Sport & Wellbeing Massage Room

Sport Massage, Manual lymphatic drainage, Swedish Massage, Hot stone massage, Pregnancy massage & Fi Sports massage can benefit anyone.

We offer a variety of Massage therapies for our clients;
We treat injuries, aches & pains through Sports Massages not always specifically for sporting athletes. This can be with back pain, knee pain, and tension from day to day life. We also specialise in pregnancy massage & fire Cupping therapy. If your looking for relaxation we also offer Full Body massages & Hot stone massages

To book in eithe


Aricular acupuncture- Our ears are a micro system for the whole body! This means we can treat anywhere on the body through the ears. Ear seeds (little magnets) or press needles are often used as ‘homework’ points as we can leave these on for a prolonged time after your treatment and the acupuncture point will still be stimulated to help your problem.
Please always see a qualified acupuncturist before using these yourselves, you need a diagnosis and to make sure they are placed in the correct position for you.


Post operative lymphatic drainage
When paying ££££’s for plastic surgery please don’t forget about the healing process. Lymphatic drainage is highly recommended both pre & post operative to help your healing process, and can aid your end results.
Through specialised techniques we help assist the flow of excess fluids, reducing swelling & inflammation and helping your recovery time.
There’s no one size fits all and number of sessions can depend person to person. You should have your first session of MLD as soon as possible after your operation, don’t worry this is not a painful technique!
For more information please drop me a message


If you can spare a few minutes, I would really appreciate if past or current clients can please leave me a review on google using the link below

More and more people are using reviews to decide on who to book their services with, just like referring a friend or family member. Reviews also help my business profile to be seen by more people and bump my profile up the google pages.

Thank you in advance!


Pregnancy care
Massage suitable from 12 weeks right through until post birth. Growing a baby is no easy task, pregnancy massage can help ease the aches and pains around the hips & lower back as your body changes throughout your pregnancy. Restless legs? We can help with that too.
And as you reach the end of your pregnancy I can offer acupuncture to help bring on the start of labour.
Moxa can also be used to help turn breech babies.
Heading into the fourth trimester your body is adjusting to changes in hormones, physical changes and of course adjusting to your new life with a new born. Take time for yourself to heal & recover


I’m so lucky to work alongside these amazing women 🥰🫶🏽

🤍🖤 What a team 🖤🤍

Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do unbelievable things ✨

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life!!! 🫶🏻




Sunday feels

Invest in your health; whether it’s an investment of time to exercise, time for mindfulness.
Treatments to help heal and support your health & body.
Investment into your knowledge of how to truly look after your mind, body & soul ✌🏽


Appointments available tomorrow & Saturday as below 👇🏽


A lot of my female clients come in wanting only their back & neck massaged. But when I convince them ‘let’s do legs as well’ they ALWAYS say omg why haven’t I done this earlier. Wether you train your legs or not, don’t forget the legs!
They literally carry us around all day, sometimes stood for long periods of time, sometimes in a flexed position all day sat at desks. Tightness in the lower body can contribute to problems around the hips which can then affect the back.
Book your Sports Massage today!


Introducing fertility acupuncture

Wether your about to embark on your journey trying for a baby or your encountering some issues. Suitable for both females and males.

For more information drop me a message or you can book online below


Gift vouchers available
The perfect gift for a loved one for Christmas or birthdays

Available for any value or treatment E-vouchers also available online emailed directly to your recipient when needed


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Sports Massage, relaxation massage, Hot stone massage, acupuncture, manual lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, fire cupping


Relaxation massage 💆‍♀️ Relax, Unwind, Ease tension away
Available in 60 minute full body appointments or 30 minute back neck & shoulder.


Nada acupuncture
5 little needles that help detox the body, this protocol is usually used for addictions such as drugs, drink & smoking. They are also amazing at helping ladies with menopause symptoms and people who may suffer with ptsd


I’ve done it, I’ve officially completed and passed my acupuncture course! What a 15 months it’s been, I’ve learnt so much and helped so many of you. Thank you to everyone who trusted and supported me along the way 🥰🫶🏽


My acupuncture research essay has only been published on the acupuncture association website!


Manual Lymphatic Drainage
I am one of the few certified therapists in technique.

The lymphatic system is the body’s first defence system. Through specialised techniques we aid the flow of lymph to filter and remove waste, pathogens and toxins from the body.
✨ Reduce Bloating
✨ Reduce water retention
✨ Reduce swelling
✨ Aid a healthy immune system
✨ Help support conditions such as lymphoedema and lipoedema


Gentle to reminder I am away on holiday for another week
Appointments can be booked online
Messages will be replied to as and when 🫶🏽


Very limited appointments before my holiday so book quick

Thursday 17th 9am, 12:45
Friday 18th 3pm
Saturday 19th 12:10pm


Welcome to my room 🪷
A place of healing, relaxation, recovery and the occasional therapy session.


Gentle reminder I go on holiday in about 3 weeks time.
Appointments are available next two weeks (fully booked this week)
I will be back in work Thursday 7th September



Client review 🤩

‘I put myself foward to be a test person for Amy, for acupuncture on people who suffer with swollen feet/ankles. Becaude I suffer with Lymphedema my feet and ankles swell and are sore, heavy and uncomfortable (and also im sometimes embarrassed by how big they get) from the first session of acupuncture I noticed a difference, they swelled less, as well as the heavy tight feeling was reduced, 4 sessions in and although my feet do still swell its not as much and also they are not as uncomfortable or heavy and sore. To me thats the best news as the heaviness and how sore they got really got me down. The acupuncture has helped me with my sleep and feeling generally better in myself. Before going in for the acupuncture I had been told my blood pressure was dangerously high and given medication and told to go back to get a check up. Upon going back to see a nurse after 4 sessions of acupuncture, the nurse informed me that the medication I was on for my blood pressure wouldnt be working properly in my body yet. After doing a blood pressure check the nurse was quiet shocked to see my blood pressure had gone down , alot! to the lowest its ever been! When I told the nurse I'd been having acupuncture she said that would definitely have helped bring the blood pressure down in such a short space of time!
thank you Amy! I feel great, I am sleeping better, my feet feel better, and I feel better within myself.
I would 100% recommend acupuncture to anyone even thinking "should I do it" yes you should!’


Do you suffer with heavy legs? Swelling? Lymphoedema? Lypoedema? Lymphatic drainage (MLD) can help you, through techniques we manually push excess fluid to the lymph nodes so the lymphatic system can remove pathogens, waste products and excess fluid leaving you feeling light and healthier. A fantastic treatment to support a healthy body and lifestyle.


Baby’s eviction notice 🤰
Acupuncture to help induce labour, look how much baby is moving as I move the needle to stimulate the acupuncture point🤩

Treatments to look after you from 12 weeks right through until birth and into the fourth trimester
Book now


Sports massages

Refresh tired achey legs ready to train again


✨Please read✨


Manual lymphatic drainage

✨The bodies defence system, filters out pathogens from the blood to remove from the body

✨ Reduce bloating and water retention

✨ Help the systems of lymphoedema and lipoedema

✨Improve the appearance of cellulite, alongside healthy lifestyle and diet, but not as a treatment on its own.

✨ Weight loss- Alongside healthy eating and exercise can help give weight loss a boost, not as a treatment on its own


The best weekend down in London. I’m now happy to share I am a certified MLD therapist in the world famous Flavia Morellato technique. One of the only therapists in the North of England!
Available from now for all your lymphatic drainage needs 🙌🏾

Thank you so much to and her team for such an amazing information filled weekend 🤩🫶🏽

Photos from Sport & Wellbeing Massage Room's post 17/06/2023

Weekend in London Training with the absolute best in the business for lymphatic drainage 🙌
Make sure your following my instagram to keep up .wellbeingmassageroom


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Spend the weekend with me course edition 🤩 Now qualified in fertility acupuncture, wether your looking to support your j...
Book here Massage, relaxation massage, Hot stone massage, acupuncture, manual lymphati...
Relaxation massage 💆‍♀️ Relax, Unwind, Ease tension away Available in 60 minute full body appointments or 30 minute back...
My acupuncture research essay has only been published on the acupuncture association website!
Very limited appointments before my holiday so book quick Thursday 17th 9am, 12:45Friday 18th 3pmSaturday 19th 12:10pmHT...
Welcome to my room 🪷A place of healing, relaxation, recovery and the occasional therapy session. #sportsmassage #deeptis...
Gentle reminder I go on holiday in about 3 weeks time.Appointments are available next two weeks (fully booked this week)...
Do you suffer with heavy legs? Swelling? Lymphoedema? Lypoedema? Lymphatic drainage (MLD) can help you, through techniqu...
Baby’s eviction notice 🤰Acupuncture to help induce labour, look how much baby is moving as I move the needle to stimulat...
Sports massagesRefresh tired achey legs ready to train again #sportsmassage #sportmassage #deeptissuemassage #recovery #...
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Amazing results from todays Gua Sha!, although my client might regret his decision when I convinced him to give this tre...



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