GHANA Blogging - Bridging the digital divide

GHANA Blogging - Bridging the digital divide


[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡:
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡:
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡:
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡:
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡: I've not be really chatting online because i was putting up some content
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡:
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡: WO dance👆
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡:
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡: Killer snore👆
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡:
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡: WO DANCE.... In the kitchen
[5:23PM, 8/19/2017] EmmAnuel Nc🤡:

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Get discovered by millions of people looking for things to plan, buy and do. Blog for a living and get paid 1 CEDI per article/contribution. Amid the coal pile that is the state of corporate blogging today, GHANA Blogging manages to find a few diamonds that don’t bore to tears with pronouncements, promotions and product announcements (the Killer P’s).

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‘It’s a beautiful religion’: Dave Chappelle discusses his Muslim faith with David Letterman


respect to the artist who created this!


The young man wishes to be an engineer in the future.
His craft has said it all.


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My captain, my hero - Tony Baffoe returns after CAF job to meet Abedi Pele 11/07/2021

My captain, my hero - Tony Baffoe returns after CAF job to meet Abedi Pele

My captain, my hero - Tony Baffoe returns after CAF job to meet Abedi Pele Former Ghana international Tony Baffoe spent some quality time with old friend Abedi Ayew Pele after returning to the country following his resignation at CAF.


Andrew Nelson powering on through his challenges




This leather is not made from cowhide but from fish

'People have been participating without understanding the risks': Here's what to know about crypt... 02/07/2021

'People have been participating without understanding the risks': Here's what to know about crypt...

'People have been participating without understanding the risks': Here's what to know about crypt...


Untold African American History 🇺🇸


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Photos from Ancestral Truth Tellers's post 07/06/2021

Photos from Ancestral Truth Tellers's post


Ebenezer!!! This is how far they have brought Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana.

Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu: National Chief Imam turns 102, Bawumia, others celebrate him 23/04/2021

Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu: National Chief Imam turns 102, Bawumia, others celebrate him

Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu: National Chief Imam turns 102, Bawumia, others celebrate him Ghana's Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, has turned 102 years old today, April 23, 2021. Vice-president Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has paid homage to him. 26/04/2019

Rapper Akon On 'Why Africa Is Better Than America' - VIDEO Rapper Akon On 'Why Africa Is Better Than America' - VIDEO 26/04/2019

‘Walking Library’ Of Bangladesh: The Man Who Walked For 30 Yrs To Make Villagers Read Books Recognised and revered as the ‘Walking Library’ or Alor Ferrywala (‘Peddler of Lights’) in his motherland Bangladesh, noted social activist Polan Sarkar breathed his last on March 1, 2019, at 98.


Afrocentric Films Collaborative



Meet the founder of the Entrepreneur Game, a new board game that teaches you how to start and build a successful home-based and brick & mortar business... in the comfort of your own home!

#shopblack 22/04/2019

Kelis Sold Her House To Buy A Farm: 'I Want To Control How We Eat' It's not everyday that we hear about a multi-platinum star giving up her million dollar home to live on a farm. 19/04/2019

Ghanaians must stop aiding foreign galamseyers – Chinese Envoy Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Shi Ting Wang, has said to end illegal... 17/04/2019

Benny Bonsu - "It’s not a competition, it’s our social responsibility." GiveMeSport Women's Benny Bonsu on the true picture of diversity in sports in the UK


Gloria Stewart Owusu

These 10 skills require ZERO talent:
- Being on time
- Work ethic
- Putting in effort
- Being optimistic
- Being passionate
- Being teachable
- Being prepared
- Doing extra
- Being encouraging
- Being kind
It is not about WHAT WE DO
It’s about HOW WE DO IT!
Happy new week
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Right for Education

The food and drinks industry represents an opportunity for economic growth across Africa, but particularly in South Africa.

Click below to read about this growing industry!

Photo by Marvin Binnig // Unsplash


Gloria Stewart Owusu

If you want to be happy and successful at what you do then you don’t need external validation because seeking people’s approval will destroy your dreams. Watch this video and know why and pls subscribe to my channel 🙏🏾



Over thousands of people chanting and cultural display accompany Kumbung Naa Yiri II, as he starts a
three-day spiritual journey to Yendi from the Bin-biem Palace in Kumbungu to Yendi on a horse.


Ethel Cofie

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Right for Education

Sexual harassment is still a big problem in Africa and the world. It disproportionately affects women, but can also affect men.

Everyone should be better informed about what sexual harassment is and what to do if you are affected. Read the article below to find out more!

Photo by Rawpixel // Unsplash


World Nate

My partner Hannah & I have been traveling the world for over 3 years now 🌍✈️

Every 6 months we write down a list of countries we want to see in the world or things we want to do. Then we book tickets and go.

I guess you could call us travel bloggers… Though that would almost be lying.

We mostly earn our keep through social media. It works really well actually.

We partner with different travel companies we like by getting referral links to their products and sharing them on our sites and social media. As people make purchases through us (on social media and through our blogs), we get a kick-back from the company as a thank you.

It sounds funny, but social media has given me more freedom of choice than anything else in the world.

I get it sounds a little confusing... and it can take a long time to find the right brands you want to partner with and to actually turn a good profit. But the opportunities that arise once you get rolling are massive.

If this is something that interests you, we are holding a live class to really break this down further. We want to explain in detail, how we have built our following online, and how we have turned it into the business it is today.

You can register here:

We will email about 15 minutes before we start.

Note: We have scheduled a couple of times as half the world are asleep while the other half are awake, people have to work, etc. Hopefully one of these times will work for you.

Look forward to seeing you there! ...don't worry, we won't be able to see you at all and we will do our best to answer questions throughout the call.

Hope to see you around the world somewhere ✌️


Ghana Table Tennis Association

Scenes from Day 1 of the 2019 ITTF World Junior Cadets Championships being hosted by Ghana.
VENUE is The Trust Emporium (Bukom boxing arena)-Korle-Konno...


Envision Festival

Unforgettable moments captured by Joe Keca of our Envision family, our community and our the wild adventure that was #Envision2019. It's been beautiful to watch Joe's talent grow, and we are grateful to have him apart of the family. Show him and those captured in these photos some Envision love!



Life and Graffiti #legends


Ghana Research Tours



We believe in a world where all children have access to their rights. Where all children are enabled to realize their full potential.

We believe that realizing this calls for the perspective and experience of children themselves.

Read the stories of the young, extraordinary changemakers who have started their projects in our Changemakers Program!


Tastemakers Africa

Calling all chefs, artists, and explorers in Accra. Host travelers on unique tours of your city and earn up to GH5,000 per month!


Writing grants, creative grants, art grants, exchange programs, travel opportunities etc,


Accra Central
Other Real Estate Appraisers in Accra (show all)
Anchor Joman Group Anchor Joman Group
East Legon
Accra, +233

Anchor Joman Properties is a registered Ghanaian company specialized in marketing of affordable but genuine properties (Land, Houses, Apartments)

UT Properties Limited UT Properties Limited
Nii Osabu Nsuta Lk, GD-137-2500

A leading real estate brand that focuses on making the dreams of Ghanaians and Ghanaians living abroad come true. Invest in a property at Ubuntu Haven this year and be guaranteed safety, peace and comfort.

Casabel Properties Limited Casabel Properties Limited
Nsawam Road Opposite GTUC

Professionals in Property Management and Maintenance, Land Title Facilitation, Property Valuation, Property and Land Sale and Property Leasing and Rental

RG Estate Management Company Kwabenya RG Estate Management Company Kwabenya
#6 Balloon Gate Kwabenya

You must see our beautiful 2-Bedroom Apartments at the Balloon Gate Estates, Kwabenya, by Regimanuel Gray Limited, for sale and for rent.

Global Thinkers Global Thinkers

Group of people with the mind of setting Africa free

Giddan Realty Giddan Realty

Giddan Realty is an online real estate marketplace dedicated to helping home buyers, sellers, renters, real estate professionals do business with ease.