both opening and closing a position.

[01/18/18]   Indeed, many traders have great ideas but the major obstacle to successful trading is that, they often lack patience and the discipline to control their emotions and in the process turn a winning trade into a losing one.


Timeline Photos

[01/12/18]   Newbies in the business of trading more often than not tend to focus too much on making money quickly. Of course, the ultimate goal of trading is to maximize your returns. However, as experience has shown, doing that makes you loose track of becoming a good trader which guarantees consistent profit.

[11/30/17]   Fallouts From The ESLA Bond





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Weekly Trade Ideas & Technical Chart Analysis by Nial Fuller – June 5th to 9th 2017


learntotradethemarket.com The EURUSD pushed higher last week following the pin bar buy signal that we discussed in our May 30th commentary. As we mentioned in that commentary, this pin bar was in-line with the underlying da…


Euro buyers extend longs, Aussie traders quiet, and US 10's pare longs near 2017 lows: CFTC Position Watch | AxiTrader


axitrader.com It's a big week for global markets with Euro and CAD positions at extremes. But it's bonds that bear watching for forex traders.


It's central bank mega-month with meetings at the RBA, ECB, Fed and Bank Of England - What You Need To Know | AxiTrader


axitrader.com It's a huge month for markets - these four central bank meetings could all be market movers.


Market News Video | easyMarkets

Please take a look at this if you are ready to dive into trading the markets: https://goo.gl/KMc49Z

lnd.easymarkets.com Hot Topics!

marketpulse.com 05/06/2017

Week Ahead Dollar Struggles After US Jobs Miss - MarketPulse


marketpulse.com US Jobs growth slows down to 138,000 The US dollar is lower across the board versus major currencies. The U.S. non farm payrolls (NFP) grew by 138,000 jobs in May short of the 180,000 forecasted and there were downward revisions to the two previous months. The employment trend continues to be strong...


A monthly look at the Australian dollar chart suggests rough waters ahead | AxiTrader


axitrader.com 0.7330 the key across multiple time frames.


Page Not Found | AxiTrader


axitrader.com AxiTrader is a registered business name of AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd (AxiCorp). AxiCorp (ACN 127 606 348) is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) AFSL number


Page Not Found | AxiTrader


axitrader.com AxiTrader is a registered business name of AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd (AxiCorp). AxiCorp (ACN 127 606 348) is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) AFSL number

marketpulse.com 02/06/2017

Forex Economic | Forex Blog & Articles - Market Pulse


marketpulse.com Currency analysts comment on the latest market trend & news in the economy, and analyze their impact on currency exchange rate & forex market.

marketpulse.com 02/06/2017

USD Higher Ahead of NFP - MarketPulse


marketpulse.com Dollar Rebounds After Strong Private Job Gains The US dollar is higher against major pairs on Thursday after the ADP added 253,000 jobs in May beating expectations of a 181,000 gain. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) released the manufacturing index showing a slight gain in April overall hol...

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FOREX Online Foreign Exchange Trading Platform Easy-Forex.com

For your up-to-the-second updates on financial news and how to trade FOREX (the biggest and most potentially profitable financial market), visit www.easy-fxghana.com

easy-fxghana.com Easy-Forex.com Foreign Exchange Trading Platform FOREX Online

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Forex Outlook Easy-fxghana.com Daily FX Forecast

Your Daily Trading Video | Get a read on the market before trading tinyurl.com/8xcxyu7

easy-fxghana.com easy-fxghana.com Daily Forex Outlook, Foreign Exchange, Forex Forecasting, Forex Calendar, Forex Analysis, Forex News, Forex Trading, Trade Ideas, Forex Signals, Forex Strategies, Forex Rates, Forex Charts, Forex Brokers, Forex Market, Learn Forex, FX Guide, Forex Secret, Currency Report, RSS EUR/US...

[05/07/12]   Building an Investment Portfolio


Forex and Commodity Trading



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