Little Bear's Balloons

Little Bear's Balloons


Loved making these Unicorn balloons today for Grace 🥰🎈inspired by the amazing Little Bear's Balloons 🎈
Thank you so much for Emeri’s birthday balloon. She absolutely loved it! A lot of hard work and talent has gone into this display- its amazing!! Xx
Thank you so much, kids loved their Easter balloons x
The kids loved them, thank you xx
Thank you so much Little Bear's Balloons for these amazing bunnies!! Went down a treat! Xx
Thank you to the fabulous Lauren Carley Little Bear's Balloonsfor Adan’s amazing dairy free filled Easter Bunny, can’t wait for him, to see him, in the morning.
You are an extremely talented lady 😘
Easter Egg hunt eggs are hidden, presents from mummy and daddy ready, eggs from family under the Easter tree, let’s eat, drink and celebrate 🎉 🍫 🥚
As always perfect service, perfect balloons, amazing quality and always 100% flexible with supporting my son’s allergies and the treats being dairy free 🥰
Thank you Lauren Carley this will keep them entertained for a while 🤩🤩 mesmerised x

An amazing day celebrating my Nanny’s 70th birthday 🥳

Thank you so much to so many small businesses who made the day so special! We are sooo lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing small businesses and here’s who made our day amazing:

Sweetie numbers by me with all Nan’s favs🙋🏼‍♀️

Caked With Love my amazing mum, the most amazing cake, cupcakes, iced cookies and afternoon tea 😍

betsys_blooms for the most beautiful bunch of blooms 🌸

Little Bear's Balloons for our amazing bespoke bubble 🎈

Belle Home Fragrance Co for our amazing box of wax snap bars 🕯

Love Maeve Home and Josie’s prints for helping us with some amazing presents 😍

Afternoon tea, charcuterie board and everything else we did ourselves! Trying to make the best of a lockdown milestone birthday.. She had the best day 🥰

Really happy with balloon thanks again will recommend you to family and friends. X
Worst pic EVER but feeling like the luckiest girl in the world! And love a bit of leopard print if you couldn’t tell 👀

THANK YOU so much Caked With Love aka mumma for my lovely cake and Little Bear's Balloons for my amazingly beautiful bubble 😍 Two amazing local businesses so please do follow and show your support!

I’ve had the best day celebrating with my family! Thank you for all the birthday wishes 💗 ps PLEASE don’t hold your cake like this 🤣🤣

Love their balloons x
Happy Birthday to this lovely little lady! Hope you've had a fab day 😍

Here's a sneaky peek at her cake smash shoot!

Cake by the awesome ShortCakes and balloon from the fab Little Bear's Balloons

Specialising in fabulous custom designs for any occasion. Based in Woking, Surrey. Please message me


🍾🥂 Forty and FABULOUS darling 🍾🥂

I had the absolute pleasure of doing this matching mother and daughter set up for a 40th and 16th

First up is Mum’s……

100% air filled

Photos from Little Bear's Balloons's post 31/07/2023

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this colour combination 😍 A new favourite of mine for sure!

New bubble stands, 100% air filled!

What a party piece!!


🦇🦸🏻 Avengers…..with a touch of DC 🦇🦸🏻

100% air filled!


🧁 How sweet it is to be taught by you 🧁

End of year balloons, filled with lots of beautiful gifts 🎁

100% air filled!


🎮 Gaming goals 🎮

If you see this, please show a little love 😘

100% air filled!


A touch of Tiffany 😍

If you see this, please show a little love 😘

100% air filled, sparkly and fabulous!


Oh Jonah-B…..

Jurassic Park 🦖🦕
Maverick ✈️
Guitars 🎸

What a pleasure it has been to do your birthday balloons for the last 3 years 🎈

If you see this, please show a little love 😘

100% air filled, sparkly and fabulous!

Photos from Little Bear's Balloons's post 14/07/2023

Let’s talk bubbles……

One of my most popular sellers! Sadly, due to the helium shortage and ridiculous hike in price I decided to stop all helium orders last year.

However………anything can be adapted right!???

New air filled bubble displays!! Bigger, better and last a lot longer!

If you see this, please show a little love 🙄😘

100% air filled, sparkly and fabulous!


🍬🍭 The candy man can 🍭🍬

Good enough to eat 😋

If you see this, please show a little love 🙄😘

100% air filled and delicious!


🎀 Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine - Minnie Mouse 🎀

If you see this, please show a little love 🙄😘

100% air filled and fabulous!


🦕 A ROARsome 1st birthday 🦖

If you see this, please show a little love, algorithm screwing me over again 🙄😘

100% air filled and fabulous!


Happy 11th Birthday to LBB’s resident mascot….. Perry Carley🐰

11 years oldddd!!!!! Thought this gorgeous little love deserved his own space on the gram today!

You may be old and frail but you still give the best cuddles 💙


🦋 Beautiful butterflies, it’s all in the detail 🦋

Instagram algorithm is back to its old tricks, apparently because you’ve had a baby and aren’t online every second they hide your work 🖕

So…..if you see this, please show a little love 😘

100% air filled and fabulous!


⚜️ HDB Mummy ⚜️

100% air filled and fabulous!


❤️ ♠️ THIRTEEN ♠️❤️


A Little Bear’s classic!

The Wild One stand 🦁

Probably one of the biggest sellers over the years at LBB!

I am back to work after having my second baby. He is still only 4 and a half months old so you’ll appreciate the amount of work I’m taking on is much less than I am used to. For that reason, if you know you need balloons please get in quick as it’s first come first serve only!

Photos from Little Bear's Balloons's post 20/06/2023

No helium here ❌

As most of you are aware, last year I made the decision to stop selling helium designs. It became ridiculously expensive and very hard to get hold of.

Bubbles were one of my most popular sellers so I have come up with an alternative air filled design!

I think it looks pretty damn good myself 😉🎺


🦄 💫 Magical Monday’s 🦄💫


Happy Friday!

What a scorcher it has been this week!!!

Let’s have a discussion about balloon care and heat……

Firstly, balloons and heat DO NOT MIX!!!

When collecting please please make sure your car is nice and cool, morning or evening collections are preferable in these conditions.

Make sure you leave the protective bag on your display for as long as possible and until the balloons are needed. This is to slow down the oxidising process, sadly during the hot weather oxidisation is unavoidable, they will go from being shiny to matte within a few minutes, we do everything in our power to prolong this by using a shine spray however we simply cannot control the weather! Try and avoid moving your display after you have removed the bag, once they have oxidised any finger marks stick out like a sore thumb (no pun intended 😉)

Don’t leave them in the car….AT ALL!! No nipping into Sainsbury’s or going to get the cake, take them home STRAIGHT AWAY and place them somewhere cool, a garage / spare room etc anywhere apart from the car! The reason for this is balloons expand in the heat, both air and helium designs can expand during extreme temperatures.

The same standard rules also apply, keep away from sharp objects, radiators, pets and make sure children are supervised as they are a choking hazard.

Lastly….when it’s time for you to dispose of your balloons please do so correctly. Simply pin it and bin it!! I no longer offer helium however please don’t ever be tempted to release your balloons into the sky. They are incredibly detrimental to our environment, not only can they kill our wildlife they can also get stuck in electricity lines and you don’t need me to tell you what a foil balloon on and electricity line will do 💥

Love them and look after them ❤️


Purple and gold, what a gorgeous colour combination 😍

Double number stands, one of my most popular sellers, incredibly versatile and 100% air filled 💨


Super Mario, Hot Wheels and Dinosaurs

All of Christopher’s favourite things 🏎️🦖🍄

Photos from Little Bear's Balloons's post 22/05/2023

Double trouble….

Joint football party for Stan and Max this weekend in their teams colours ❤️💚⚽️

I am back to taking on small orders so if you have an event coming up please get in touch 🎈

All of my designs are completely 100% air filled, no helium here ❌


Happy Friday Everyone!

Apologies for the radio silence, i have been enjoying the newborn baby bubble 🥰

I am back to taking on small orders so if you have an event coming up please get in touch 🎈

All of my designs are completely 100% air filled, no helium here ❌



I am back to taking on small orders so if you have an event coming up please get in touch 🎈

All of my designs are completely 100% air filled, no helium here ❌


Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend….

I am back to taking on small orders so if you have an event coming up please get in touch 🎈

All of my designs are completely 100% air filled, no helium here ❌


Iggle Piggle, Bing and CBeebies friends to celebrate Charlie’s 2nd birthday.

Thank you Kerry for asking me to create this for you.

is a lovely new local soft play cafe for under 5s based in Byfleet. If you haven’t already visited you definitely should! Head on over to their Instagram page to show your support.

I am back to taking on small orders so if you have an event coming up please get in touch 🎈

Completely air filled, no helium here ❌


Chapter 37…..

My 2 greatest achievements in life.

You complete me 💖💙


🦋 Mother’s Day 2023 🦋

When you get to create wonderful things for your own Mumma 🥰

Completely air filled, no helium here ❌


Happy Easter 🐣


❄️ Frozen Fridayssssssss!!!! ❄️

I am back doing the odd job so if you have an event coming up please drop me a message!

Also a little reminder that I no longer offer helium, only air filled designs.


How working with a 6 week old looks 👶🏻


Finally home with both of my babies 💙💖

A huge thank you for all of your lovely messages and ongoing support regarding Winter. He’s still not 100% but we are home (hopefully for longer than a few days!)


My First Smile 😍

We may still be in hospital but Winter’s first smile and a visit from my little princess Willow made Mother’s Day extra special 🥰


Wishing all of the Mumma’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day 💐


🕷️ Spider-Man 🕷️


Just to let you all know…..I do still do balloons 🤣


4 weeks of loving you my little lamb chop 💙

What a rollercoaster 4 weeks it’s been as you’ve spent most of your short life in hospital!

You are also the biggest time waster I have ever met as I simply cannot stop staring at you 😍


When it rains it pours 😩🥺

Sadly we have been re admitted to hospital as Winter has developed sepsis from his stomach surgery 😭

He has been incredibly poorly but we are lucky to have caught it so quickly.

Never felt so emotional before in my life and missing my little Princess beyond belief 😭

Night 3 in hospital begins…….


Home Sweet Home 💙

A huge huge heart felt thank you to each and every one of you who has messaged, called or sent a card / gift for myself and baby Winter, the love and support we have received has been extremely overwhelming.

Winter is recovering from his operation well, as am I. Feeling exhausted and slightly emotional but we will get there 💙

Photos from Little Bear's Balloons's post 26/02/2023

Winter Update Part 2…..

Once they arrived at St George’s he was quickly seen in A&E and taken for an emergency ultrasound that confirmed what both hospitals thought, he was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis, a condition that effects 1 in 16,000 mainly seen in Caucasian men / boys. Essentially the passage to the bowel / gut was so thick that milk couldn’t pass through, it was being retained in his stomach and the only way out was through the mouth hence the vomiting. We were told he would need emergency surgery to fix it and we were incredibly lucky he was in hospital with me at the time as it’s a condition which isn’t normally diagnosed until later, by that point it would have been life threatening. I was finally discharged and able to travel to be with him and Danny.

Yesterday afternoon Winter had his surgery, the longest 2 hours of our lives!! All went really well and now it’s retraining his body to take the milk without being sick which so far has been very challenging, it’s been a very rough night for us.

He is also still very jaundice and we have been told he has a heart murmur they think is a small hole in his heart. More tests are being done on this.

We are really hoping we get to come home soon as I haven’t spoken to Willow since Thursday as she cries every time she talks to me 🥺 If any of the school Mum’s are reading this, please don’t say anything as she doesn’t know we’ve moved hospitals or about her baby brother being unwell.

Danny and I weren’t going to share this with you all but decided that what we thought started with a normal ‘’sicky’’ baby turned into something much more serious for us and wanted to make other people aware.

If you do message or call please don’t think we are ignoring you, it’s all a bit overwhelming for us right now but the love and support is hugely appreciated x

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