Eric De Mens Addo's . Gabage Rushed

gabage rushed.refuse be bought from people. A machine I have drawn to be built . need s financial i

Operating as usual


More concends ,thank you very much. Garbage Rushed ,intent, demand for more concerned philanthropics globally.Because it is a worldwide issue that we all need to address.


There are many thoughts on my mind, but who knows? My self alone, very soon I will come out with solution. My regards to all concerned.Thank you all.


I have not been constant on my page these days. I am very sorry. This Science and Technology.Needs Invitation from Technical inspired by my intent.My intent is to wave away Filth and Garbage ,all Plastics.Reused for other substantials. Technology Company can Invite me. This is a potential global business benefits.You not regret


In having a good mind to change the entire world of it's filthy debris . To be reused for another formidable substantial objects.Either mineatures or other things, house hold


I will surprise you on update share.Man suffer through life , but woman feels the pain.Boost for me I will continue onwards.Thank you for concerns.


Carefulness is cautioned to one another.But are you careful with the life you are living? Corona virus.(Covid 19). Make a simple calcus.That is Alphabetically, the numerical position of the alphabet


A happy New year and best wishes for all companions. God bless you all over the world.Amen.


You are 🌹. dearly welcome to Gabage Rushed Plastics empty on the street concept.. In advocacy for gabage to be bought.(Refuse )


Thank you aAnne Jia, you are highly welcome.Much.regards.


All global citizenry are invited to join us find solutions to the situation.Gabage problem.


Thanks again for accepting my request invite to joining the Garage Rushed Plastics empty on the street advocacy.Let us come over on board for the fight against the overwhelmed filth we have created , My Machine.oooo.needs be builtto clear everything all over the me for details. United Nations Meetings On Sanitation. Anywhere on globe.+233249041914.


Can there be another way to help those who put across the globe.,I can do something but financial situation is bad, so entrepreneurs volunteer to help such person to prove himself or herself? Welcome me I am available.


The gradual spread of gabage rushed tantacles reach,it will be welcomed dearly by certain benevolent personalities, and it up as important issue.


The gradual spread of gabage rushed tantacles reach,it will be welcomed dearly by certain benevolent personalities, and it up as important issue.


I most sincerely appreciate with humility all who like Gabage Rushed plastics empty on the street , truly appreciate my intent.Thankyou.


[email protected] Gabage Rushed plastics empty on the street is still pending for action,. Its action needs States all over the world sorportive Sponsorship availability and private philanthropic focus.If any one really care draw up my attention.Thanks.


Gabage Rushed plastics empty on the street is still available ,an open door for discussion.


What's on your mind? Shopping and Retail is my subsidy job.but paged differently from Gabage Rushed.plastics empty on the streets.


What's on your mind? No gabage rushed not changed. The petinent website page. Plastics empty on the streets describes Gabage Rushed.


Still in progress to millions of concern.


What's on your mind?So in all my numerous Consistent comments advocacy as clean ing the entire world from being overwhelmed with refuse materials., just as all of the world populars are contributing factor for the Filth.


Gabage Rushed , and Shopping and Retail is also mine .As by Registra General Department of Republic of Ghana.


Change Shopping and Retail. , Replace Gabage Rushed intent. my name. Eric De Mens Addo used on Two Network MTN +233249041914 and GLO. +233235618105 I NOW USE MTN ON MY WEBSITE PAGES AND APPS .


This shopping and different from Gabage Rushed intent interest.


This shopping and different from Gabage Rushed intent interest.

Photos from Eric De Mens Addo's . Gabage Rushed's post 04/06/2020

For gabage rushed to be taken seriously the best for the entire world be liberated from refuse confusion.plastics out of town , the street ocean and shores of adorable beaches,to let free our water ways and many inconveniences gabage cause.But to complete this curbing situation my Machine should built.I need a sponsorship , financial expect and Fabrication Engineers.Thank you.All Nation sorportive.


I am advocating for , that refuse must be bought.let us come together to fabricate the machine I have drawn. Contact +233249041914. On WhatsApp Accra Ghana.


Hi there, I am advocating for all ensandry that refuse must be bought.Let us join heads we fabricate a machine I have drawn. As such gabage rushed. Contact + 233249041914.Accra Ghana same WhatsApp.


Knowledge is power but money is man. Ability is strength but is the reality.


The intent of gabage rushed is by getting rid of all refuse and everything discarded for reuse in another form. Subsequent info ahead.



Edmahomer Plastics Recycling . And Transport Services.

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