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Hire a private chef sommelier for a unique home fine dining experience. Dinner party, private Thai c A unique experience of having a meal prepared by a private chef sommelier, Jeng Rongchai, and elegantly served to you in the comfort of your home.

Jeng has put together a selection of fine dishes inspired by Thai cuisine, along with his knowledge of wines and dining service to create a memorable "Dine Like Royals" experience. Whether it be a dinner party, birthday meal, summer alfresco, formal dinner, private romantic meal. Jeng takes bookings from different countries mainly the UK, Thailand and Singapore.

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I made a secret visit to Lancashire again this month. My guilty pleasure lemon and kaffir lime non-bake cheesecake was featured in my menu served at 2 exclusive dinners. 11/07/2016

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Blue steak with a Thai style shallot and baby peppercorn sauce, adapted from MasterChef, it's a dish I'd enjoy cooking and matching with wines this month. Marcus shows Gregg and Monica what he will ask the chefs to prepare. 15/06/2016

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A dining card I wrote in calligraphy, well I tried.
Thanks Rob for sending in the photo.


Thai Private Dining Experience by Artasia Wine's cover photo


Guess what, this week I had the most amazing twin brothers, Hugo and Oscar, helping me in the kitchen while I prepared a private dinner party.

It was a lot of fun cooking for both adults and children. The experience was fantastic! Lovely photo courtesy of Rob. Thank you very much for trying my service.


In preparation for tonight's private meal - Thai red curry paste blended traditional way, fresh from herbs and spices I sourced personally from Thailand.


Hello sunny England,

I'm back in Lancashire today. So happy to see my Thai red shallots and Thai wild garlic plants, I planted in April before I left, are doing very well in England. They will be some of many ingredients I'll be using on a private meal I'm doing this weekend. Straight from my little herb garden to my cooking. :)

Yours sunnily,


Thai Private Dining Experience by Artasia Wine


For a very limited time (2-11 June only), I'll be back on my late Spring Food&Wine Tour in Lancashire and will be available for bookings.

It's your chance to try something truly unique and special. 24/05/2016

Food safety: Five things to watch out for - BBC News

One of my inspirations for being a private chef is to allow my customers to rest assure their food is cooked in the most personalised way possible - in their own kitchen and with purest ingredients. Although the vast majority of restaurants are safe, a number are found to breach laws and guidelines each year. BBC News looks at some reasons to be cautious when buying food. 12/05/2016

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"Some may be born with exceptional taste buds – most of us have to work on developing the ability to distinguish flavours and train our palates to build flavour profiles. Great chefs ALWAYS have palates that are sophisticated enough to build great menus, pair with appropriate wines, and excite guest experiences." A chef with years of experience dishes up a check list for anyone who wants to be a truly great chef.


Though not everyone's favourite, gewurztraminer or just gewurz, or gewürztraminer if it's from Germany, is very friendly with spicy aromatic food from Asia. The most famous region for this wine is probably Alsace in France.

Oh try it with creamy Stilton. Yum!


Such a pleasure to cook and run a private 5-course dinner for Lynne and Neil again. The 4th time now and as much fun as ever.

The fun began from start to finish: deciding the menu, sourcing best ingredients, matching the right wines, calligraphically handwriting the dining cards, setting the table, cooking and running the meal. Everything was so personal to me and I'm delighted you all enjoyed the experience.

Thank you very much Lynne for the lovely photo.

Hi Jeng. My apologies for the delay in sending the photo over. It was a lovely evening. Thank you once again. 03/05/2016

I Was Prince’s Private Chef

Interesting story told by Prince's private chef. Once he wanted a chocolate fountain but when I asked where to put it, he looked at me, waited a beat, and said, “I do the music.” ...


Non-bake lemon cheesecake - probably my favourite dessert to make. Simple ingredients but can be hard to get it right. I once made 3 in a week in a quest to perfect my own recipe. Many thanks to June, Janet and John for tasting in the process. Doesn't it look gorgeous?


Really enjoyed doing a dinner+wine party for 6 last week at Lynne and Neil's. I remember spending an hour blending Thai herbs and spices with pestle and mortar to make a traditional panang curry paste. I wanted to create a fresh and very home-made curry that I care about so dearly. 27/03/2016

strawberry peach wine slushies

Strawberries + peaches + Sauvignon Blanc = yummy!
Happy Spring and Easter to all. Pin It A 3 ingredient summer necessity when day-drinking vino... it's VERY "refreshing" Also thinking to try it with coconut water next... 22/03/2016

What Is Culantro? Get To Know This Tropical Herb

Introducing culantro - rare tropical herb to enhance red meat. Experience its unique flavours in my specialist homemade Thai culantro and lime beef salad this April.... and rinse your palate with an unconventionally matching white wine. Ever heard of culantro? Here's what you need to know about this tropical herb you didn't know you needed.

Private Thai Cookery Class + Birthday Party 15/03/2016

Learning to cook is new kind of therapy. It was a lot of fun at our private Thai cookery class followed by a birthday party last time. See photos for my little story. (photos courtesy of the amazing Laura and Lorraine)


Happy New Year to all. I'm on a culinary tour in northeastern Thailand and I'm loving harvesting exotic Thai herbs from my family's small plantation and my very own aromatic coconuts from trees I planted 13 years ago! I'm making green and red curries tonight.


Wines specially selected for our Thai cooking and wining night!


Very excited for our private Thai cooking lesson tonight! We've just picked up lovely fresh ingredients from Windy Arbour Farm Shop. Very colourful!


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New artwork for Dine Like Royals, Thai Private Dining by Artasia Wine inspired by the Abstract artist Piet Mondrian.


Making a garnish of a tomato rose and carrot butterflies from freshest local ingredients from Windy Arbour Farm Shop.

Private Dinner Party July 2015 17/07/2015

I had a lot of fun cooking menu Thai Taster at a private dinner party for 4. 17/07/2015

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