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Hiralco Company Limited


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Estd in 1993 as a company trading in building materials and over the years graduated to projects supplies and installation of waterproofing systems

With over 25yrs of existence in building and construction industry in Ghana, Hiralco Ltd is a leading supplier of thinners,waterproofing materials and Geo textiles. The Business is segmented into four portions Roofing, Waterproofing, Geo textiles and General building materials. Roofing: Bitumen Shingles and Stone Coated Roofing Tiles

Waterproofing: APP Bitumen membranes and Liquid membranes for s


Eid Mubarak From Hiralco Group


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Hiralco Company Limited



After Applying The Primer On The Concrete Roof, You Allow to Dry (Between 5-6hrs), Then You Touch The Membrane with Fire as demonstrated in the video.



To do Waterproofing On A Concrete Roof, You would need to Apply The Primer on the Concrete Roof as shown in the video.


Recently Completed Projects Using Tegola Canadese Terracotta Red Shingles.

Completed Projects Using Tilcor Roofing Tiles. 31/01/2017

Photos of Recently Completed Projects.

Photos of Recently Completed Projects.


Tilcor, steel roof tile suppliers (manufactured by Ross Roof Group), have recently passed independent performance tests and gained international certification providing extra reassurance that your roof is made from the safest and most dependable product. Read more http://bit.ly/2eVKWCz

Tilcor, steel roof tile suppliers (manufactured by Ross Roof Group), have recently passed independent performance tests and gained international certification providing extra reassurance that your roof is made from the safest and most dependable product. Read more http://bit.ly/2eVKWCz


More Photos from our Exhibition at the Conference Centre,Accra-Ghana!


Our Stand at the 14th International Building Construction Exhibition...Accra Ghana.


Tilcor Roofing Africa & ME

Beware of the dodgy, poor quality imported building products! TANZANIA Bureau of Standards (TBS), earlier this month destroyed substandard house roofing iron sheets worth 308m

Treatment Of Roof Leakages With Geo Textile 11/12/2015

Having Challenges with your Aluminum or Long Span Roofs? Call on us to solve them for you!

Having Challenges with your Aluminum or Long Span Roofs? Call on us to solve them for you!

Tegola Shingles 09/10/2015

Photo Gallery of Shingles and the Variety of Colours we have at Hiralco Company Limited.

Photo Gallery of Shingles and the Variety of Colours we have at Hiralco Company Limited.

Waterproofing and Insulation systems 03/10/2015

Having challenges to the Rising Damp situation in your home? How wet is your wall? Call on us to assist in resolving these situations.

Having challenges to the Rising Damp situation in your home? How wet is your wall? Call on us to assist in resolving these situations.


Quality Test

Stone Coated Roofing Tile Quality Test.

Tilcor Roofing Tiles 01/10/2015

Stone Coated Roofing Tiles

Stone Coated Roofing Tiles


More Photos From the Exhibition..Accra,Ghana!


Our Stand at the 13TH International Building Construction Exhibition..Accra Ghana.


Hiralco Nigeria Limited


DRAIN-B curtain wall insulation protective board is a protective layer manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE), resistant to plant roots and seperates the curtain wall from the earth, thus protecting the wall against water and humidity.

Usage Areas
It is recommended to use the product in order to protect the waterproofing and thermal insulation systems applied at curtain wall insulations of the buildings.
The product protects the waterproofing system from the damages that might occur during earth fill.
The air between the bubbles enables the curtain wall to breathe.
The product assures equal distribution of the pressure acted by the earth load.
The products distributes the load that can act to a single point.
Tecnical Data
Weight : 400 g/m2 500 g/m2
Strenght at Break : (MD-CMD) 200 - 200 N/5 cm (MD-CMD) 250-250 N/5 cm
Elengation at Break : (MD-CMD) %20 -%25 N/5 cm (MD-CMD) %20 -%25 N/5 cm
Compressive Strenght : TS EN 826-120 kN/m2 TS EN 826-200 kN/m2
Roll Weight : 16 kg 20 kg
Roll Lenght : 20 or 30 m 20 or 30 m
Roll Wide : 2 m 2 m
Thickness : 0,55 mm 0,65 mm
Stud Hight : 8 mm 8 mm
Prevents any damage that may be caused by plant roots to the insulation.
Can be used between two concrete layers preventing the humidity and v***r from underneath to pe*****te the structure above.
2mx20m or 2mx30m rolls.

Storage and Shelf Life
The product is stored vertically. The product can also be stored out-doors as vertical in mandatory cases. Shelf life is unlimited.


Hiralco Nigeria Limited


REPAMERK 301 is a fiber-reinforced, non-shrink single-component professional repair mortar manufactured from exclusive cement and quartz sand and resistant to carbonation due to its minimum surface porosity.

Usage Areas
In Concrete Facade Repairs: For filling coarse pores and repairing peeled areas of the surface, repairing wear-areas of the stairs and precast elements
In Filling Works of Concrete Elements: Filling works of beams, columns, floorings, concrete pillars, dam areas exposed to cavitations, slipways, breakwaters, etc.
In Civil Engineering Structures: For repairing and reinforcing of damages balconies, parapets and eaves, corroded concrete elements, concrete elements damaged due to earthquakes, gutters and joints before waterproofing
Tecnical Data
Color : Gray powder
Particle size : 0 – 2 mm
Unit Weight : 2000 ± 50 kg/m3
Applicable Duration at 20°C : 45 minutes
Compression Strength (28 days) : > 60 N/mm2
Bending Strength (28 days) : > 8 N/mm2
Bonding Strength (28 days) : > 2 N/mm2
Applications with 5 - 50 mm thickness
Thixotropic, no sagging in walls and overhead applications
Rapid setting
High strength
Allows smooth surfaces
Paintable 24 hours after the application
Surface Preparation
Clean the loose and damaged concrete on the surface using a chisel or leveling tools in order to achieve a smooth surface. Clean the loose concrete particles surrounding the reinforcement and create more free space in order to apply the product behind and around the reinforcement. Clearly determine the surface sections to be repaired. Remove the rust on the reinforcement using scraping, brushing and sand blasting methods.

Pour 25 kg REPAMERK 301 into 4,25-4,5 liters of water and mix for three minutes minimum slowly using a mixer preferably running at low speed until there is no coagulation. Applicable duration once mixed is approximately 45 minutes at 20°C. Apply REPAMERK 301 on the surface using a trowel and press in order to provide excellent bonding. Apply more than a single layer for thick applications and apply the aforementioned procedure to ensure bonding between the layers. Level the repair surface using a trowel. Do not add water to the fresh mortar during application. Spraying is allowed while applying the mortar on large surfaces.

Cleaning Of The Tools
Tools and equipment should be cleaned in fresh water immediately after use.

2 kg/m2/mm

In 25 kg kraft bags

Storage and Shelf Life
Expiry date is 8 months starting from the date of manufacture provided that the product is stored in a cool area with 8 stacks maximum in its unopened original packaging and kept away from direct sunlight and freeze.


Hiralco Nigeria Limited


Cement based, quartz aggregate, ready to use ground hardener applicable on concrete surface monolithically made of performance enhancing chemical additive mixtures.

Usage Areas
Indoors and outdoors
Surfaces subject to heavy traffic
Parking garages, car parks, roads, pavements and service stations
Warehouses, loading-unloading yards
Factories and mechanical workshops
Underpasses, subway stations
Floors subject to friction
Technical Data
Appearance : Grey-Green-Red
Compression Strength : >60 N/mm2
Bending Strength : >10 N/mm2
Time Required : Before walking on the application 1 day following the application
Abrasion Strength :


Hiralco Nigeria Limited

Swelling Waterstop

SWELLBAND is an active sodium bentonite/butyl rubber based waterstop designed to stop water infiltration through cast in place concrete construction joints by expanding upon contact with water to form a positive seal against the concrete. It also fills the cracks and pores on the concrete.

Usage Areas
Used for concrete joints, and intersections of old and new concretes in the construction of pools, foundations, tunnels, menholes, retaining walls, garages, curtain walls, water deposits, water purification facilities and pipe penetrations into above mentioned constructions.

Technical Data
Volumetric Change : After 7 days in water : > 100 % DIN 53521
: After 14 days in water : > 150 % DIN 53521
: 10 times dry/wet conversion* : > 100 % DIN 53521
Swelling Pressure : > 15 bar (The result of remaining in water after 7 days)
Shore A Hardness : 35 DIN 53505
Ultimate Elongation : > 250 % DIN 53504

*1 Conversion: Remaining it 7 days dry and 7 days wet
To apply easily. One person can apply up to 130 meters per hour. Easy application even with great amounts of rebar. Connecting seams requires only putting together side by side and pressing. Packaged as 7 meter rolls so that one can easily apply it alone.

Surface Preparation
The surface must be clean and dry. It must not be applied to wet, frozen, greasy or dusty surfaces, and under wet weather conditions.

Roll out required amount of SWELLBAND. Firmly press the entire length of it onto concrete. In vertical and overhead applications, press for at least 15 seconds for perfect adherence. Make sure waterstop covers all parts of the surface, especially for surfaces which are not perfect in shape. Use swell-fix primer when necessary. Put together coil ends side by side or end to end; do not overlap. Remove silicon paper and pour concrete carefully and indirectly.

Depends on length.

5 mm x 10 mm x 7 m
5 mm x 20 mm x 7 m
7 mm x 20 mm x 7 m
10 mm x 15 mm x 7 m
10 mm x 20 mm x 7 m
15 mm x 20 mm x 5 m
20 mm x 25 mm x 4 m
Diameter :20mm x 4m

Storage and Shelf Life
SWELLBAND has a shelf life of min. 1 years starting from production date when stored unopened, in dry and cool conditions.


Hiralco Nigeria Limited


Bitumen based sealing and repair mastic to use on dry surfaces for wet floor and rainy weather.

Usage Areas
It is used for installation and repairing of bituminous membranes and bituminous shingles. It is used to seal joints, seams, leaks, chimney bottoms for waterproofing, filling and repairing. It is used for waterproofing at installation of roof windows, ventilations, antennas and outlets of piping.

Technical Data
Content : Modified bitumen
Color : Black
Softening point : +90°C
Application temperature : +8°C to +35°C
Crusting time : Approx. 2 hours
: Total curing 48 hours
Temperature resistance : -20°C to +90°C
BMAST WF 310 can be applied even under rainy weather conditions thanks to its special formula, and it adheres perfectly to wet, and even underwater surfaces. It has good adherance on all bituminous materials, concrete, bricks, wood and metals. It is ready to use and cold applicable. It is the mostly economical adhesive. It does not flow at high temperatures and it maintains its elasticity at low temperatures. Dries fast. It is highly adhesive on most building materials and metals.

Surface Preparation
Surface must be clean before application. Any loose pieces, dust, oil, grease should be removed. Sharp tips and horizontal/vertical joints which are suitable cracking, must be chamfered. Big pores and cracks must be filled with REPAMERK repair mortar. On metal surfaces B PR 102, on non-metal surfaces B PR 101 shall be used as primer
to clean from dust, to improve adhesion and therefore improve life of application.

Please cut out tip of the cartridge according to the width of the seam. Within 10-15 minutes following the application
of the mastic, smooth the surface with a moist spatula. In adhesion operations, after 10-15 minutes following product
is applied onto a surface, it should be connected to the other surface.

Cleaning Of The Tools
After application, tools can be cleaned with solvents.


310 ml cartridge
25 pcs/box

Storage and Shelf Life
It must be stored in original containers and under dry condition at 5°C to 25°C.
Under these conditions shelf life is 12 months.


Hiralco Nigeria Limited


Polyurethane-based, two-component, solvent-free liquid waterproofing material. It is especially ideal for potable water tanks.

Usage Areas
It is especially developed for indoor waterproofing of water-tanks.
It can be used on concrete, asphalt, marble, stucco, stone, wood and metal structures both for waterproofing and coating.

Technical Data
Density (A+B) : 1,45 g/cm3
Colour : Grey or blue
Coefficient Of V***r Diffusion
Resistance : µ=34000
Pot Life : 30-45 minutes (20°C)
Setting Time : Touch Dry : 6 hours
: Completely dry : 24 hours
Shore D Hardness : 40
Breaking Strength In Bending : 1080 kg
Tensile Strength : 26,2 N/mm2

Adherence In Pullin : 10,52 kgf/cm2
Adherence In Sliding : 75,6 kgf/cm2
Compressive Breaking Strength : 58 kN
Compressive Strength : 35 N/mm2
Resistance To Chemicals : Sulphuric Acid : Not Affected
: Nitric Acid : Slightly Affected
: Hydrochloric Acid : Not Affected
: Sodium Hydroxide : Not Affected
: Carbonic Acid : Not Affected
: Ammoniac : Not Affected
: Hydrogenperoxide : Not Affected
: Potassium Chromat : Affected
: Formic Acid : Affected
: Vinegar Acid : Affected
: Costic Acid : Affected
It provides waterproofing; protects from corrosion; is resistant to friction, strokes, and certain chemicals. Because it does not contain any solvent, it can be safely applied indoors. It has strong adherence to surfaces it is applied. It is very durable.

Surface Preparation
The surface to be treated must be clean, durable, free from grease, and definitely dry. POLIXA 2 results in effervescence when applied to wet surfaces.

The whole amount of hardener contained in the small pail is mixed with the whole amount of main component contained in the big pail to a homogenous consistency. The mixture must be consumed within 30 - 45 minutes; later it cannot be applied due to jelling. It must be applied at least in two coats, and each coat must be applied 6 hours later than the preceding coat. If this interval exceeds 24 hours, the first coat must be sandpapered prior to the application of the second coat. After the application the surface must be protected from water for at least 6 - 8 hours. It can be applied by a brush, or roller.

Cleaning Of The Tools
The equipment can be cleaned by using cellulosic thinner immediately after application.

1,20 -1,50 kg/m2 in two coats.

5 kg + 1 kg sets in metallic pails 20 kg + 4 kg sets in metallic pails

Storage and Shelf Life
8 months minimum in its original packaging below 35°C. It

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Quality Test


Tegola Roofing Shingles, Tilcor Roofing Tiles, Baumerk and Bostik waterproofing Systems, Istanbul Technique geo textiles and Fleetwick thinners.



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