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Governance for Inclusive Development supports Audit Committees in their audits through the Internal Audit Agency and promotes implementation of Audit recommendations. Also, we work with various CSOs to ensure the proper use of public funds.

Hurray to 62 years of our existence since 22nd June, 1959 at Broadcasting House, Accra. We are proud of our journey and association with our members and stakeholders. Ayekoo!

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The new Director General for the Internal Audit Agency, Dr. Eric Oduro Osae, paid a courtesy visit to Ambassador Philipp Stalder. They discussed effective measures to strengthen bodies and institutions at various levels dealing with the prevention and prosecution of financial impropriety and embezzlements of funds.
Switzerland is funding public financial management reforms in Ghana with an amount of USD 3 Mio. for the years 2016-2020.
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IAA is established by Internal Audit Agency Act 2003 (Act 658) an Act of the Parliament of the Repub Internal Audit Agency serves as a CENTRAL AGENCY
- to co-ordinate,
- facilitate,
- monitor and
- supervise
internal audit activities within Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in order to secure quality assurance of internal audit within these institutions of State.

Operating as usual

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The Audit Committee of the Ghana College Physicians and Surgeons was inaugurated on the 14th April, 2022 by Dr. Eric Oduro Osae at the Conference room of the college.

Opening the programme, the rector of the college, Professor Richard Adanu welcomed the members to the college. He addressed the purpose of the meeting and said auditing is important and should not be seen as witch hunting. He spoke about processes and how to improve them in medical audit and
commended the previous Audit Committee for its support. Dr. Adanu hoped to have a better experience with the new Committee and pledged a good working relationship with the college administration will corporate and work well with each other.

Dr. Eric Oduro Osae addressing the meeting, said the college was an important institution of professionals in their own right and as professionals the Audit Committee had a role to support them to deliver on their mandate. He numerated the 3 roles of the Committee as mandatory, advisory and supporting. He advised members on the rigid procurement rule of 3 invoices as lives could be lost if they insist on such documents before giving approvals in such institutions adding that their role is to support them to save lives. The mandatory role of the Committee Dr. Osae stated as ensuring good financial management systems including ensuring the implementation of recommendations in Internal Audit reports External Audit reports, monitoring reports and directives from Parliament.

On the advisory role, the Director-General tasked them to ensure compliance with good financial management systems. He encouraged them to take time to study the laws of the college as it provides for Internal Audit and advise Management with their expertise on issues that may come up.

Dr. Osae spoke on the sanction’s regime and tasked members of the Committee to ensure they support the Internal Audit Unit submit required reports timely as the Committee will also be called for answers where they fail to be compliant. He pledged the support of the Agency and concluded that it was its mandate to ensure compliance and is successful only when Institutions are successful.

In his closing remarks Professor Adanu thanked everyone for a successful ceremony and assured the college’s attention and support to the Audit Committee.

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Mr. William Offei-Mensah, Deputy Director-General (TFO) inaugurated the Audit Committee of the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council on Thursday 14th April on behalf of the Director-General.

Ms. Felicia Dapaah, Chief Director of the Council opened the meeting. In her address, Madam Felicia welcomed members to the RCC on behalf of the Minister and said she was excited that the Audit Committee is being inaugurated after a year of its absence which has been worrisome due to the strengthening benefits the Committee presents.

Mr. Offei-Mensah in delivering the address said he was privileged to be inaugurating the Committee. He said the Public Financial Management (PFM) systems are key to transparent and accountable governance and a country without effective PFM systems risk underdevelopment due to loss of public funds. He added that the PFM Act and all other enabling supporting Act makes it clear that the importance of Audit Committees cannot be underestimated.

The Deputy-Director General added that Audit Committees are a high-level governance Committee that add to the effectiveness of public accountability and efficient use of state resources. He spoke on the 3 roles of the Committee. The mandatory function which makes them pursue the implementation of Internal Audit reports, External Audit Reports, Management Letters, directives from Parliament or any monitoring and evaluation report that has bearing on Management.

On the advisory role, Mr. Offei-Mensah mentioned their role as advising management on risk management, financial management and other relevant issues and bring their expertise to bear in the operations and decisions of the entity. He said the Committee in their supporting role are to be a referential figure to the Internal Audit unit and support their work and ensure the facilitate a good relationship between Management and External Auditor as well as Internal Audit Unit

Mr. Offei-Mensah concluded by encouraging Management and key stakeholders to support the Audit Committee to execute their mandate and tasked the members of the committee to work with Management as partners in accomplishing the efficient management of public resources.

Ms. Felicia Dapaah in her closing remarks thanked members for availing themselves and pledged her support to the Committee and said she is available at all times for discussions on issues regarding the Council.

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Dr. Eric Oduro Osae inaugurated the Audit Committee of the Office of the President Medical Centre on the 13th April, 2022 at the Jubilee House.

Members of the Committee are Mr. John Kwasi Adjei (Chairman and ICAG Representative), Ms. Theresa Lamptey (IAA Rep), Ms. Sophia Apotey. Madam Emelia Yaa Akpobi and Madam Millicent Thompson represent the Office of the President Medical Centre. Mr. Philip O. Zattor is the Secretary to the Committee.

Dr. Asare, Medical Director of the Medical Centre opening the meeting thanked the Director-General for nominating representatives from the Internal Audit Agency to serve on the Centre’s Audit Committee and honoring their invitation in person. He also thanked the nominees for accepting to serve on the Committee as most people shy away from the call to service. Dr. Asare said he was optimistic that the program will go on as planned and members will be able to assume their mantle of authority for the smooth running of the Medical Centre.

Dr. Eric Oduro Osae in his address congratulated the newly sworn in members of the Audit Committee. He said they were in a place where the professionals are not accountants but life savers and therefore, come in as an Audit Committee to join forces with the Internal Auditor to support them implement the dictates of the Financial Management Act.

Dr. Osae said their roles are three, defined under the Public Financial Management Act as mandatory, advisory and supporting. On the mandatory roles the Committee is to work with Management to implement recommendations from Internal Audit reports, External Auditor reports, directives from Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament if any and monitoring reports or quality assurance reports which indicate lapses in professional operational patterns and ensure systems are working. He said the Committee is expected to submit reports half annually and annually and advise them to pay attention to detail and report accurately due to the wide circulation of these reports.

On the advisory role, Dr. Osae tasked them to use their professionalism to put in place good financial management systems. He advised them to ensure compliance with public financial management practices and policies and encouraged them to support the Centre implement risk-based management practices and enterprise risk management to make the Centre proactive.

On the supporting role the Audit Committee is to support the Internal Auditor produce quarterly reports and to help reduce irregularities, infractions and support systems so there will be nothing for External Auditors and Officers from the health service to report on.

Concluding his address, the Director-General said anything that affects the Centre affects the Office of the President, the Sector Ministry and the Ghana Health Service and tasked the members to support the Centre implement systems and processes that would mitigate anything the external Auditors will report on and innovate systems that will improve processes at the Centre and encouraged them to give off their best.

Dr. Asare in his closing remarks said the inauguration has been educative and believes it will give a new direction in the management of the Centre and build working systems to ensure good financial management and enough money to run the system to make Ghana a better place by putting in building blocks. He advised the members of the Committee to do a good job and looked forward to working with the Committee and the Agency.

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The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Directorate of the Internal Audit Agency facilitated a training and capacity building programme for the Risk Committee Members of National Communications Authority (NCA) in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

The purpose of the training is to assist Members of the Committee with the requisite skills and competencies to enable them support the establishment of an effective system of risk management.

The four-day training programme took place from 11th - 14th April 2022 at the Conference room of the Authority in Accra.

The Deputy Director-General in charge of Technical and Field Operations, Mr. William Kofi Offei-Mensah opened the training programme on the first day the 11th April of 2022 on behalf of the Director-General of the Agency.

Mr. Senanu Mensah, a Deputy-Director and Mr. Quatada Nashiru Mohammed, a Senior Audit Manager of the Agency facilitated the training. They were supported by Mr. Robert Logosu an Assistant Audit Manager.

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Members of the Review Panel met with 3 institutions to discuss their 4th Quarter Internal Audit Report on the 12th April, 2022. Management of Wenchi Municipal Assembly, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Binduri District Assembly sat with the Panel to interrogate issues raised in their reports.

On Thursday 14th April, 2022 the Review Panel met with Management of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) and the Mental Health Authority to discuss issues raised in their 4th Quarter Internal Audit report.


The Board, Management and staff of the Agency extend our warmest wishes to you as you celebrate your birthday today. May this day mark the beginning of many more blessings from God on your life. It is our prayer that the season brings encounters of good news all year long and beyond.
Happiest Birthday Dr., We are proud of you!


The Board, Management and staff of the Internal Audit Agency wish all its wonderful stakeholders and the public a Happy Easter!

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The Internal Audit Agency Review Panel (IAARP) on 5th April, 2022, the Review Panel met with Management of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) to discuss issues raised in the University’s 4th Quarter Internal Audit Report.

On Thursday, 7th April 2022, the Panel met three (3) Institutions as follows:
(a) Ghana Institute of Languages on their 4th Quarter Internal Audit Report.
(b) Minerals Marketing Company Limited on the 4th Quarter Internal Audit Report and
(c) Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly on the 1st Quarter 2021 Internal Audit Audit Report.

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The Audit Committee of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection was inaugurated on the 5th April, 2022 by Dr. Eric Oduro Osae, Director- General of the Internal Agency.

The meeting was opened by the Chief Director of the Ministry Dr. Afisah Zakariah. She welcomed members of the Audit Committee on behalf of the Minister and congratulated them on their appointment.

Dr. Osae congratulated members of the Committee and thanked them for agreeing to serve on the Committee. He said as members of the Committee, they were not to take over the management to the Ministry but to support the Management of the Ministry to implement good financial management systems, deliver on their mandate, work with the Internal Auditor to prevent Management from pitfalls and ensure coordination with Management so External Auditors would have no findings to write about.

The Director-General informed members of the three roles they were to play as members of the Audit Committee as mandatory, advisory and supporting. On the mandatory role, he said they were to support Management implement recommendations from Internal Audit reports, External Audit reports or any directive that comes from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament. He also mentioned the submission of a Half yearly and Annual Audit Committee report as a mandatory requirement of the Committee and advised members to quality assure reports to be able to defend due to the wide nature of circulation and access to the public.

On the advisory role, Dr. Osae encouraged members to bring their expertise to bear and be available to provide advice to the Chief Director and the Ministry. On the supporting role, he tasked members to support the Internal Audit Unit in preparing and submitting its Risk-Based Annual Plan and Quarterly Reports timely. Dr. Osae advised members to support Management by sitting in Entrance and Exit meetings of External Auditors and get to know control weakness identified in such meeting to have them addressed before the final Management Letter comes out. He tasked the Committee to set a target for themselves, so they do not appear before the PAC or any of the Agencies under the Ministry for that matter and advised that they work with the Audit Committees of these Agencies periodically to get to know their issues, help implement them before they get to PAC.

Dr. Osae in concluding thanked members, encouraged them to work so their names will be mentioned in the history of the organization. He pledged the support of the Agency.

Members of the Audit Committee are Mrs. Gladys Tetteh (Chairperson and IAA Representative), Mrs. Gloria Dami-Baah (IAA Rep), Mr.Isaac Adjin Bonney (ICAG Rep). Mrs. Faustina Acheampong and Madam Abena Annobea Asare represent MoGCSP and Mr. Johnny Osei-Gyasi is the Secretary to the Committee

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The Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, Dr. Eric Oduro Osae on 7th April, 2022 inaugurated the Audit Committee of the Ghana Police Service. The Inspector-General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare chaired the inauguration which was held at the Service’s Conference Room.

The five-member Committee was sworn-in by Dr. Osae. Members of the Committee are Mr. Christian Tetteh Sottie (IAA Rep and Chairman of the Committee), Mr. Richard Ntim (IAA Rep), Mr. Joseph Kwesi Attah-Quansah (ICAG Rep), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare and COP Joseph Boakye-Appiah (Reps from the Ghana Service Police). Mr. Joshua Kingsford Essuman is Secretary to the Committee.

In his remarks, Dr. Akuffo Dampare said he appreciated the work of the previous Committee and welcomed the members of the new Committee. He gave the assurance that members will enjoy the full cooperation of Management in the performance of their statutory functions. He added that Management will be happy to tap into the rich experience of members. Dr. Dampare thanked Dr. Osae for taking time off his busy schedule to inaugurate the Committee.

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On 6th April, 2022, the Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, Dr. Eric Oduro Osae inaugurated the Audit Committee of the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) at the Company’s Conference Room. Ambassador Kabral Blay Amihere, Board Chairman of GRIDCo was the Chairperson for the event. Also in attendance was the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, ING. Ebenezer Kofi Essienyi.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Amihere said it was a pleasure on behalf of the Board to inaugurate the 2nd Audit Committee of GRIDCo. He continued that the event marked the taking of an important step in compliance with the Public Financial Management Act 2016 which enjoins all public sector institutions to establish Audit Committees. Ambassador Amihere stated that the impact of the Committee established four (4) years with privileged professionals on GRIDCo was enormous. He mentioned that the Company through the oversight responsibility and advice of the Audit Committee on internal controls among other factors won the Company an award in Financial Engineering last year.

Ambassador Amihere informed the gathering that at the State Interests Governance Authority’s (SIGA) Meeting with Board Chairs and CEOs of Specified Entities held on 5th April, 2022 at Alisa Hotel, GRIDCo was cited as a model of compliance. He added that the Company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been linked to Public Procurement Authority (PPA). He intimated that Dr. Osae mentioned GRIDCo as one of the few institutions that comply with laws during the event. He thanked the outgoing Committee for its influence on the operations of the Company.

Dr. Osae in delivering his address, said GRIDCo has set a pace as far as State-owned Enterprises (SoEs) are concerned. He explained that the Auditor-General’s Report cited many SoEs but the Company was not mentioned. He continued that the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Policy and reports of GRIDCo are the best of standards. He stated that because of the importance the Board and Management of the Company attach to compliance, chances are not taken with GRIDCo’s operations. Dr. Osae thanked the Board and Management for setting the pace and showing that compliance can be adhered to. Touching on the composition of the Committee, Dr. Osae stated that GRIDCo is privileged to have top notch professionals as members of its Audit Committee. He stressed that their expertise will be put at the disposal of the Company to ensure Management achieves its mandate. He concluded that with a Board that is supportive of internal auditing, the work of the new Committee can only be better.

In his closing remarks, Ambassador Kabral Blay Amihere said the previous Committee has set high standards and was optimistic the new one will maintain these standards if not exceed it. He mentioned that his take-home from the SIGA Board Chairs and CEOs Meeting are compliance and knowledge of the laws. He continued that GRIDCo is at the crossroads to providing power to Ghana and beyond and what will make this task successful is sound finances which can be attained by the support of the Audit Committee.

Members of the Committee are Dr. Hayford Baah-Adade (IAA Rep and Chairman of the Committee), Mr. Ransford Agyei (IAA Rep), Madam Sena Dake (ICAG Rep), Prof. Kwaku Appiah-Adu, (GRIDCo Board member) and Ms. Dzifa Amegashie (GRIDCo Rep). Mrs. Ama B. Haywood-Dadzie is Secretary to the Committee.



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