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Fell in love with this weeks classes 🥰

In Tuesdays classes at Pilates Evolved studios, I held space for intuitive movement by encouraging the connection to our inner wisdom 💜 this was magical, watching souls move freely on their mat, all different but all tapping into their own energy and what their body was calling for ✨

In yesterday class at Salt Water Studios we honoured the full moon in Leo 🌝
This was a heart connection lunar flow.. We gently opened up around the heart mandala, cultivating a sense of love and compassion for ourselves, even just by showing up ❤️

Thank you all who have flowed with me this week - forever grateful 🙏🏽

As we head into the weekend here’s a little reminder for you…

love begins with accepting the self - it’s time to feel into your willingness to take up that space you deserve ❤️
Wednesdays at Salt Water Studios
10am Cruisers & Crawlers
11am Mum & Baby Yoga
7.15pm Pregnancy Yoga
Hip Strength Flow

Lands on my Online On Demand Yoga Membership today

Sign up (link below) or get your toosh to a class Salt Water Studios

I promise you will feel the benefit after just one class (or your money back 😜)

Happy Monday peeps 💚

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Loved holding the space last night at Salt Water Studios in my new Connection Flow class 🌀

Always grateful to be able to share the practice of Yoga, teaching in a new space with new souls just renews this gratitude I feel 🥰

A wholehearted thank you to each person who came and shared in the energy we created together, it was magical 🙏🏽

I’ll be there every Thursday 6.15-7.15pm ready to empower us to find self-connection to our body, mind & soul through movement & breath💚

link to book:
Join me Wednesday’s at Salt Water Studios Worthing

10am Cruisers & Crawlers ✨Coming January!✨
11am Mum & Baby Yoga
7.15pm Pregnancy Yoga
Join me in January for a six week course at Salt Water Studios. Starting Tuesday 18 Jan at 7.30pm, you can book the whole course or choose a selection of individual classes to suit you.
More information:
Email: [email protected] for booking details

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#allpossibilityawaits... And after our 1st circle with our children together it MORE ❤️ than did🤗.💞🌟🌟🥰

Sophie's experience... " It was really nice and amazing, I felt really connected. It made me feel happy!"
I'm so pleased and know that this space (although Sophie & I have needed much sooner!)
Have to trust, came at the time it was meant to. This lovely time for us.
The magic that came from us all, sitting together and literally weaving, with wool! a web of connection to each other!

I felt such warmth embrace us, the interconnectivity. Our shared experiences, the connection of each of our beating hearts, a gentle circle of support and oneness.

I came home and just cried, huge pent up tears, as I write.
There's SO much to let go and forgive myself for as a mum and build on from now.

I cried and I'm not alone as a mummy anymore.
Thank you for your vision, your insight & huge power to stand up for these possibilities. Make space for.
Feeling there is so much more around the corner... ❤️🙏💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💥
2 things honour of attending the most treasured of times tonight's -
Women's Circle = 2 words but so much POWER.

1.) " Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world.
All things break. And all things can be mended.
Not with time, as they say, but with intention.
So go. Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.
*The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you." * (L. R. Knost).

2.) The golden face mask in preparing to sit in this magical and sacred circle. These circles for a long time have been like pouring warm golden nectar deep into my soul. Feeling light enter my heart spaces when it felt stuck, heavy & sad, confused & not worthy.
Feeling a breath out that felt as if my whole body had sighed out. Often followed by warm tears streaming down my face. Tears are welcome and allowed here. Thank you.🙏.
Their power is subtle, divinely magical
Winter Wellness Afternoon at Salt Water Studios, Worthing 🌙

This winter, give yourself some time away from the busy schedule to slow down and relax.

The Winter Wellness Afternoon will take place on Sunday 5th December from 1.30pm-4.30pm. This 3 hour session is centred around giving yourself space to rest and restore ahead of the hectic festive season. It will involve a short yoga flow, breathwork, meditation, and yin yoga.

Suitable for all levels! Just £30 per person. Read more and book your place here:
Easing out our backs and shoulders was the order of the day! ✨

Holding, feeding, cuddling, rocking, changing, sleep regressions, teething, it all adds up to sometimes getting a very sore back, shoulders and more.

Today we worked on releasing tension, stretching out and giving a little bit of extra tlc to our bodies.

If you’d like to join us Mum & Baby Yoga is every Wednesday at 11am in studio 2 at Salt Water Studios

Love Mina 🤍

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When should you start pregnancy yoga?

The best time to start pregnancy yoga is in the second trimester, after about 14 weeks.

You can continue to practice pregnancy yoga right up until the birth of your baby. In fact some of the things you’ll learn in my classes you can use during your labour.

Yoga classes in pregnancy use relaxation and breathing techniques with postures that are adapted especially for pregnancy.

Yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety and to help you stay calm in pregnancy and labour.

Pregnancy Yoga Wednesday 7.15-8.15pm: 5 classes for £40 // £10 drop in Salt Water Studios

To book, click the email button in bio

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We had such fun at Parent & Baby Yoga this morning!

There are a couple of spaces left if you fancy coming next week.

To book email: [email protected]

Parent & Baby Yoga Wednesday 11-12am: 5 classes for £25 // £6 drop in Salt Water Studios

#pregnancyyogaworthing #mumandbabyyogaworthing #parentandbabyyoga #prenatalyoga #postnatalyoga #worthing #worthingwellbeing

Wellbeing is at the heart of what we offer to the lovely people of Worthing. A beautiful space to sw

Operating as usual


Monday’s are very much Michelle’s Monday! This powerhouse of a woman holds two classes every Monday night. Michelle prided herself on continuing to develop her knowledge- she brings the best of herself to the studios every week and we cannot recommend Yogaish ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍɪᴄʜᴇʟʟᴇ] classes more highly. Make sure you book your place Yogaish ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍɪᴄʜᴇʟʟᴇ] ✨🌸
Whatever you do today do your best to take even 5 minutes of movement to support your wellbeing- we are energy in motion and when we move we give space to all that needs to move through us 💙


Last year The Possibility Space was founded Collaboratively between me Katie, Georgia Yiapanis] and @evehardcastle and we began our journey of discovery and community, together with our children, into the Field of all possibility. Since then, Georgia has taken this project under her wing and firmly into her heart and has been working incredibly hard (but also submitting to the effortless f l o w ✨✨) to explore and collaborate so that The Possibility Space can support families beyond the classes we began at the studios. I am so proud of Georgia Georgia Yiapanis] and also so grateful to her for running with the collective vision and intention for the PS!!! If you are local to us , have young children ages 5-11 and just feel that you somehow don’t fit into the square box of mainstream education, yet find yourself there with your children because there is no other route currently available to you; maybe you homeschool your children; maybe you are curious about the path less travelled and less talked about ways of supporting your children; maybe maybe…..who knows! Either way, please support @thepossibilityspace.cic because I truly believe that together, ANYTHING is possible 🌸✨


Jamie and Eddie are hosting another community gathering on April 10th at Salt Water Studios.

Much like a Sunday service, meeting with a like hearted beings, but with a twist of movement, breathwork, chi gong and a few other things to help us relax, unwind and celebrate life. Simple yet powerful.
You can book your free ticket using the link their bio. They’ll
be accepting donations on the day of you wish to contribute. DM either of them for more info @mangomanmovement @jamiekaii 💎


Never has there been a more perfect piece of art for us 💎 I think many of us who come to the studios can see ourselves in this print which was sent to @katierobertsonyoga from a student in London 🌏 massive thank you to Octavia for this gift which will hopefully be adorning the studio wall so where soon (as soon as Ross can locate the drill 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣).
Tell me - do you go into the water to lose your mind and find your soul? For me the sea called me into her depths in March 2020- a few days after we had to close the studios. It took me 3 weeks before I was brave enough to get my head under. That changed EVERYTHING 🌚 the sea has taught me through 2 cold winters of swimming to just let go. To keep surrendering. I used to wrap up after and get warm as quickly as possible and then the Cold one day told me it was ok. It’s ok to not be warm cosy and comfortable. So much of this life has been conditioned into us over years, and the sea has always been there, watching and waiting for all of us to dive in. To me the sea and water is freedom. How about you? 🌊

Photos from Salt Water Studios's post 30/03/2022

With the arrival of the rising energy of Spring Louise Windsor's Wednesday night Yin class will now be "Yin Yang" which is a blend of active/ passive poses and movement/ stillness, to encourage a sense of balance in body, mind and spirit. To add to this she is also starting a 6 week course from 27th April:

Journey Through the Chakras - a 6 week course

Starting on 27th April Louise is going to run a 6 week course on Wednesday nights (7-8pm) exploring the Chakras/ energy centres in the body. It will take you on a journey through 7 main energy centres/ chakras of the body. Each week builds upon the one before, with Yang (dynamic and Yin (passive and still) Yoga, breath work, mantra, meditation and journaling.

Exploring the Chakras is a great tool for self enquiry and creating change. It's an opportunity to uncover what might not be serving you any more; thoughts/ patterns/ behaviours or simply get clear on what you want to be focusing on right now.

Link to book a drop on for Wednesday night or to join the whole 6 week course:
I cannot more highly recommend Louise @louisewindsoryoga - make sure you join her for this class 💎🌈⚡️


Beautiful sparkling sea, I bow down to thee. You continue to rescue me 💎💙
When we opened Salt Water Studios we thought for so long about the perfect name and one day it came to me like a shooting star to the brain- inspired by a much loved quote that I firmly believe it “the cure for anything is salt water:sweat, tears, the sea” Isak Dinesen.
What quotes have inspired you?
Wishing you all a peaceful week 💙


Community Reiki is a chance for anyone who needs energetic healing to attend. Pay what you can afford on a sliding scale with options for 60min treatments or just 30mins. Perhaps you've heard good things about Reiki but never tried it...nows your change. Making it accessible to all, Christie runs a clinic on the first Friday of every month (except May 2022!) Where you can come and experience the magic of the universal intelligent energy that surrounds us all, always. Tap into its healing properties for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Just one space available on 1st April(no joke 🤣) 5.30pm for a 60min, or two 30min slots 5.30 and book head over to @bodywavesmindbodysoul and click the link in her bio

Community Reiki where magic happens


If this face doesn’t make your heart burst with joy then we just don’t know what to say 🤷🏼‍♀️😭🤠☺️ our girl Josie is BACK with her Dance classes and I asked her to put into words this new phase In her teaching and life 💜💛💙
“ I have been hit by a spectacular dose of warmth and love from this community since returning to practice and teach over the last few weeks. It has been an honour to be with the pod team and in the Salt Water studios since the very start, and I am overjoyed to be back.
After a fairly testing time bringing our little superhuman into the world last year, I am excited to see how the new levels of inner strength and perception gained will infiltrate through my teaching....and approach to life beyond the studio! 💫 We all deserve to feel good in our bodies, that is one thing I have always been certain of and that is what my classes focus on. Joy experienced in and through the moving body! Please check my website to find out more and to book classes✨
Contemporary Dance for adults is coming to Tuesday 7pm - make sure you contact @baseflowyoga to book 🥰



Super pleased to announce Dan and Eddie have teamed up to offer a Mens Circle on Sunday 20th of March 2pm- 5pm.

Join them for a 3 hour deep dive into masculinity. They will be sharing breath work, embodiment practices, movement, group facilitated enquiry and insight conversations, and an open sharing space . This is a safe, confidential and sacred space for men to connect, share, and explore what it means to be a man in modern society.

These circles can be powerful catalysts for personal growth and understanding our true nature as men. I encourage all men reading this to join.

If you’re not sure about this type of thing please DM Dan or Eddie and open up a conversation. Often the thing we feel most resistance to is exactly the thing we need in our life.

If you’re ready to step in to the circle click the link in either of their bio and book your space now.



🖤 lots of hearts are filled with grief at the moment. Many of us have been taught to shut out, downplay or avoid the expression of “negative” or “uncomfortable” emotions. But it is my belief that the darkness of our hearts always serves. This week I have been visualising my heart as a gateway, welcoming in grief pain and heartache and then layering an unwavering unconditional love for any darkness that is there. Taking this visualisation then to my spine as a pathway and sending this love in each direction from my spine to whoever and wherever it may be needed. I’ve also been working to create some space in the backs of my legs since our hamstrings can hold grief. The body keeps the score and so daily movement can be our saving grace. No matter how you feel today, if you’re deeply in the struggle or if you are soaring in Joy- be You. Trust that no experience is wasted and take everything one moment at a time 🤍🖤🤍🖤 Remember that we are here for you 🤍🖤🤍
I encourage you to reach out to @louisewindsoryoga and Fabienne Yoga&Wellbeing] who both specialise in helping to support you through any suffering or trauma you may be experiencing as a result of world events or otherwise. Louise teaches Yin Yoga every weds 7pm and Fabienne Yoga&Wellbeing] teaches Yoga for Rest Thursday 7.15pm. Message them for more details 🤍

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