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The Mission of CIRGHA is basically to entrench investigative reporting across all newsrooms in Ghana and West Africa through publications and training.

Our vision is to support and promote investigative reporting in Ghana through direct funding of stories, training and mentoring of up and coming Investigative Reporters in Ghana.

Operating as usual


A Public Lecture by Gregory Gondwe


GAF Helicopter returning from Takoradi made an emergency landing near a school field in the Ga South Municipal area this afternoon due to bad weather. Students of West End University College and some residents came out of their homes to catch a glimpse of the helicopter as it hovered over their homes in search of a place to land.


Was GIMPA pressured to cancel fix the country convenor?

Update: [Please read!]

On Monday 28th March 2022, I held, pursuant to an invitation to guest lecture at the Gimpa Faculty of Law, a Lecture with a combined class on the use of Force in Public International Law. The lecture focused on the historical vissicitudes in the law of war in international law and contextualized recourse to warfare by State actors in their international relations. The Ukraine-Russia conflict provided an interesting backdrop for grounding the perspectives.

On Tuesday 29 March 2022, the Dean of the Gimpa Faculty of Law, Dr Alex Ansong, sent a message on whatsapp and then subequently wrote formally to convey news that my subsequent lectures will be cancelled and I was being disinvited.

The primary reason for the dis-invitation was that the President of Ghana was going to be hosted by Gimpa on the same day that I will be speaking at the Faculty. In this connection it was considered that "the timing of my lecture at the Faculty was fundamentally inappropriate".

According to the Dean, the School concedes rightly that "the topic of the use of force in international law has no bearing on the charge of treason felony" the State has brought against me; that the cancellation of the lectures raises questions of academic freedom; and that I "may very well be acquitted of the treason felony charge"; however they are concerned about the image of the Faculty and GIMPA with the Presidency.

I want to thank the Faculty who invited me; and who spoke against the decision to cancel the lectures. While I am surprised by the decision of an academic institution, and no less the FACULTY OF LAW", I have come to accept the whittling down of the space for dissent and democratic accountability in what we continue to insist is a democracy.

I understand that some may consider it a function of a failed democracy, for our academic institutions to view themselves as first accountable to a culture where the abuse of power is rampant and subservience to the autocratic tendencies of State power prevails often over rigorous debate and disagreements.

However, I bear no such judgment. I only hope that one day we truly heal our Republic and that the strife for true "freedom and justice" that our coat of arm bears has meaning in how we operate our democracy.

I want to thank all the Students for a very enjoyable lecture. I hope that this news does not depress their interest in using law to hold power to account. I encourage them to keep pushing for power concedes nothing without demand. And in our everyday interaction with tyranny, we should be minded to push its limits rather than accept defeat!




Finally, a Daniel has come to judgement as Tema High Court grants Oliver Barker Vormawor bail.

'I am in good health and hope they take me to trial' - Barker-Vormawor dares AG - 14/03/2022

'I am in good health and hope they take me to trial' - Barker-Vormawor dares AG -

'I am in good health and hope they take me to trial' - Barker-Vormawor dares AG - #FixTheCountry lead convener, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, says he’s in good health and ready to stand trial.


Deputy Speaker can preside and vote. SC


There is a principle in martial arts, which says that when a person is backed up against a wall, they are left with no choice but to fight back. Jesus turned the other cheek when he was struck. Others will not. Let's work together to build this nation by speaking truth to power, supporting the underdog against state and institutional bullying and discouraging coup mongering. For God and country. Be inspired. PKP.

Oliver Barker-Vormawor remanded for another two weeks 28/02/2022

Oliver Barker-Vormawor remanded for another two weeks

Oliver Barker-Vormawor remanded for another two weeks #FixTheCountry convener, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, has been remanded into police custody for another two weeks. He will return to court on March 15, 2021.


"It is not fair for the court to remand but claim it cannot grant bail. This is not fair. The court has not clothed itself in glory. It is a kangaroo court. I'm not going to glorify this sham.”- Oliver Mawuse Barker-Vormawor (Monday 28th Feb, 2022)


Earlier today, the Police brought Oliver before the same court that previously indicated it had no jurisdiction over the charge against him.

Investigators said they are still conducting investigations and requested for more time.
Therefore, the court remanded Oliver for a further 2 weeks
Next court session is on 15th March 2022

Oliver at some point interjected and called the proceedings sham and kangaroo.
The court asked him out afterwards.

For humans, the truth is always a bitter pill, but TRUTH ALWAYS STANDS


'Kangaroo court supervising a sham' - Barker-Vormawor tells magistrate - 28/02/2022

'Kangaroo court supervising a sham' - Barker-Vormawor tells magistrate -

'Kangaroo court supervising a sham' - Barker-Vormawor tells magistrate - #FixTheCountry Movement convener Oliver Barker-Vormawor has lashed out at the ongoing legal processes against him describing it as a sham that a “kangaroo court" is supervising.


Journalism 101
How can you improve on this lead? 🤗🤗🤗

It was 5.30 am but dark and calm outside, until the piercing voice of a woman in distress broke the early morning tranquil.
"Jesus, Jesus, )mu gyi mi phone nu (Jesus, Jesus, they are taking my phone)!" I rushed out only to see the two assailants speed off on an unmarked motorbike, leaving a visibly shaken woman and a trail of dust behind them.

It's now easier to send Center For Investigative Reporting Ghana a message. 26/02/2022

It's now easier to send Center For Investigative Reporting Ghana a message.

It's now easier to send Center For Investigative Reporting Ghana a message.

It's now easier to send Center For Investigative Reporting Ghana a message. 26/02/2022

It's now easier to send Center For Investigative Reporting Ghana a message.

It's now easier to send Center For Investigative Reporting Ghana a message.


|| Hacked || CSSPS ||

Gay group hacks CSSPS Portal

The computerised school selection and placement system (CSSPS) portal of the Ghana Education Service has come under cyber attack by a group opposed to Ghana's anti-gay legislation currrently before Parliament.

This text message, "HackEd #GayLivesMattersToo" was sent from the CSSPS platform to parents this morning.

The CSSPS collects data of all BECE students in Ghana and aggregates them into a ranked list. Earlier this week, the GES sent bulk messages informing parents whose wards wrote the BECE exams to use the CSSPS platform to confirm their choice of schools before the placement process begins.

Stay tuned.

|| Hacked || CSSPS ||


I believe we should start documenting police crimes in this country and use it as a body of work to enhance their training.

What do you think?


Old but still relevant commentary on the attack of Journalists..

1. The media operates more like the proverbial hydra-headed monster (forgive my crude description). Cut off its head and more would grow.

2. History has shown that the media becomes more lionised and emboldened when the brute force of State power is unleashed against her.

3. The other constant is that you can never win when you fight the media. This does not mean the media should behave irresponsibly. You can disagree with Caleb's approach but you can't deny that his intentions were genuine and in conformity with the over-arching right of the public to know, which is the credo of every journalist.

4. History again shows that the current President has made a profound contribution to build and promote the independence of the media in this 4th Republic. However this impeccable record is in grave danger of being eroded through some of these "scorched earth operations" conducted by over-zealous operatives of the regime that he rarely condemns thereby showing his complicity.

5. Sometime in 1999, my junior colleague, Raymond Archer exposed the operation of a holding cell at Burma Camp where civilians were being held illegally by surreptitiously taking a picture of the facility. You cannot expose such an illegality by going to Burma Camp and asking for permission? You have to take the picture on the blindside of the Military. Maybe Caleb should reach out to him for tutorials.

6. In that same year, the Chronicle's Special Investigative Team managed to take the picture of a Ghanaian spy who was appearing in court to give evidence in camera in a case in which the paper's editor was answering a charge of Seditious Libel. Martin Amidu who was leading the prosecution against Nana Kofi Coomson was so incensed at the action that he called for appropriate action to be taken against the paper. Well, nothing happened. And this was under Jerry Rawlings.

7. The kind of journalism that moves a nation forward such as exposing wrong doings, corruption et al comes at a very high risk to the journalist/media house. Many people today who are baying for the blood of Caleb and his ilk don't even appreciate (forgive me if you find this condescending) some of the sacrifices journalists have made to midwife this new constitutional dispensation.
Ever heard of "Cheque Book Journalism?" Yes, some senior journalists in the past had to pay hard cash to get credible information to expose corruption and acts of malfeasance in government. Today many of them are broke.

8. Journalists are far from being perfect so we deserve our fair share of criticism. Infact we thrive on criticism but just don't treat us like we are some airheads who don't know that we have a social contract to perform, which enterprise often comes at very high personal cost.



I am Oliver Barker Vormawor.
Je suis Oliver Barker Vormawor
Me y3 Oliver Barker Vormawor
Me dzi Oliver Barker Vormawor
Nkony3 Oliver Barker Vormawor

I have chosen to publicly associate myself with this young man because I understand how it feels to come under the formidable might of state actors who don't like what you represent and stand for.

As a 25 year old investigative journalist of the Ghanaian Chronicle I almost lost my life at the hands of these state actors who were protecting the interests of some powerful people in the country.

Until you have experienced the full weight of their power, you wouldn't understand why I am giving such untrammelled support to him.

Finally, my duty as a Christian and a Pastor requires that I solidarise and empathise with a fellow human in their time of need. Afterall, Jesus Christ was crucified in the company of two criminals.


Fix the country


Every well run organisation downsizes in order to stay in good financial shape. Though not a pleasant exercise, it is necessary to keep the organisation afloat. Same cannot be said of governments in this 4th Republic who have consistently broken every rule of fiscal prudence. Now they want more taxes to do more of the same.


From sunny Iraq to architectural Vienna. Ukrainian smugglers and Hungarian diplomats 18/12/2021

From sunny Iraq to architectural Vienna. Ukrainian smugglers and Hungarian diplomats

Our joint project with Center For Investigative Reporting Ghana - published in Africa. Paa Kwesi Plange Svitlana Slabinska Ides MF Debruyne

From sunny Iraq to architectural Vienna. Ukrainian smugglers and Hungarian diplomats In April, the leader of the Hungarian far-right Nasha Batkivshchyna party, Laszlo Torochkai, suggested that Hungarian authorities confiscate all cash from illegal migrants.


One of my Journo colleagues, who by the way is also an ordained Minister of the Gospel, was sponsored by his media organisation to cover a prestigious event abroad. It was a "juicy" trip which came with a very generous imprest to cater for a round trip airfare, hotel accommodation, transportation, food and per diem for 3 weeks.

How juicy? He was given physical cash to pay himself and also secure all his travelling and other logistical needs necessary for the assignment.

Yet two weeks into the event, this gentleman elected to end the trip and chose to continue his reportage of the event from Ghana instead. This decision cost him several thousands of dollars but in the end he helped his organisation make some very crucial savings.

Imagine where this country would be this if this attitude and level of integrity pervades every sector of our economy, politics and society?

The integrity hole in the social fabric of this nation is very deep and profound, yet it is a task we can tackle in our lifetime if we so choose.

Be inspired. PKP



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