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I have had a few treatments recently with Hayley. I am absolutely delighted with the results. I am moving out of the area soon, but I would not go anywhere else. Fantastic service.
Michelle Edwards look at this xx
Good Morning
I'm so excited to be able to take bookings with an actual date to start work😁

With the sad news The Lounge - Luxury Beauty have shut their doors during this difficult time

I'm excited to say I'll be working from within the gorgeous The English Beauty Aesthetics based in Great Sankey

I will be taking bookings for the 18th July
Please message me to book in
I can't wait to see you all 🎉
Amy x
A HUGE thank you to.... Hayley Cavanagh of The English Beauty Aesthetics for our amazing Gift Voucher treat at The Ivy Manchester! Your training was our pleasure and we're so happy it fulfilled all your expectations 🥂💉🎓❤️ X
It was my first time getting injectables, obviously I was extremely nervous - it’s my face and the thought of something going wrong is nail biting. Hayley reassured me and spoke me through how fillers work, aftercare & how she will deal with any issues should they arise. I researched a lot before I chose a practitioner, I’ve seen some horrendous duck lips and i just wanted a fuller natural pout, which Hayley magically created for me! It also helped me feel more reassured that Hayley was also a Nurse and would have more extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and if any emergency was to arise she would know how to deal with it in a calm and professional manner. Hayley has also gone out of her way to see how I am doing the day after treatment! I’m incredibly happy with my fillers and look forward to seeing Hayley again! Xx
Never been happy to smile for a selfie with having no lips but I'm more happy to now 👄😁 thanks Hayley!
Thank you so much to Hayley for giving me lips👄👄 I can finally feel confident with my mouth💖

Professional Registered Nurse,
Nurse Led Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments. High Quality, High cla

Photos from Laboratoires Vivacy UK's post 06/10/2022

Photos from Laboratoires Vivacy UK's post

Photos from The English Beauty Aesthetics's post 04/10/2022


One place left
23rd & 24th January 2023

Three Qualifications
(Botulinum toxin, Dermal fillers & Lip filler masterclass)

The English Beauty Aesthetics
🩺👩🏼‍⚕️ A C A D E M Y 👩🏼‍⚕️🩺

Our medical training courses covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of the procedures.

Our information-packed and highly interactive courses cover all aspects of professional ethics, code of practice, anatomy and physiology, consent, assessment, technique & safe delivery of procedures, managing complications, aftercare and follow up.

Our courses also covers professional development advise within the industry, useful contacts & pharmacies, and different considerations for working alongside a medical prescriber.

Our Masterclasses includes 60% practical work on live models with 1:1 mentoring in small groups, this will allow you to be more confident & competent medical aesthetic practitioner.

Our courses are led by our expert Nurse in the industry, who has a vast amount of experience and runs successful medical clinics. She will be sharing her wealth of expertise and knowledge so that you will be confident enough to inject safely and effectively.

The English Beauty Aesthetics Academy will provide you with expert training in every aspect of each procedure, which will ensure that you are fully qualified and ready to offer the treatment to your patients.


Ombré powder brows

The steps…
1️⃣st, Consultation to discuss treatment plan and patch test
2️⃣nd, initial appointment with pre draw and then SPMU treatment
3️⃣rd, heal and get used to your new brows
4️⃣th, you will see fading it all depends on how you heal and if you follow the aftercare provided. You MUST also have your top up service. This will ensure we implant enough pigment to avoid excessive fading and to get the best results with your SPMU
5️⃣th, look after your brows, wear your SPF AND ENJOY!!


Overfilled Lips?
We can help 👩🏼‍⚕️💉

This client come to us with a build up of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) where it had migrated above the vermillion boarder of her lips

We used Hyaluronidase which is a patient specific prescription only drug that breaks down HA.

Hyaluronidase is used to dissolve HA dermal fillers that have been placed incorrectly, excessively, or unevenly.

It is also used in emergency situations where dermal filler has been inadvertently injected into a vessel causing occlusion of the blood supply.

⚠️ A patch test is required before treating any correctional work ⚠️

The client wanted a more defined boarder & cupid’s bow, which was achieved with a 30g needle using the tenting technique followed by pluming to the upper and lower lip.

Autumn/Winter offer
👄 Dissolve & Refill £260 👄

Lip enhancements are available with our Registered & insured Nurse’s ensuring not only STUNNING but ultimately SAFE facial aesthetic procedures!

You deserve the BEST!
Don’t ever compromise on your face

& don’t forget finance options are available on all of our services, making it possible to spread the cost of your treatments throughout the year!

📨 to book your appointment or free no-obligation consultation 👩🏼‍⚕️


IN YOUR 20's

We’re generally at the peak of physical health.
In several ways, our bodies are still on the upward curve of development, even our menstrual cycles maybe more regular than in our teens! & our brains and bones are growing to their full potential.

IN YOUR 30's

Many people see this as their best decade. During our 30s, we’re likely getting more settled in our careers and families, and according to one study our happiness levels are still actively increasing. This is also when making real lifestyle changes can help stave off long-term issues.

Though now you may notice that it takes extra effort to shed pounds. This is because of a slower metabolic rate — it can start to decline in our 20s and continues to decrease by 2% to 3% every 10 years.

& also the ageing process has secretly started to creep in, as we now slowly start to loose our bone, fat and muscle from our mid-face.

The English Beauty Aesthetics is here to educate & fix your ageing concerns & to help stop or even turn back that clock!

Press Book now for you no obligation consultation with our fabulous Aesthetic Nurse’s

Photos from Jaimie Lee Hallett Permanent Make Up and HD Brow Artist's post 27/09/2022

Photos from Jaimie Lee Hallett Permanent Make Up and HD Brow Artist's post


To ensure a Hyaluronic Acid gel ticks all the boxes a practitioner needs, it requires a unique combination of elasticity and viscosity 🧪 Each product in the STYLAGE® range has different specifications, making it the ideal choice for its individual indiciations.

To define these properties accurately, Laboratoires VIVACY developed our patented “IPN-Like Technology”, a cross-linking technology that guarantees a consistent and lasting result with every treatment ✅

*Medical Devices Class III, regulated health products bearing the CE marking (CE 0344). Only to be administered by appropriately trained healthcare professionals who are qualified or accredited in accordance with national law.



Photos from Sport & Wellbeing Massage Room's post 26/09/2022

Photos from Sport & Wellbeing Massage Room's post


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Using XXL

The ‘Liquid Nose Job’ uses dermal filler to reshape the nose.

It is a relatively new treatment that is gaining popularity very quickly due to its extremely minimal downtime when compared to the traditional surgical rhinoplasty.

Small amounts of filler are used to straighten the bridge of the nose and, if necessary, to lift the nose tip.

The non-surgical nose job time is as little as ten minutes and the results are immediate, lasting approximately 1 year.

The nose is a very high risk area, it’s extremely vascular with several veins & arteries closely surrounding the area, please ensure you have a medically trained professional perform your procedure

Safety by choice & not by chance!


✨ Book Now ✨

Appointment booking 20/09/2022

Appointment booking


The English Beauty Aesthetics specialises in non-surgical procedures such as skin care, wrinkle smoothing injections and natural dermal filler transformations.

All our injectable services are performed by our fully qualified and insured registered medical professionals, who are highly
trained in advanced aesthetic medical procedures, taught by world leading injectors.

Here at The English Beauty Aesthetics client
satisfaction is our number one priority, we pride ourselves on offering a highly professional service, which carefully considers each client's unique concerns in order to develop a tailored and unique treatment plan.

Our two luxury medical clinics are situated in Warrington, Cheshire.

📍7 Huntley street, Wa5 1eq
📍99a Knutsford road, Wa4 2ns

Where we have created a clean and
comforting environment that is safe for our patients, where you have the comfort of knowing that you will always be receiving very high standards of care, delivered by competent and confident health care professionals that are governed by clinical safety standards.

Your journey begins with a complementary treatment consultation, where we will discuss your individual areas of concern and the ways in which we can help you feel more confident and rejuvenated.

Simply book online or get in touch via email if you have any question

Appointment booking Online appointment booking

Photos from The English Beauty Aesthetics's post 20/09/2022

👄 Creating height, volume & asymmetry 👄
using premium filler

What to expect straight after get your lips enhanced

🌹 Rednesss
🌹 Swelling
🌹 Potentially bruising

The lips are a very delicate & vascular area, swelling & redness are completely normal directly after injecting

This will quickly reduce over the next few days - weeks & will leave natural & beautiful defined lips

Many people who get lip fillers want to increase the size of their lips, you might want to enlarge the size of your lips for many reasons, including:

🌹 Restoring a previous lip size.
As you age, your lips may get smaller or thinner, your philtrum (the groove between your upper lip and septum) may get longer and flatter and the distance between the corners of your mouth (intercommissural distance) may increase.

🌹 Correcting the shape of your lips. It’s common for your lips to be different sizes or shapes (asymmetrical).

🌹 Smoothing wrinkles.
When you smile or laugh, wrinkles sometimes develop on the sides of your mouth.

🌹 Boosting confidence.
Lip fillers can help improve your self-esteem and body image.

Whatever your reason we can help!

Though we will only ever produce NATURAL & FEMININE gorgeous lips

We don’t follow social media & we don’t follow trends

No ducks or overfilled migrating lips will ever be produced by our Nurse practitioners from our clinics

Here we offer bespoke packages tailored individually to treat your aesthetic concerns

All our treatments are focused on refreshing & rejuvenating your natural beauty, ensuring that you will look & feel your very best!

Our transformations are feminine & emphasise enhancing your natural beauty to boost your self confidence & make you feel like the best version of you 💕


Queen Elizabeth Il
1926 - 2022


My favourite days are my reiki Sundays 💫 taking a break from my mountain of uni work to treat my amazing clients with the beautiful healing of reiki. 😍

Thank you so much to everyone who booked in today! I’ve had such a lovely day doing reiki & oracle readings - reiki notes will be sent within the next week. 🤩

I’m not doing reiki next Sunday as I start my final placement for my nursing masters Monday 26th! Have a lovely evening & see you all at in October… 💕


💫 New Instagram page - there will be more updates , offers, appointment availability & competitions posted over here ⬇️

Thank you for your continued support - it means everything to a small business ❤️💫


D I S C O U N T A L E R T 🚨🫶🏻🎉🥳

10% off PMU brows this includes the top up service!!

Powder brows| ombré | combination

Consultation is required 48 hours prior to treatment

END DATE: 9th October


Coming soon 😜🎉🫶🏻

The English Beauty | Medical Aesthetics Clinic | Great Sankey 11/09/2022

The English Beauty | Medical Aesthetics Clinic | Great Sankey

Before & immediately after treatment (patient is pulling the same facial expression)

PERI-ORAL treatment

Also known as vertical ‘lipstick lines’ & ‘smokers lines’ can be the result of many years of smoking, sun damage and also just solely natural ageing.

They can be static (present at rest) or active (present on contraction) and can appear above and/or below the lips in the distribution of the orbicularis oris muscle (a strap-like) muscle around the mouth.

What can be done???

This area can be treated with filler (to add volume that is lost) often with great, long-lasting results.

Botox also works as a great preventative to them worsening and the filler will restore the volume and reduce their appearance

All of our treatments are preformed by our highly qualified intensive care Nurses who specialises in facial Aesthetics ensuring that your face is in very talented & safe hands

Book your consultation with our registered Nurse prescriber today! 👩🏼‍⚕️

The English Beauty | Medical Aesthetics Clinic | Great Sankey The English Beauty offers Medical Aesthetics, Sports & Massages, Skin Care & Health and Body Transformation treatments.


Make sure your getting your vitamins and a healthy balanced diet to support your immune system

Timeline photos 02/09/2022

Timeline photos


Results after our patients first session of fat dissolving injections to the chin area

We can’t wait to see the results after the second session 🤗

are focusing on boosting our patient’s confidence as well as creating a profile to die for!

DesoFace and DesoBody is designed to remove fat deposits.

The active ingredient is Deoxycholic Acid, and the treatment is injected in to fatty areas, where it liquefies fat cells.

These cells are then broken down & naturally removed by the kidneys.

All our procedures are carried out by our highly qualified intensive care Nurses/Nurse prescriber who specialises in Advanced Aesthetic procedures, ensuring that you are in very safe hands!


🌹 How is DesoFace and DesoBody administered?

This treatment is usually administered using a cannula, and the whole session will take around 30-45 minutes.

🌹 What results can I expect from DesoFace and DesoBody?

The results can be permanent. It can take up to 8 weeks to see complete results, and larger areas can require more sessions to see results.

🌹 Are there any after effects?

Some redness and swelling should be expected but will quickly improve. You may also experience bruising and mild pain but, again, that will quickly improve.

You will not be able to have treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, liposdystrophy, pathological conditions such as Diabetes and for those under 18 years or over 60 years.

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The English Beauty Aesthetics 🩺👩🏼‍⚕️ A C A D E M Y 👩🏼‍⚕️ 🩺Our medical training courses covers both the theoretical and p...
Our medical training courses covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of the procedures. Our information-packed...
🩺👩🏼‍⚕️Medical Aesthetics Training👨🏻‍⚕️🩺
Choosing your Aesthetics practitioner wisely…👩🏼‍⚕️ Meet Our Clinic Director 👩🏼‍⚕️ Hayley is a Registered NHS Intensive C...
Overfilled Lips?We can help 👩🏼‍⚕️💉1. This client come to us  with a build up of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) where it had migrat...
The English Beauty Aesthetics


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