Bold Street Tattoo

Bold Street Tattoo


I need my next tattoo. When are you taking bookings. I have pm my design 💜
Can't fault the place, had knuckle tats done a few months back and they didn't take to well and without an issue i was rebooked for a touch up. Great place, great people. Thanks guys.
Is there any space for walk ins today?? Have you anything on for Friday 13th
Just had this finished here by Danny Edwards sick combination of lettering... Love it.
I had a rework done by Ollie today this guy really has a natural talent, I couldn’t be happier, it looks like a new tattoo I will definitely be going here in future, wish I took a before picture to show 🙁
Danny Edwards
had my tattoo today with brad.. means a lot to me and it's spot on. very reasonable priced and brilliant staff would deffo recommend thanks again
brilliant tattoo done today with brad.. means a lot to me and it's spot on. thanks again would deffo recommend.
Space available today !!

Tattoo studio. The artist Danny Edwards has over 16 years experience in tattooing,
friendly people Award winning artist Danny Edwards has over 10years experience in tattooing, also a piercing studio with over 14 years experience.

friendly people and great customer service. For custom tattoo's this is the place to come. we can't wait to hear from you. book now or for a consultation at [email protected] or ring us on 01925 900713

All deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable within 48 WORKING hours of appointment

Operating as usual


Although not OFFICIALLY confirmed, the plan as of now is for the long awaited Bantamweight Title Fight rematch between Aljamain "Funk Master" Sterling and Petr Yan to happen on October 30 at #UFC267 in Abu Dhabi!

[07/02/21]   ● Can a ANDY WIN call the studio .
Unfortunately messages are not going through to you via messenger.
We can arrange an appointment for you.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

01925 900713

Photos from Bold Street Tattoo's post 29/06/2021


PALM HAMMER ~ Daintytattooer


BLACK & GREY ROSE ~ Oattattoo

SNAKE & SKULL ~ Beckletattoo

BLUE CAT ~ Mattyroughnecktattoos

HAPPY DINO ~ Bootattoo89

SPARTAN ~ Battattoo

Photos from Bold Street Tattoo's post 18/06/2021


PEONY ~ Pau1terry

ODIN ~ Battattoo

RAINBOW HEART ~ Mattyroughnecktattoos

HAND & PAW ~ Bootattoo89

LEAFY FINGER ~ Beckletattoo

DICE GIRL ~ Oattattoo

DEVIL ~ Dainrytattooer

Photos from Bold Street Tattoo's post 08/06/2021


Big hero 6 ~ Boo tattoo

Japanese flute player ~ Battattoo

Black cat ~ Dannyedwardstattoo

Fruit salad rose ~ Pau1terry

Syd Barret ~ Mattyroughnecktattoos

Script ~Oattattoo

Owl ~Beckletattoo

Hanya mask ~ Daintytattooer

Photos from Bold Street Tattoo's post 01/06/2021

●Some recent tattoos made at the studio●









[04/30/21]   For daily updates on tattoos made at Bold street ,
Come follow our Instagram page

Also links for each individual artist

[04/05/21]   Hello to all our clients and customers, I’m excited to announce bold street tattoo doors , will definitely be open on April 12th. If you haven’t been contacted about your appointment please wait patiently we will be messaging , everyone this week. We’re Looking forward to seeing all your faces Thank you for your patience ,See you all very soon Danny BST ❤️💪🏻

[02/25/21]   Good morning everyone, firstly I’d like to thank all the staff and customers at bold street tattoo for being so patient. If you haven’t all ready you will be contacting by your artist to re arrrange your bookings for our start date in the 12th April. Bookings and appointments etc will be booked in accordingly in the order they were left when we closed on the 19th of December. We’re looking forward to get back at it and seeing all you lovely people again soon. 💪🏻❤️ Danny at BST

[12/30/20]   So it looks like we’re closed from mid night tonight , until further notice , we just want too thank all our customers and staff for doing the best we could this year dealing with the current situation, hopefully it won’t be as long this time. A crappy end to a amazing Christmas fingers crossed it’s not gonna take long until studios in full swing again. All customers will be contacted via the artist you were booked in due time. This is the last thing we all want , we can only come back stronger than ever. piece love prosperity BST

[11/24/20]   Morning everyone as you all have probably herd the news all tattoo studios and salons will be open from the 2nd of December, make sure you contact your artist prior to opening to rearrange if you haven’t allready. Please complete the studio track and trace form before entry, located on the bold street Instagram on the link in the bio📝 ‼️please use alcohol foot pump situated near the front door on the studio ‼️, and also any symptoms of Covid 19 you can easily re book appointments via boldstreet page on Facebook. Look forward to seeing you all again. Danny and the crew at bold street tattoo ❤️


Bold Street Tattoo

If my customers could read this please

Morning everyone firstly I’d like to thank the customers for there understanding and patience over the next 4 weeks. As there’s not a great deal we can do unfortunately , even tho we have everything in the studio too keep any virus under control. All appointments will contacted individual by the artist will be sorted accordingly. Our studio allways maintains a high level of cleanliness and we all at bold street take it very seriously. See you all At the start of December❤️
Bold Street Tattoo.

[11/05/20]   Morning everyone firstly I’d like to thank the customers for there understanding and patience over the next 4 weeks. As there’s not a great deal we can do unfortunately , even tho we have everything in the studio too keep any virus under control. All appointments will contacted individual by the artist will be sorted accordingly. Our studio allways maintains a high level of cleanliness and we all at bold street take it very seriously. See you all At the start of December❤️
Bold Street Tattoo.


• Dainty has space available from now till 2pm•



Our new studio entrance, supplied adam bennet at trade glass supplies Warrington 🚪

[07/24/20]   Good morning!
Remember when coming into the studio for your appointments or enquiries ,please wear a face mask.
We do have some provided if needed.

For all customers booked in for tattoo appointments you will need to fill out a track and track forms sent to you via your artist or reception

Thank you.


Finally bold street tattoo is finally open and ready for public. Firstly I’d like too thank all the customers for being very patient. It’s been a very stressful time , the studio has been set up with the strict covid19 guidelines, all the waiting and hard work as payied off look forward too seeing you all, many thanks from all the staff at bold street tattoo Sophie Melissa Edwards Bradley Thompson myself Adam dainty Paul Terry Becci Murphy Olly Astley Becky Walton Matty Humphries ❤️ 13/07/2020

Bold Street Tattoo - Track&Trace Form

‼️COVID-19 TRACK AND TRACE FORM‼️ The data collected will only be used for the purposes of tracking those who visit the shop in the event the government requires this due to a visitor to the shop testing positive.


Good morning everyone, ok we do have the green light to open bold street tattoo as from Monday onwards, so firstly I would like too thank all the customers for being so patient over this pressing period. Also I might add due to the fact that we need to organise and orchestrate the grand opening of Bold street for next Friday the 17th JULY, this will give the studio enough time to get all the clients that were originally booked in pre lockdown organised in the diary, so we can start back we’re we left off. Also I might add we also need the time to make the right checks so it’s safe for all staff and customers , to come back and work in a safer cleaner environment.

One person per artist /
When visiting the studio you must come on your own / tattoo , dropping deposit, consultations / please let a staff member know if you have difficulty’s and need special help with another family member.

There will be a 4 people maximum in the waiting area , 1 receptionist 2- 3 clients or 1 member of staff.
Walk ins are still available if reception is full you will be politely asked to wait outside no longer than 5-10 minutes,so we can keep control on the amount of people in the studio.
Unfortunately there will no food aloud on the premises.
Please use the foot operatated hand sanitizer before entry to the studio, this will be situated in the hallway at the bottom next the front door.
All customers including staff must wear face masks upon entry to the studio, if you forget or haven’t got one the studio can supply.
There will be no above the shoulder tattoos until further notice.
And also if you have any symptoms of COVID 19 please re book with out any hesitation simply message page inbox.

All staff have full PPE for your added safety.
Also will ALL CUSTOMERS BOOKED IN WITH ARTISTS PRE-LOCKDOWN, could you contact your artists now to arrange your appointments now for the 17th July onwards, then we can start arranging consultations for new customers who have been Itching to get back in with us at bold street. I’d like to thank everyone for the patience looking forwards to a fresh start DANNY -BST. ❤️ Sophie Melissa Edwards Adam dainty Matty Humphries Paul Terry Bradley Thompson Becci Murphy Olly Astley Becky Walton 🙏🤘🏻


Matty Roughneck Tattoos is running a little competition up until the 12th of July!


Since we're still uncertain of when we can reopen , I thought I'd do one of these before opening my books!


£10 per entry to (MAKE SURE IT'S FRIENDS & FAMILY!)
and like and share this post! 👽

Enter as many times as you like.
Winners will be announced Sunday 12th July!

Good luck and stay safe 💚

#newschooltattoo #newskool #neotraditionaltattoo #neotrad #art #illustrativetattoo #lockdownissh*t #competition #boldstreettattoo #warrington @ Warrington, England

[06/04/20]   Hello everyone just letting everyone know we’re putting the plan into motion too get into the studio for 4th July all artists will contact there clients to arrange bookings, all bookings will be in same order as when we left the studio on 22nd of March. We will be looking into keeping everyone as safe as we possible can during this trying time. all artists will have the choice of wearing PPE , aprons plastic sleeves , also dividers and cough and sneeze screens will be visible and hand sanitizer will be available.
There will be one person per artist aloud in the building at only one time. We ask that all clients customers were a face mask on entry to the complex, and use hand sanitizer that is located at he top of the stairs before entry to studio. To avoid to many people coming to the studio at any one time , the studio and the artist will be responsible for ringing there clients to come to the building when they are ready for your appointment, this will avoid to many people in the building and no queuing outside the shop. Also please Make sure your well enough to come to the studio , don’t have any symptoms of COVID-19 please rebook your appointment, even if it’s 24 hour notice and we can sort it. Unfortunately there will be no walk in trade until future updates from the government Once we’re in the studio will be open we will be able to take deposits payments for walk in bookings via page on the 4the July for walk in artists.

BOLD STREET TATTOO will be able to keep a safe and friendly environment for the staff and customers Thanks a lot looking forward to seeing everyone soon Danny BST 👊🏻✍️

[03/23/20]   It leaves me great sadness and have found it very hard to make the decision to close the studio until further notice. Safety is paramount at bold street tattoo, even with all the strict guidelines we have had too improve in the studio since the outbreak, our health and safety at this moment is more important but it seems unreasonable to come for a tattoo whilst the corona outbreak haunts us. All customers haven’t lost deposits or appointments there simply they will be rescheduled , and rolled over to the next available appointment. Take care stay safe help the vulnerable ,do , we will all come out of This better a stronger than before. Danny and all staff artists at BST

[03/17/20]   Too all clients and staff at bold street tattoo. The studio will remain open for business as usual, the studio is is always been a very clean place washed wiped cleaned daily , we follow all the procedures and guidelines of heath and sanitation issues , as we always wash our hands multiple times a day whilst on a break from tattooing and just before and doing other various things. We do ask that ALL CUSTOMERS that are booked with artists at bold street tattoo, whilst visiting the studio in the next few weeks we can that you come on your own for tattoo appointment, and not bring anyone with you , one person each tattooist. If your planning a tattoo and want to book in , please simply message bold page and we will do our best to book you in online , or arrange a suitable time for you. Obviously crazy situation, but it’s something we take seriously everyday at bold street. All enquires in next couple of weeks don’t hesitate Medes and find out , what the best plan of action will be. Please if your are going through the symptoms of corona virus , not feeling 100% Ppleae re book your appointment thanks Danny and all the staff at bold street tattoo stay safe keep clean, hopefully it’s a load of crap and we can start enjoying life again 🦠


Matty has space this week

Can't go on tour now so free all this week at @boldstreettattoo
Message me if you fancy something short notice!

#f**kcorona #roughneckriot #tattoo ##tattoopunks #cancellationspace #newschooltattoo #newskool #neotraditionaltattoo#neotrad #warrington #boldstreettattoo

[03/14/20]   We have no receptionist on the desk this afternoon, so please be patient, till after weekend, and we will get back to u ASAP Danny and everyone at bold street tattoo ❤️

[03/14/20]   •Polite notice• if your feeling un well, and your booked in for a tattoo in the studio , please please re- book until your feeling better until further notice. Health and safety is top priority at bold street , it’s important we carry safety procedures, during the spread of corona virus thanks Danny 🦠


Tattoo by Bradley Thompson


This weekend part of the crew will be attending Tattoo Tea party tattoo convention in Manchester.
If you see the guys make sure you say hey!
Good luck to you all from the rest of the fam.

Olly, Paul, boo, & beckle all have walk up space. Have fun


[03/04/20]   Studio phone is now fix
sorry for any inconvenience caused 🤙🏻

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Here’s boo’s designs for the flash day on Saturday !  Come join us for our Halloween flash event !!!
Forever ink Would like to say thank you to all our customers for 2016 It's been an amazing year and many more to come.Ho...



4b Bold Street

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Tuesday 10:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00
Thursday 10:00 - 17:00
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