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Well you knocked it out of the park again (no pun intended) or should I say extracted the tooth.
Dr Mistry is amazing, you all are.
I can’t recommend this surgery enough, so caring, compassionate & understanding.
For me to come back & have a tooth out is testament to you all.
My only problem is the stairs, but I cope as you have chairs strategically placed.
So thank you again you lovely peeps, I’ll see you in 6 months.
Have recently joined this practice and am so pleased I have. Just at the end of my road so very handy. The treatment and attitude of all the team is 100% From the initial point of contact with Jane on reception to the consultation with Mansour has been brilliant. The dental assistants have all been lovely. The deep clean and filling from Kathrine was brilliant. Can’t recommend them enough. Have even enrolled my partner.

- Award-Winning Dental Practice in Warrington
- Rated ‘Outstanding’ by our Patients
- General De


Happy Mother’s Day to all our staff, patients and followers 💐

AppletonParkDental #dentistmemes


There is a lot that goes into being a dentist. Dentistry requires a good understanding of the human body, medicine, diseases as well as engineering to reconstruct teeth and art to replicate nature. We spend 5 years learning about the head and neck in university followed by lifelong learning in practice. Happy National Dentist day to all the dentists out there doing a great job!

AppletonParkDental #dentistmemes


Luckily we have a solution for this… The majority of our dental work makes use of the latest 3D scanning technologies instead of taking dental impressions. This includes dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, whitening trays, night guards and Invisalign. Unfortunately this means we no longer get to see what you had for your last meal 🤮 😂

AppletonParkDental #dentistmemes


We are simple people… just trying to save teeth. It’s easy to make us smile 😃



Do you use sugar or artificial sweeteners in your hot drinks?

The impact of sugar on our general health as well as dental health is well documented. However, unlike sugar, studies show that artificial sweeteners do not contribute to an increased risk of developing tooth decay. Some studies have shown that sweeteners can actually reduce the risk of tooth decay.

So which one is better? Is it worth swapping sugar for a nutritionally questionable one? High consumption of both sugar and sweeteners can have a long term impact on your health.

Ultimately, reducing the amount of sugar and frequency of sugar consumption lowers risk of decay, as well as brushing twice daily and cleaning interdentally.

What’s our verdict?

Having unsweetened hot drinks would be our safe recommendation (and seeing your dentist at least twice a year!)



Don’t delay booking your check up for another year!

Early detection and prevention will always result in a better outcome.

This applies to hidden cavities between teeth, gum disease and oral cancers…

During your Dental checkup, our experienced clinicians will check for all of the above and more;



Have you fallen in love with interdental cleaning? Do you love your teeth enough to clean those areas your toothbrush can’t reach?

Which one will you pick this Valentine’s Day…

The old trusted wooden tooth pick?
Interdental brush?
Floss pick?
Water flosser?

They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Ask us for more advice on what’s the best interdental cleaning aid for you! ❤️ 🦷 🌹



Would you spend this much on a diamond encrusted toothbrush?


Our whole team are grinning like a bunch of Cheshire Cats! 🐈😻

Thank you to all our patients for the amazing reviews that keep us motivated and well done Team Appleton Park for this achievement! ☺️


Hugh Garvey
Alison Chatterton


Have you heard of Masseter Botox/Jaw Botox?

Not many people know this is highly effective option for those suffering from bruxism (excessive grinding of teeth) and TMJ dysfunction (Jaw joint problems). It is also used for jawline slimming.

Symptoms associated with bruxism include;

* Aching pain in the face or jaw muscles
* Soreness of the face
* Difficulty opening and closing the mouth or limited mouth opening
* Inability to chew food properly
* Earache
* Headaches
* Neck ache
* Clicking jaw
* Toothache
* Cracking/worn down teeth

Placing botox in the muscles that contribute to the excessive grinding action can reduce the power of these muscles. This will in turn reduce the amount of force the clenching and grinding action makes, and prevent further long term damage. This can relieve symptoms and prevent long term wear of teeth, prevent teeth fracturing and fillings breaking.

Treatment may need to be repeated depending on the degree of overgrowth of these muscles. Most patients require between 1-3 repeated doses over the course of a year to get the best results.

Ask your dentist for more information about this non invasive treatment option!



The BPE probe… Also known as:

“The spiky thing”
“The sharp stick”

Dental professionals use this to check your gum health. The black bands are there to measure how deep the probe sinks between the tooth and gum, which shouldn’t sink beyond the 3.5mm band.

If the probe sinks beyond the first black band, it will indicate there is a “pocket” present which isn’t accessible to clean with a toothbrush. These pockets can be filled with plaque bacteria which if left uncleaned can eventually lead to tooth loss. Your hygienist or dental professional can access these areas to clean the pockets where you’re unable to yourself. Our guidelines recommend 3 monthly hygiene visits to keep the pockets clean and prevent disease progression.

Ask your dentist for more information if you have any concerns about your gum health.


Photos from Appleton Park Dental's post 06/01/2023

New year new me-ni smile make over… swipe to see what was corrected to achieve this result.

💫 No drilling or needles were required
💫 Takes 2-3 hours to complete



Best wishes for the new year from all the team at Appleton Park Dental!

AppletonParkDental #2023 #invisibleBraces


Even complex cases like this one can be completed in less than a year with Invisalign, finished with whitening and composite bonding. Fantastic results like this can have a huge impact on self esteem and confidence. We are as thrilled for this patient as he is! Dentistry by Dr Mirza



Even complex cases like this one can be completed in less than a year with Invisalign, finished with whitening and composite bonding. Fantastic results like this can have a huge impact on self esteem and confidence. We are as thrilled for this patient as he is! Dentistry by Dr Mirza



Even complex cases like this one can be completed in less than a year with Invisalign, finished with whitening and composite bonding. Fantastic results like this can have a huge impact on self esteem and confidence. We are as thrilled for this patient as he is!



Thinking of all those who struggle at this time of the year ❤️



Most dental surgeries are stocked with diamonds… but don’t be planning a robbery please. Some burs (as shown in photograph)that attach to our drills are loaded with tiny diamonds. Due to the fact that tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the body, tiny diamonds in the burs help to efficiently cut through the enamel to prepare the tooth for fillings/crowns/veneers. We use only the best materials for our patients. 💎 + 🦷 = ✨



Don’t believe the fake news! Pain is the exception, not the rule!



We know you can’t stop staring at them… and taking photos of them… and smiling! 📸 🤳 😃


In a world full of selfies, social media and zoom meetings, many of our patients have been increasingly self conscious of their teeth. As dentistry has advanced, there are many newer options available to improve your teeth so have a chat with your dentist about the options available for a smile! 😀



‘Tis the season for teeth grinding… Grrraa la la la la la la la laaaa!

Did you know that you clench and clatter your teeth more during the cold winter months and any teeth grinding habits are worsened?

Protect your teeth from damaging grinding forces with a bite guard and show your teeth how much you care… £150.

#TeethGrinding #invisibleBraces

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