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Weak credit appraisal has been identified as one of the major causes of the high loan default for the financial institutions dealing with this market segment. In order to reduce credit default,
for Rural and Community Banks (RCBs), Savings & Loans Companies, Microfinance Companies and other Microfinance institutions in Ghana.
The objective of the 3-day credit intensive training program is to sharpen the skills of the credit officers to improve credit appraisal to reduce credit default.

Target Audience

Credit Managers
Branch Managers
Credit Officers
Risk Management Officers
Internal Auditors

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This is an Accounting Software customized for Susu and Microcredit businesses. With this Software, you are able to:

• Enter and Track Customers Deposits and Withdrawals
• Enter and Track Loans Given, Loan Interest and Loan Repayment
• Enter and Track Interest Incomes and Interest Expenses
• Enter and Track all other Incomes and Expenses
• Enter and Track Assets, Liabilities and Equity
• Generate various reports about your Businesses such as Customers Account Statements and Balances, Income Statement/Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement, Trial Balance, General Ledger etc.

This is a one-time purchase, lifetime software; no monthly or annual fees with free remote support.

Contact: 0244575408.
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Your Reading Guide:

Index by Order of Appearance

African Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century, Their Stories of Success

By David Fick, EPP Books, Ghana, became available July 2014, and is

Available at the 15 EPP Book Stores in Ghana for US$25 per book

Please contact: Marketing Manager, EPP Books Services, La Education Centre,
P. O. Box TF 511, Trade Fair Centre, Accra, Ghana, Tel: 00233-302-784849,
Fax: 00233-302-779099, E-mail: [email protected], Website: www.eppbookservices.com

Front Cover Artwork: “Solidarity” (Batik cloth) is by Nuwa Nnyanzi, Uganda.

The 575 Success stories featured in African Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century are designed to be reader friendly and appear for each country by industry sector in the following order: (1) Agriculture & Agribusiness; (2) Mining, Energy, Water, & Environment; (3) Construction & Housing; (4) Transport & Logistics; (5) Travel,
Tourism, Hospitality, Recreation & Sports; (6) African Arts, Crafts & Fashion Design; (7) Health & Wellness; (8) Education, Training & Consulting; (9) Media & Entertainment; (10) Business & Service; (11) Marketing, Trade & E.Commerce; (12) Information & Communication Technology (ICT); (13) Manufacturing & Industry; (14) Banking, Finance & Investment.

Each story is headed with the category of enterprise and the number of its industry: for example, Seafood Processor (1). After each story, reference sources are listed, and where ever possible the most recent date of any e-mail correspondence. Social and economic enterprises and/or entrepreneurs listed in the index are in bold letters when first mentioned within their text.

PART I West Africa

Chapter 1 Ghana

Jones, Monty, 8-10
Ebenut Ghana Limited, 10-11
Talier Trading Group, 10-11
Blue Skies, 11-14
Athena Foods Limited, 14
Homefoods Processing & Cannery, 15-16
Kalyppo, 16-17
Cocoa Processing Company, 17-18
Golden Tree Chocolate, 17-18
Divine Chocolate, 18-19
Ayittey, George, 19-21
Tullow Oil, 21-22
MBendi Information Services, 22-21
Ghana National Housing Project, 23-24
Western Forms, 23-24
Moladi, 24-25
Jem Afrik Creations, 25-26
Tekura Enterprises, 26-27
Fritete African Art Works, 27-28
Nesy Concepts, 28-30
West African Trade Hub, 30
LaGray Chemical Company (&), 30-31
Ernest Chemists Limited, 31-32
Wilsad Support Limited, 32-34
Multimedia Group Limited 34
Progeny Ventures Incorporated, 34-37
Citizen Kofi Entertainment Concepts, 34-37
Zoomlion Ghana Limited, 37-38
Camelot Ghana Limited, 38- 39
Combert Impressions, Ltd, 39
Legacy & Legacy, 39
Women in Progress, 40
Global Mamas, 40
Great Argon Group, 40-41
Ele Agbe, 41-43
All Pure Nature, 43-44
SOFTtribe, 44
Strategic Communication Africa, 44-45
rLG Communications, 45-46
Mkogh Clothing, 46-47
Happy Art Academy, 47-48
Kasapreko Company, 48-49
Asadek Industries, 49
Sleek Garments, 49-50
Amoabeng, Kofi, 50-52
SAS Finance Group, 52-53
Abeasi, Kwasi, 53-54
Sinapi Aba Trust, 54-56
Glico Group, 56-57
NDK Financial Services, 57

Chapter 2 Nigeria

'Sawah' system, 58-59
Talon Nigeria Ltd, 59
Ekha Agro Farms Limited, 60-61
FAMAG-JAL Farms, 61-62
Bimba Agro Livestock, 62-65
Femdal Farms, 65-66
Notore Chemical Industries Ltd, 66-68
Rockson Engineering, 68-69
Arik Air, 70-71
Odua Creations, 71-72
Mona Matthews Shoe Designers, 72-73
Emzor Pharmaceutical, 73-74
May & Baker, 74-75
Abolaji Osime, 75-78
Foundation for Skills Development, 78
Lonadek Oil and Gas, 78-80
Connected, 80
Chife, Aloy, 80
DMT Mobile Toilets, 80-82
Elizade Nigeria Limited, 82-83
Berger Auto Market, 83-84
Kutana Corp, 84-85
Globacom Limited, 85-86
Dangote, Aliko, 86-88
Lekki Free Trade Zone, 88-89
Omatek, 89-90
Awosika, Ibukun, 91-92
IO Furniture, 92-94
Superflux International Ltd, 95

Chapter 3 The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde

Brikama Fish Market, 96
LED Lighting Solutions, 96-97
GAM-Solar Energy, 97-98
Power Up Gambia, 98
Construct Limited, 98-99
Quantum Net Company Ltd, 99-100
BizDataSoft Solutions, 100-101
Unique Solutions, 101-102
A&A Industries, 102-104
Reliance Financial, 103-104
Banyanie Agro, 104-105
Taplima, Muana, 105
African Minerals Limited, 105-107
Fly 6ix Airline, 107
Sam-King Group, 107-109
Homegrown Delights, 109
Water Sie Boys, 109-110
Sayenu Industries, 110
Equatorial Palm Oi- 110-112l
APM Terminals, 112-113
Jeety Trading Corp, 112-113
RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas, 113-114
Keymah Town Market, 114-115
Hak Corporation, 115
United Bank of Africa, 115-116
Residencial Coimbra Hotel, 117
Bissau Palace Hotel & Resort, 117
*Orango Parque Hotel, 117-118
De Almeida, Isabel, 118-119
Gomes, Paolo, 119-120
Constelor Group, 119-120
Alfama, Patricia Miranda, 120
Frescomar- Ubago Group, 120
Monteiro, Sergio Roque, 120-121
CaboEólica, 121
Shen, Qing Guo, 122

Chapter 4 Senegal, Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger

La Laiterie du Berger, 123
Fruitales, 123-124
West Africa Trade Hub, 124-125
Mixta Africa S.A., 125-126
Dieye, Aminata, 126-128
Bèye, Ben Diogaye, 128-129
Thiof, 129
Chaka Groupe, 129
Kanya Donse Fanyi, 130-132
Pilot Light Foundation, 130
Global Alumina, 132-133
Sow, Mamadou Aliou, 133
Nestlé, 134-135
Mangoua, Gérard, 135
Dalloul, Nizar, 135-137
Comium Group, 135-137
Diagou, Jean Kacou, 137-138
Arcandia, 138
Ecobank Transnational Inc, 138-140
Ekpe, Arnold, 138-140
Mon petit Bénin, 140-141
Out of Africa, 141
Solar Electric Light Fund, 141-143
Ariste, Claude, 143
Cercle des Sécheurs, 143-144
Village Artisanal de Ouagadougou, 144
Kouyaté, Dani, 145
Mam Cocktail, 145-147
Sodigaz, 147-148
Hallmark (PRODUCT) RED™ line, 148
West Africa Trade Hub, 148
Mali Chic, 148, 150-151
Farafina Tigne, 148, 151-152
Diakité, Souraka, 152
Mali Initiative, 152-153
Tomota Group, 153-154
Keita, Alou, 154-157
PASECA, 155-157
CAMIDE, 155-157
Kane, Moussa, 157-158
*Achats Service International, 158-160
Alphadi Fashion House, 160-161

PART II Southern Africa

Chapter 5 Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland

Afrodite Beach, 164-
Namport, 165-166
Tilahun, Haddis, 166-167
United Africa Group, 166-167
Bird's Mansion Hotel, 167-168
Namcrafts, 168-169
Shadonai Beauty School, 169-170
Indongo, Frans, 170-171
Pupkewitz, Harold, 171-174
Rent-a-Chef, 174-175
Bush Cuisine – Delicatessen/Catering, 175-176
Book Den, 176
Namib Clothing, 176-177
Amusha Consultancy Services, 177-179
Oshinge Hair & Cosmetics Manufacturers, 179
Standard Bank, 180
Development Bank of Namibia, 180-182
ExtraMile Express, 182
Cresta Hospitality Holdings, 182-184
Botumile, 'Bonty', 184-186
Ngamiland Adventure Safaris, 187-189
Chinyepi, Chigedze, 189-190
Godisa Technologies, 190-191
Diamond Trading Co Botswana, 191-192
Daheng Botswana Textile, 192
Letshego Holdings, 192-194
Chinese Business Assn of Lesotho, 194
Shining Century, 194-196
Tintsaba, 196-197

Chapter 6 Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Mozambique, Zimbabwe

Madécasse Chocolate, 198
VIMA Group, 198-199
Blue Ventures, 199-201
Sipromad Groupe, 201-203
Sarjua Conserverie, 203-204
Anahita World Class Sanctuary, 204-205
Air Mauritius, 205-206
Pillay Refrigeration, 206-207
Wong, Aline, 207-208
Polytol Paints Ltd, 208-209
Intelvision, 209-210
Sambi, Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed, 210-211
Agriterra Limited, 211-213
ESV Bio Africa, 213-214
Mozambique Principle Energy, 214
Schwarz, Allan, 214-216
Nhaca, Lize, 216
Hluvuku-Adsema, 216
Manica Africa, 216-217
Bespoke Experience, 217-218
Gorongosa Restoration Project, 218-221
Interfresh Holdings, 221-222
Delta Group, 222-224
Amanzi Restaurant, 224-226
Tengenenge Sculpture Community, 226-227
Varichem Pharmaceuticals, 227-228
Campaign for Female Education, 228-230
OK Zimbabwe, 230-232
Enbee Stores, 232-233

Chapter 7 South Africa: Agribusiness; Mining, Energy, and Environment; Construction & Housing; Transport.

*Ezulwini Chocolat, 234-235
Khayelitsha Cookies Company, 235-236
Khaya Cookies Company, 236-237
Mathabatha, Mavis, 237-238
Mpilende Foods, 238-240
Fry’s Vegetarian Foods, 240-241
Nambiti Plains Eco Lodge, 241
Greys Marine, 241-243
Camdeboo Bream 243-246
Hamilton Russell Vineyards, 246-248
Morgenhof Wine Estate, 248-250
Klein River Cheese, 250
Rainbow Chicken Limited, 250-251
De Liefde Hoenders, 251-252
Lelievlei Chickens, 251-252
Groenewald, Jeanne, 252
Krokodene, 252-254
Montego Feeds, 254-255
Technical Systems, 255
Highgate Ostrich Show Farm, 256-258
Die Denne Farm, 257-258
Mosstrich Group, 258-259
Mvelaphanda Resources, 259-260
Gold Chain Technologies, 260-262
Darling Wind Power, 262-264
Mulilo Renewable Energy, 264-265
Stitch Wise, 265-266
Koutsoudakis, Maira, 266-268
Mecca Holdings, 268-270
Moladi, 270-271
Nathan-Jones, Dawn, 271-272
Europcar South Africa, 271-272
Pal Bus Services, 272-274
Safmarine, 274-276

Chapter 8 South Africa: Travel, Tourism, Recreation & Sports; African Arts & Crafts, and Fashion Design; Health & Wellness; Education, Training, and Consulting; Media & Entertainment.

Vuvuzela Company, 277-278
Schwartzel, Charl, 278
Wild Coast Holidays, 279-280
Collection, The, 280-282
Imvubu Guest House, 282-283
AndBeyond, 283-284
Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, 285-286
Bushmans Kloof, 286
Abang Africa Travel, 286-288
Rhino Africa, 288-289
Bottle Craft (SA), 289-292
Talking Beads, 292-294
Booyzen, Lucilla, 294-295
Coppercraft Africa, 295-296
Shonaquip, 296-298
Röth Medical Components, 298-299
Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, 299-300
Sugar Bay, 300-302
Trident Institute, 302-303
CEO Communications, 303-304
"It's My Business", 304-305
Daily Sun, 305-307

Chapter 9 South Africa: Business and Service; Marketing, Trade, and E.Commerce; Information and Communication Technology; Manufacturing and Industry; Banking, Finance, and Investment.

The Clean Shop, 308-309
Staza Cleaning Services, 309-311
SED Printing Solutions, 311-312
The Innovation Hub, 312-313
GiftWrap, 312-313
Busi Ntuli Communications, 313-314
Caterware Connection, 314-315
Yum Brands Inc, 315-316
Mediterranean Delicacies, 316-317
Spar Group South Africa, 317-319
Pick n Pay Family Stores, 319-320
Massmart Holdings Limited, 320-324
Wal-Mart Stores, 320-324
Exclusive Books, 324-325
Breadbin Interactive, 325-326
Ubuntu, 326-327
Integr8 Group, 327-329
Spatial Data Holdings, 329-331
Atlantic Solar Heaters, 331-332
Centurion Systems, 332-334
Exotex Textiles, 334-335
Penniken, Issy, 335-337
Ford Motor Co of Southern Africa, 337-338
Newton-King, Nicky, 338-339
Pamodzi Investments, 339-341
WIPHOLD, 341-342
Lereko Metier Capital, 343-344

PART III East Africa

Chapter 10 Horn of Africa: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Somaliland

Ethio Flora, 346-347
Afriflora, 347-348
Karuturi Global, 348-350
Ashraf Agricultural and Industrial, 350
Thurow, Roger, 351-354
Seyoum, Chombe, 351-353
Admassu, Melaku, 352-353
Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, 353-355
Gabre-Madhin, Eleni Zaude, 353-355
Kilman, Scott, 354-355
Mullege Coffee, 355
Sunshine Construction, 355-356
*Bagersh, Omar, 356-359
Bishangari Lodge, 356-359
Simien Lodge, 359-360
*Ankober Palace Lodge, 360-361
Kuriftu Resort and Spa, 361-362
Ras Amba Hotel, 362-363
Haile Resort, 363-364
Kebede, Teshome, 364
Genuine Leather Craft, 364
Pittards Global Sourcing, 364
GIGI Ethiopia, 364-366
Garment Express, 366
Anbessa Shoe, 366-367
*soleRebels, 367-369
Holland Car, 369-370
'Z techno'. 370-372
"A Glimmer of Hope", 372-373
Rena, Ravinder, 373-374
Double Harvest Poultry Farm, 374-376
Ti'o Fish Processing Plant, 377
Nevsun Resources,377-378
Asbeco Construction Company, 378-379
Gedem Construction Company, 379-380
Harat Transport Company, 380
Sawa Vocational Training Center, 380-381
Ashoshi Market Center, 381
Sembel Wood and Metal Works, 381
T.H Household Utensils Factory, 381
Savings and Micro Credit Program, 381-382
Dawaleh Construction Company, 383
Daallo Airlines, 383-384
Al-Gamil Group, 384
Mohamed Said Guedi Trading, 384-385
Lifeline Africa, 385-386
NationLink Telecom, 386-387
Xareed Engineering, 387-388
Berbera Electrical Enterprise, 388-390
Edna Adan Maternity Hospital, 390-391
Oriental Hotel, 391-392
Café de Hargeisa, 392
Bulbul, Hassan, 392-393
Indhadeero Group, 393-394
*Ismail Imports Partners, 394
Somaliland Cable Ltd, 394-395
*Dahabshiil, 395-398

Chapter 11 Kenya

Coffee World, 399-401
Dorman Coffee Shops, 399-401
Savanna Coffee Lounge, 399-401
Artcaffe, 400-401
The Mug, 400-401
AAA Growers, 401-403
Sunripe Limited, 403-404
Keroche Breweries, 404-405
Kevian Kenya Ltd, 405-406
Kaki Village Enterprises, 406-407
Lighting Africa, 407-409
Craftskills Enterprises, 409-410
Muringa Holdings, 410-411
Ormat Technologies, 411-412
Mellech Engineering & Construction Ltd, 412-413
Gallmann, Kuki, 413-16
Campi Ya Kanzi, 416-417
Roberts Safaris, 418-420
Samatian Island Lodge, 418-420
Sirikoi Lodge, 418-420
Richard's Camp, 419-420
Manda Bay Lodge, 419-420
Tropic Air, 420
Cheli & Peacock Ltd, 420-422
Elsa’s Kopje Lodge, 421-422
Kenana Knitters, 422-423
Leakey Collection, 423-425
Festival for African Fashion & Arts, 425-427
KikoRomeo, 425-427
Donovan, Alan, 427-430
African Heritage, 427-430
Murumbi Peace Memorial, 429-430
Mwiraria, Makena, 429-430
Child & Family Wellness, 430-431
AAR Holdings, 431
Winnie’s Pure Health Products of Kenya, 431-432
GreyOwl Limited, 432-434
Kameme 101.1FM, 434-435
Ideas-Un-Limited, 435-436
Span Image Kenya, 436-437
Camerapix, 437-439
A24 Media, 437-439
Beta Bins Waste Management, 439-440
Ecotact, 440-441
Nakumatt Holdings, 442-443
MamaMikes.com, 443-444
Bekele, Sophia, 444-445
Color Creations, 445-446
Software Technologies, 446-448
KenCall, 448
Virtual City, 448-450
Safaricom, 450-451
M-Pesa, 450-451
Bharti Airtel Limited, 452-453
IBM, 452-453
Cellulant, 453-454
3Mice Interactive Media, 454=455
Victoria Furniture Limited, 455-457
Crown Berger, 457
Sameer Africa, 457-458
Aloe Vera (Kenya), 458-459
K-Rep Bank, 459-460
Equity Bank, 460=462
Business Partners International, 462-463
InvesteQ Capital, 463-464

Chapter 12 Tanzania

TechnoServe, 465-466
Kilicafe Nombeko, 465-466
Sweet Unity Farms, 466-467
Askinosie Chocolate, 467-468
Banana Investments, 468-470
Rural Livelihood Development Co, 470-471
Nyemo Investment Co Ltd, 470-471
CPPS Water Projects, 471-472
Athi River Mining Company, 472-473
Nabaki Africa, 473-474
Precision Air Services, 475-478
Coastal Aviation, 478
African Roots Foundation, 478-479
Bush2Beach Safaris, 478-479
Mount Meru Hotel, 479-481
Walkgard Westland Hotels & Tours, 481-483
Adventure Camps, 483
Peacock Hotels, 483-485
Wildersun Safaris, 485-486
Kashasha, Anic R., 486-487
Acumen Fund, 487-489
A to Z Textile Mills, 487-489
Lofstrom, Dennis, 489-490
Sabodo, Mustapha, 490-491
Arusha Times, 491-492
MHGallery, 492
ZG Design, 493
Zara Solar, 493-494
D.light Design, 494-495
Marvelous Flotea, 495-496
Serengeti Advisors, 496

Chapter 13 Uganda

Good African Coffee, 497-498
1000 Cups Coffee House, 498-499
Urth Caffe, 499-500
Bancafé, 500-501
Bee Natural Uganda Ltd, 501-502
Fruits of the Nile, 502-503
Reco Industries, 503-504
Uganda Fish Packers, 504
Mukwano Group, 504-506
Amfri Farm, 506-507
Bidco Group, 507-509
Tullow Oil, 509-510
Akright Projects Limited, 510-512
COBATI, 512-514
Great Lakes Safaris, 514-516
Hotel Africana, 516-517
Mamba Point Restaurant, 517-518
Tumwine, Gen. Elly, 518-519
Lacor Hospital, 519
Mayanja Memorial, 519-520
Afro Alpine Pharma, 520-521
Quality Chemicals Ltd, 521-523
Lira Integrated School, 523-524
Just Like My Child, 524-525
Musheshe, Sr., Mwalimu, 525-527
East African Business Week, 527-529
Owori, Sylvia, 529-531
Media Plus, 531-532
Safi Cleaning, 532
Vantage Communications, 532-533
House of Dawda, 533-534
Britania Allied Industries, 533-534
Lalani, Mohamed 534-535
Roofings Limited, 535

Chapter 14 Rwanda, Burundi

Entreprise Urwibutso, 536
Inyange Industries, 536-537
Sorwathe, 537-539
Madhvani Group 540-541
Kabuye Sugar Works, 540-541
SOPYRWA, 541-543
Roka Rwanda, 543-544
Contour Global, 544
Ewasa, 545
'Lighting Africa Program', 545-546
Cimerwa Limited, 546-547
Rwanda Biodiesel Express, 547
Isaka-Kigali Railway, 547-548
Bambino Super City Amusement Park, 548-549
Republika Lounge, 549-550
Kiboko Tours & Travel, 550
Thousand Hills Expeditions, 550-551
Partners In Health, 551-552
Surgipharm, 553
Tigo Rwanda, 553-554
Bourbon Coffee, 554-555
Heaven Restaurant, 555-556
Ameki Color, 556
Utexrwa, 556-557
Banque Populaire du Rwanda, 557-558
Rwanda Tourism University College, 557-558
Virunga Express, 557-558
Ujenge, 557-558
The Whitaker Group, 558-559
Starbucks Coffee Company, 558-559
Fruito SA, 559
Agro-trading Busines, 559-560
Eagle of North, 560-562
Hotel Amahoro, 562-563
Niyizonkiza, Deogratias (Deo), 563-565
Village Health Works, 563-565
Buyenzi City Market, 565-566
Interbank Burundi, 566
CECM, 566-567

PART IV Central Africa

Chapter 15 Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad

Molua, Ernest Lytia, 570-571
CAMEYA Awards, 571-572
Cameroon Development Corporation, 572-574
Cameroon Tea Estates, 573
Makossa Banana, 573
SALID, 574-576
Guiding Hope, 576-580
PAELLA-E, 576-580
Tropical Forest Products, 577-580
Diageo, 580-581
Guinness Cameroun SA, 580
Complexe Avicole de Mvog Betsi, 581
AES SONEL, 581-582
Jonas, Pa Puwo, 582-583
HRG Cameroon, 583
Hingombe, Boubakari, 583-584
Yebah, Ruth, 584-585
IAMSciences, 585-586
Cameroon Opportunities Industrialization Centers, 586-587
Strategies, 587
Voices of Africa Media Foundation, 587-589
Africa Interactive, 588-589
Teno, Jean-Marie, 589-590
KM Productions, 590-591
Macacos, 591-592
Kanjo, Ernest, 592
Gateway Communications, 593-594
Megasoft Cameroun, 594-595
China National Machinery Import & Export Corp, 595-596
Buetec Broderie 596
Kendem, Caroline Sack, 596-598
Chococam, 598-599
Union Bank of Cameroon, 599-600
Afriland First Bank, 600
Carroll, Richard, 600-602
Kpanou, Jean-Bosco, 602-603
Tchad Evasion Travel Agency, 603-604
Spazi d’Avventura, 604
Moundou University, 604-605
Chad Export Project, 605-606
ExxonMobil, 606
Africare, 606
OIC Chad, 606-607

Chapter 16 DR Congo, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, São Tomé & Principé

SCAVI, 608-609
Diluton Continental Foods, 609
Amwili Sprl, 609-610
Working Villages International, 610-612
Bralima Brewery, 612-614
ZTE Agribusiness Company Ltd 614
Bräutigam, Deborah, 614
Camec, 614-615
McBride, Edward 615-616
EGMForrest 616-617
African Wildlife Foundation, 617-618
Free Trade Area, 618-619
Bolloré Africa Logistics, 619-621
SDV Agetraf, 621-622
Lonrho, 622
Heal Africa Hospital, 623-624
Panzi Hospital, 623-624
Nolen, Stephanie, 624-625
Doctors without Borders, 624-625
Ngangura, Mweze, 625
Bensizwe Communication Consultants, 625-626
Mona Luxe, 626
Kasumbalesa Border Post, 626-627
Conteh, Alieu BM, 627-628
Vodacom Congo, 627-628
Advans Banque Congo, 628-629
Celpay, 629
Agri South Africa, 629-630
Congo Agriculture, 630
Atama Plantation, 630
Malonda Lodge Resort, 630-631
Wildlife Conservation Society, 631-632
Moringa Company, 632
Ye, Jessica, 633
Africa’s Eden, 633-635
Sofitel, 636
Corallo, Cláudi, 636-638
Value Added In Africa, 638
Lagoa Azul Resort, 638-639
Pestana Group, 639-640

Chapter 17 Angola, Zambia, Malawi

Lippincott, Eduardo, 641
Pungo Andongo Farm, 641-642
Girassol, 642
Angola LNG Project, 643
Catoca Mining Society, 643-644
“Casa Forte”, 644
Savana Group, 644
Delta Air Lines, 644
Safri Commercia, 644
Gamboa, Zézé, 645
Sonangol, 645
"Nosso Super", 645-646
Odebrecht, 646-647
Vale do Keve, 647
Refriango, 647-648
Cuca Beer, 648
BESA, 648-650
Zambeef Products PLC, 650-652
MTN Group Ltd., 650
Dangote Cement PLC, 650
Ecobank Transnational Inc., 650
Nakumatt Holdings Ltd., 650
Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd., 650
Oando PLC, 650
Zhongken Farm, 652-653
Sylva Food Solutions, 653-654
Freshpikt, 654-656
National Milling Corporation, 656
Seaboard Corporation, 656
Walvis Bay Corridor Group, 657-658
Shiwa Ng’andu, 658-660
*Touch Adventure, 660
Kubu Crafts Ltd, 660-662
WaterAid, 662
CIDRZ, 662-663
Moyo, Dambisa, 663-664
Chemicals & Marketing Ltd, 664-665
Nali Limited, 665
Project Peanut Butter, 665-666
Press Corporation Ltd, 666-667
Moving Windmills Project, 667-669
Kamkwamba, William, 667-669
Land and Lakes Safaris Ltd., 669-670
Cape Mac Lodge, 670-671
Partners in Health, 671-675
Baobab Health Trust, 675-676

PART V North Africa

Chapter 18 Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan

SODIC, 678-680
Talaat Mostafa Group, 680-681
Orascom Construction, 681-683
Orascom Development, 683-684
Fahmy, Randa, 684-685
Fahmy, Azza, 685-687
Charisma Arts, 687-688
Mobaco Sportswear Company, 688-689
Cairo Scientific Corporation, 689-690
Marketing Mix, 690-692
CID, 692-693
El Sewedy Cables, 693-684
Femina for Ready Made Garments, 694-696
Beltone Financial, 696-698
Banque Misr, 698
CI Capital Holding, 698-699
Expo Team for Services, 699-701
Marsland Aviation, 701
Sun Air, 702
Satya Capital Ltd, 702-703
Spencer, Kenyi, 703-708
Multi-Donor Trust Fund, 703-706
Rudu Lo Koka Farm, 706
Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs, 706-708
Boma National Park 708
Bol, Manute, 709
South Sudan Radio Service, 710
Nile Commercial Bank, 710-711
Oboh, Aggrey Ezbon Idri, 711-713
Sudan Microfinance Institution, 713-714

Chapter 19 Arab Maghreb Union: Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya

Tiviski Dairy, 715-716
Coopérative des Produits Artisanaux de l'Atlantique, 716-718
ArcelorMittal, 718-719
Habibatou Enterprise, 718-719
Habibatou, Saddiq Mint Daoud, 719
Abbas Group, 719
Générale de Banque de Mauritanie, 720
BinterCanarias, 721-722
Pink Salmon, 722-723
Tanger Med, 723
Jnane Tamsna, 723-726
Surf Maroc, 726-727
YNNA Holding, 727-728
Zid Zid Kids, 728-729
Zerrouki, Wafa, 729
Locamed Service, 739-730
Al Jisr, 730
GFI-Maroc, 731-732
Benson Shoes, 732
Renault-Nissan, 732-733
Algerian Medina Project, 733-734
Association des Algériennes Managers et Entrepreneurs, 734-735
MENA BWN Hub, 734-735
E.DE.CO.R, 734-735
Corinthia Hotels, 735-736
Khatib & Alami, 736-737
Cévital, 737-739
NCA Rouiba, 739-740
Domaine Neferis, 740-741
Faiez Rouissi, 741
Laouani, Hayet, 741-742
FORMHOTEL, 742-743
SONOBRA SA, 743-744
"WallysCar", 743
SNBG, 744-745
Maille Fil, 745-747
Plastiss, 747-748
Gulf Finance House, 748-749
Enda Inter-Arabe, 749-751
Tatanaki, Hassan, 751-752
Zumit Hotel, 752
Al Sahab Training Center, 752
Libyan Businessmen Council, 753-755
Al-Mansouri, Mohamed, 753-755
Phoenicia Group, 755-756

African Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century, Their Stories of Success, by David Fick (Excellent Publishing and Printing, Ghana, available since 7 July 2014, ISBN: 978-9988-0-7807-2), Distributed by: EPP BOOKS SERVICES features over 575 enterprises from all 56 countries of Africa. It is a guide book to Africa's successful entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and improving the quality of life within the five regions of Africa. The book is packed with accurate, practical, and honest advice, designed to give readers the information young entrepreneurs need to make the most of their enterprises. The book is envisioned as a source of networking for seasoned entrepreneurs and as a guide book for mentoring young and upcoming entrepreneurs.

Comments after reading book should be sent to Author’s E-mail contact address:
[email protected]

From David Fick, Author, EPP Book Services, Ghana, July 2014,

Available at the 15 EPP Book Stores in Ghana for US$25 per book

Please contact: Marketing Manager, EPP Books Services, La Education Centre,
P. O. Box TF 511, Trade Fair Centre, Accra, Ghana, Tel: 00233-302-784849,
Fax: 00233-302-779099, E-mail: [email protected], Website: www.eppbookservices.com

Please recommend entrepreneurial success stories featuring successful economic and social entrepreneurs creating jobs and improving the quality of life in Africa to feature in an all new proposed fourth book, Ghana Entrepreneurs, +250 Success Studies (July 2018). I would also welcome and appreciate your E-Mail critique of my first three books (2002, 2006, 2014), each of which featured entrepreneurs creating jobs in Africa.

*Should have been in bold letters when first mentioned within their text.

Micro Watch is the mouthpiece of the rural masses and microfinance industry. Micro WATCH


The Annual General Meeting of Mumuadu Rural Bank PLC comes off on 1st October, 2022. All are cordially invited.


Happy Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day.

Photos from Micro WATCH's post 20/09/2022

The Kwahu Rural Bank was incorporated in the year 1980 and its mission is to provide the best banking services in Ghana by leveraging on the advent of technology, using highly qualified employees to provide quality services as well as good returns to shareholders.
Kwahu Rural Bank has its headquarters at Pepease- Kwahu East District and some other agencies at Mpraeso, Nkawkaw, Kwahu Tafo and New Abirem. Kwahu Rural Bank was the first Rural Bank to be established in the Kwahu Traditional Area.
Some Products and Services Kwahu Rural Bank provides to its customers are Loan Products, Investment, Money Transfer Zone and E-Banking services all these are for the comfort and financial stability of customers.
Kwahu Rural Bank “We are Reliable”.


Photos from Micro WATCH's post 15/09/2022

The Drobo Community Bank was incorporated in the year 1997 with a mission to enable businesses and individuals from all walks of life into achieving their financial goals.

The vision of the Bank is to be the preferred Community Bank of service which can be relied on.

Drobo Community bank has its headquarters located at Drobo in the Jaman South Municipal in the Brong East Region and one other branch at Fiapre.

Drobo Community Bank provides its customers with the best of financial products and services such as Deposit Products, Loans product, Local Transfers and Foreign Remittance. Drobo Community Bank provides financial support to individuals and groups at a low interest rate.

The BoD and Management of the bank are individuals with impeccable background in banking and other field tasked with the running of the bank which makes it one of the reliable banks we can rely on. Also, systems have been put in place to attend to complains and concerns of customers. All these measures are put in place to ensure comfort, growth and development.



You've heard they exist yet you aren't abreast with their activities, we will bring you closer to all the activities of Rural and Community Banks in Ghana in the next season of Focus on Rural Banks which will be aired soon on TV3 Ghana

Don't miss out.

Photos from Micro WATCH's post 14/09/2022

The 40th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Akuapem Rural Bank Limited was held on Saturday 23rd July 2022 at the MAMFE METHODIST GIRLS' SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (MEGHIS).

The AGM was organized to give an account of the Board Stewardship and present the financial standings of the Bank to its stakeholders.

Also, some staff were awarded with Citations for their long service with the Bank. Some staffs who were awarded with Citations are Dorinda Afi Bekoe, Livingstone Agyapong, Kingsley Opare Asare, Nana Dartey Bekoe, Samuel Larbi, Isaac Kankam Appeaning, Nana Akuffobea Awuku, Lydia Amaaba Talata, Paul Nkansah, Elizabeth Amoako, Kenneth Adu Siaw and Bernard Tetteh-Kwabla.

The Event was graced by the Executive Director of ARB, Mrs. Comfort Owusu as well as representatives from Apex Bank PLC and sister Rural Banks in the Eastern Region.


Stay turned for the next season of Focus on Rural Banks on TV3 Ghana


You never lose your worth.

No matter what you go through, remember that your value has not reduced. Stay strong and keep going.

Happy New Month.


It's Bigger and Better. We bring to you, another exciting and educative season of Focus on Rural Banks. Rural and Community Banks are giving the various Communities they serve best financial service you can imagine. It's time for you to know the Rural and Community Banks too and that's why we are bringing this programme to you on TV3 Ghana next month.

Don't miss out.


Watch out for the next season of Focus on Rural Banks on TV3 Ghana

Focus on Rural Banks brings you closer to the activities of the various Rural and Community Banks in Ghana, therefore, do not miss it.

Association of Rural Banks Ghana

Photos from Micro WATCH's post 24/08/2022

The 12th Annual General meeting of the Redemption Co-Operative Credit Union (RCCU) was held on Sunday, 21st August 2022 at the forecourt of the Redemption Co-Operative Credit Union. Present at the meeting were Shareholder/Members as well as Invited Guest from CUA, DoC and the Head Pastor, Global Evangelical Church Redemption Chapel. The Chairman for the occasion was Rev. Emmanuel Klikpe-Wemegah the Board Chairman Redemption Credit Union. He thanked the members for their trust in the Board and Management and pledged that they will continue to work for the benefit of the members. The invited guest applauded the BoD and Management for their acquisition of a permanent office premises and advised them to put it to good use.
The Regional Manager for CUA, Mr. Daniel kofi Hiatefe together with the BoD unveil the plaque of honor. The former Manager who served the union was also honored.

Photos from Micro WATCH's post 18/08/2022

Cocoa Research Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd. Officially opens a new branch Today at Antarctic Plaza, Koforidua.

As part of the activities for the day,Management, Staff and some of the Board members had a float through the principal streets of Koforidua, a way of announcing their presence to individuals and businesses within the vicinity.

Want to Join them, visit the Antarctic Plaza, Koforidua, ask of Research Co- Opertive Credit Union and become a member of the happy family

Photos from Micro WATCH's post 18/08/2022

MTN Ghana awards the lead role in it's first mobile money TV and Radio commercial a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment.

Photos from Micro WATCH's post 16/08/2022

Hydro Co-operative Credit Union extends its territory by opening another branch at Koforidua in the Eastern Region. Present at the Ceremony was the Eastern Regional Minister, Mr. Seth Kwame Acheampong.

To everyone in Koforidua and its environs looking for a credit union to join, Hydro Co-operative Credit Union is the happy family you can join.

Photos from Micro WATCH's post 12/08/2022

The Ghana CO- operatives Council in collaboration with Department of Co-operatives and the International Cooperative Alliance celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the existence of Cooperative Movement worldwide. In Ghana, the occasion was marked by the various Co – operatives with a float through the some principal street in Accra and held a mini durbar at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly Conference Hall.
The theme for the celebration was “Co – Operatives, Building a better world”.
The chairman for the occasion was Dr. Bernard B.B . Bingab (the Chairman for the Ghana Cooperative Credit Unions Association - CUA).

The celebration was graced by the presence of some Co-operative movements such as the Credit Unions, Susu Collectors, Transport Cooperatives, Ghana Cooperative Marketing Association, Fashion design, Distilleries, PENCO, BACCSOD, Accra Onion Association, Kuapa Cocoa among others.
Fraternal messages were read on behalf of the various Co -Operatives.

Mr. Albert Akwasi Boakye Secretary General for Ghana Co-operatives Council in his speech mentioned that Cooperatives are built on openness, unity and equality which helps in promoting the socio - economic development in our country.
He also said Cooperatives could be a means to help reduce the challenges in our society by creation of job opportunities, empowering individuals and supporting individuals at low rates interest.

Mr. Ernest Berko, A Deputy Director at the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations who represented the sector Minister urged Cooperatives to use this opportunity to showcase their work and make the necessary adjustment in order to make the Cooperative Network beneficial to its members and Ghana as a whole.
He also reflected on the challenges of the Cooperative Laws which was established in 1968 and suggested it to be reformed to be aligned within the modern century. This will help create avenues for progress.
Also, the Cooperate Council should be fully owned and directed the Co - operators to promote the smooth running of the council.

Mr. Apreko Yeboah the Acting Registrar of the Department of Co - Operatives in his remark also mentioned the involvement of the youth in the Co - Operative sector. The youth will be the ones ruling the future and it is important to introduce them to the Cooperatives now because as times passes the leaders now will be forces to pass on the baton to the youth.

In his closing remarks, the Chairman urged the Cooperatives to tell their story, build their Cooperation and support each other.


Paul Kwabena Oduro joined Okomfo Anokye Rural Bank in September 2018. Prior to joining the bank, Mr. Oduro was with Adansi Rural Bank where he held several positions such as Deputy Operations Manager, Head of Finance and became Deputy General Manager until his resignation. He has over Twelve (12) years of experience in Credit and Risk management, Investment portfolio management, Banking operations, Microfinance and Treasury Management. Mr. Oduro had previously worked with Atwima Mponua Rural Bank and served in several capacities including Branch management. Mr. Oduro holds Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Accounting from University of Cape Coast, Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Finance option from KNUST. He also holds chartered Diploma in Treasury and Risk Management and a Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants- Ghana. He is also a Member of Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana.

Watch out for the next season of Focus on Rural Banks


Paul Kwabena Oduro joined Okomfo Anokye Rural Bank in September 2018. Prior to joining the bank, Mr. Oduro was with Adansi Rural Bank where he held several positions such as Deputy Operations Manager, Head of Finance and became Deputy General Manager until his resignation. He has over Twelve (12) years of experience in Credit and Risk management, Investment portfolio management, Banking operations, Microfinance and Treasury Management. Mr. Oduro had previously worked with Atwima Mponua Rural Bank and served in several capacities including Branch management. Mr. Oduro holds Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Accounting from University of Cape Coast, Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Finance option from KNUST. He also holds chartered Diploma in Treasury and Risk Management and a Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants- Ghana. He is also a Member of Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana.

Watch out for the next season of focus on Rural Banks


Focus on Rural Banks is coming on your screens once again and this time on TV3 Ghana. watch this space for more details.


Watch out for the next season of Focus on Rural Banks on TV3 Ghana

Focus on Rural Banks brings you closer to the activities of the various Rural and Community Banks in Ghana, therefore, do not miss it.

Association of Rural Banks Ghana


Global Teachers' Co-operative Credit Union will be having its 26th Annual General Meeting at the GNAT HALL, Tamale on the 27th of August 2022.


May everything you desire to achieve this new month be achievable. Happy new month.

Photos from Micro WATCH's post 28/07/2022

The maiden AGM of the Association of RCB CEO's was held at Crystal Rose Hotel in Kumasi. The AGM saw the Election of Seven (7) members with Alhaji Hayatudeen Awudu Ibrahim as the elected President of the Association to steer the affairs of the Association.
Congratulations to you all.

Return to ‘In Person’ a Rousing Success for 2022 World Credit Union Conference | World Council of Credit Unions 22/07/2022

Return to ‘In Person’ a Rousing Success for 2022 World Credit Union Conference | World Council of Credit Unions

The 2022 World Credit union congress was a success due to the active participation of all delegates across the world.

Return to ‘In Person’ a Rousing Success for 2022 World Credit Union Conference | World Council of Credit Unions GLASGOW, Scotland—The 2022 World Credit Union Conference concluded Wednesday with a Scottish-themed closing party that put the finishing touches on a spectacular four-day event at the Scottish Events Campus.

Photos from Micro WATCH's post 20/07/2022

The Executive Director of the Association of Rural Banks (ARB) Ghana has stated that the Association's doors are always open to RCB's to help promote their activities as well as the banks. She made these remarks at the Maiden AGM of the Association of RCB CEO's in Kumasi. She advise them not to use the Association as a weapon to fight ARB but rather as umbrella for their collective goals.

World Council Board Names New Chair | World Council of Credit Unions 20/07/2022

World Council Board Names New Chair | World Council of Credit Unions

WOCCU names it's New Chairman.

World Council Board Names New Chair | World Council of Credit Unions GLASGOW, Scotland—World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) announced Diana Dykstra, CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues (USA), as its new Board Chair on day three of the 2022 World Credit Union Conference.


Roderick Ayeh was at the just ended Microfinance CWE Durbar organized by Akuapem Rural Bank.

Photo Credit: Micro WATCH


Photos from Micro WATCH's post 09/07/2022

Team Micro WATCH at the just ended Credit with Education (CWE) Durbar organised by Akuapem Rural Bank Limited at Mamfe. For all you Co-operate events coverage MicroWatch is your best Partner.

Call us today and enjoy unbeatable rates


Richard Tetteh was at the just ended Microfinance CWE Durbar organized by Akuapem Rural Bank.

Photo Credit: Micro WATCH


Our Story

Micro WATCH was created as an effective response to the growing cries for a medium where all issues related to microfinance can be channeled to; where issues of microfinance can be highlighted in its entirety. The advent of the Micro WATCH was timely and remains second to none. It aims at educating and engaging the public about the operations of the microfinance sector in the country. The sector includes: Microfinance Companies, Credit unions, Rural Bank, Savings and loans, FNGO’s, Money Lenders and Susu Collectors.

We are focused on engaging great personalities in the sector, bringing to you all happenings and covering Annual General Meetings of various stakeholders in the sector. We have realized that it will be very good to give corporate institutions and various businesses coverage for their various events and programmes. This is an opportunity to promote their image on a platform which is purposely aimed at targeted audience.

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You never lose your worth.
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