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Honeyworld Honey


Fathers day special GIVEAWAY
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Honeyworld Honey
Honeyworld Honey
For your undiluted honey please kindly like her page and patronize her products, it tasty ankasa👌😄😍
So I won a giveaway for a poem in December, have been buzy couldn't pick up,I ordered a couple of bottles and talaaa,my give away was added.thank you Honeyworld Honey,my customers and family love Honeyworld.God bless u
I have a very good quality Egyptian honey ready to export.
Mixed honey with gensing, broboles, royal gelly...
Honey with nuts

Honeyworld Honey is a high quality pure organic honey produced by wild bees in the forests of Ghana.


From Honeyworld Honey to all cherished customers, we wish you a better year in health,business,career,education and more.

Keep believing more and doing more.

We promise to give you extra and better services and products this year.


Happy Farmers Day ❤️💛🖤

Thank you farmers for your endless sacrifices on and off the farm. Well done 🙏🏻

Remember to cheer the Black Stars 🇬🇭 to victory today.



Go Ghana 🇬🇭
Go Black Stars



Time again to support our own, cheer The Stars on as they play today against Portugal at 4pm.

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Looks beautiful and taste super.. Ghana’s best selling pure honey 🍯


Appreciation ❤️🙏🏻..

With a profound heart I appreciate all our retailers and wholesalers not forgetting our tirelessly hardworking workers who make sure everything is running smooth and positive. Honeyworld can not thank you enough for the patronage over the years.
There is slight adjustment of prices due to high cost of raw materials however I trust it is still convenient enough for all.
Honeyworld Honey loves you

Judith Akos Attamah


..Appreciation ❤️🙌🏼

We celebrate the hard work of our Social Media Manager, a smart individual with high integrity who always works on bringing you adequate information and content for your consumption..

We trust his works and ability.
Name : Albert Attamah
Fb: Albert D'Original Atm
Contact: 0548195200

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Honeyworld in Nigeria 🇳🇬

We are participating in the ongoing Lagos Trade Fair which started 4th November and ends on 11th November 2022.


Honeybee fact🐝🤔

Do you know honeybees die after every sting??

Honeybees just don’t sting, they sting as a sacrifice to protect their hive and families.
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Picture of the day

Honeybee picture taken with a high resolution microscopic camera.

-Source Instagram-


Take a read 📖 🐝


Crystallization of honey is the turning of honey into sugar looking crystal.

Is Crystallization of Honey normal?
The crystallization process is absolutely a normal natural and spontaneous phenomenon. Pure, raw and unheated honey has a natural tendency to crystallize over time with no effect on the honey other than color and texture. And yes real honey also crystallizes.

Crystallization is a natural process and not a sign of adulteration or spoilage. Due to its physical properties, honey initially tends towards natural crystallization, as it is a supersaturated sugar solution.


There's no need to store honey in the fridge - it will stay fresh if you keep it tightly sealed. Keeping honey in the refrigerator can cause it to crystalize.
Some honeys may not crystalize when refrigerated but others do depending on the levels

Can I Consume Crystalized Honey
Yes, crystallised honey is perfectly safe for consumption


Put in a glass jar and dip in a bowl of hot water(not too hot to break the glass) and stir to melt to original form
Better still tear it and put in hot chocolates and teas to melt.


Do not refrigerate honey just keep at a cool dry place
Some honeys crystallises on it's own even at room temperature, in this case you can only turn into liquid or use like that because it's a natural phenomenon.

Read more here:



100% Pure Honey 🍯
A dose of honey each day give more than enough medical benefits to the human body.

FDA Approved.
Well sieved and quality branding.
Available in all pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.
750ml - Ghc 68
2.5L - Ghc 170
4.5L - Ghc 280

Contact us on our hotline 0206813554.


Cold Pressed Coconut Oil available.
2.5L - Ghc120 and 4.5L - Ghc 200
Tasty and Sweet scented✅
FDA Approved ✅
Well sieved ✅
Affordable ✅

Grab yours for the Christmas 🎄.

Call 0206813554


Hello cherish customers, kindly follow us on Instagram.

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Have you tried our Cold Pressed Coconut Oil yet then hurry now and grab yours.
Available in the following sizes 500ml, 750ml, 900ml, 2.5L and 4.5L …

Contact us on 0206813554


Ever Busy Bee.

Always looking for us to have our 100% pure honey 🍯.
_Bees our business partners😊.


Do you know..🤔

🐝 Bee is the only insect to produce food(honey) for human consumption..


The name is Honeyworld ❤️🍯
The content is 100% Pure Honey

For your bakery, beverage, home usage, medical purpose and more, grab our quality honey at any pharmacy or supermarket near you. Or call our hotline 0206813554.


October is here !!!!


Honey Sieving 🍯🐝

- Sieving is a healthy procedure to separate unwanted particles from the honey for a more convenient consumption by all.

At HoneyWorld your health is our priority and our quality honey has made us the number 1 honey distributor in Ghana 🇬🇭.
NB: all processes are done under strict healthy conditions.

Call 0206813554 for all your purchase or find HoneyWorld honey in any nearby pharmacy or supermarket.


We are Honeyworld 🍯 ❤️

No one beats us in quality product and quality service.
Blessed Day


HoneyWorld 🍯❤️
Happy Holiday
Happy Birthday Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

We celebrate your intelligence,impact and bravery

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Monday Business 🍯🧴

Top distributor of quality honey and cold pressed coconut oil.
Contacts us for all sizes of our products.


Do you know Bee stings are painful and very dangerous to health as it could lead to death if not treated well?

Bellow are remedies for bee sting.

1. Remove the bee stinger from the skin.
2. Wash the affected area with soap and water.
3. Apply ice or cold compress to affected.
4. Soak hand in apple cider vinegar or soak cloth and dab it on the affected area.
5. Apply a mixture of baking soda and water in the affected area.
6. Apply a small amount of honey to the affected spot.

Also these few medicine are advised to be administered (Analgesic,steroids,Antihistamine etc)



Remember honey is not only a healthy sweetener, it has many other properties and benefits to the human body.
With our various sizes of packaging no one is left out on grabbing our 100% pure honey, great news right!!!😇😊

For bulk purchase contact us on 0206813554.


HoneyWorld 🍯🐝

Ghana’s number one 100% pure honey distributor, we are known for quality honey and good service.
Whatever size you want we got you covered😊..


Just for laughs 😂😂..
this ia not a way to test for pure honey.

Below are few tips
-Dip match stick in honey and light, if it burns the your honey is pure and undiluted.
- Pour honey into a glass of water, if it dissolves without any stir then the honey is not pure.
HoneyWorld is the number 1 distributor of organic honey across the country.
Contact us now for your purchase.


Ready for the week 🙏🏻

Refill 🍯🐝
Quality Honey 🍯
Quality Brand ✅
Honeyworld ✅🍯❤️


Pure, organic and quality honey from the deep forests of Ghana.

Well sieved under hygienic conditions✅
FDA Approved ✅
Well Packaged ✅
Very Affordable ✅
Available in different sizes✅
Available in all pharmacies and shops✅


Quality Honey in all sizes 🍯 ✅

0206813554 is the hotline to call now.



Honeyworld is closer.

Location in no barrier to us, even in remote areas we provide you what you order.

Find our products in all supermarkets and pharmacies around or call 0206813554 for more info.


Grab all sizes of HoneyWorld honey in all available pharmacies and shop around you. For bulk purchase and more please contact 0206813554.

Happy Weekend 🍯❤️


Pure Honey 🍯❤️..

HoneyWorld is the name, pure and quality honey is the product.
Contact us for now.


Find HoneyWorld in all pharmacies and supermarkets across Ghana..

For bulk purchase contact 0206813554


Monday ❤️

New week🙏🏻….. Working Day.


Happy New Month 🎉🎊

A new season to do more !!



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We are set for the week’s delivery, order for your 100% pure honey and organic coconut boil on 0206813554.
All sizes available.
Quality service
Quality honey
Affordable and available across Ghana.


HoneyWorld on Shelve ❤️
We are available across Ghana

Blessed Week🙏🏻


Hello Honey lovers❤️

This week all we want from our followers;
1. Take a pic of HoneyWorld and send to us or post and tag HoneyWorld
2. Take a pic of how you use your honey
3. Design something with honey and post.

Let’s get started.
Please post it in the comments section or tag us thank you .


Please Take Note 📌


Pure honey doesn't EXPIRE but it has BEST BEFORE date.

Expiry date means the item is not safe consumption from that date whilst

Best before date; the item is still safe for consumption even after the date.
Physical properties like colour, taste and thickness in the case of honey may change slightly(change may not be visible to the eye) but still in good condition to be eaten.
HONEYWORLD is an FDA certified product and is required to have a best before date so feel free and use your honey even after the date.

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Honey Sieving 🍯🐝 - Sieving is a healthy procedure to separate unwanted particles from the honey for a more convenient co...
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Honeyworld is closer.Location in no barrier to us, even in remote areas we provide you what you order.  Find our product...
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No. B 354/24 Kaafo/Donn Street, Lapaz/Accra

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