Souk - Worthing

Souk - Worthing


The Great Little Farmers' Market CIC
The Great Little Farmers' Market CIC


Happy Eid - I hope y ou get some good time to enj oy some delicious food -

Thank you aga in for all your amazing community suppo rt we really do appreciate it a nd wish you and your family a ll the very best
Loving all the new produce, especial ly the tomatoes! Here's my lunch, a ll from your shop. Delicious 😄
Great goat from Teba, service a nd staff wonderful 💕Thanks to Amanda Cle ar for a great curry with bla ck eyed peas and rice!
Oh wow the Mangoes are amazi ng - thank you ! 😊
This wonderful family who r un this great shop, have proved to be t he backbone of the local community, helpi ng the older members by taking th em their food, and serving the re st of the community with great produ ce, and great politeness. Please treat th em kindly and with respect, we ne ed people like this at any ti me, and especially now. Thank you so mu ch Hassan and Karen, for you bei ng you. 👏

Thanks for an amazing food delive ry. Last night's cook-out - la mb chops, veg, salad, dessert. Tonight it 's the shish tawook, whoop whoop !
Thank you Teba for our sa fe home delivery. Beautiful fresh produce so we c an recreate an authentic Turkish bbq to enj oy on this lovely warm evening. Gre at service 👍🏼🌈
I just wanted to say Tha nk you for picking / packing a nd arranging delivery of our shopping, a nd a thank you to all yo ur volunteer delivery drivers. We really appreciat ed everyone's efforts to keep us stock ed up whilst in isolation.
Delicious blue cheese! Thank you Hass an!
Positive feedback ..... a true custom er

International Food Retailer with a wi de range of fresh meat, frui ts and vegetables and an array of her bs and spices.

Operating as usual


Back to business next week! So sor ry for the inconvenience.


Our lovely Jasmine has written a pie ce for Mind. Check it out on the ir website!

In a guest blog, local stude nt Jasmine reflects on the impact of spor ts people speaking out about their ment al health. She discusses, in conversation wi th another young person, the real potenti al of sport to encourage others to rea ch out for help ⚽️ 🏎️ 🎾

➡️ Read Jasmine's blog on our websi te:



If you haven’t tried one of o ur fruit and veg boxes yet n ow is the perfect time to.

Duri ng the month of July if y ou live in the BN11 or BN 14 postcode area and haven’t tried o ne we are offering a 25% discou nt on a medium sized seasonal b ox purchased on our website.

All y ou need to do is send us a messa ge and we will send you a discou nt code to use at checkout. Orde rs for Friday delivery need to be wi th is by 10.30pm on Wednesday evening .*

*Offer applies to new customers on ly.


Word has it that it’s goi ng to be a glorious weekend!

So if y ou haven’t got anything planned why n ot visit this great event being he ld at the South of England Showgrou nd in Ardingly created by our love ly neighbour Justine of Carry on Crafting.

The re will be some amazing local business es there, along with great food, a vinta ge market, musical entertainment and a collecti on of classic cars. All in a ll a great day out for t he whole family!


Happy organised by the brillia nt @hollytucker! 🥳🥳🥳 Here’s potato Sun ny from a few months ago doi ng some very jolly modelling 😍 I kn ow we’re very much preaching to t he converted here but when you sh op small not only are you supporti ng real families (ones that pay the ir taxes!!) and making dreams come tr ue, you’re also getting something that w as made with love, ethically sourced a nd not available anywhere else 😎 Sma ll businesses are really struggling right n ow, if you can’t support them by buyi ng something then follows, shares, likes a nd comments are crucial too ❤️💛💚💙 THA NK YOU!! 🥰


Would you like to try o ne of our medium seasonal fruit a nd veg boxes for the price of a sma ll one?* That’s a saving of 25%!
We ll this week you can if yo ur postcode begins BN14 7! All y ou need to do is send us a messa ge with your postcode to get a discou nt code and then order a medi um box on our website before 10 pm on Tuesday 21st June for delive ry on Friday 24th June.
*Offer applies to n ew customers only


Knowing how much some of of o ur customers look forward to their delive ry makes it all worth while!

A perfect blend of Souk a nd Summer - thank you Karen getti ng our fruit and veg from y ou is a real highlight at t he end of a busy week 😊

Photos from Cactus Kitchen Gals's po st 06/06/2022

The excitement is real!
If you ha ve never sampled the delights of Cact us Kitchen Gals then this is an absolu te must!!!
Book now to avoid disappointment!


Deliveries of a fruit and v eg boxes for this weekend


Remember last week when we to ld you how we were missing Eth an the assistance dog and his love ly owner Sally?

Well Sally is looking f or a PA and if I wasn ’t so busy with fruit and v eg I would certainly be applying f or the job! Sally is such go od fun there would never be a du ll moment. Please see all the detai ls below and if you think y ou fit the bill please contact h er team, I promise she is t he sunshine we all need in o ur lives!

Female PA needed for fun, outgoi ng, young lady👩🏽‍🦼& her assistance dog 🐕 ‍🦺 in Worthing.
PA position available to jo in our friendly team of carers to suppo rt a physically disabled woman who h as full time care (7am-10pm) in h er daily life and help her purs ue her varied interests. 🌱🌷🐈🐶🥑🥗🧂☕🏖️
We are looki ng for someone to do 30 hou rs a week as well as 1 -2 on calls per week. As pa rt of my PA team Sally Te am Worthing , you also cover ea ch other's shifts, e.g. holidays & si ck cover, helping each other out 🙂
P ay and working hours:
07.00-22.00 Mon-Fri £10.50ph
07.00-22.00 Sat-S un £11.50ph
On Call 08.00-22.00 £40.00 per d ay, if you are called out or doub le up with another PA you wi ll receive the hourly rate in addition.
As a member of my caring PA te am 👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏽, you’ll be responsible for a wi de range of tasks that can va ry by the day, so an amou nt of flexibility is required. Some of t he main duties include:
Accompanying and assisting me in my dai ly life and task's
Cooking simple veg an food 🥗🥑
Pet care🐶😺
Administration of medication💊 a nd regular stock-taking
Driving to and Attending appointmen ts 🏥
General housework and light gardening 🌱🌷
Occasion al assistance with personal care
… and a ll sorts of other things!
Most important ly, you will share my passion of adventuri ng outdoors 🏔️👩🏽‍🦼with my assistance dog 🐕 ‍🦺, socialising (going for coffee & veg an food) and being an active memb er of the community ❤️.
I'm a wheelcha ir user and due to the natu re of my conditions, my needs c an fluctuate on a daily basis. I ha ve an AMAZING assistance dog to he lp with many tasks (and a c at who is friendly but not qui te so helpful!), so you must be comfortab le around animals.
Obviously, you’ll need to ha ve a caring personality as well as a stro ng work ethic, and be able to ke ep a level head in stressful situatio ns. Additionally, you need to be adaptab le in the role and responsive to my nee ds; I am looking for someone w ho has a person-centred approach.
A caring disposition
Genui ne enthusiasm and a can-do attitude
A cle an, full driving licence 🚗
Appropriate training/experience
If you' re interested please DM or contact t he team on 07593 936724 or ema il [email protected] AND spread the word!!! 🔊 👄📢


pop down and see us! we ha ve some lovely fruit and veg f or you 💚

We are so incredibly proud to be hosti ng Souk - Worthing in our ve ry own forecourt again tomorrow from 10 am. Come on down and grab yourse lf some fantastic veg and more!


Pop down and see us!

Fru it and veg, baklava, hummus and oliv es, come and get your fix - He re til 1!


We are already missing our custome rs, and none more so than Eth an, an assistance dog that helps h is lovely owner Sally. He even pa ys for her shopping.
We are looking forwa rd to being reunited with them tod ay when we deliver their veg b ox and I’m sure we have a speci al treat for Ethan!

If you’re missing us as mu ch as we miss you we wi ll be The Great Little Farmers' Mark et CIC in Goring Road on Saturd ay and Brooksteed Alehouse on Sunday morni ng from 10am - 1pm. We’d lo ve to see you!

Souk - Worthing added a Vi ew Shop button to their Page. 26/04/2022

Souk - Worthing added a Vi ew Shop button to their Page.

Souk - Worthing added a Vi ew Shop button to their Page.

Souk - Worthing added a Vi ew Shop button to their Page. 26/04/2022

Souk - Worthing added a Vi ew Shop button to their Page.

Souk - Worthing added a Vi ew Shop button to their Page.


It’s our last open day! P op in and see us ❤️


(fruit and v eg not included!)


This is not a post we ev er wanted to have to write. Aft er a lot (a LOT) of thoug ht, the time has unfortunately come f or us to shut the shop. Th is shop has been home for a lo ng time and to leave it behi nd is not something we want to do, but the time has come f or us to adapt to the clima te we find ourselves in; running a bric ks and mortar business simply isn’t viab le anymore.

Now, we want to ma ke it clear: THIS IS NOT T HE END OF SOUK! Thought you’d gott en rid of us? Ha! Not qui te.

Having a shopfront is not t he be all and end all. We wi ll continue to be at markets wi th fresh fruit and vegetables, such as T he Great Little Farmer’s Market and t he Independent Worthing Market, hopefully with ma ny more to come - watch th is space!

We will also be continui ng online via, where you wi ll be able to order our fru it and veg boxes, baklava, hummus a nd all that good stuff. Our websi te will be evolving soon to inclu de our range, and we aim to off er a wide selection of fruit and/ or veg boxes to suit our custome rs. Going forward, we will still be continui ng to partner with other fabulous loc al indies too.

This decision has n ot been an easy one to co me to, and an even harder o ne to accept, just another harsh si gn of the times. We want to tha nk every single one of you w ho has continued to support us as we ha ve grown our business, it really do es mean a lot. One of t he best parts of having a shopfro nt is that we get to me et and see so many incredible peop le in this community, and it h as been a pleasure to get to kn ow so many of you.

We al so want to use this as an opportuni ty to encourage everyone to support the ir local businesses at what is a ve ry tricky time; we aren’t the fir st business to leave the high stre et and we sadly won’t be t he last.

Our last day open wi ll be Saturday 23rd April. Our hou rs will be 10-5 until we clo se.

Pop in a see us! We will be in Findon f or the market on Sunday too!

We will still be souking it a nd seeing, and we hope you wi ll be too! See ya around!


Due to Staff illness
We are clos ed Today
Apologies for any Inconvenience


Anyone that knows us knows th at we have never been politically mind ed ever but we love the fa ct that the Labour Party councillors in o ur town are listening to the who le community! Times are currently tough f or everyone and that is why I decid ed to go way out of my comfo rt zone and take part in the ir campaign.


Had a lovely day today celebrati ng the nuptials of our lovely Juli et! Congratulations to y ou both 💒💍👰‍♀️


Due to staff illness we wi ll only be open between
10am a nd 2pm today.
Apologies for any inconvenience

Photos from Souk - Worthing's po st 26/03/2022

A massive congratulations to our go od friend Jaki the Jam AKA @perfectlypreserv ed who has smashed it yet aga in at the World Marmalade Awards!
She’s on ly gone and won two Gold awar ds for her Negroni and the Jo Malo ne (lime, mandarin and basil)! ⭐️⭐️ A nd not only two golds but al so a Bronze award for the Spic ed Clementine!
We have limited stock available in sto re tomorrow morning from 10am!


We will be closing
today at 5 pm.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Norm al hours to resume tomorrow!


Still taking orders for this wee ks veg box! Get your orders in 🥕


Thank you for your kind wor ds Von


If you are looking for a veg an sweet treat then why not t ry our very own baklava.
This week we’ ve made a cashew and cinnamon infus ed with @birdandblendtea spiced pumpkin tea a nd a classic pistachio and rose.
Both gre at for a decadent afternoon treat wi th a cuppa or after dinner wi th a scoop of our favourite @beausgela to Pistachio or Raspberry gelato!


Last orders for this weeks v eg box by 8:30pm tonight! If you ’d like to order a box, g et in touch!

Souk - Worthing updated their websi te address. 14/03/2022

Souk - Worthing updated their websi te address.

Souk - Worthing updated their websi te address.


We are so lucky to ha ve such talented staff!

The latest addition to o ur team, the lovely Juliet has creat ed our new A board which w as thoughtfully gifted to us by Al li Shields so that our customers c an see what is in our season al fruit and veg box each we ek whilst waiting for the dreaded gat es to go up!

You can now ord er a seasonal fruit and veg b ox online at and will ve ry soon be able to build yo ur own box and purchase other fre sh produce and products that can be deliver ed straight to your doorstep!

Photos from Souk - Worthing's po st 01/03/2022

Have you met Sophie and Graeme?
The se two awesome individuals are the for ce behind @independentworthing
If you aren’t famili ar, Independent Worthing was born out of t he first lockdown when Sophie and Grae me started a directory of small independe nt businesses to assist the people of Worthi ng looking for services during that ti me. Since then they have set up subscri be to save where you can si gn up to a monthly subscription in ord er to receive great deals with loa ds of your favourite local independent business es including us! Each business’s offer is differe nt so check them all out at uk, and save yourself some pennies whil st supporting local business!


After selling out of Valentines Car ds from the amazing @hellohellododo (one of o ur favourite local businesses)we have restocked wi th cards for any occasion or ju st because!
If you aren’t familiar with the ir work you really should be!

From t ea towels to sweatshirts and baby cloth es to hats they have something f or everyone, plus they are possibly t he nicest people on the planet!

We a re so happy to be stocking the ir cards even though there’s always o ne of those damn tunes stuck in o ur heads…😂

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Deliveries of a fruit and v eg boxes for this weekend
Anyone that knows us knows th at we have never been politically mind ed ever but we love the fa ct that the Labour Party...
Fresh Fruit and Veg delivered to yo ur door Weekly. Send us a messa ge for more details.



4 - 6 South Street
BN14 7LH

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

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