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Automated digital business for busy people: Reclaim your freedom so you have the time to do the things that matters most to you without worrying about finances and deadlines.

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Emergency Ads Training For Network Marketers

Free case study

FREE Case Study 13/12/2021

FREE Case Study

Are you a network marketer who is struggling to build your downline?

Don't give up and keep pursuing your dream — we've got you covered! With the FREE CASESTUDY we provide, you'll learn how to go from zero to hero in 8 weeks. With our help, you'll never ask again, "How do I build my downline?"

Reports show that most network marketers quit within the first 12 months. Start with the best tools and strategies by watching this FREE CASESTUDY.

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FREE Case Study My Exact Low Budget Marketing Formular that Anyone can use to start a successful Business with Norland, without chasing or calling Friends & Family

Accounting Services For Every Budget. 13/12/2021

Accounting Services For Every Budget.

Accounting Services For Every Budget.

7PM Wealth Club - Derrick Afrifa updated their website address. 25/10/2021

7PM Wealth Club - Derrick Afrifa updated their website address.

7PM Wealth Club - Derrick Afrifa updated their website address.


Many people feel their jobs take away all of their time and life, forcing them to make work a priority over family.

So I have created a system that helps people build a fully automated digital business that pumps in cash every week, even when they sleep, work or play.

When you build a system that creates your presence even when you’re not physically present, you can do other things side by side and you’ll eventually have the freedom to do the things that matters most to you without worrying about finances and deadlines.

Want that? I can help. Let’s talk today!


Which one are you doing? 😄😹


When you’re ready to change your life, you will. Until then, you’ll make excuses.

Enjoy your Saturday ❤️✅


Make 2021 your best year ever!!


Learning to tell your story, even if you’re brand new is critical to your network marketing success.

You capture imagination through stories. Think about it... the Bible is a collection of stories, and that’s one reason why most people cherish it so much.

Learn to tell your story in 2 minutes.

Your story is enough. It’ll not be perfect the first time, and that’s okay.

Here are four elements that your story must have:

1. Your background
2. Pain or frustration (something about your background that you didn’t like)
3. Solution.
4. How you feel about the future.

Let me tell you the story of how I went from struggling networker to a skillful and attractive marketer:

In November, 2014 I was a freshman In University. My dad had passed away 3 years earlier. Life took an unexpected turn. My finances were terrible. And I hated the fact that I had to get weekly stipends from my sister. Life was stressful and I worried a lot about my future. I was actively searching for a business to start when I came across the book “ business school “ by Robert kiyosaki. I read the whole book that night.I thought network marketing was my ticket to success.

I was dead wrong!

So here I was... a student struggling to grow my network marketing biz, I tried all kinds of "simple offline strategies" and "tip” that I was told told to use. Posting my products and business all over my WhatsApp status, doing long presentations for people who would never join, spending countless hours talking to uninterested strangers by the road side. I was really desperate to SUCCEED! The problem with this is I constantly got rejected, built zero relationships, you recruit next to nobody, and I waste countless hours on social media. Seemed like what worked some people didn’t work for me.

I thought that I am never ever going to make it big in network marketing, I felt terrible and insecure, and thought that i will never achieve my financial dream...

This went on for six years!🔥🔥😞

Until I found out about attraction marketing...

I learnt how to give value upfront so I attract my perfect customers and business partners.

Now I am getting over 100 qualified prospects looking at my business opportunity every week, while having fun, and I have never felt better! I feel the future is so bright and I just can’t wait. I never believed network marketing could be so fun and fulfilling!

And the best part is that I can teach you how to do it TOO!

Send me a private message, let’s make this year your best year ever!


You’re the only unique thing in the market place.
It’s time to BRAND YOU.


Are you doing everything your Upline told you and still not recruiting people to your business?

It’s time to Become The Upline. Learn to build your business entirely online without ever spending a dime on ads.


Retirement!! Many are afraid of it, most of us can’t wait for the day it comes.

I knew I was ready. I had a plan B and even a plan C as back up. With this I was ready to start my new adventure.

My plan B has been such a blessing in disguise. It introduced me to so many new people that I would have never met. People world wide who have the same ambition and drive as me. People who are motivational. This new community has given me a new hope and dreams.

Little did I know the journey it would take me on. I’m blessed to have met people I didn’t would end up helping me with the medical connections I needed this year.

So when an opportunity arises, you don’t always know what God’s plan is for you. Being open to change and growth is usually a good thing. If it is not what you want out of life you move on to something different, but stay open. When you close yourself to opportunity you can be missing out.

Patty Lach.


🔴How to BRAND yourself in 3 simple steps🔴
➡️As we are getting more and more into online space, the thing that becomes really essential for every online entrepreneur is Branding!
➡️But what Branding actually is?
🔴Is it your COMPANY LOGO❓

🔴NO! NO! NO!🔴
❗None of it is Branding❗

👉🏽So What is it then?👈🏽
➡️Find it out by answering these 3 questions...
1)What did you go thru (problem)
2)What did you learn going thru it (What are all the things that you learnt on the way)
3)What can you now teach people out of these lessons
I was a mum struggling to loose weight, I tried all kinds of "simple diets" and "detoxications". but nothing has really worked for me, in fact I always added some pounds after I quit the diet, because I was always so hungry...
I thought that I am never ever going to loose weight again, I felt terrible and insecure, and thought that i will never achieve my dream body again...
Until I found out about method xyz...
Now I am loosing few pounds every month, while eating MORE, and I have never felt better! And the best part is that I can teach you how to do it TOO! CTA (Shoot me a dm, and see how I can help)
👉🏽And create all of your content around it!👈🏽.

Use this simple formula to attract customers and business partners. You’re the ONLY unique thing in the marketplace. BRAND YOU!

➡️See how simple it is😁?
➡️Are you clear on branding after reading this post?

10 PROVEN Prospecting Tricks To Unlock Leads For Life! 02/02/2021

10 PROVEN Prospecting Tricks To Unlock Leads For Life!


10 prospecting tricks:

Tactic #1 alone takes 10 minutes per day, involves copy & paste, and pulls in an easy 5+ red-hot laser targeted leads.

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10 PROVEN Prospecting Tricks To Unlock Leads For Life! FREE TRAINING: How a 7-Figure Legend Made his First $100,019.32 in Earnings with His Home Business, and How You Can Too!


Take the risk. It’ll be worth it.




If you’re tired of getting rejected 100x per day on social media…

And you’re sick of wasting precious time in dead-end messenger conversations that go nowhere…

And you would rather attract interested, motivated prospects to YOU and your business daily via social media…

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