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Contact us for your 3D signage

Contact us for your 3D signage

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Kindly contact us for your 3D signage, aluminium glass work, Alucobond work, Burglar proofs and general construction.

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Watch out for September

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Good evening ladies and gents, this is a project AYEFF is coming to launch and implement in this March at police barrier Savietula and its environ. We kindly inviting everyone to be part of this and ex*****on. Families and friends or love ones are also invited to be part.

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We are back to solve your numerous problem of getting unquality printing logistics;
Busyben is here to solve all more than your imagination.
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We are back to solve your numerous problem of getting unquality printing logistics;
Busyben is here to solve all more than your imagination.
Catch up on: 0249 629 904 / 0208 956 876 or Whatsapp us Now....


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Busyben magazine wishes all workers of Ghana & Seed members Happy Worker?s Day. May the celebration spur us on to accomplish our jobs with our best abilities. Ayeekoo!


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Watch as the Attoney General Gloria Akuffo speaks for the first time about Ibrahim Mahama’s Exton Cubic and the effect of the court ruling




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Your source is not from human

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Healthy Afrik Magazine

HEALTHY AFRIK is registered under the registration of business names Act, 1962 (No 151). The magazine provides communication between health practitioners, hospitals and the general public, that disseminates health news, gives health tips, and provides information on health services and products on the Africa continent. The magazine focuses on publishing health issues with special interest on maternal and child health, prostate cancer, breast cancer and provides tips on good healthcare providers including reputable hospitals, specialist hospitals, medical laboratories, and pharmacies. These are very important topics that affect the society as we advance efforts to meet the sustainable development goals.
The magazine also provides information helpful to people travelling across the continent to deal with their health challenges. It provides health tips at a country-specific level, and information on basic FIRST AID at home for travelers. The target population includes every individual in society who can read. Special focus of this magazine is on pregnant mothers, lactating mothers, newborn care and children and men since the core information directly addresses this class of people.
There is nothing golden than having essential information printed on hard copies safely kept in your living room where you can easily assess it at any time. We believe that lack of access information through the electronic media should not be a barrier to accessing quality health care and information.

Healthy Afrik Magazine HEALTHY AFRIK is a newspaper that talks about health issues only and helps the continent of Africa to have access to hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutica


You want to make money. That's why you run a business. Whether you're selling a product or a service—you'll have to put a price on what you're selling at some point.

It isn't easy to price something. It’s where a lot of business owners get stuck and put an arbitrary number on their product that just barely turns a profit.

But did you know you can build a pricing strategy for your business that not only increases profits and also helps you sell more?

That’s why we wrote this post. We’ll lay the foundation for an effective pricing strategy by using psychological pricing tactics—your golden ticket to selling more.

What Is a Psychological Pricing Strategy?

Simply put, it's a strategic way to price your products or services to influence people when making a buying decision.

It isn’t clear how psychological pricing came into common use, but we do know that the practice arose sometime during the late 19th century with newspaper pricing competition.

Companies big and small sometimes have teams dedicated to pricing products—and in some cases, a psychological pricing strategy is built in from the ground floor as part of their brand marketing.

Here, we'll take a look at how Apple has used pricing as a part of their overall marketing and product strategy to land them in the high-end hardware market.

Psychological Pricing the Apple Way

Psychological Pricing the Apple Way

Apple has maintained a price point that hovers around $1000 (and with the new Apple Watch some $20,000) for practically their entire product line.

And, even with that in mind, buyers will flock to every product release making them perhaps the first company ever to be worth $1 trillion.

So what gives? How do they get away with it?

It's because Apple has always planned to be aggressive with their pricing strategies. It goes back to the psychological phenomenon that if something is expensive, it must be good—we'll get into that later.

This echoes the thoughts of Steve Jobs, whose strategy for Apple has four pillars:

Offer a small number of products
Focus on high end products and consumers
Give priority to profits over market share
Create a halo effect that makes people starve for new Apple products
In this case (depending on who you talk to) that holds true—Apple products are pretty great—but in reality they're just selling laptops, phones, mp3 players and now watches. By the way, I absolutely adore Apple products, so I’m not trying to downplay their quality in any way.

Tim Cook (CEO) said in an interview in regards to iPhone “We never had an objective to sell a low-cost phone. Our primary objective is to sell a great phone and provide a great experience.”

And, with that in mind—it has paid off for them, tremendously.

Apple rarely (if ever) offers discounts on their products. The most you’ll see is generally a student discount, and even still, it’s usually only $100 or so off a $1000+ product.

That pricing strategy is applied across all retail locations, and even resellers. You just won’t find a brand new, unopened Apple product (besides an online marketplace like eBay) for anything less than what they sell it for at their stores.

Let’s take a closer look at some examples of Apple’s pricing strategy. See if there is anything you can learn from Apple and apply it to your business.

The Left Digit Effect Helps You Sell More

The Left Digit Effect Helps You Sell More

There’s a reason why businesses like Apple will price a laptop at $1299.99 and not a flat $1300. That $0.01 actually makes a surprising difference in the amount of sales that can be made.

Instead of charging $1300, charging $1299 for the product makes the price appear to be in the “$1200” range rather than the “$1300” range.

Thus, as a consumer—we perceive the price to be lower than it actually is. We think of it as a bargain at that price. Many studies have shown that generally, consumers prefer to pay less for products and often associate prices ending in a nine with discounts and bargains.

This works because of something called the left-digit-effect. The majority of people read left to right. Apple incorporates this into the entirety of their product line.

You won’t find an Apple product selling for a round number—they’ll always be priced with the “teen ranges” or "$999" model in mind.

Smart, strategic—and definitely on purpose.

Key takeaway: Try using odd pricing on a new product you’re launching. Consider using two different price points—one with odd pricing, and another with flat pricing to test which one works for you.

Comparison Pricing Is a Clever Pricing Tactic

Photos from Busyben Magazine's post 13/08/2017

Photos from Busyben Magazine's post

Photos from Busyben Magazine's post 13/08/2017

Photos from Busyben Magazine's post

Photos from Busyben Magazine's post 13/08/2017

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Paint twice as fast with this paint roller!

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