Crystal Rituals and The Laws of Atlantis

Crystal Rituals and The Laws of Atlantis

Crystal Rituals and The Laws of Atlantis
Are a personal journey to your own empowerment. Magical, enchanting and beautifully relaxing. Crystal Rituals
Are a course of 10 divinely inspired treatments.

Each one beautifully relaxing, enchanting and insightful. Working on all levels, through this life time and past to, let go of old stagnant energy and welcome in new gifts, wisdom and experiences. Each of the 10 steps takes us nearer to our goal of totally standing in our own power. The Laws of Atlantis
Are 10 channelled attunements directly from Atlantis. All of these powerful attunements, remind

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Crystal Rituals and The Laws of Atlantis updated their address. 11/07/2021

Crystal Rituals and The Laws of Atlantis updated their address.

Crystal Rituals and The Laws of Atlantis updated their address. 01/04/2018

Kaleidoscope Holistic Therapies

My pride and joy ❤❤❤




Crystal Rituals
An ancient healing art dating back to Atlantis, using sacred symbols and Atlantean healing techniques to bring about change and enhance all living experiences. Ridding our precious selves of unwanted thought processes and behaviour patterns, making way for divine guidance, enhanced inner wisdom and empowerment.
The Rituals take you on an enchanting journey of self discovery opening your eyes and hearts to talents and gifts long forgotten and enabling you to listen and trust your intuition like never before. Thus so creating a truly beautiful limitless life.
Experience your own magic you didn't know existed

For more information or to book an appointment either message me or call on 07984397177


Kaleidoscope Holistics, Angels, Goddesses and Crystals

⭐⭐⭐⭐New Treatment⭐⭐⭐⭐

⭐ Reaching and easily obtaining your highest potential
⭐ Opening doors not only that have been closed to You, also doors that you didn't even know that existed
⭐ Connecting to the higher realms with grace and ease.
⭐ Giving you greater clarity and trusting your intuition.
⭐ Unleashing your unrelenting courage
⭐ Speaking with your one true voice
⭐ Using your divine creativity

Working with these beautiful, magical crystals and your own team of spirit guides, angels and goddesses we can open all that has been closed to you. Elevating your vibration to new heights, creating a reality that is befitting your divine self.

Treatment time 1 hour + messages and guidance from your guides, angels and goddesses
Cost £55.00

For more information or to book an appointment either message me or call me on 07984397177


The power of the divine feminine is growing daily, be part of this wave ❤❤❤


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This is a crystal lover's PARADISE! 07/04/2016

Kaleidoscope Holistic Therapies

By far my most popular treatments ❤
A totally unique Atlantean inspired course of treatments. An enchanting journey of self empowerment, each one beautifully relaxing and inspiring.
"To step into our power is to live a totally limitless life of bliss"


I believe ###x. Wishing you a magical weekend 💖💖💖💖

[06/03/15]   The time has now come
To be who you desire to be
Create what you dream of
Believe in your divine destiny
The time has now come

Taken from the Laws of Atlantis 7 Growth
With love and light ###x


I release all belittling ego based thoughts, which keep me suppressed.
I welcome in the divine knowledge that I AM successful in every area of my life.
And so it is ###x 😁😁😁💜💜💜




Good morning beautiful people X. Wishing you a magical day filled with heart singing joy ###x


Crystal Rituals and The Laws of Atlantis treatments are expanding rapidly.
These beautiful inspiring treatments can help you step into your power, and be who you truly want to be. 2015 is your year to shine .


This applies to us all 💖💖💖


Kaleidoscope Holistic Therapies Angel's , Goddesses and Crystals

Simply Heavenly has expanded........


I am peace
I am love
I am serenity

[10/07/14]   Good afternoon X. I am hearing far too often " the world is such a horrible place , isn't it bad what's happening, Oh it's so awful " Yes there are lots of challenges, transformations and letting go of old belief patterns happening. It's how we react to these challenges . Don't go into poor them and victim mentality, instead send love , healing , prayers or which ever works best for you. You may not be able to make a physical difference with what's going on, so make a difference where you can. Love , cherish help those around you that you can. Love cherish and nurture yourselves. Allow this beautiful loving energy to flow freely from you , inspire others to do the same. This is what makes a difference lifting the vibration , love and harmony , not getting sucked into negativity.
Be brave Be strong and spread the love. 💖💖💖💖💖

[08/10/14]   Woo hoo ###. Well done to us all we have reached the magic 30 we are now official. Just a little reminder go outside to see tonight's full moon which is also a super moon. Go and set your intentions for the coming month. I always finish with to do this beautifully with grace and ease. Good night my darlings sweet dreams ###x

[08/10/14]   Wishing you all a very warm welcome to my new page, I have created this space for us all to share our experiences, insights and inspirations. Please feel free to share or recommend the page to friends and family you feel it maybe beneficial to. Sending you all love and hugs ######


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Crystal Rituals and The Laws of Atlantis



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