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Having looked at unhelpful thinking patterns, it's always worth remembering that when we struggle with negative thoughts, there are ways that we can challenge them to reduce their impact on us.

This image details a technique to start questioning negative thoughts about ourselves, but it's one that can take some practice! If you need some help, you can self-refer at mhm.org.uk/talking-matters-warrington
Digital skills are needed to help adapt towards the ever changing working world but it can be off putting or overwhelming if you feel your skills are not up to date.

We have found some services that offer digital skills, check out the links below:

• BT: https://www.bt.com/skillsfortomorrow/

• Learn my way: https://www.learnmyway.com/

• Make it Click: https://makeitclick.learnmyway.com/

• Microsoft: https://support.microsoft.com/

• Lloyds: https://www.lloydsbankacademy.co.uk/

• Open Learn: https://www.open.edu/openlearn/
Do you know your rights?

This Carers Rights Day, we want to empower carers with information and support, so they can feel confident asking for what they need.
Do you know your rights?

There are a number of events happening today and for the next week, click on the link below for more information.


When we're low, our thoughts often change and get more negative, but did you know there are common patterns we tend to fall into?

This video has some information on these unhelpful thinking patterns, and how to start to tackle them!
For National Careers Development month, it gives the opportunity for employees and students to think about their next steps and future choices.

No matter where you are in your career, whether that is just starting out or at the top of your field there is always room to grow and develop.

If you feel like you would like to make a change but don't know where to start, take a look through the links below:

• UCASE: https://www.ucas.com/careers-advice
• Warrington Vale Royal College: https://www.wvr.ac.uk/careers/advice-for-students/
• National Careers: https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/
• Prospects: https://www.prospects.ac.uk/planner

Following last weeks we wanted to share some information about the Flu Vaccine.

With these months being the most prominent times for getting the flu, it may be worth speaking to your employer to see if they offer a voucher or go to the link below to check your eligibility:

Our excellent partner service, St. Joseph's Family Centre , are once again running their Christmas appeal to buy supermarket vouchers for families in in financial difficulties.

They've already raised a great amount, and any donations at the address below go directly to supporting local families!

https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/18286 #!/DonationDetails
On , here is some great information from our perinatal champion about the support we offer to new and expecting dads, as well as some other services who can support you!

You can self-refer on our website at https://www.mhm.org.uk/talking-matters-warrington

Happy !

Today, falling in the middle of , is a perfect time to reflect on men's mental health, and the things that can help improve this. In , we're incredibly lucky to have loads of great services, designed specifically for men!

Talk Hub host a fantastic podcast, and run regular mental health group walks for men: https://www.talk-hub.co.uk/home/about/

Offload is an initiative by The Warrington Wolves Foundation that runs group sessions to improve men's mental fitness: https://warringtonwolvesfoundation.com/offload/

Dad Matters - Warrington offer a closed facebook group where men can communicate with each other about their parenting experiences, to help share knowledge and support: https://dadmatters.org.uk/warrington/

Directions for Men run a weekly support group, as well as a walking football group, for men to talk to each other about their mental health: https://directionsformen.org.uk/groups

And of course, for your regular mental health needs you can self-refer to our service via our website at https://www.mhm.org.uk/talking-matters-warrington
For men, being told to “man up” or “act like a man” is something they learn in childhood, and it stays with them into adulthood. Following them into the workplace which means over time, men get really good at turning off their emotions or coping with their feelings in a way that is more acceptable for males.

Is it time for change?

Just to update you that our phone lines are now working again.
Thank you for your patience during this time.
Unfortunately our phone lines are currently down. We are very sorry about this and continue to look at the ways in which we can keep in touch during this time.

Please contact us on our email account [email protected] or If you are contacting us to complete a self- referral you can refer using our on line referral form that can be found at https://www.mhm.org.uk/talking-matters-warrington.

We will update you once our phone lines are back on.

NHS Warrington Talking Therapies offers a free psychological treatment, support and recovery service.


📢 We have updated our Group Timetable 📢

🧡💜 Please note: Northwich & Winsford groups are currently on hold as we are in the process of appointing a new Coordinator, we will let you know as soon as they are back up and running 💜🧡

Photos from The Warrington Wolves Foundation's post 06/09/2023
Timeline photos 06/09/2023

Long covid support

Recovery from Coronavirus (COVID-19) is different for everyone. Though most people will recover within 12 weeks. for some the effects last much longer. COVID recovery can include symptoms that can last weeks or months after infection has gone. This is sometimes called Long Covid. If you are experiencing Long Covid join our Fortnightly Meetings and talk to others who have experience of the condition. Referrals to our Support Groups must be made using the Warrington Long Covid Service by contacting your G.P. We are happy to support you with this process. Our support service is available specifically for Warrington residents and those registered with Warrington practices. Access to workshops, groups and services is not possible without inclusion of Warrington & Halton Long Covid Support Service via G.P.

We provide support through self help groups, one to ones, telephone chats and online contacts.

If you’re interested in joining or would like further information email [email protected]


This week is Know Your Numbers Week where all adults are encouraged to check their blood pressure! Watch our short video on how to manage your blood pressure


We don’t need to achieve big things everyday. Sometimes we have little victories. And we should celebrate them. Here are some from our social team 👇

Taking someone a cuppa and not spilling a drop ☕
Finding a garlic bread in the freezer you forgot about 🍕
Ticking 2 things off my to do list ✔

What are your little wins today? Tell us below 👏🏻


You've got this and you're not alone 💜


Further to this morning's post, today is National Grief Awareness Day. The Good Grief Project are raising awareness about the impact of grief. You can find out more here: https://www.thegoodgrieftrust.org/ngaw/


Further to this morning's post, today is National Grief Awareness Day. The Good Grief Project are raising awareness about the impact of grief. You can find out
more here: https://www.thegoodgrieftrust.org/ngaw/



Show this to someone who you think might need it - it will take them straight to our website where they can make a referral today.


Resilience is the ability to cope with and recover from setbacks. Are there any ways that you could improve your resilience?


Person with Autism, autistic, Asperger's, person with ASD? The golden rule is to ask people how they want to be addressed.

Based on personal preferences and their own view of the world and the condition, people may describe themselves as:

- Having Autism, having Asperger's, having Asperger’s syndrome - when they don’t identify with autism and they regard it as diagnosis, something they have as opposed to something they are. This appears to be tied with the view that autism is an illness which is not a desirable view but an understandable one when people must undergo a diagnosis done by medical professionals among others.

- Being autistic, being Asperger's, being on autism spectrum - when autism is regarded as integral to who people are, to their identity. This is the perspective of human neurodiversity, where individuals are neurodivergent – autism, ADHD being the most recognised at this point in history.

Even though autism is a neurological difference, not an illness, it can be experienced as a disability by the person and their community, as the society is built and functions by rules that at times (quite often, we know from statistics) exclude autistic people. Again, this reinforces the view of a deficit, an impairment.

‘Asperger’s syndrome’ was a diagnosis previously given to some autistic people. ‘Asperger’s syndrome’ is no longer given as a separate diagnosis, but it is still in non-clinical use and people use it to describe themselves. This may be due to wanting to exercise some control on how they are perceived and wanting to project a positive image of themselves, as Asperger's often has less negative associations. People tend to associate Asperger’s with ‘’high functioning’’, ‘’savant syndrome ‘’, or no learning disabilities.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is the only term used for diagnosis at this time, but it is preferable to use Autism Spectrum Condition in non-clinical contexts and conversations.


Are you looking after yourself?


Did you know we run workshops at NHS Warrington Talking Therapies? Watch the video to find out more.


What actually is 'self-care'? We looked at what it means to some of our practitioners in Warrington.


Today we are looking at another anxiety driven disorder: PHOBIAS


If you think you may be struggling with heath anxiety, self-refer yourself for a chat.


An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a type of support offered by employers to staff to support wellbeing. It comes in the form of counselling and advice on a variety of issues like money, mental health, stress, family issues. The offer depends on the contract your employer has with the EAP provider. Whatever issues you face today, that affect you in work, it is worth checking if they can be improved by the Employee Assistance Programme.


Did you see our post about problem solving?

If you are problem solving in the workplace, think about these things!


Are you feeling and overwhelmed and unable to tackle your problems? Watch this video for a helpful technique.


Are you struggling with your sleep? Watch this video for some tips, hit pause and give one of them a try.


Have you noticed that you've been avoiding work or putting off tasks? Do you feel demotivated or tired at work? Anxiety and depression can impact our motivation.

Here are some tips on how to be more motivated in work.


We are starting off this week thinking about Low Mood.

Low mood is one of the most common mental health difficulties and is something we all may experience at some point. Sometimes this may come and go but sometimes we can find things aren't getting better and support from mental health services may be helpful to get us back on track.

If you feel like you are struggling with low mood and may need some guided support, consider a referral to our service today



As exam period comes to a close we can find ourselves still focusing on our performance and worrying about the next steps. Remember to allow yourself time to relax and reflect now that the hard part is over!


Today is Cycle to Work Day and we are looking at what the benefits are of starting to choose cycling as a mode of transport


CBT and counselling have two very different approaches, here we outline some of the main differences.


1-7 August is World Breastfeeding Week.
Breastfeeding can be a wonderful but also stressful time for mothers and there can be additional challenges for working mothers.
World Breastfeeding Week recognises the support needed to support women and children



This week is National Breastfeeding Week & we will be looking at challenges Mum's can face with this, support and signposting.


This Thursday is Cycle to Work Day - if you can, why not consider this? Hit like if you will be cycling to work this week 😃

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