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Glade Digital is a Marketing Communication Company focused on using digital printing to continuously change Point of Sale materials in Ghana.

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life size Shilouette printed on 16mm Xanita Board - RIP


Never turn down a job because you think it's too small.
You don't know where it can lead.


It is not the employer who pays wages --
He only handles the money.
It is the product that pays wages


Self-respect is the fruit of discipline;
And the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself


A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for.
Move beyond your comfort zone!


What holds so many employees back is an unwillingness to pay the price,
To make the effort to sacrifice their ease and comfort


Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution
Long after the excitement of the moment has passed


The nose of the bulldog is slanted backwards
So he can continue to breathe without letting go
Where there is life...there is HOPE!


In the realm of ideas
Everything depends on enthusiasm...
In the real world all rests on perseverance

September 22, 2011 22/09/2011

September 22, 2011


All parents believe their children can do the impossible.
They thought it the minute we were born,
And no matter how hard we've tried to prove them wrong,
They all think it about us now.
And the really annoying thing is, they're probably right


Begin challenging your own assumptions.
Your assumptions are your windows on the world.
Scrub them off every once in a while,
Or the light won't come in.


The entrepreneur always
Searches for change,
Responds to it,
And exploits it as an opportunity


Chance favors the prepared mind


A good plan is like a road map,
It shows the final destination
And usually the best way to get there. 09/09/2011

Brainstorming Done Right | At the Whiteboard | BNET Brainstorming is a free flow conversation in which all ideas are good ideas, right? Ed Muzio, CEO of Group Harmonics, gives 3 simple do's and don'ts t


We don't believe in a fate
That will fall on us
No matter what we do.
We do believe in a fate
That will fall on us if we do nothing


The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up


Don't tell people how to do things,
tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.


The most dangerous question a prospect or customer asks is
"Why should I?"
And he may ask it more than once...
The product and its communication stream
must continue to provide him with both rational and emotional answers


The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose 25/08/2011

19 Things To Do During That Boring Meeting | BNET Here’s how to pass the hours during a meeting you shouldn’t have attended — but did.


Our aspirations are our possibilities


Happy are those who dream dreams
and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.


4 Words That Will Make You a Better Negotiator | BNET People are arguing and not listening to each other anymore, just like Congress? Live by these four words, and you will break the cycle. Really.


The most dangerous question a prospect or customer asks is
"Why should I?"
And he may ask it more than once...
The product and its communication stream
must continue to provide him with both rational and emotional answers.


Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage.
The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.
.........Glade Digital Ltd 11/08/2011

5 Simple Things to Say to Win Over a Customer | BNET Here are the simple things customers want to hear when they call a business.


Being smart is an elusive concept.
There's a certain sharpness,
an ability to absorb new facts,
to ask an insightful question
or relate to domains that may not seem connected at first.
............Glade Digital Ltd


No matter how good an idea sounds, test it first 05/08/2011

Why You're Not Getting A Promotion | Leila's House of Corrections | BNET Do you feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines as others receive bigger titles, more money, and increased visibility? Learn how to work smarter an


No matter what it is,
pick yourself up and go on to the next project!
...........Glade Digital Ltd 03/08/2011

Top 7 Signs Your Employees Think You Are a Jerk | BNET Small businesses are usually intimate, close-knit affairs — which makes it all the more important that you master the art of being a good boss.


Deal first with whatever is causing you the greatest emotional distress.
Often this will break the logjam in your work
and free you up mentally to complete (the) other tasks!
.........Glade Digital Ltd


When dealing with people,
you are not dealing with creatures of logic
but creatures of emotions
.........Glade Digital Ltd


Point of Sale materials for telecommunication industries
Bespoke packaging for pharmaceuticals
Display units for food and beverage industries
Image Cut-outs for Entertainment and Media Centres



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Digital Address: GZ-107-6440; Address: Woleiatse Odamitey Sowah Street;
Accra, (0) +233 243 689 770

We are strong group of idea generators, designers,strategic thinkers and passionate problem solvers.We focus on all Brand Content, Printing, Souvenirs and Promo items needs.

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