Personal Trainer Paul OBrien

Personal Trainer Paul OBrien


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Think i need a miracle, dont no about a p/t

Experienced coach who gets clients long term results through sensible nutrition and training methods

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Many people right now are thinking about starting the year strong and making improvements to their health and overall fitness.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having goals and being motivated off the back of over indulging over Xmas but the key is to channel the new motivation wisely.

Going from doing zero exercise and eating whatever you want to suddenly training every day and following an overly restrictive diet devoid of sensible targets/structure will nearly always result in failure long term.

The smart approach is to start off with 2 gym or exercise sessions a week and aim to eat a “healthier diet” following a sensible calorie and protein target.

Couple this with an effort to move more each day ( walking / step count ) which will not only burn some extra calories but which will get a person feeling much better mentally as well as physically.

Once a person has cemented this routine for 4 weeks then if need be they can look at adding extra exercise sessions in. By this time they will be in better physical and mental shape and will have bought into a new improved lifestyle that has them looking and feeling much better.

The above is a much better alternative to many out there who simply try going from zero to 💯 and then crash and burn as they find it hard to sustain or even enjoy a lifestyle that has them over-exercising and under eating straight away.

Many people feel they have to do something extreme to improve their current position but really it just takes some smart sensible changes to habits and behaviours and a plan that promotes long term success.

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With summer long gone the dark winter months are now here with Christmas now not long away.

The question for many people is are you going to wait till the new year before you start to take action with your health and fitness goals or will you be that person who takes action NOW.

From Monday 25th Oct I will be running an 8 week ‘Countdown to Christmas’ one to one online coaching challenge for those of you who really want to take action in the run up to Christmas and who want to invest in their health.

This challenge is ideal for any person who wants to improve their current situation and is aimed at achieving the following :

- Change current negative habits
- Improve you current mindset in relation to health and fitness
- Change your lifestyle
- Educate yourself so that you can stay in shape for life. ( nutrition / exercise )
- Change your body and improve your health ( this will happen as a by-product of the above )

This challenge is not just about the way you look it is about changing your whole outlook to health/fitness and cementing long lasting good habits.

There is no better time to start than now right before Christmas - don’t be that person that is waiting for new year before you get your arse in gear,if it’s important to you do it NOW.There are too many people not taking action and letting their health suffer at a time when it should be the number one priority.

For anyone interested in this please message me on here for further details as there will be a limited amount of places available.

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Heading into the start of another great week of training clients here is some highlights from last weeks sessions.

Every day people working hard , investing in their health and getting sh#t done ✅💪.

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1. You have to be prepared to make a few sacrifices

2. You have to be prepared to get comfortable being a bit more uncomfortable.

3. You have to not give a f#ck what people may think or even say as temptation often comes from people close to you or those who are envious.

4.You have to have a timeline and urgency to hit your goal.

5. You have to be patient and understand that consistency and effort trumps everything.

6. You need to make new improved habits life long not short term as they will come back to bite you on the ass.

7. You have to understand that maintaining is also a success at times throughout the journey and indeed at the end once you have reached your goal.

8. You have to remind yourself that feeling awesome every day and improving your overall health /longevity is quite possibly the best gift you can give yourself. It’s worth the hard work.

9. You have to get rid of the “ all or nothing “ mentality and understand that everyone makes mistakes and you just need to get back on it the NEXT day and not wait until Monday.

10.You have to seek help if you are unsure.Make it easier on yourself by having accountability and guidance from an experienced coach.This will save you time ,effort and frustration and will get you to your goal much faster and easier.

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Over the years I have trained for many different kinds of physical fitness.Early on I trained for endurance and spent 5 years competing in cross country and athletics.

I learned a lot from this ,especially how to push myself through the pain barrier when the going got tough or when I really didn’t want to train on a given day.

Years later I would start to lift weights and train to gain muscle and strength , just like the running I learned that hard work consistently done week in week out would bring its rewards.There was no fast fixes and I had to work hard to bring about physical improvements.

As well as the physical training I learned that nutrition was no different Simply eating the right amount and right kinds of foods day in day out would yield great results long term.

I learned to avoid temptation and to make sacrifices to get results.I also learned that attention to detail and spending time planning ,measuring and adjusting would yield better results in both training and nutrition.

Eventually I would push myself further and compete in Natural Bodybuilding contests which required another level of dedication ,willpower and consistency.It also taught me the ability to “suffer” but to carry on regardless,this built far more mental than physical strength.

The mental and physical benefits of exercise can not be underestimated and it will give you everything you need to deal with all that life will inevitably throw at you at some point.

Physically you will be much healthier and have a more robust immune system.You will have more energy and zest for life with a more resilient body that will give you more options as to what you can do as a human. As an added bonus you will also look better naked provided you eat correctly.

Mentally you will be able to deal with stressful/tough situations more effectively and will be giving yourself the best feel good medicine that you can take at any time and it’s free.

These days if you ask me why I train the picture below with the slogan “ TRAIN FOR LIFE “will answer that question perfectly.

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Here is the great progress made by my online nutrition client and fellow coach @kiwicoaching Chris Bonney.

During the last 12 weeks Chris has gone from 106kg to 94kg.Nothing fancy was needed here and for the first 9 weeks it was just a case of chipping away at fat loss through a sensible calorie deficit, a nice high protein intake and consumption of high satiety foods.

In terms of training it was simply a case of Chris performing his usual resistance training workouts …after all the same workouts that have built you muscle and strength will also protect these two areas.

Calories where brought down from around 2700 to eventually 2100 per day.Around week 10 I added daily cardio of 15 minutes on the rower - this was simply to expend more energy and bring about further fat loss. It was the last tool in the box and I waited till I felt Chris needed it and indeed when it was more appealing than him eating less calories.

This was maintained for 2 weeks and then in the final week I dropped his cardio and increased his calories up to maintenance ( 500 cals more ) level of which most of these extra calories came in the way of added carbohydrates.

Basically I took away the stress of extra training and being in a calorie deficit and this allowed Chris to not only fill out his physique more but to increase his energy levels and overall satiety in the final week.

The above all sounds simple but Chris had to manage family holidays ,social events and indeed a busy work schedule so his hard work and dedication can not be underestimated.

The next stage will involve sensibly taking calories higher which will give Chris more flexibility in life and indeed more energy to train and work with whilst keeping himself in great shape - WIN WIN

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It is not often I update my own training / physique on here as clients are always my main priority but it’s been a while so here we go.

This physique represents a level of bodyfat that is pretty much the sweet spot for me personally.Food is nice and high at 3500 -4000 cals per day.

Foods come from mainly - quality cuts of lean red meat, salmon,eggs,nuts,olive oil,fruit,vegetables,potato,white rice ,oats etc…. Basically proper food high in nutrition.

My daily energy expenditure is also high spending 8-10 hours on my feet lifting weights for clients most days.

In this condition and food intake my energy levels are high,motivation to train is high ,recovery is excellent and gym performance is improving every week.Strength is improving nicely and I feel very fit in the gym at this current body weight.

Sure I could eat more and get heavier to “optimally “ gain more muscle but this would take away from other areas and at 42 years old I would rather feel fantastic every day than just a few months in the year …besides overall health is alway my main priority.

Training wise I lift weights 4 days per week and compliment that with 2 lower intensity cardio days that both serve to work my heart and lungs and also enhance my recovery from tough sessions.

I have been loving training over the last 3 months which is largely down to @chris_knott_coaching who has been expertly programming my training in such a way that I am able to push hard in the gym whilst ensuring that I remain healthy throughout.

Longevity is important to me and Chris has a unique well thought out approach to training that fits in with my own training beliefs and indeed my overall focus on longevity.

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