West Worthing Crossing

I am the infamous West Worthing Crossing. I have decided to set up this page for those who don't have/like Twitter. Enjoy the musings of a sarcastic, and easily amused Public Service/Hinderance.

Operating as usual


🚨 Weee wooooo weee woooooo! 🚨 That's the sound of your favourite crossing back on Facebook!


It's been a while since I spoke to you Worthing peasants. Just thought I'd let you know that since it is so hot today, I'm going to do some extra long barrier stops just to watch you bake in your cars!


Ahhhh. There's nothing quite like a miserable rainy start to the first Monday back after half term. Lots of irritated parents and waterlogged children. Enjoy it Worthing!


I hate cars and pedestrians.


Clickety clack Clickety clack, that's the sound of.....


I am loving this weather! What better way to usher in my return than for the rain to pee down on all of the lovely people of Worthing whilst they wait at my crossing. Anyone been flooded yet?!


Would like to mention that although I am indeed closed for 8 weeks, the shops within South Street are still open. Get down to Sticky Drawers for some quality second hand bargains. I'm sure I've seen some excellent vinyl EP's in there, including 'The Who Live at Leeds'. If you love Retro, you'll love rummaging through Sticky Drawers.


So how is everyone coping with the diversions that have been put in place? Apparently people are getting rather irritable in the Broadwater area. I must say, I'm missing the buses.


Well today marks the beginning of 8 WEEKS OF TRAFFIC HELL! Diversions in place whilst my signals get some TLC, and booby traps are put in place for people who try to kick my barriers when they come down.


What a lovely day.... Think I might have to stop some traffic so people can enjoy the sunshine for a while!

huffingtonpost.co.uk 22/03/2012

Angry Birds Adventure Playgrounds To Launch Across The Globe

Apparently this may be happening in Worthing. Thoughts anyone?

huffingtonpost.co.uk Angry Birds is launching its own themed adventure playgrounds in local neighbourhoods, with two planned for the UK.


Here is the winning poem from the West Worthing Crossing Poetry Contest - entry By Jenny Guy.

A signed photo of me will be on it's way shortly once I've managed to let the postman through!

"with its laughing siren... and its evil red eyes... when the gates are up its quite a suprise.... when you see thoses lights flashing... you know what to do... gotta start dashing... speed up - just get through! .. cos once the gates are down ( as they most always are) You can always drive around - if you are in a motor car. Its a round a bout trip of nearly 2 miles - or why not stay for a kip - but dont expect smiles. Cos the people at the gates are not a happy bunch... if it feels a little better .. lash out, throw a punch! Its a scarey place to be on a friday about 5... it sometimes doesnt feel as if you will get through alive. so West Worthing Crossing.. you object of much hate... one day we'll all get you - and leave you with one gate!"

Jenny Guy.


And The Winner of the West Worthing Crossing Poetry Contest is...... Jenny Guy! Congratulations Jenny, send an email through to [email protected] with your address and a signed photo of Me will be winging its way to you shortly!


Have you checked out this weeks' issue of The Worthing Herald? Page 8 is dedicated to the West Worthing Crossing, and features the man behind both the Twitter and Facebook campaigns.


What do you think is the main contributing factor to congestion at the Crossing?


LISTEN: Level Crossing Gets Its Own Twitter Account - Splash FM

Cheers to Splash FM for interviewing me recently - you can check out the full interview via the link



The poetry contest has closed, and judging has commenced. Winner to be announced later this week!!! Exciting!


A lovely shot of me, taken by a fan who found themselves trapped inside one of stagecoach's metal tubes of despair, whilst I protected the people of Worthing from another phantom train.


Well the poetry contest is going well, lots of lovely entries, don't forget there is still a chance to win a signed photo of me, West Worthing Crossing. Just 'like' the page, then submit your West Worthing Crossing inspired poem to my wall. I've decided to close entries at midnight on 19/02/2012. Winner will be announced soon after!


The Rush Hour Challenge:

Today when you are heading home from work and you get caught by me, get your stop watch out and time the wait.
I want to know whether you are travelling by car, bus, bike, foot, or other, and what you did to entertain yourself in that time.

Remember you can tweet me too - @westworthingxin

Get moving! Wait......Yes, just wait.


Lights blinking... Check.....High pitched signalling sound.....Check.......Barriers engaged......Check......Another hold up is imminent in West Worthing!


I've had a lovely day today.... Saw an old lady almost die of panic as her granny scooter ran out of juice mid way across the tracks, caught me a good twenty Stagecoach buses, (and three Compass buses but they don't count), started my page, clonked a kid on the head with my arm when he couldn't hear me shout at him (take your headphones out!), and scared the bejeezers out of the silly woman who was lost in a phone conversation right next to my siren device. Well that's all for today, goodnight Worthing. See you in the morning.


The poetry contest has well and truly begun!
For your chance to win an amazing *signed* photo of me, then like this page, and post your 'West Worthing Crossing' poem to my wall. I enjoy reading them.


Which of the following annoys you the most?


Here is a poem I wrote yesterday about valentines day:

Roses are red
And so are my eyes
Closing my gates
Makes the boys and girls cry.

I like it. It's fun, and lets people know that I'm quite romantic - in a fairly evil way. Anyone else got a West Worthing Crossing poem they'd like to share?

OOOHHHH! We could have a poetry contest!!!

Right then, random contest announcement:

Whoever writes the best poem about West Worthing Crossing, and 'likes' my FB page will get a signed photo of me!

Closing date for entries is..... whenever I feel like it....I ALWAYS close when I feel like it!

The funnier the better.

Let the limericks, sonnets, and prose contest commence!


If you could replace the voice of the announcer on the station platform to any celebrity voice, who would you choose and why?


is now on Facebook. I'm no longer confined to 160 characters. God help you all.



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