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I can't think of a better place to sit out a Covid winter.
Fantastic quality products at a very good price . Nice honest friendly company which I would recommend to anyone , I think we all need a hot tub in our life . 10/10
Hi can you please chase my refund please.
35 degrees in the tub, perfect lazy Sunday evening. 3 years old as good as new!
Still loving our hot tub, like a holiday at home.

The official UK page for Wellis® Europe’s largest Hot Tub and Swim Spa manufacturer's dealership in Sussex. Our selection includes premium Wellis® bathroom and sanitary ware, saunas and the ever popular Wellis® hot tubs and swim spas.

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We are proud to announce that our Elbrus 230 won the in 2022 by WhatSpa? Magazine, keeping its position in the 7-person spas category from last year. WhatSpa? Verdict: "European manufacturing powerhouse Wellis® has 'elevated' its status by producing the truly stunning Elbrus 230 all-seater model that is sure to climb the sales charts again in 2022. One of four restyled PeakLine models, the Elbrus 230 boasts a whopping 78 jets powered by three powerful hydrotherapy pumps. The Elbrus has been designed to go head-to-head with the other large all-seaters in this category but it is so much more than a party spa. The hydrotherapy experience on offer is truly worth experiencing and new features like the backlit Wellis® branded corner cabinet panels add a touch of elegance. One for the wet test shortlist!"

See features of the Elbrus 📲 https://bit.ly/PLElbrus

Hot Tub heating issues 18/04/2022

Hot Tub heating issues

Have you ever had a problem with your hot tub temperature fluctuating? Or maybe it's not heating at all? There are 3 common issues that happen:
1. If your hot tub won't stay hot: your filters may need cleaning or your plumbing may be clogged
2. If your hot tub temperature fluctuates: you may have an issue with your thermostat or heat sensor
3. If your hot tub won't heat at all: you may have a bad heating element.
The 1st issue you can fix yourself, but with the latter two we advise you to get in touch with us as soon as possible to check your spa.
If you want to read more about how to fix water heating issues read on📲https://bit.ly/3uBgyUC

Get in touch if you need help 📲https://bit.ly/WScontct

Hot Tub heating issues Have you ever had a problem with your hot tub temperature fluctuating? Or maybe it's not heating at all? There are 3 issues that could ...


Enjoy your Easter break and see our spring special offers for happy soaking 📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs

Wellis Oxygen Therapy™ 14/04/2022

Wellis Oxygen Therapy™

that our innovation the Oxygen Therapy™ in our spas have benefits, increases hydration of dry skin and smoothes out and crow's feet?

The essence of the therapy is to deliver higher levels of oxygen to stimulate synthesis, metabolism and self-healing processes. The Oxygen Therapy™ improves the oxygen level of water by over 70% therefore provides significant results not only in healing, but also in the prevention of skin diseases. Read all the benefits of ™

Wellis Oxygen Therapy™ Our skin, the organ that communicates with the outside world the most – also requires attention, since everyday mechanical, UV and thermal effects may lead to skin deterioration and premature aging if no attention is paid to regeneration during everyday “use”. The Wellis Oxygen Therapy™ apar...

Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 11/04/2022

The best thing about the Pluto that it really becomes the true feature of your garden. Due to its size, the Pluto is ideal for smaller backyards for both families and couples as it comfortably fits 5-person with the two loungers and 3 seats. It's incredibly easy to install being a plug&play spa, comes with Bluetooth connection and the perfect mix of air and water for its adjustable warm water jets for direct deep tissue hydromassage to specific points of the body’s muscular skeletal system.💦⛱ See more📲 https://bit.ly/MLPluto

The Pluto features:
💧 2x loungers and 3x seats
💧 42x Jets
💧 16 × Chromotherapy LEDs
💧 1 × 3 HP double speed Pumps
💧 Gecko Easy4 control system
💧 MyJet™ & MySeat™ massage systems
💧 MyMusic™ 2.0 Sound System
💧Thermo cover
💧Available in 6x shell colours
💧Cabinet Colour: Grey
💧Plug & Play
💧Dimensions: 2000 × 2000 × 890 mm

Find our more about the Pluto 📲 https://bit.ly/MLPluto
Please feel free to contact us for a personalised offer 📲 https://bit.ly/WScontct

Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 09/04/2022

Summer starts early with a Wellis Deluxe Hot Tub☀️ This lovely CityLine Spa was installed in The Wirral. Our customers choose the Palermo for its proper balance of value for money and premium quality. This spa comes with a MyMusic 2.0 sound system, Bluetooth Connection, StarLight illuminated corners, ozone water sanitiser and many more features makes the Palermo Deluxe our best-selling spa. See more 📲https://bit.ly/PalDlx

💧2x Loungers + 3x seat
💧Gecko Control system
💧42 Hydrotherapy Jets
💧2x Lighting Fountain Jets
💧Illuminated Waterfall
💧16x Chromotherapy LED lighting
💧Mymusic™ 2.0 sound system
💧2 speakers + 1 subwoofer
💧2x3 HP SS pump
💧Energy-saving circulation pump
💧Ozone Sanitiser
💧Bluetooth Audio
💧StarLight™ Corners
💧Comes in 4x shell
💧3x cabinet colours
💧Dimensions: 2180 × 2180 × 870 mm

See more on the Palermo Deluxe📲https://bit.ly/PalDlx
See more features on the Palermo Premium📲 https://bit.ly/CLPalPr

Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 08/04/2022

Our award-winning CityLine Malaga Premium spa installed in Kent. The Deluxe version of this fantastic tub is now on special offer for £1,500 less than its usual price ⏰While stock lasts💦 See features of the Deluxe 📲https://bit.ly/MalagaDlxED

The Malaga Premium features
💧1x lounger + 5x seats
💧Wellis Smart Touch Control system
💧40x hydrotherapy Jets
💧3x Lighting Fountain Jets
💧1x illuminated Waterfall
💧16x Exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting
💧Starlight™ Corners
💧UV-C Water Sanitizer
💧Wellis SmartPhone application
💧Mymusic™ 2.1 sound system
💧Energy-saving circulation pump
💧Thermo cover
💧Dimensions: 2180 × 2180 × 900 mm

Comes in 4 shell colours: pearl white, Tuscan sun, sterling silver, midnight canyon and three different cabinet colours: grey, brown, black.

See more on the Malaga Premium 📲https://bit.ly/MalaPr
See all our special offers 📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs


Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 06/04/2022

Do you own a Wellis swim spa? Are you considering to get one now that the Amazonas W-Flow is on offer for £1,500 less? Well, here are all the swim training options you can set with your Gecko SmartTouch controls on all Wellis swim spas including the Amazonas 📲https://geckokeypads.com/swimspa

Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 04/04/2022

Our most popular plug&play star⭐️ is the Jupiter. The Jupiter has many benefits, apart from its energy saving 13Amp usage and industry leading warranties, it is easy and fast to install, fits 6 people, looks fantastic in the gardens and just fill, plug it in and play. Now , get in touch to discuss yours.

💧 1x lounger + 5x seats
💧 Easy4 Control Panel
💧Gecko Control Box
💧 46x Jets
💧 2x Laminar Fountain Jets
💧 15x pcs LED Chromotherapy lighting
💧 Mymusic™ 2.0 sound system
💧Thermo cover
💧1x3 HP Double Speed Pumps
💧Available in 6 shell colours
💧Grey cabinet colour
💧Poli-MAX™ Reinforcement
💧HorizontSideTM UV-proof wood textured
💧Optional: SmartPhone app with wifi connection
💧 Dimensions: 2000 × 2000 × 870 mm

More features on the Jupiter 📲https://bit.ly/MyLJup

Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 02/04/2022

Look at this lovely MyLine Venus hot tub at a farm location. The family loves their spa and using it in all seasons along with their holiday let visitors who absolutely love the experience at this tranquil place.

The five seats and one lounger Venus hot tub provides an unforgettable massage experience for 6 people at the same time. The unique jet arrangements ensure premium neck and shoulder massage, while the MyHip™ jets provide professional waist and hip massage great for getting rid of those nasty lumps around your waist. This spa also includes a MySeat™ lounger. The Venus comes with great price value, industry leading warranties and 49 hydrotherapy jets. See more on the Venus 📲 https://bit.ly/MyLVen

💧 Fitts 6 person
💧 1 lounger + 5 seats
💧 49 jets
💧 18x Chromotherapy LEDs
💧 Gecko control system
💧 MyMusic™ 2.0 Sound System
💧 1 × 2 HP double speed +
💧 1 × 2 HP single speed pumps
💧 Ozone water sanitizer
💧 Thermo cover
💧 6x shell Colours
💧 Grey Cabinet Colours
💧 Dimensions: 2150 × 2150 × 870 mm

Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 01/04/2022

Get ready for the Wellis hydrotherapy experience with a massive up to £1,500 saving on our most popular spas💦See our special offers📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs
The Amazonas swim spa, Malaga Deluxe, Kilimanjaro Deluxe and the Mars now on Special Offer⏰While stock lasts.

Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 30/03/2022

Yet another lovely install in Brighton, this time is a Kilimanjaro Deluxe. Save £1,250 on our award winning spa during our Spring Sale⏰ While stock lasts 📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs.

The Kilimanjaro Deluxe looks absolutely fabulous in the gardens and it is also ideal for entertaining a larger family or group of friends because it was designed for massaging 6 people at the same time.

💧1 lounger + 5 seats
💧52x Massage Jets
💧2x Illuminated Fountain Jets
💧13 × chromotherapy LED lighting
💧Central LED lighting
💧MyMusic™ 2.0 Sound System
💧2 × 3 HP single speed Pumps
💧Energy-efficient W-EC circulation pump
💧Thermo cover
💧Available in 5 different shell colours:
💧3 Cabinet Colours
💧 Dimensions: 2300 × 2300 × 940 mm


Happy National Hot Tub Day Everyone💦 See our latest special hot tub offers if you want to join the crowd📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs

Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 27/03/2022

Lovely recent install of the Malaga Premium💦Save £1,500 on its little sister now the Malaga Deluxe 📲https://bit.ly/MalagaDlxED ⏰ While Stock Lasts. See all spas on sale 📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs


Malaga Premium

We just installed this lovely CityLine Malaga Premium in Kent. The Deluxe version of this lovely spa is now on Sale for £1,500 less than its regular price.⏰See all our hot tubs on special offer 📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs

Our BestBuy2021 award-winning Malaga Premium spa became the best in its category from WhatSpa? Magazine, because of its ergonomically beautiful design, its fantastic specs and features, its economic running costs, industry leading warranties and best price value overall.

The Malaga Premium Features
💧1x lounger + 5x seats
💧Wellis Smart Touch Screen
💧40x Jets
💧 3x Lighting Fountain Jets
💧Illuminated Waterfall
💧 16x Chromotherapy LED lighting
💧 Aromatherapy
💧 Wellis SmartPhone App
💧 Mymusic™ 2.1 sound system
💧 with 2 speakers + 1 subwoofer
💧Thermo cover
💧 Dimensions: 2180 × 2180 × 900 mm

See all features of the Malaga hot tub 📲https://bit.ly/MalaPr


Filming Customer Testimonials

We had a great time with our customer filming his testimonial on our Amazonas W-Flow Spa and service. We love to hear back from our customers and extremely greatful when they give us their precious time for the filming. If you wish to participate in our customer review videos please do not hesitate to get in touch. View some of our previous videos here 📲https://bit.ly/YtubeWS


Our Spring Sale is now on and the first time ever this beautiful Malaga Deluxe is down by £1,500 until stock last🎊 Get in touch with our showroom to book an appointment for a test dip!

The Malaga Deluxe features
💧 Fitts 6 person
💧 1 lounger + 5 seats
💧 40x hydrotherapy Jets
💧 3x Illuminated Fountain Jets
💧 1x lightning waterfall
💧 16x chromotherapy LED lighting
💧 StarLight™ illuminated corner element
💧 MyMusic™ 2.0 Sound System
💧 2 × 3 HP single speed Pumps
💧 Energy-efficient W-EC circulation pump
💧Ozone sanitisation
💧Thermo cover
💧Available in 4 shell colours

See more features 📲 https://bit.ly/MalagaDlxED
View all spas on sale📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs

Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 21/03/2022

Save £1,250 on a lovely Kilimanjaro Deluxe hot tub during our Spring Sale💐

The Kilimanjaro Deluxe features
💧 1 lounger + 5 seats
💧 52x hydrotherapy Jets
💧 2x Illuminated Fountain Jets
💧 13 × chromotherapy LED lighting
💧Central LED lighting
💧 MyMusic™ 2.0 Sound System
💧 2 × 3 HP single speed Pumps
💧 Energy-efficient W-EC circulation pump
💧Ozone sanitisation
💧Thermo cover
💧Available in 5 different shell colours

See more features 📲 https://bit.ly/KiliDlxED
View all spas on sale📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs


Our new Wellis Sussex vehicles are all ready to go! See you around 🚙

Photos from Wellis Sussex's post 20/03/2022

Take a look at this lovely swim spa installed in Thakeham, West Sussex💦 Save £1,500 on the Amazonas W-Flow on our Spring Sale Now🎊

The Amazonas comes with:
💧Industry leading UV-C water sanitisation system
💧AquaSoul™ Pro 4.1 Sound System
💧Two hydrotherapy seats
💧27 x Jets
💧6x Laminar Fountain Jets
💧SmartPhone App
💧WIFI connection
💧Swimming stick and many more extras which makes the Amazonas our best-selling swim spa.

Our Amazonas is the perfect combination of a well-equipped hot tub and a swimming pool used as a “fitness machine” for a complete workout. The best of both worlds. 💦

Amazonas W-Flow📲 https://bit.ly/AmazWF
View all spas on sale📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs


Our Spring Sale is ON💐Save £500 on the Mars plug&play ⏰

The Mars features

💧2x lounger and 1x sitting place
💧37x Jets
💧12pecs exclusive Chromotherapy LEDs
💧1x2 HP dbl speed hydromassage pumps
💧 MyMusic™ 2.0 Sound system
💧Ozone water sanitisation
💧Easy4 control panel
💧Thermo cover
💧Dimensions: 2130 × 1600 × 750 mm

Find out more about the Mars📲 https://bit.ly/MyLMars
View all spas on sale📲https://bit.ly/SpOffrs

Dear Valued Customer,

Due to recent concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have received a high volume of customer inquiries regarding the sale, deliveries and installation of our hot tubs, swim spas, bathroom and sauna products. Following government advice, the Wellis® Sussex showroom is open by appointment only; delivery and installation of spas are ongoing keeping all COVID-19 measures advised by BISHTA and the UK Government in place. Every inquiry will receive a response and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work with our customers.

For NHS Staff and Key Workers: At Wellis® Sussex we want to show our gratitude for the support you provide by offering a FREE Platinum Installation Package worth £495 for every Spa Sold! Get in Touch for more info. T&Cs Apply.

What we are doing:

We prefer any enquiry regarding our products placed by phone or online. Our Showroom is open by appointment only, please get in touch before visiting and wear a face mask to protect yourself and the Wellis® Sussex team! During the sale, delivery and installation of our spas, we keep the 2 meters social distancing regulation, our engineers are wearing face masks and rubber gloves.

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Wellis® manufactures high quality premium hydromassage hot tubs, spas, swim spas, hydromassage baths, shower cabins, freestanding acrylic bath tubs, infrared saunas, Finnish saunas, steam cabins and spa accessories. All WELLIS® products are manufactured in Europe. Wellis currently serves over 500 partners in its domestic and international network. Wellis® Sussex is a premium dealership in Sussex for Wellis® Europe’s largest Hot Tub and Swim Spa manufacturer.



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