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Operating as usual


Helllloooo. I'm still here!

Thought I'd get back in the social media game with a pic of some lips I did a while back. Love the plump and definition 👄

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Always love seeing lips after they have settled in!

‘Selfie from the weekend on a Christmas do, 8 weeks down and still in love with my lips!!’


This beaut came for a lip augmentation a few weeks ago and I couldn’t resist taking a snap of her Anti wrinkle injection results. The bottom picture is 3 months post treatment!

Also note the hyperactive left side of the frontalis muscle (forehead). Before pictures and an assessment of your anatomy is so important, in order to make your treatment tailored to you and your anatomy. Also adds a bit of fun to the process!


Even though Iv worked in child mental health and my husband is a teacher, I can still struggle with parenting decisions, the tantrums, the door slams, the ‘you’re mean’ on a daily basis 🙄

It’s also a common theme in chats I have in the botox clinic room with fellow parents. So, my pre New Years resolution is to re-educate myself on the childs brain... if I pick up any tips il let ya know 🤣


That once a year treat that gives you that extra spring in your step.

LOVED treating this beaut and her mum this afternoon. The actual process of most aesthetic treatments are over within 10-15 minutes, but an hour in we had covered childbirth, kids, school, Xmas lists and everything inbetween.


[11/19/18]   Can’t beat messages like this ✨

Hello lovely
Just wanted to say how pleased am I with my frown! I still have expression (so can control the kids!) no frozen face for me but already my horrid indented line has started to vanish!
No one has noticed which I’m so pleased about but I feel so much less self conscious!


When you want to look fresh but for no one to know what your secret is!

Anti wrinkle injections can, and should be tailored to your treatment goal... the most common thing I get asked is ‘make me look fresher’ but equally some folks want no movement at all. Both can be achieved with the right dose and placement of injections.

And as always ... make sure your practitioner is a registered nurse or doctor because your face is, well, your face!

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[10/31/18]   ✨✨✨
Don’t forget to schedule your appointments in plenty of time for Christmas. Clinics for November and December now scheduled so feel free to inbox to chat or book in for consultations and treatments


Busy busy busy!!! Lovely clinic tonight with patients old and new 😊

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The satisfying task of picking off my henna. This has been on for 12 hours... sugar in the recipe helps it stick to the skin!

#henna #art #expressyourself


Every month is ADHD awareness month for me and those who know me, but October is officially ADHD awareness month!! #adultadhd #adhd #lookdeeper

selfhelpservices.org.uk 01/10/2018

The Sanctuary - Self Help


Did you know this amazing service is local and in the surrounding areas? Offering day time crisis support for those who need it.

selfhelpservices.org.uk Struggling to cope?We provide support to adults who are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts or are in crisis.The Sanctuary offers a space to talk and assistance with coping after the initial crisis.This service is available to residents (ages… Read more

[09/28/18]   Friday appointments left in October Dm to book 💉👩🏼‍⚕️


OMG what lusciousness 😍

I love that this fellow nurse told me she gets so many compliments about her lips, but people are surprised when she tells them she’s had lip injections. I think this is the desired outcome most ladies hope for when it comes to lips

#dermalfillers #aestheticsnurse #safetyfirst #naturalpractitioner


Babe alert 😍

This beaut came to see me for some henna today and I couldn’t help but take a snap of her post anti wrinkle injection smoooothness!

3 weeks ago I treated her frown lines and forehead. The results speak for themselves. Both picture are doing the same expression as the before pics


bbc.com 11/09/2018

Beauticians banned from filler register

Always see a medically qualified injector for aesthetics treatments! Your face is too precious for someone to be unable deal with unforeseen medical complications!


bbc.com Beauticians are banned from joining a new register designed to make cosmetic fillers safer.

[09/10/18]   Well-being post ✨

💡 SPOTLIGHT- Eating disorders 💡

My lovely friend the Happinurse asked if I’d like to do a guest post and I jumped at the chance. So here I am, let’s talk Eating Disorders!

My first response when asked “what are eating disorders?”, Whether it be from friends, patients or colleagues is that they are REAL. Real Illness. The history of eating disorders spans many years, they are by no means a “phase” or “something someone does to be trendy”. I’m extremely passionate about eating disorders and helping people to understand that this is a complex area of mental health which affects both mental and physical health of the affected person.

What is important to know is early intervention is key and recovery IS possible. Recovery can look different to different people, it is important that this is explored as part of their individual journey.

So what are they?
Some examples of eating disorders include bulimia, binge eating disorder, and anorexia, there are many, many more subtypes but that’s a whole other post.

Mental illness does not discriminate and as such anyone, no matter what their age, gender, or background, can develop one. There is an increasing presentation of young men becoming affected by eating disorders, which could be connected to the spotlight on physical appearance and the pressure to look good that we know all too well (who hasn’t looked at a yoga post with equal amounts of envy and hatred🙄)

Eating disorders are still being researched and we have a lot more to understand, but what we do know is there’s no single cause and people might not have all symptoms for any one eating disorder. It’s also possible for someone’s symptoms, and therefore their diagnosis, to change over time.

Those with eating disorders, as children, prior to eating disorder symptomatology, show anxiety, obsessiveness, perfectionism, and achievement oriented behaviours. It is very common to present with “co-morbid” difficulties, such as anxiety, OCD, and depression.

Treatments vary for each diagnosis but involve a multiagency team of physical health monitoring, psychological support (eg CBT) and sometimes the addition of medication such as antidepressant and anxiolytics which can be helpful in treating the co-morbidities.

If there’s one thing I want you to take from this it’s this; It’s very important to access treatment as early as possible.

#eatingdisorders #mentalhealthawareness #education

[09/10/18]   Well. I have been somewhat MIA haven’t I?!

Between the school holidays, aesthetics and working as an Adult ADHD specialist in the day Iv really let the social media side of things down.

It can be a hard juggling act, I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat.... so... I have a special wellbeing post coming looking at the low down on Eating Disorders, and a very special friend and colleague has written it as a guest post so it’s with much love and thanks il be posting this 💜

theconversation.com 27/08/2018

Girls have ADHD too – here's why we may be missing them

Following on from my last wellbeing post, this article is a great summary of girls and ADHD


theconversation.com Being inattentive and unable to focus rather than disruptive means that ADHD in girls is going undiagnosed.

[08/08/18]   Thank you all for such a wonderful and positive response to my last well-being post. Iv had lots of messages, and people speaking to me in clinic about ADHD, which just makes me so happy.

I wondered, for my next well-being post, what would like to hear about? I’d be really interested to know. Message me If you don’t wish to publicly comment 😊


Happinurse's cover photo


Happinurse's cover photo

[07/26/18]   Well-being post ✨

Let’s talk ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Adult ADHD to be precise

As I write this from my lovely holiday in Kefalonia, it’s proof ADHD is never far from my mind!

I guess firstly I want you to know it real, massively real. For those of you who don’t know me, this is my speciality, my passion, my second family. Sadly, ADHD has a bad rep (I bet some of you have already unconsciously thought, yeah naughty kids and bad parenting). That’s okay, it’s what I thought before I became tangled in its wonder.

The history of ADHD goes way back, consider it the explorer gene and without it some communities wouldn’t have survived. The impulsive travellers, those who dared to try things others wouldn’t. Truth is, our society just isn’t geared up for it, if anything, we are the problem, not ADHD.

So what is it?
It’s chronic, it’s constant and its debilitating; but it’s also very treatable and can be a superpower.

Now, we all have those moments; forgetting our phone, losing our bank cards, becoming distracted. But ADHD is so much more than that. It starts in childhood and it’s there regardless of who we’re with or what we are doing.

It’s not being able to sit still for long enough to eat a meal with your family, it’s being unable to read a page of a book, or watch television because your mind wanders to a million other things. It’s being so impulsive that you stop going out for fear of embarrassing yourself and those around you. It’s blurting things out that really should stay in your mind, but you just.....can’t....keep....it.....in. It’s wondering why, no matter how hard you try, or how much effort you make, you just can’t finish anything! It’s having such a range of ups and downs that surely I must have BiPolar?!

We have now recognised that women with ADHD are more likely to be undiagnosed (or misdiagnosed), due to their ‘quiet’ symptoms; zoning out, day dreaming and internal restlessness is very common, along with chaotic living and low self esteem. It often manifests itself in anxiety and depression, eating disorders and difficulty regulating emotions.

It’s also very common for anti depressants to be prescribed when someone presents with ADHD, because unless you know about it, you wouldn’t begin to think a grown adult was presenting with what was once thought of as a childhood disorder. This has to change and we have to educate people about it.

So there it is, my summary of adult ADHD. It’s hard for me to stop here, but I will. Otherwise I will go on forever (friends and family can vouch for this!)

[07/23/18]   Hey folks, please bare with the name changes. Facebooks algorithm makes a name change painstakingly annoying and not simple. The HappiNurse rebrand is homage to my wellbeing aesthetic which I hope to be providing more of in the coming months💛


Was planning a body confidence wellbeing post but this sums it up!

#wellbeing #beyou #confidence #nurse


#NHS70⁠ ⁠ proud I have followed in my mums footsteps as a nurse. The smell of her uniform when she woke me for school after her night shift was the best smell in the world. 17 years in and wouldn’t change it for the world. Please don’t take this precious service for granted! #HappyBirthdayNHS #mymumandme

[07/04/18]   A E S T H E T I C S C L I N I C

Additional clinic book Monday from 12 noon due to summer demand☀️☀️☀️

No appointments available last two weeks of July

Inbox or call to discuss treatments and book

All anti wrinkle treatments require face to face consultations 💉💉💉


While it’s hard to say how much swelling or bruising is likely during the day of and following lip fillers, if you inject carefully and slowly (as I do) the risks of bruises and swelling are reduced. One of these pictures is taken immediately after injecting, the other one taken this morning....

#safetyfirst #dermalfillers #lipinjections #antiwrinkleinjections #nurseprescriber #aesthetics


As a summer treat Iv decided to offer a complimentary henna tattoo for all summer bookings 😍

*please note all henna is natural paste made by me, not black/chemical henna

#art #aesthetics #antiwrinkleinjections #dermalfiller

[06/28/18]   As lovely as the sunshine is, it does nothing for those frown lines!
Anti wrinkle injections are just the ticket!
Treatment of this area is as easy as popping ice and lemon into your G&T

💉minimal discomfort
⏰15 minutes to treat
☀️lasts all summer



When was the last time you washed your make up brushes!?

Apart from the rather satisfying ritual of my weekly brush wash, I can think of nothing worse than the build up of bacteria, dust and old make up, that if not removed would just be placed daily back on to your skin. Yuk.

Use warm water and baby shampoo to get them gleaming and soft, use the palm of your hand to swirl the brush until the water runs clear. Or buy a silicone thingimibob like the one in the pic to scrub them with, both work fine! Dry them with a towel and place them facing downward so the water doesn’t ruin the seal of the handle. Then get a glass of wine and relish in the joy of clean brushes ready for the morning.

Now go, quick, gather your brushes and get cleaning!

#beauty #skincare #keepitclean



I’ve taken the plunge and bought my first acid peel...and it was amazing. If you’ve not already heard of cult brand The Ordinary, please for the love of your skin check them out. Their pharmaceutical grade ingredients are a bit of a minefield but I have done the work for you😇

The AHA 30%+BHA 2% is a blood red exfoliating mask that targets uneven, dull skin tones and fine lines, leave on for no more than ten minutes, then bask in the glow that greets you in the mirror. The sting on application is sadistically pleasing but even better than that is it costs less than a tenner, the reviews speak for themselves.

Milk cosmetics watermelon serum is the ultimate cooling aid (my fave NY purchase) I could bathe in this stuff, and to finish a great big slather of Institut Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic cream to plump and hydrate.

For those of you who can’t quite work out what your skin is lacking, go for a hyaluronic based cream. This ingredient draws water to the surface of the skin (and is the ingredient in dermal fillers) plumping out the fine lines and greyish tones. Dehydrated skin needs water not oils.

The trick is in the diagnosis! Work out what your skins needs and you’re half way there✨

#sundayskincare #selfcare


Jaw line contouring. Using a high density filler and cannula technique. No down time, minimal discomfort. Results last 12-18 months

£260 (1ml) for July only, usual price £325

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The satisfying task of picking off my henna. This has been on for 12 hours... sugar in the recipe helps it stick to the ...
Anyone else noticing their frown lines now the suns out?!☀️Here’s a quick clip of the injection points for Botox and ana...



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