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Ashley Owen - Body Transformation Coach

A fantastically compassionate fitness professional who will go above and beyond to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

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💥How to Build a Bigger Bum 💥

Ladies!!! (And some of you men..)

This is a goal most, if not all ectomorphs have in common.

They all want to build a bigger butt 🍑

Ectomorph = "A person with a lean and delicate body"

Fortunately, as a endomorph, I only have to smell food for it to pack on to my hips, legs and glutes 😩

Endomorph = " A person with a soft round build of body and a high proportion of fat tissue."

Now, these points come in no chronological order, because without one, you're going struggle to reach that goal of wanting a better posterior chain

And let me tell you, these don't just matter when it comes to building a bigger booty 🍑

All 4 remain imperative when you're looking to build any area of your body up 💪🏻

1. If you don't put your targeted muscle under load, then it's not going to positively adapt and therefore trying to build muscle is going to be null and void. So get off that stairmaster, and get yourself in the squat rack. If you're not confident enough to squat, you can always regress the movement by incorporating goblet squats in to your weight training program.

2. If you're serious about this, as in, really serious - you need to rid of the mentality that training legs once a week, at a moderate intensity is better than okay, because it isn't, It's just okay. If you're stuck for time, go for a full body split, 3 times per week. If you have a little more time, go for an upper / lower split 4 / 5 days per week.

3. In all of my experience training clients and working with the public, this is what they struggle with the most. They're too scared to eat more food than they already are (despite them not getting the results they want). But the harsh reality is, if you want something bad enough, you'll have to make sacrifices. Eating more food, preparing meals and not skimping on calories is key. Maybe getting a little fluffier than necessarily in the process.. (although this doesn't have to be the case)

4. Because nothing worth having comes easy, right? You're looking at a 6 month process here. Learn how to trust it.


💥Progress - Are You Tracking It?💥

As the old saying goes, if you're not assessing, you can only be guessing

👀 And it's true, if you're not keeping a close eye on things, how are you expected to know whether to stick or change with what you're doing? 👀

I ask all of my clients to keep track of at least 2 of the above - usually measurements & progress pictures, but sometimes daily weigh ins based on their emotional attachment with the scales.

1️⃣ Daily weigh ins must be consistent, and you should then take the average of the week and compare to the previous week. Clue yourself up on fluctuations (else this method of progress will be emotionally draining) and understand the scales isn't always a true indication of the progress you are making. Be patient ⏳

2️⃣ Weekly body measurements again, must be consistent. Maybe not so much timing ⏱ but positioning of where you measureu from. I always go with:

▶️chest, waist, abdominal, hips & thigh◀️

3️⃣ Monthly progress pictures. Stay consistent with time of the day and mirror of choice, as the lighting can affect the outcome of the picture drastically. And remember, a lot of people typically lose weight from their upper torso first, so make note of ANY visual changes, even in the chest / shoulder area🕯


Why are we so impatient when we have absolutely no right to be?

We want everything now.

We want instant results and we want to avoid the process it takes to get to where we want to be.

We're not honest with ourselves, and what's more striking is the fact we're not fair with ourselves.

We expect X when we've been Y for so long.

That's not how it works, and when it does, it's an extremely rare case of someone being completely committed with the determination of a lion.

You need patience, even if you're not a patient person. This is something you really need to understand and work hard on.

If you were to train for a marathon with 0 running experience, you would build your miles up until eventually you could run a full 26.

The same can be said with anything you're not comfortable doing.

So why do we treat fat loss differently? Why are we so tempted to do everything at once?

All this does is turn your fat loss journey in to a painful, unsustainable process that doesn't last for very long.

Small, actionable steps are realistic.

Huge, drastic changes are not.


Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Time

Friday thoughts posted on a Saturday evening.


Feel you don't have enough time to train?


Unsure how to make best use of your time when you do find the time?

This is a bit of a hard hitting video, and if you do relate to it, I want to help you.

Comment below for a FREE consultation.



Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? In my opinion, yes. Is it something that you have to consume straight away upon waking? No

Breakfast in short stands for Break(ing a)fast, i.e. Breaking an extended period without food, with, er, food. This could be at 6am, 8am or 11am.

For me, the mornings are spent working which is when I’m at my most efficient. Preparing, cooking, eating and then having a meal sit on me first thing just doesn’t work for me.

When we wake, the body starts to move and systems start firing again. It’s begging for food to kick start its metabolism which has been slowed overnight.

So, would I suggest COMPLETELY fasting? Again, based on the above, not in my opinion.

My preference would be BCAA’s or whey protein upon waking with any additional supplements / micro / multivitamins you take and then a couple of hours after, a meal (with lots of coffee inbetween)


You might perform perfectly off a breakfast consisting of high protein, carbohydrates and fats.

You might perform perfectly off a breakfast consisting of high protein and high carbohydrates

You might perform perfectly off a breakfast consisting of high protein and high fats.

You might perform perfectly off a breakfast consisting of just protein with a meal a few hours after

Find what works for YOU. Try something, note down how you feel – if not great, try something else.


Eating out doesn't have to be painful and it doesn't have to ruin your progress if you're chasing that elusive fat loss.

1️⃣ Research the menu and decide what you're having before you turn up. You're much less likely to eat intuitively and thus go for the higher calorie option

2️⃣ If you do overindulge, cut back on your calories for the next day. If you want to give yourself the flexibility to enjoy whatever you wish, cut back on the same day of eating too. Opt for a lean protein source with some green vegetables as these will keep you full and ensure your blood levels don't drop by not eating at all. When your blood levels drop through going too long without food, you're much more likely to crave junk food

3️⃣ Just by simply asking and being nice, you could be saving yourself a few hundred calories with your meal. Ask for your sauce on the side, or ask them not to cook your steak in oil. Just ask and don't worry about what they might think. You're not being difficult

4️⃣ I'm not sure I need to elaborate on this

5️⃣ See 4. At the end of the day, one meal will not ruin your progress in the grand scheme of things. If you don't eat out often, enjoy the moment with friends & family. If you do eat out often, then consider these points.


Honestly, the days of a 5 day split training one body part per week has gone.

Why? Because for your average folk like me, and no doubt you reading this, we need frequency.

We need to train each body part more than once per week if we are to see and notice any significant change.

You have the potential to train your weakest body part over 100+ a year when you structure your training routine with some thought and deliberation.

That's going to beat 52 (assuming you train every week for a year, otherwise let's be realistic and drop that down to 40)

So, the best way to do this?



1. This is never going to be 100% accurate, and if anything, is does hugely underestimate how much you need on a daily basis to lose weight, however as a rough ball park estimate - go with it but ensure you monitor and adjust based on your results, energy, mood etc

2. Sleep is the most under looked component of effective fat loss.

Better sleep = improved energy = better gym performances

Better sleep = more balanced hormones = less chance to shy away from your diet

^ To name just a couple

3. As the infographic suggests

4. Easy way to increase your activity outside of a gym environment would be to walk 10,000 steps per day. This has been shown to actively burn roughly 500 calories per day, the equivalent of almost an hours walk on a treadmill.


Okay so I know I'm throwing a cat amongst the pigeons with the infographic

Because there's a lot more to it then what I'm specifying

But in a nutshell, this is how simple fat loss really is

You find an exercise you enjoy and can sustain which increases your activity

You find a nutrition system you can enjoy and sustain which decreases your food intake

Assuming you stay consistent with the two, and you're in a calorie deficit, you will lose weight

It doesn't get much easier than that

Unfortunately, finding a nutrition system that benefits and doesn't control your lifestyle, job, hobbies etc is difficult. Do I advise Paleo, Slimming World, Weight Watchers? No. But do they work as a system? Yes

Finding an exercise that you actually enjoy, or finding the motivation to do is just as difficult

But in terms of thermodynamics, this is really only what it takes...


💥Why Consistency is Key When Weighing Yourself💥

If we believed everything the bathroom scales told us, we’d all be extremely miserable

Adjustments in weight (often small) can even happen when you are in a calorie restricted state- this is largely down to adjustments in body fluid and the accumulation of waste products (+a few other factors)

Waste products? Weigh yourself first thing in the morning, then go to the toilet and weigh yourself again

Body Fluid? Save up the majority of your carbohydrates before bed and then weigh yourself first thing in the morning compared to when you have most of your carbohydrates in the morning

Another thing – if your goal is fat loss, it’s extreme difficult to gauge week by week when you jump on the scales.

1️⃣ Log your weight every single day, first thing in the morning after having been to the toilet.

2️⃣ Work out the average of the 7 days to get your average weight of the week

2️⃣ Compare the average from this week to the average from last week to get an accurate representation of what your weight is doing

This however only works if you have in place a few things...

▶️ You don't have an emotional connection to the Sad Step

▶️ You know what you are consuming from a calorie and macronutrient perspective

▶️ You are honest with yourself

If you cannot grasp the above, then I suggest measuring your progress on

▶️ Your energy & fitness levels

▶️ Your mood & strength

▶️ Changes in your body composition

▶️ Your happiness & confidence

▶️ Your sense of achievement (my favourite)

▶️ Your old clothes that you once couldn’t fit in. This could be as small as moving up a belt buckle!

▶️ Taking photos of your body. Don’t underestimate this powerful tool – this will show your true progress.

Tag a friend who needs to read this


💥Condiments, Sauces & Spices Are Moderation💥

Let me explain...

Each sauce above has a different calorie content per serving, but none surpass 20 calorie mark. Which is great 👌🏻

Unless you exceed the serving quantity across 3/4 meals a day, and then you have an addition 100+ calories per day which can total up to 700+ across the week ✖️➗➕

This could be a problem 🤔...

Use condiments and sauces sparingly. Get to understand how much a serving size actually is and I can assure you they will actually help your fat loss journey as your food has suddenly become a lot more sustainable and enjoyable 🍽😛

P.s. Assuming you are drinking plenty of water, the increased sodium in these sauces won't be a problem.


💥Should I train when I have the Cold / Flu?💥
I thought there would be no better time like the present 👇🏻 to discuss this as I've been struggling this week 😭
1️⃣ Know the difference.
If you have a cold, you will probably be able to train, but be aware you will run the risk of passing it to others 🤧
If you have the flu, then stop training until you are better 🤢
If you risk it, chances are you'll weaken the immune system even further which will leave you susceptible to getting other bugs or making the illness worse. You could also even risk injury✖️
You'll definitely be making everyone else ill too. Don't be that person 💀


💥 Don't Run Before You Can Walk 💥

⛔️ A common fault made by many when they embark on a fat loss diet ⛔️

🤦🏻‍♂️ They simply do too much, too soon, and when they're not progressing after their first week, they lose the will to continue and they seek themselves back at square one 🤦🏻‍♂️

😴 They feel like crap because they've completely restricted their food intake. They've entered a very large deficit, they're training too much and they've upped their intake so much their toilet trips are so frequent they're actually put off drinking 😴
↪️ It's an unfair cycle really, but one that can be avoided by simply taking smaller, actionable steps ↩️

🥅 It's like goal setting. If you set yourself a 6 month goal, you break that down in to
smaller goals because that's more realistic 🥅



Myth busting on a peaceful Friday night.

Round two coming soon...


💥 Protein Powder 💥

The most often discussed supplement widely available on the market.

I did forget to mention...

Ladies, this ones for you:

Protein powder will NOT, I repeat, not make you bulky and unless you're in a calorie surplus, will not make you gain weight.


Do you struggle when it comes to knowing what to snack on?

The purpose of a snack is to keep satiety high, i.e. keep hunger at bay between meals

So snacks, dependant on your goals should consist of 2-400 calories and have a nutritious combination of:

(In order) Protein, Carbohydrates & Fats (as detailed in the infographic)

Fats become less important based on how many calories you need.

For example, if you need 2,000 calories per day to lose weight, and you eat 3 large meals that consist of 600 calories each, your snack should average 200 calories. That dark chocolate & nuts become redundant as fat is the macronutrient (food group) that contains the highest amount of calories per gram.

Always be conscious of that calorie content per serving.

Then worry about the macronutrients (high in protein)

Then worry about the micronutrients (high in vitamins & minerals)


Why are you so scared of carbohydrates?

You've decided now is the time to make a change. Today is the day you finally start working towards that ideal weight that makes you happy & confident.

So what do you do? You cut carbohydrates from your diet.

But why?

Carbohydrates are not the devil you think they are.

No Carbs before Marbs is a myth devised from a load of Z list celebrities who decided to remove carbohydrates from their diets, which in turn rendered them in to a calorie deficit which is the magic formula needed to lose weight (you can do this by removing avocado and nuts from your diet too 😳)

Carbohydrates get an awful rep because when you restrict carbs and exercise for a [X] amount of time you will be depleted.

As in, it will make you

1) Look better


2) Feel worse

Until you start eating carbohydrates again. It's a vicious cycle.

Restrict Carbs ➡️ Look Good ➡️ Eat Carbs ➡️ Look The Same ↩️ Repeat

What if I told you carbs can actually AID fat loss.

You heard that right. Carbs can actually help you lose weight.

So before you decide to;

1) Cut carbs from your diet because you think they make you fat


2) Cut carbs from you're diet because you think they'll make you skinny

Read up...


There's just something extra special about preparing your clients for the most special & memorable day of their lives 🙌🏻


Are you struggling to lose weight?

Do you feel as though you've tried everything possible?

Tracking calories can be an amazing tool when you monitor and adjust based on your results.

MyFitnessPal comes highly recommended as an app but if you feel you want more "hands on" control, then a pen and paper can be very effective too.


1. You’re inconsistent with your diet and training.
You’re not willing to invest in the time to find the right feeding schedule appropriate to you and your goals. You think because X worked for Y it will suit you whereas in fact it hinders you.

You go to the gym consistently for 2 weeks and then you skip 5 days. A very common theme for most gym-goers.

2. You give up too easily and you blame external factors
Because you didn’t lose X amount this week, you feel hard done by and give up.

You blame your parents for bad genetics and think it’s impossible for you to lose or gain weight. This is not true. Although your genetics are unchangeable, there’s a smart way to anything and everything is possible.

How you respond to failure is what will set you apart from the never-made-its.

3. You don’t take your sleep seriously enough
Seriously. Your bedroom shouldn’t be a man cave full of high spec technology and sleep shouldn’t be a luxury. Without the right amount of quality sleep you will never make significant changes to your body. By far the most overlooked aspect of health & fitness.

4. You’re not clear enough with your goals
You haven’t decided what it is you really want to achieve. Your goal must have an underlying goal. An emotional driver that forces you forward when the going gets tough.

Within this goal, you haven’t set yourself a timeframe.

“I want to be down to X stone one day” isn’t anywhere near as effective as “I want to be down to X stone in 12 weeks”.

5. You’re not realistic
If you’re not realistic, you’re not being fair to yourself. If you only have 2 hours per week to train, then you cannot expect to be losing or gaining as much as someone who has 5 hours per week to train. Make sure your goals make physiological and practical sense.

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