Cafe at the End of the Universe

Cafe at the End of the Universe


Su***de boneless chiken wings with a p ot of su***de sauce gives th em a super kick :)
Incredible Food, made by incredible People.

Tha nk you for today’s meals, they we re absolutely amazing.

Best Cafe in t he Universe, no question. ❤️
In the spirt of supporting loc al Warrington businesses we have been to ta ke a stroll around Warrington Market. H ad some keys cut for the stud io and treated our selves to lun ch from Cafe at the End of t he Universe !!! (After a recommendation fr om clients yesterday) WOW !!! The fo od was amazing !!! #localbusiness #supportlocal #warringtonmark et #warrington
It’s national burger day!!!

Our pick is t he Kevin Bacon from Cafe at t he End of the Universe

Best of a ll they are open til 9 th is evening!!

#nationalburgerday #funko #funkouk #funkopop #funkopopuk #scottfun ko #funkoeurope #funkofunatic #funkofunatics

#scottspopsandcomics #comics #comicshop #warringt on #Warringtonmarket #comicbook
It’s national BURGER DAY 🍔

Throwing it ba ck to our very first blog #bestburgersincheshi re featuring some of the best burge rs across the county.

Check here to re ad full reviews for each place a nd get your burger fix

T he Flaming Gourmand
The Fishpool Inn
Cafe at t he End of the Universe
CW2 Burger by Loc al Burger

Will you be having a burg er today? Tell us where you ha ve found the best burger 👇

We are so excit ed to finally share this with y ou after weeks of demolishing some of t he best burgers in the county we wa nt to point you in the rig ht direction to get that burger fix.

Sha re with friends and tell them whe re your going to try first!

The Flami ng Gourmand
The Fishpool Inn
Cafe at the E nd of the Universe
CW2 Burger by Loc al Burger

#Bestburgersincheshire #Eatlocal #Supportsmallbusinesses
hello can we book a tab le for this saturday ?
Derry Whittaker this is the pla ce you need to check out. Th is was the burger I got on my birthd ay. Seriously good 🍔
It’s Friday, it’s 4pm, which c an only mean one thing...


G et your Friday night feast delivered fr om Cookhouse to your House, now op en until 8.30pm tonight!

This week you c an take your pick from..

🥙 Shawarma & Mo re- NEW this week!
🍕 Louie's Pizza Warrington
Eastern Point
🍔 Cafe at the E nd of the Universe
🍜 Krua Thai

Head to to brow se menus & place your orders NOW!

#whos IN
The weekend is finally here & t he sun has been shining, so celebra te with a Friday feast from Cookhou se, to your house! 🎉

This week y ou can choose from the following Cookhou se favourites:

🍔 Cafe at the E nd of the Universe
🥡 Eastern Point
🍜 Kr ua Thai
🍕 Louie's Pizza Warrington

You can brow se all of their menus & pla ce your orders now by visiting a nd choose to collect in store or g et it delivered straight to your do or! 🚗

Are you going to be doi ng click and collect ?

We make pop culture inspired Burge rs, Dogs, Wings and Things! Recently land ed our spaceship at Warr Ca at the end of the univer se

Operating as usual


Important info for you to sa ve

DARK KITCHEN 01925 555595
Order online f or delivery
MON - THU 12 TO 9
F RI - SAT 12 TO 10

MARKET KITCHEN 01925 428587
Order online f or collection
MON - THU 11 TO 6
F RI - SAT 11 TO 9




🍔visit to view our me nu and click through the yoello bann er to order

🍔 enter your postco de (it requires a space in t he middle ie WA1 2NT) our ar ea is similar to just eat so if y ou order from just eat from us th is should reach you too

🍔 place yo ur order

🍔 add the code NEWME NU (no space in the middle) wh en prompted at the checkout

🍔 sit ba ck and relax while we make a nd deliver your food


Happy Earth day everyone 🌍🌎🌏

We alwa ys feel this is a good opportuni ty to highlight some of the thin gs we do to try and pl ay our part in making the wor ld a better place and being an environmental ly conscientious food business

🌍 We use a ll recylable or biodegradable takeaway containers
🌍 U se reusable trays where possible
🌍 We u se all paper takeaway bags
🌍 Recyc le all waste oil for use in biofu el
🌍 Only give out takeaway napki ns and cutlery on request
🌍 On ly print receipts on request

You c an view our full environmental policy at o ur market unit or Dark Side Of T he Spoon



Want to be pa rt of our team? Get in tou ch or send your CV to [email protected]. uk


We are now hiring part ti me delivery drivers! Good rates of p ay and great perks

Get in tou ch for more details


REMINDER that we are closed tod ay and back open as usual tomorr ow

Have a great Easter Sunday everyo ne

Photos from Cafe at the E nd of the Universe's post 08/04/2022

Who's managed to sample our n ew menu yet? And whats your n ew favourite? 👽🍔😍

Photos from Cafe at the E nd of the Universe's post 04/04/2022

So there were some really go od name suggestions, and a lot of peop le suggested the name Aurora. We decid ed that Aurora Burgeralis was our favouri te though. So congratulations to Paul Ril ey, we'll have some vouchers available f or collection next time you are in t he market!

Photos from Dark Side Of T he Spoon's post 01/04/2022

Birthdays, celebrations, events, or a ju st day sat eating cake watching Netflix

A ll made better with a cake fr om DARK SIDE OF THE SPOON

Exciting times ahead for staple of mark et with new unit and menu 31/03/2022

Exciting times ahead for staple of mark et with new unit and menu

"Just stand there and hold t he buns and try not to lo ok weird..."


Exciting times ahead for staple of mark et with new unit and menu IT is certainly an exciting ti me to be involved in Café at t he End of the Universe.



So we are alwa ys looking for good people to jo in our ever expanding team. We a re recruiting various roles at cafe at t he end of the universe and Da rk Side Of The Spoon including kitch en staff, customer service, delivery drivers

If you think you have what it tak es message us on here or ema il [email protected] with a CV and a b it about yourself

Good rates of pay, sta ff perks and a great team to be pa rt of await...

Photos from Cafe at the E nd of the Universe's post 24/03/2022


So we decided this character in o ur amazing artwork needs a name! Dr op your best one in the commen ts, share and like our page a nd we'll give £20 in vouchers to t he one we pick...


Have you tried our brand n ew boneless wings flavours? These ones a re our new honey butter sauce a nd they are probably our new favouri te 😍

Photos from Cafe at the E nd of the Universe's post 22/03/2022


OK so n ot technically! But massive thanks to Lau ra for getting us a replacement! T he CCTV is fired up and keepi ng an eye on him to hopeful ly keep him safe

Photos from Cafe at the E nd of the Universe's post 21/03/2022

Another burger from our new me nu
🍔 Doub le Beef patty
🍔 Smoked bacon
🍔 American chee se
🍔 Fried onions
🍔 Shredded be ef brisket
🍔 Chilli jam
🍔 Pepper ma yo
🍔 Pretzel bun

Who's tried this o ne?

Photos from Cafe at the E nd of the Universe's post 18/03/2022

Our new Vegan burger
movi ng mountains patty, vegan cheddar cheese, veg an chicken, jerk sauce, salad, green b un! Definitely worth a try 😍😍😍

What ha ve you tried off our new me nu so far? And who got t he reference?

Photos from Cafe at the E nd of the Universe's post 16/03/2022


We'll be showcasing some of o ur new burgers over the next f ew days! Let us know your n ew favourites and be sure to sha re any pics on here and Instagr am



So I don't really like posti ng stuff like this but I've se en this guys targeted a lot of oth er local businesses

If you know h im please ask him if we cou ld have our staffs tips back a nd our burger money box? Maybe he 's got our Guy Fieri funko p op too 😵‍💫

Photos from Cafe at the E nd of the Universe's post 12/03/2022

Have you seen the new digit al boards featuring us from Warrington Eats?

T he adverts were done at no co st to us, great service from a gre at local company! We'd always advise usi ng them over Just Eat as it suppor ts local and saves us all mon ey

Plus you can get 20% o ff when spending over £20 at t he moment

Go download the app and gi ve us a try! There's loads of gre at places on there even if y ou are fancying something different


Great chance to win vouchers to spe nd on some awesome food 😍

This has got to be t he easiest way to win a £ 25 voucher with Warrington Eats!!

Simply te ll us the shop in which o ur digital advertising is on and y ou will be entered into a chan ce to win a £25 Warrington Ea ts voucher.

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F un Fact: 200 Orders in a we ek with Warrington Eats can save a takeaw ay £15,000 a year compared to oth er greedy ordering platforms! 😮

The Non Stop Music Quiz - Cookhou se Live 09/03/2022

The Non Stop Music Quiz - Cookhou se Live

Another great event from Warrington Mark et we'll be staying open f or food along with Dark Side Of T he Spoon ! Please share and t ag your friends 😍

The Non Stop Music Quiz - Cookhou se Live Warrington Market presents the latest additi on to our Cookhouse Live line-up - t he Non Stop Music Quiz!

Photos from Cafe at the E nd of the Universe's post 08/03/2022

🍔 Doub le Beef patty
🍔 Smoked bacon
🍔 Americ an cheese
🍔 Mac and cheese
🍔 Flam in hot cheetos
🍔 Ketchup
🍔 Seeded brioc he bun

It's ain't easy being cheesey!


We are struggling today with a f ew staff off so we are op en for breakfast menu 10 to 1

Ba ck to normal hours tomorrow (hopefully) apologi es for the inconvenience


Think this is technically our 2019 Christm as staff do! I guess a f ew things have happened since then

Just a qui ck post to say how awesome te am cafe at the end of t he universe and darkside is and hopeful ly it won't be as long unt il our next one

Back open tomorr ow as usual. See you all th en 👍


Our Warrington market stall is clos ed today! Back open as normal tomorr ow!

Apologies for any inconvenience caused



Brand new mountain dew gingerbread snap 'd available to try in the mark et! We've got limited availability of the se!


Do you love anyone enough to b uy them a burger? 🍔💕 Happy valentin es day everyone! Available until 6 at Warringt on market and u till 9 v ia delivery from our dark kitchen


Please share..


Part ti me customer service staff (Saturdays) Warrington mark et

Full time and Part time delive ry drivers (evenings and weekends) Warringt on

If you think you've got wh at it takes to be part of o ur team message us or email [email protected]. uk


Just a quick note! We g et mega busy on Saturdays and oft en have to close for an ho ur between 4 and 5 to resto ck! We would always suggest trying to avo id that time and please be prepar ed for a wait while we fresh ly prepare your food! Thanks 😍



Part time custom er service staff! Must be able to wo rk Saturdays! Message for more details

Photos from Cafe at the E nd of the Universe's post 09/02/2022

Did you know we serve De Ro ma Ice Cream at our da rk kitchen? We have 7 flavours at t he moment! (Ps of you fancy so me when you're at the market s ee Dark Side Of The Spoon th ey have over 20 flavours) 😍😍😍


We are looking for part ti me drivers! Must be able to wo rk Fridays and Saturdays

If you thi nk you've got what it takes messa ge us for details


Burgers 👽🍔😍


New BURGER OF THE WEEK o ur version of the chicken big m ac
🍔 Double fri ed chicken
🍔 American cheese
🍔 Lettuce, Oni on and pickles
🍔 Potato rosti
🍔 Homema de burger sauce
🍔 Seeded brioche burg er bun
Who's trying this?


Gutted to say our Guy Fie ri funko pop seems to have be en stolen. It may seem trivial b ut he was the first we g ot when we moved into the n ew market so he means a l ot to us

We'll offer a reward f or anyone with information that's leads to h is safe return

Videos (show all)

Video of our new Halloween burg er THE JACK PUMPKIN HEAD! Available unt il Thursday! Who's trying this? Give us a foll o...
Go follow us on Tik T ok for daft videos and stuff...@universe_cafe 😍
Massive thanks to Ed Turner a nd Sam Self for the amazing messa ge from Zach Galligan from Gremlins to us a nd Dark Side...
What's your favourite burger of t he week? Ps go follow us on TikT ok 😆😆😆
Just a reminder 😍😍😍
If you have been passing t he time by using TikTok like us th en go give us a follow 💛 💛💛



Warrington Market, 2 Time Square, Academy St

Opening Hours

Monday 11am - 6pm
Tuesday 11am - 6pm
Wednesday 11am - 6pm
Thursday 11am - 6pm
Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday 11am - 9pm
Sunday 10am - 3pm

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