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#Literacy can be defined as a person's ability to read, write, speak, and compute and solve problems at levels necessary to.
What is health literacy?

Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.1

Health literacy is dependent on #individual and #systemic factors:

Communication skills of lay persons and professionals

Lay and professional knowledge of health topics.

In Ghana 85% of clients don't ask questions about their disease condition , treatment and management....It is sad to see a graduate and he or she don't know the name and dosage of medications he or she is taking.
We are in a part of the world where people are only interested in health when they are sick or when a close relative is ill.
Patients you have every right to ask questions about your treatment.
I was sad last time I visited a church and the testimony time some one was saying since birth he have never being to the hospital before ..Pls religious people going to the hospital is not a cause of the devil, hospital is not for only admission , let develop the habit of routine visit to the hospital for screening and examination.
You can take your car to the shop for routine examination but you can't go to check your system .
Let understand health
We arrived safely home this dawn at 1am. We had a supper health screening program at #Salaga from 1st to 4th of November.
The program was organized by Reprocan Ghana and Mall T**i Foundation and it was supported by the Salaga municipal health directorate and the MCE of East Gonja .
Kpembewura was very helpful and supportive...
Our experience at the north was great ..
More videos and updates of the supper health screening will come soon.
Thanks to the chief and the people of Salaga and Kpembewura ,we are grateful too to the headmistress and staff of salaga snr high school and T.I. Amass
If u missed This very educative talk on breast cancer ,here is another opportunity to watch ,listen, practice and educate others ..
#Breast cancer is not a killer when it is seen early ...Watch,comment and share
#Reprocan #PreciousTv
Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. - Romans 13:10

HE who finds his heart not in harmony with this law of the New Covenant, love--mercy, kindness, gentleness, goodness--lacks the evidence or proof that he is in any sense of the word accepted as a son of God, and a joint-heir with Christ. If we have not love in our hearts for the brethren, and love of gentleness and benevolence toward all men, and even toward the brute creation, we have not the spirit which will carry us through in making the sacrifices necessary under present conditions. It will only be a question of time with such when the power of pride or vain-glory, holding them in the way of sacrifice, will snap asunder, and selfishness take full control.
*A chat with Dr. Devi Shetty, Narayana Hrudayalaya (Famous Heart Specialist) Bangalore, was arranged by WIPRO for its employees. The transcript of the chat is given below. Useful for everyone.*

*Qn1.* What are the thumb rules for a layman to take care of his heart?
1. Diet - Less of carbohydrate, more of protein, less oil
2. Exercise - Half an hour's walk, at least five days a week;
3. Quit smoking
4. Control weight
5. Control BP - Blood pressure and Sugar

*Qn2.* Can we convert fat into muscles?

*Ans:* It is a dangerous myth. Fat and muscles are made of two different tissues, fat is fat ... Ugly and harmful... Muscle is muscle. Fat can never be converted into a muscle.

*Qn3.* It's still a grave shock to hear that some apparently healthy person
gets a cardiac arrest. How do we understand it in perspective?

*Ans:* This is called silent attack; that is why we recommend everyone past the age of 30 to undergo routine health checkups.

*Qn4.* Are heart diseases hereditary?

Ans: Yes.

*Qn5.* What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What practices do you suggest to de-stress?

*Ans:* Change your attitude towards life. Do not look for perfection in everything in life.

*Qn6.* Is walking better than jogging or is more intensive exercise required to keep a healthy heart?

*Ans:* Walking is better than jogging, since jogging leads to early fatigue and injury to joints.

*Qn7.* You have done so much for the poor and needy. What has inspired you to do so?

*Ans:* *MOTHER THERESA*, who was my patient.

*Qn8.* Can people with low blood pressure suffer heart diseases?

*Ans:* Extremely rare.

*Qn9.* Does cholesterol accumulate right from an early age (I'm currently only 22) or do you have to worry about it only after you are above 30 years of age?

*Ans:* Cholesterol accumulates from childhood.

This day was launched some where 2001 due to lack of access to sanitation ( toilets ) has a profound impact on public health , dignity , and safety.

Open defecation contributes to the spread of many serious and fatal diseases such as soil-transmitted helminthiasis, diarrhea and schistosomiasis .

Stunted growth in children is another problem when children are being exposed to human f***s when toilets are absent, ineffective or not used.

World Toilet Day aims to inspire people to take action on these issues related to the lack of toilets.
The purpose of World Toilet Day is to inspire people to take steps to address the global sanitation crisis. The goals of the World Toilet Day campaign include:
💧. Create awareness of the global sanitation crisis.

💧. Inspire action around the world to create snow-ball effects.

💧. Unify UN-Water Members and Partners to take collaborative action.

💧. Strengthen the voice of the UN system on WASH-related issues.

💧. Increase awareness and deepen knowledge of water and sanitation.

Each year, World Toilet Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the billions of people who do not have access to a toilet. It also creates urgency for action and can stimulate momentum for improving sanitation for households and communities.

Let's keep our toilet system clean for healthy live.


REPROCAN GHANA is a health organization aim at supporting the SDG 3,4,5 and 10 through advocacy,empowerment and total health.We are a team of health professional,career couches and social workers.We provide Medical screening and Health education

NGO in health,a member of coalition of ngos in health,member breast society of ghana

Operating as usual

Photos from Reprocan Ghana's post 27/04/2021

Reprocan Ghana- health screening at Afram plains , villages after Kwesi fante..
Every thing was sponsored by Addicted For Christ Movement ..a missionary ngo.

The villages don't have assess to health care they have to walk 1.4km before they can get a health center ....No light let alone to talk of school.
May God bless all those who have passion to serve the very needy in the society
Reprocan Ghana- Advocacy, empowerment and Total Health


You merit the celebration not because you are the wife of the president but because of what you have done in 5years as the 1st lady through #RebeccaFoundation ie maternity block at KATH, PICU at Korle etc . Matters that concerns Women and Children are very dear to your heart. Your impact and that of Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings are unmatched.
Happy international women's day to you Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo and happy birthday in advance to you and your husband the president of the public of Ghana .

You merit the celebration not because you are the wife of the president but because of what you have done in 5years as the 1st lady through #RebeccaFoundation ie maternity block at KATH, PICU at Korle etc . Matters that concerns Women and Children are very dear to your heart. Your impact and that of Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings are unmatched.
Happy international women's day to you Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo and happy birthday in advance to you and your husband the president of the public of Ghana .


#Reprocan #Ghana

We asked for your support for our sole October program at #Akosus_Village #Winneba #13_October , This is what we did with your support .

Thank you for supporting us .. We are grateful , we hope we made you proud.

13th October Health screening and donation at Akosua village, a fishing and ewe populated community in Winneba

Team #Reprocan_Ghana heavily supported by #Priscilla_Adomako_Foundation , private individuals, Friends of REPROCAN Ghana etc organized a free health screening and donation at Akosua village
We donated
1.. Exercise books (120 pieces and some Pens)
2. A big metal sign board to Akosua village MA primary and JHS
3.. Second hand shoes and clothes
4.. Free Ghana made face mask etc

The screening included
1.. General Vital signs
2.Malaria test
3.Prostate cancer screening for the men above 45yrs
7.Breast cancer screening not with the hands but with the Reprocan Ghana Breast I device

We wish to thank all those who believed in us and supported your to make this great .

Our members are very dedicated and passionate about what we do .

We are also opened to cooperate health screening, home care services and we also supply medical items

Contact us or [email protected]
Phone 0246247253ceo or 0245391188
Consultation and Medications etc

Cost......Free of charge


Join us on Tuesday 13th October at Akosua village near Winneba..

It is october health screening, donation qnd breast cancer awareness ...

It was changed from 8th october to 13th october

You can join or support us do more ....


Today Account IT ,an accountancy and information firm loacated at haatso donated gh100 towards our program on 8th October at Akosua village near Winneba

Thank you Acount iT 06/09/2020

Home | Reprocan Ghana

One of the most preventable diseases in the world( mostly found in African or people with African origin) is SICKLE CELL DISEASE.

The prevention is simple , potential couples must know their PHENOTYPE ( genotype) before deciding to marry or better still immediately you guys decide to have a serious date than you must find out..

Knowing will inform whatever decision you will like to make .

Parents too ,let your children know their genotype early so that they grow up knowing it , fortunately in Ghana you can check your child's phenotype immediately he or she is born ,we call it new born testing and is even free....


Note; there can also be laboratory errors so always try to comfirm your 1st test in another center so that you can be sure.

#AA #AS #SS #AC #SC #SF and the thalassemia...

#OAB (Reprocan Ghana ) Repracan Health Network is One of Ghana's leading private Health Care Network provider. Connect to all your health needs on Reprocan Health Network.


On every father's day ,what come to my mind is The battle between the aging man and Prostate Cancer
A lot of above 60yrs men have 'Rubbers' in their P***s as a results of cancer of the prostate..

Don't just wish your father a happy father's day but encourage him to do a #PSA test today or this week .

See it, treat it.


A call away for all health screening even at your own home 0246247253

We also sell facemask ,face shield,gloves both examination and utility, sanitizers and many other health products.

Happy Father's day to all fathers and please know that the older you get the higher your chance of Prostate cancers


Covid 19 cases keep increasing each day simply because we are not observing the protocols well. You will think it is just a number until it get to you,there is no cure for covid 19 , precaution and prevention is key.

Are you a pastors or head of an institution?.
Contact #Reprocan_Ghana_Medical_Consult for free health education in your church or school.

We also sell all the medical disposables you need.

Reprocan Ghana Medical supplies, we deal in medical disposables and general medical items

3 ply surgical Face Mask @120gh

Face shield from 20gh,22gh and 25gh depending on the number you buy

Get your hand sanitizer both gel and liquid and other items .

Gun thermometer @450gh

Call REPROCAN GHANA on 0246247253 0245391188

We do free delivery of items above 600gh

Items below Ghc600 you pay the cost of delivery (Ghc20) within Accra and (Ghc30) outside accra

Other medical services provided by Reprocan Ghana are

Reprocan Ghana Foundation( health screening, advocacy,charity etc)

Reprocan Ghana Home Care Nursing Agency( we provide professional nurses to meet your health needs at the comfort of your home

#Reprocan Ghana Medical supplies( we deal in medical supplies)

Box MD 2319 Accra
Email.. [email protected]

Official Reprocan Ghana MTN Merchant momo number 0245391188


Call or whatsap 0246247253 for product samples

As we are fighting covid 19 let us not forget to prevent sickle cell diseases.

19th June was world sickle cell day ,please check your phenotype before you decide to marry him or her .If you are SCD patient too know that SCD is not a killer disease we manage it very well ,you can call us for more health education on sickle cell
#Covid comfirmed cases over 13K


Call #Reprocan_Ghana_Medical_Supplies on 0246247253 for Gun thermometers,Gloves, Surgical face mask, Face shield etc

It will be delivered to you any where in Ghana.

Place your orders Now ..

The home of quality but cheap products .


Covid 19 ,still stay safe and observe all the protocols



Do you know you can go for a genotype test and you will be given a wrong genotype result?

Errors ranging from improper labeling of sample bottles to mixing them up to improperly interpreting a test result due to a mistake or incompetence of the laboratory scientist etc. can lead to you getting a wrong genotype test result called Genotype Misdiagnosis.

Let me tell you a short story, I was diagnosed of sickle cell disease at 1yr of age and when I was a little bit older,I had to do another genotype test and the result came out as AA . If I was probably old enough then, as a christian who believes in miracles ,I would have testified that God had miraculously changed my genotype like many do but guess what the test could lie to me but my body would never lie to me, the crises came back and subsequent test results after that returned to status quo.

Let me tell you this, sickle cell disease is not of the devil, it is not a spiritual attack,it is not jazz,it is not spell ,it is not ogbanje or witchcraft. Sickle cell disease is man made, it is a choice that you can make for your unborn child or a choice that was made for you whether intentionally or unintentionally. The SS ,SC,SBeta thalassemia genotypes etc. are as a result of genes both of your parents gave to you. You may wanna stop treating sickle cell disorder like it's a weapon of satan and seeing sickle cell warriors as witches and wizards sent to attack their families.


1. Increasing the number of people living with sickle cell disorder. For example, a person who would probably not have married a partner of incompatible genotype married a partner of incompatible genotype because she thought she was AA and ended up giving birth to a child/children with sickle cell disorder because of the misdiagnosis

2. Inability to take precautions and properly take care of a warrior child: There are some complications that can be prevented if a child with sickle cell disorder is being properly managed. Genotype misdiagnosis can prevent parents from properly managing their warrior child like they should and taking necessary precautions.

3. Misleading Testimonies: As we know Africans are very religious and we like to give everything a spiritual undertone. So, any case of genotype misdiagnosis turns to a testimony for religious people. God has changed my genotype from SS to AS,He changed it from SS to AA . It is important to eliminate the possibility of genotype misdiagnosis before concluding it's a miracle.These testimonies actually mislead people a lot ,I can remember someone who commented on one of my genotype compatibility posts, saying he can marry anyone he likes because even if he has a child with sickle cell disease, prayers will change his child's genotype to AA


-Make sure your genotype test is done in a reputable diagnostic centre or hospital laboratory.
- Check your genotype at least twice from 2 different reputable laboratories
- Carry out your genotype test at least thrice if your first two test results are different
- Laboratories should employ only capable and efficient laboratory scientists to carry out medical tests
- Laboratory scientists should be more careful in handling test samples and interpreting test results

Yes it can, if you undergo a successful stem cell transplant.

Do you know your genotype? If you don't, what are you waiting for?
Let's break the sickle cycle

Copied by obed Asare Bediako
Dr. Adesoye Oluwatosin


I just received an announcement of a Webinar directed to people interested in SCD. Please circulate the Registration link and Agenda Brochure to as many patient-families and healthcare professionals as you can :

Link to Register for the Webinar – Sickle Cell – The New Frontier


Coronavirus is it a time for Mass masking?
Can governments afford it ...
Public health management is dynamic..
Is it to to review our management???


People in Wuhan China where the coronavirus started are not in a panic mood like Ghana.

Just wash your hands,use sanitizers above all Never touch any or***ce with your unwashed hands and maintain a distance with someone who is coughing

By doing just this your chance of coronavirus is very limited .

You don't need gloves or facemask.

DoNotPanic people are recovering.



Reprocan Ghana was at Apgiv Ghana's head office to educate staff and member of Apgiv International (a network company) on a very important global and public health concern topic
Antimicrobial Resistance.

We made participations understand that antibiotics don't cure all diseases. When you use antibiotics to treat common cold it won't work because common cold is a viral infection and antibiotics are not used to treat viral conditions.
We also educated participatants on the proper storage of prescribed medications and getting medications from proper sources.
Also we made them to understand that giving leftover medications to a relative when they fall sick is a very bad practice that which need to stop if we want to prevent antimicrobial resistance.
The presentation was two way which allowed participatants to share their personal stories and how in the past they used medications wrongly because they didn't know it was a bad practices.

In Ghana drug abuse and misuse is on the increase hence lot of awareness need to be created on the proper use of medications particularly antibiotics.

Reprocan Ghana is ready to accept any invitation on this topic .
People need to know that your body don't get resistance to the medication but it is the disease causing organisms that get resistance to the medication .




Give women a chance to prove. Equal opportunity and the women will excel.
Being a women is not a barrier to success.
Don't limit them to the kitchen


Yesterday at Miklin hotel, I was privileged to be trained on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).
The workshop was organized by GHS and W.H.O to empower CSO and NGO to be better advocates on Antibiotics use.
The inappropriate use of Antibiotics in humans and animal farming is causing a lot of Antimicrobial resistance.

As people we should know that if we don't handle Antibiotics with care a time will come that there will not be any effective antibiotics in the system to fight bacterial infections.


Always get antibiotics from right source not road side
Don't force your prescriber to give you antibiotics.
When given, finish it as directed by your health professional..don't stop when you feel you are well.
Don't give your leftover medications to your relative .
Antibiotics is not for common cold

And to our farmers

Always see your Vet or agric officer before you use antibiotics on your poultry or animals and stop as directed by your Vet.




Coronavirus is serious than we thought..

Ghana how prepared are we as individuals and as a nation ....


Reprocan Ghana celebrate world cancer day with ASSU at UPSA.
Skin Cancers and Skin bleaching Awareness...
As the world mark today as world cancers day we at Reprocan Ghana-Reproductive Health and Cancers Awareness Team and Reprocan Ghana Medical Consult pledge to continue our advocacy on cancers and other non communicable diseases .
#IcanIwill ,You can too.



Reprocan Ghana health education on

#Coronavirus and #Cervical Cancer at Sowutum Our lady of Lourdes Catholic church.

You can invite Reprocan Ghana to your church church for either health education or general health screening.

Preventing diseases is easier than treatment and management.


It is a myth not a fact ....

Spread the facts but not the myths.
Gearing towards 4th Feb ...World Cancers Day ...
Not just one but all


You don't need a Pap test until you are 21, regardless of sexual activity. Once you're 21, you only need a Pap every 3 years. After age 30, you can get a Pap every 3 years or every 5 w/ HPV testing.

You don't need a Pap annually, and you don't need a Pap until you are 21.

04-02-2020 is world Cancers Day ..A day set aside to draw awareness on all the cancers .

Reprocan Ghana will be screening people on #cervical cancers ,#Prostate cancer and #Breast cancers

Don't miss out

Note that cancer is not only breast cancer ..
Get involve



A month today 04/02/2020 will be World Cancers Day

A day the world use to remember all the types of cancers.

Cancer is an abnormal cell growth and this can happen at any part of the body.

The type of cancer get its name from where the abnormal cell growth start,example if it start in the breast it is called breast cancer.
If it start in the cervix or prostate ,it is called cervical cancer and Prostate cancer respectively.

Lung cancer, skin cancer,penile cancers etc are all types of cancers....

Cancers mostly have no cause but it has lot of predisposing factors.

Some cancers have a cause example cervical cancer..which is caused by the HPV ,other cancers don't have a cause but we are predisposed by the life style we live(smoking,lack of exercise,bleaching etc).

Cancers are very high in Ghana ..You don't see or hear of them because our patients because of stigma don't like to share their stories....

Let help beat cancers

Join Reprocan Ghana on 4th February 2020 to create more awareness on cancers and also do screening on some selected cancers (Breast cancer, Prostate Cancer and Cervical Cancers).

Let beat cancers IcanWecan

Reprocan Ghana...... Advocacy, Empowerment and Total Health


Reprocan Ghana Medical Consult
#CeoReprocan0246247253 for collaboration

REPROCAN GHANA (General health Screening and Health Education

In Ghana lot of people find it time wasting to go to the hospital for general or specific check up this has resulted in the increase of diseases such as cancers,diabetes,high BP and many more,also lack of quality health education and screening has caused a lot of sickness that could have being prevented at the early stage left unnoticed. Reprocan Ghana is made up of medical professionals,Social workers and counselors,We provide comprehensive health screening and counselling to groups and individuals at their own convenience and for the cancer screening,we screen with latest devices and we have a strong referral bonds with bigger cancer facilities where we refer patients for further management. We travel all over the country for the purpose stated above.Since 2016 we have traveled all over the country and we have organized major health screening for companies and communities. We are also a campaigner for SDG 3,4,5 and 10.




Videos (show all)

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World Sanitation Day ..Health Screening at Total 37 Station
Reprocan breast I...the device used for give u the opportunity to see your own breast and how the vains ar...
It is duely launched ...Know your lungs ...TB is curable get screen....



• REPROCAN GHANA MEDICAL CONSULT we organize health screening and education on all conditions for communities, schools, individuals and organizations

• We provide and facilitate Sexual and reproductive health services(SHRS): family planning services and other treatment, Comprehensive Sexuality Education(CSE) and C.A.C

• BREAST CANCER, CERVICAL CANCERS AND PROSTATE CANCER SCREENING. We use modern devices to screen individuals and organizations

• REPROCAN HOME CARE NURSING AGENCY: We provide qualified nurses and other health professionals to individuals who need care in their homes after discharge from the hospitals, wound dressing, checking of vital signs, ambulance services, we also accompany clients to the hospitals

• REPROCAN MEDICAL SUPPLIES. Call us for all medical supplies, drugs, hospitals beds and equipment, disposables, BP machines and other medical equipment. We supply and deliver them at your door step.

• REPROCAN GHANA FOUNDATION… we support/Guide/Empower communities,individuals



Reprocan Ghana Office,MATS Teshie Barracks Opposite The MATS Mosque ,military Academy Barracks Market Teshie
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