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Women’s & Men’s Clothing | Shop Online Fashion | Beirmark 06/04/2022

Women’s & Men’s Clothing | Shop Online Fashion | Beirmark

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Pru Advisor An Insurance Product Advisor Bot

Photos from Jeleel Group LTD's post 29/06/2020

Photos from Jeleel Group LTD's post


Heavy duty vehicles and parts available order yours now

Photos from Jeleel Group LTD's post 29/06/2020


Photos from Jeleel Group LTD's post 29/06/2020

Trucks for hiring


Construction and mining vehicles for hiring

Photos from Jeleel Group LTD's post 07/05/2020

Earth moving machines available for rent


My brothers and sisters who are coming to their homeland Ghana can get private health insurance with Prudential insurance Ghana.i can link you up with my nephew one of their managers in Accra.Also those who are already living here can apply too.Thanks

30/04/2020 05/06/2019

FYM Foundation's Biggest Aid To Humanity Tour in Canada FYM Foundation’s Aid to Humanity tour across Canada is the nation's largest; First INC worship service


Zongo News

AFRICANS IN GERMANY: Making people happy is part of Africa culture. This Africa bus driver in Germany entertains his passengers. Some of the passengers will not take any bus but rather wait until he comes before they take his bus. He is the most popular bus driver in Germany.


At the same time, it is committed to preparing students to work and live in an increasingly competitive global environment. As South Korea’s first national university, Seoul National University has a tradition of standing up for democracy and peace on the Korean peninsula.

Worth of Award

Full tuition fee: tuition exemption for 4 semesters for Masters program and 6 semesters for Ph. D program
Living expenses: 900,000 KRW per month
Airfare: one economy round trip
Korean language training fee: for one year
* Korean language training is mandatory and when the student does not achieve TOPIK grade 3 within a year, she/he is not eligible to enter the degree program
Others: medical insurance, research fund, thesis printing fees, settlement and returning expenses

International students applying for SNU’s graduate programs
All applicants and their parents must not hold Korean citizenship.
Korean citizens and dual citizenship holders (one who have Korean citizenship and citizenship of another country) are NOT eligible to apply.
Applicants and their parents who had previously held Korean citizenship must submit the document that proves their renunciation of Korean citizenship.
Exception: For overseas Korean applicants holding Japanese citizenship, if their parents hold ‘Permanent Residency Permit’ within Japan while holding Korean citizenship, are eligible to apply.)
Must be under 40 years of age as of September 1, 2019 (born after September 1, 1979)
Academic professors who are under 45 years of age as of September 1, 2019 (born after September 1, 1974) and hold citizenship of one of Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipients are eligible to apply
How to Apply

Applicants choose one of the following application methods.

University Recommendation Program: applicants submit applications to SNU’s Office of Admission ⇒ the National Institute for International Education make the selection
Embassy Recommendation Program: applications submit applications to Korean Embassies in their countries ⇒ the National Institute for International Education make the selection
Contact: SNU staff in charge: 82-2-880-6971, [email protected]


Nigerians in USA

When they are White, Indian or Chinese, without papers, we call them investors. When they are fellow Africans, we call them foreigners. That is self hate - Julius Malema


How to invest in real estate in Ghana - Session #13 HalloCasa

This time we talked with Richard Amoah Larbi from Accra, Ghana who talks about real estate investments in Ghana, the current situation of the Ghanian economy...


How to invest in real estate in Ghana - Session #13 HalloCasa

This time we talked with Richard Amoah Larbi from Accra, Ghana who talks about real estate investments in Ghana, the current situation of the Ghanian economy... 12/01/2019

2019 01 12 12 14 36


Job Vacancy

Construction workers in

👉🏻 bricklayer - 3,360ghc

👉🏻insulation installers -3,320 ghc

👉🏻Concrete workers -3,360 ghc

👉🏻electrician -3,680 ghc

👉🏻building and construction general labour-3,000 ghc

👉🏻Plumbers -3,440 ghc

👉🏻drywall workers -3,480ghc



👉🏻roofers -3,680ghc

👉🏻assistant civil engineers -8,000ghc

👉🏻tile installers-3,480ghc

👉🏻reinforcing ironworkers-3,680ghc


👉🏻Buses/coach drivers-3,680ghc


👉🏻Security staff-3,200ghc

👉🏻administrative support-6,600ghc

👉🏻free accommodation

👉🏻free food 3times a day

1 month return ticket to visit your home land once a year.

Health insurance cover

Travel insurance cover

Health cover

Work clothes


Computer proficiency license, training program. Call 0233572344 to enroll


Sugar Icumsa 45 direct from Brazil Mill
12,500 MT x 12 @ $340.00/MT
25,000 MT x 12 @ $335.00/MT
37,500 MT x 12 @ $330.00/MT
50,000 MT x 12 @ $325.00/MT
100,000 MT x 12 @ $300.00/MT
150,000 MT x 12 @ $285.00/MT
200,000 MT x 12 @ $250.00/MT
(in many cases, greediness kill deal)
1. BCL and ICPO firsts to be approved by Mill
2. Mill sends draft contract
3. Seller/Buyer review & sign
4. Buyer issue the transferable SBLC or BG to Mill within 5 days as guarantee then makes monthly payments via MT103
Attached ICPO - Seller ONLY accept this terms.
Price is subject to change without prior notice.
Sugar Icumsa 150
Brown Raw Sugar VHP (Very High Polalization) Icumsa 600 - 1200
Direct from Brazil Mill
Minimum 12,500 Mt x 12 ONLY (No Spot) email [email protected] or call: +233 233572344


This New Year 2016 , You will dig and find water, you will break ground, you will break even, you will break record, break into unimaginable joy, you will break through into breaking news of blessing. Heaven will declare your greatness in 2016 because you are the next in line for miracle. The Good Lord will direct your step and give you double portion of favor and blessing from the throne of grace. Every demonic spirit blocking you from your break through and testimony in 2015 will receive the tornado of God’s anger in 2016.
Grace speaks, grace enables., Grace quickens, Grace singles out, Grace open doors, Grace triumph. the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ shall follow you throughout this new year and you shall enjoy the Grace till the very end of 2016 in the mighty name of Jesus.
Just as diamond reflects it beauty when viewed from different angles so shall you see the glory of the lord shine upon your life in 2016 in the mighty name of Jesus. No power will bury your glory again in 2016 in Jesus name. God will create marbles out of your rumbles in 2016 the power that heals at the Bethsaida river will heal you of all your infirmity in the mighty name of Jesus.
The almighty God that delivers the Israelite from slavery in Egypt will put an end to all form of slavery the power of darkness has kept you for so many years. The God that delivered Three Hebrews from the furnace of fire, this year will deliver you from the earthly pressure mounted to derail you from your place of destiny.
In 2016 all the dead bones in your life will come alive again, in your business, in every marriage, in every destiny that has been considered dead will surely come back to life again in the mighty name of Jesus. This 2016, God will comfort you, he will comfort all your waste places he will make your wilderness like Eden and your desert like garden of the lord, joy and gladness shall be found in you, thanks giving and the voice of melody, the joy of lord shall fill your heart from today till the end of the year 2016 in the mighty name of Jesus.
This 2016, the God that raise the poor from the dust and beggars from the dunghill and set them amongst princes and make them inherit the throne of glory, shall promote you and you will dine with the President and Ministers of nations in 2016 (1st sam 2v8) in the mighty name of Jesus .
The host of heaven that promoted David from the wilderness to the palace shall announce your promotion in 2016, Joseph entered Egypt as a poor slave boy but was elevated to the rank of a prime minister, in the mighty name of Jesus your promotion is on the way and 2016 will not pass you by in Jesus name . The lord that promoted mephibosheth a cripple, who was moved from Lodebar to the palace to eat on the same table with the king, in 2016 will not find it difficult to actualize your elevation .
In this 2016, God will give to you Great and Godly cities which you did not build, house fill of good things what you did not fill, wells filled with water which you did not dig, vineyard and olive tree which you did not plant, loaded vessels filled with crude oil which you did not fill, finished product into your Farm tank, which you did not apply for this year in the mighty name of Jesus . (Deuteronomy (6 V 10 &11)
The power that rose to life shunamite’s son will raise whatever is considered dead in your life. Every Ahab who forcefully sn**ch what is legitimately yours in the spiritual realm shall be executed for your sake in 2016 and all what he has stolen will be returned to you.
The angel of the lord encamps round about those who feared him and deliver them, may the lord hear you and save you from all your troubles when you cry unto him in 2016 in the mighty name of Jesus. All your breakthrough and blessing that has been stolen through sexual in*******se, in the dream, physically or through eating in the dream, or in the physical world, this year , you must take them back in Jesus name.
Heavenly mother will deliver you from earthly mother that is turning your life upside down, and every bad destiny you choose ignorantly, at unknown time, you will drop them today in Jesus name. Your glory that has been stolen and kept in the grave yard, you shall claim it back in 2016, and your blessing and destiny that has been buried in the earth shall be called out of the ground in Jesus name.
Every evil arrow that entered into your body while sleeping through dream, food, negative word, ignorance, this new year shall be forced out of your body through sweat, cough, urine in the mighty name of jesus.
Sarah laughed, because she thought at her age, to have a baby is impossible , I do know what you think may not be possible again in your life; today the unchangeable changer, the God of impossibility will make it possible in 2016 in the mighty name of Jesus
At the red sea God performed the miraculous, in Jericho the fortified city wall collapsed – this 2016 every Jericho wall in your life will not only collapse but shall sink in the mighty name of Jehovah Elohim and all powers standing on your break through shall be drowned in the red sea in the mighty name of Jesus. Jehovah Yahweh, will close the mouth of every Lion in your family, like Daniel you shall stand on the head of the lion holding you from achieving your goal this year in the mighty name of Jesus. This New year every Goliath in your family shall go down for your sake just like David defeated Goliath , every Goliath troubling your generation , shall be subdued, for i come against them supernaturally in the name of God of host and they shall receive the hammer of God’s anger in the mighty name of jesus.
Every evil altar in your place of birth ravaging in the years past, asking you to die before your testimony, asking you to be barren in your business will be consumed by the fire of Jehovah, for Elijah ask fire to come down from heaven and consume his enemies so shall all your enemies be consumed in 2016.
Any evil personality pouring liberation in a shrine on daily basis to frustrate and hold the blessing of God upon your life the hurricane of God’s anger shall visit such evil altar this year in the mighty name of Jesus and the evil giant shall be divinely arrested by the angel of God . Every evil chariot of the wicked world, assigned to delay your breakthrough, your marriage, your blessing, preventing the physical manifestation of God’s will in your life as long as lord Lives, in 2016 , they shall be confronted with the chariot of fire of Jehovah in the mighty name of Jesus . Every evil tree in your family causing premature death, fighting against your upliftment in life, contending with your destiny, shall be uprooted this year in the mighty name of Jesus.
The power that called Lazarus from the tomb, will call your blessing from wherever it’s buried, even in belly of the earth or in the deep sea, or in the belly of the fish, my bible says in job 20:15 “he had swallowed riches, and he shall vomit them up again, God shall cast them out of his belly” If his word is true, every power in the sea, land, or Air that has swallowed your marriage ring, key to your new home, key to your new car in 2016 will vomit them all in the mighty name of Jesus.
As the strength of the wind cannot stop the Eagle from Soaring higher: This year 2016, So shall you shall be unstoppable in accomplishing your desire in life in the mighty name of Jesus . As the bees never struggle to get Honey, Spider never cry to spin webs and coconut never murmur to get water may you never find it difficult to reach your dreams in life, May the new year bring you blessing and breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus.
If the nature could obey Joshua.(Joshua 10V12&13 the sun stood still upon Gibeon and the moon in valley of Ajalon) today, Heaven will touch your tongue for divine Authority , it shall turn to Tongue of fire you shall decree a thing on earth and shall be established in Heaven in the mighty name of Jesus No power will stand before you again for the rest of your life. Lord of Israel shall be with you in all endeavors. Joshua 1:5 What has never been achieved in your family for many years, this year 2016 you will succeed and hit the top of your career in Jesus name
Samuel said in (Samuel 16 v 11) “that send and fetch him for we will not sit down till he comes here” This year 2016 those that have been assigned to bless you, Ordained to release your breakthrough, will not sit nor rest until they have deliver what God has placed on their heart to bless you with in the mighty name of Jesus
This year , I come against premature and sudden death in your family and every power that torments you shall be tormented . just as Ahithophel counsel was defeated , so shall the plan of the wicked witches and wizards be rendered in effective in the mighty name of Jesus . Lastly, brethren, remember to Pray for Ghana in 2016 , against spirit of division, tribal sentiments , disunity and unnecessary bickering, and hatred . That God should defeat every power at the Gate of Ghana asking for blood letting tribal wars in the mighty name of Jesus . happy new beginning for you and your lovely family.


Jeleel Group LTD


Jeleel Group LTD


An Enterprise that deals in the sales of Computers,Laptops,Photocopiers,LCD TV,and other IT machinery as well as diagnosing fault developed by Client Machinery,network installations,internet security system,CCTV camera installations,network and CCTV maintenance,printer and photocopier repairs,web and graphic 0233572344


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Construction and mining vehicles for hiring



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