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Happy Father's day

Happy Father's day


45 years

45 years and above


Customer Service - the man from my hometown.


[04/28/21]   VACANCY Sales/Business Development Supervisor with at least 1 year in same role. Salary - 2000-2500ghs gross/month. All CVs should be sent to [email protected]/ [email protected] by close of day 28th April, 2021.


"The best leaders are readers of people. They have the intuitive ability to understand others by discerning how they feel and recognizing what they sense."-John C. Maxwell

"The best leaders are readers of people. They have the intuitive ability to understand others by discerning how they feel and recognizing what they sense."-John C. Maxwell

[03/25/21]   When you listen to customers or to employees, do you really listen? Or are you already anticipating your response or your reaction before they're finished talking?


Focus on what you can do!

Ask yourself: What can I change? What can I do exceptionally well? What do I do that consistently makes a positive impact?

Take a few minutes to write down your top strengths. This will help shape how you view yourself and your achievements!

John C. Maxwell

Focus on what you can do!

Ask yourself: What can I change? What can I do exceptionally well? What do I do that consistently makes a positive impact?

Take a few minutes to write down your top strengths. This will help shape how you view yourself and your achievements!

John C. Maxwell


Employment opportunities - watch this video

Employment opportunities - watch this video


Performance and Trust

Performance and Trust


Boss and Leader

Boss and Leader


MS Staffing

MS Staffing


Registration : https://bit.ly/2J1x5ML

MS Staffing


What is Your PDP for 2021?

Your PDP is Your Personal Development Plans.

Your PDP must be a Detailed, Well-Structured, Articulated and Written Plan that will demand your loyalty and commitment.

Your PDP Guide must include the following:

1. Building Spiritual Capacity (Moving from Just Relationship to Quality Fellowship with Your God)

2. Inspirational And Motivational Books to Read in 2021 (weekly, monthly or quarterly)

3. Professional And Career Development Seminars, Conferences or Workshops to attend. (either Paid or Free)

4. Mentors and Coaches you must connect with in 2021 that will add great value to your life and work.

5. Relevant/Additional Skills to Develop or Sharpen to enhance your ability to SERVE people and EARN more.

6. Events, Places, Cities And Nations To Visit for personal relaxation, recreation and education.

7. Networks or Associations to join, that will serve as leverages for opportunities and connections (online or offline)

8. What Products or/and Services will you be creating in 2021 to multiply IMPACT and increase INCOME

9. Negative Relationships or Friendships to cut off (that drains personal energy)

10. Wise and Intelligent Investments to undertake in 2021

11. Negative Habits, Attitudes and Behaviours to confront and conquer.

12. Positive Habits, Attitudes and Behaviours to cultivate in 2021

Let Your Plans Begin Now


Season's Greetings.


Today I share with you a leadership seminar I attended virtual in 2018 by Dr. John C. Maxwell

Topic: "Leadershift"

1. Continually Learn, unlearning, and relearning

2.Five steps of cycle of success
a. Test
b. Fail
c. Learn
d. Improve
e. Re-enter
("The day you don't get excited about what you are doing today is the day you quit")

3. Rely on speed but thrive on timing
a. See before, see more, see quicker, see bigger
b. “If you are in a group of ten and they all see before you, leadership is not your thing”

4. The big picture should get bigger:
a. If you are excited about what you did 5 years ago, you are in trouble
b. Don't be a historian leader (the good old days)
c. Leadership is about going forward

5. Live in today but think about tomorrow
a. The future comes unannounced
b. Know exactly what you are going after and you will attract the resources

6. Move forward courageously in the mix of uncertainties
a. People don't follow titles or position they follow courage

7. Realized that today's best will not meet tomorrow's challenges.
a. Autopsy on your success
b. My best today can get better tomorrow
c. What you don't do today is left on the table forever - is lost.
d. I want to be better tomorrow ( I am Daniel Adjei )


What you say without words.

What you say without words


Employees Motivation / People Management

Today I share with you great employee or people management motivation keys by Dr. John C. Maxwell

"What gets rewarded gets done":

1. Rewards are for results not effort
2. Rewards should not be equally distributed
3. Rewards should not be given prematurely
4. Rewards should be given publicly
5. The greatest reward should be given to team contribution not individual
6. Nothing breeds success than success
7. Minimize mistakes and increase action ( he who commit no mistakes don't progress
8. Believe in people
9. Possess a mission that matters
10. Develop a support system for employees
a. Emotional support
b. Skills support
c. Financial support
d. Equipment support
e. Personnel support
* The support system only be increase when the individual grow *( Winners ask for nothing in the beginning)
11. Create an environment conducive for motivation:
a. Make other people's needs your interest
b. Solve problem quickly
c. Be positive
d. Give the credit and take the blame


Will be on probation for 6 months and will be given transportation allowance of Ghc500
Age range: 24-30
During probation, if she performs, we move him/her to being a permanent staff and salary will start from ghc1500

Send CV [email protected]


Public Speaking Skills


MS Staffing Launch on Zoom.

Topic: MS Staffing Launch
Time: Sep 21, 2020 11:00 AM Africa/Accra

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 446 971 0177
Passcode: EFC201

MS Staffing

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Happy Father's day
45 years
Employment opportunities - watch this video
Performance and Trust
Boss and Leader
What you say without words.
Strategic Management
DHL - Customer Experience Management (CEM) - Daniel Adjei
"Catch me if you can people" as your friends.Who is your friend?
Relationship and productivity.....
Corporate  Training - Strategic Management Daniel Adjei



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