Cheshire Hair Loss Clinic

Cheshire Hair Loss Clinic

At cheshire hair loss you can be sure that we have a solution , we not only have access to the most affective treatments on the market and a team of professionals in hair loss, but taylor made affordable treatment plans,
what makes us different from the r

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[10/13/13]   Thanks to everyone on their feedback on our help hair shake and nanogen products, so many happy people achieving results they didn't know they could , order yours now at

[10/03/13]   Nanogen system now in stock £89 for a two month supply and also our very own help hair shake and supplements , please visit our website to order for next day delivery


The long awaited Help Hair Instructional videos for your patients are going to be downloaded to You Tube tonight by our US Partner

The latest case study comes from a Patient who has continued to use the shake on a regular basis 3-4x week for a total of 3 years.
This patient never used shakes prior to our product but likes the taste and results.
We thought initially that only patients who were used to taking Shake would want Help Hair but our experience is anyone who wants faster results and less shedding will continue to stay on the product. It helps if they continue on the Low Anabolic Profile.

Help Hair Shake is all natural, growth hormone free, free of all artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Long term use is completely safe. The Shake has a Low Glycemic Index and we use real organic chocolate and vanilla flavors. One serving is only 75 calories. As I discussed at the Help Hair Dinner a Low Glycemic Index is part of AFR.

Paste the following link see patient's prior pictures from the last 3 years and see below for results to date 21/09/2013

January Jones’ Hair Falling Out: Other Female Celebs Talk Hair Loss

Female Celebs Talk Hair Loss - The Problem Money Cant Fix January Jones looks gorgeous as a blonde bombshell on "Mad Men," but her platinum locks have turned her scalp into a scorched war zone -- the actress has admitted that her hair is falling out after hitting the hair dye bottle too hard.


'Losing my hair is a similar loss to having a mastectomy': Tory MP Nadine Dorries says she cries...

Over 8 million women in the UK are suffering from anxiety related to hair loss with the numbers growing and the age of sufferers decreasing every year. Prevention is better than cure

Former I'm A Celebrity star says she noticed her problem a couple of weeks ago on television, and now feels as though she is watching her femininity go down the plughole. 20/09/2013

Balding celebrities: Men with little or no hair - Balding celebrities: Men with little or no hair

These men dont tolerate balding, why should you?? Speak to our expert team today to understand how you can prevent yourself from receding before it becomes noticeable...all of our treatments are clinician approved and ISHRS endorsed, act soon to keep your hair and avoid the cost of a premature transplant Going bald is not easy for any man - but it must be especially difficult for those in the spotlight. Photographs expose any bald spots or receding hairlines so it's impossible for them to be in denial...



Refer to the world's leading forum for the prevention of hair loss pre transplant and acceleration of hair growth post transplant for optimum results for life, regardless of the stage you are at in your hair loss journey

Thinning Hair? - Take a Pro-Active Approach!

1. Enjoy our nutritious Help Hair® Shake as an adjunct to weight training or weight loss. Provides the vitamins and nutrients your hair needs and avoids often-used weight training aids that can actually cause you to lose hair. Features whey protein and is growth hormone free.

Help Hair® Shake - Nutritional demands of hair are important to maintain healthy hair. The Help Hair® nutritional supplement is formulated to provide the vitamins and supplements that your hair needs.

2. Use a shampoo and conditioner that are gentle on your scalp, on the hair follicles and which create a supportive, pH neutral environment for healthy hair:

Help® Hair Shampoo - Help® Hair Shampoo is an emollient, protein and vitamin rich moisturizing shampoo for your hair and scalp for fuller, flourishing, vital hair.
Help Hair® Conditioner - Help® Hair Shampoo & Conditioner provides an amazing stimulating conditioner for men who suffer from hair problems including thinning hair. It smooths the hair and gives it weight, restoring oils stripped by excessive shampooing, and hair dryers.

3. Nourish your hair from within:

Help Hair® Vitamins - Vitamins may do more to promote healthy hair growth than any shampoo or conditioner and many so-called 'treatments'.

4. For faster results:

AFR™ Program - Planning a hair transplant? Combine surgery with nutritional support to get the great results of the AFR™ program.

[09/18/13]   Titanium microneedles to enhance growth treatment pe*******on for optimised hair growth The Scalproller works in four ways:

• Dramatically increases absorption of growth treatments
• Heals donor scars
• Activates Platelet Rich Plasma therapy
• Encourages scalp repair & hair growth mechanisms

The roller is safe for both men and women to use. There is no appreciable pain or injury.

Key benefits

1. Increases Minoxidil Absorption
Scalproller pre-treatment has been shown to increase absorption of topical treatments such as Minoxidil by 5 times or more. This means lower 2% concentrations of Minoxidil solution may give concentrations in the scalp higher than when using 5% solutions on untreated skin. Similarly, 5% solutions could produce higher concentrations in the scalp than 12.5% solutions or suspensions used on untreated skin.

Frontal scalp areas are notoriously difficult to treat topically, most probably due to lack of absorption. Using Nanogen’s Scalproller can dramatically increase absorption of Minoxidil in these regions, opening up new potential areas for topical treatments to act on.

Without Nanogen’s Scalproller

With Nanogen’s Scalproller

Nanogen’s Scalproller dramatically increases the amount of Minoxidil or any growth treatment pe*******on.

2. Heals Donor Scars
Hair transplant surgery commonly leaves scars in the donor region. Nanogen’s Scalproller can fade and reduce the appearance of these scars by breaking up scar tissue structures and formations. There is evidence in animal models that new hair may grow to conceal the donor area after Scalproller treatment.

3. Activates PRP Treatment
Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy is a cutting edge development in hair loss treatment. PRP has been shown to produce thicker transplanted hair growth, and possibly even thicken non-transplanted hair.

In PRP therapy, the platelet and growth factor rich fraction of the patient’s blood is re-injected into them, and then growth is activated by repeated needle insertion.
Single needle insertion is irregular, time consuming and often painful. Scalproller treatment produces much more reliable, regular needle insertions in less time and with less pain.

4. Encourages New Hair Growth
The latest research by Intercytex, performed with Dr. Bessam Farjo as principal investigator, has shown that patients receiving superficial injections grow new hair, which may solely be a result of the controlled skin wounding itself.

This surprising result is correlated by the pioneering work published by Dr. George Cotsarelis of Pennsylvania University, who found that stimulation of the Wnt protein by wounding leads to hair regeneration. Wounding by microneedles would potentially start this Wnt protein mediated growth stimulation, and prevent synthesis of TGF-ß2, a protein known to induce hair loss.

How To Use Nanogen’s Scalproller

• For best results cleanse the scalp, removing oil, dirt, sebum & flakes using Onescalp. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

• Sterilise the Scalproller with the sterilising solution, and allow the solution to evaporate until dry

• At first, use a constant, gentle rolling motion in one direction once over each area, from the crown toward the front or the sides. Rolling in one direction produces a controlled amount of pe*******on and avoids tangling the roller in longer hair. With experience, individual users may prefer to roll in multiple directions.

• Apply a topical solution like Nanogaine or Minoxidil as per the product instructions, then gently massage into the scalp. When using once a day, use the roller at night as many topical solutions require time to absorb fully.

• Ensure the roller is cleansed thoroughly after each use, run under hot water and allow to dry before returning it to the case. Always allow the roller to cool before using.

Suitable for Men & Women
Nanogen’s Scalproller is ideal for men and women as it is designed especially for hair loss, and to improve the pe*******on of topical hair growth products .
It works perfectly with both Minoxidil (Regaine®) and Nanogaine, both of which are also suitable for treating male and female hair loss.

No pain, No injury
Nanogen’s Scalproller is the specially designed microneedle roller to produce optimum results without appreciable pain or injury.
The home use versions of Nanogen’s Scalproller are specifically designed to pe*****te deep enough to be very effective, and yet not deep enough to touch nerves and cause appreciable pain.
When used according to the directions, the ultra-sharp titanium needles will pe*****te the upper layers of skin without causing bleeding or permanent injury.

Daily Use
At first, Scalproller users are advised to only roll the Scalproller once in one direction over each area, following the direction of hair growth. This ensures the amount of pe*******on is controlled and any tangling of the roller in longer hair is avoided. However, with experience rolling in multiple directions may be preferred by the individual user.


Nanogen - TV Advert 2012 - New Breakthrough in Hair Loss

New Nanogen Growth Factor range. Available at Boots. Nanogen - the brand with over 1,000,000 users


Nanogen Hair Loss Video

Full video on Nanogen's Hair Loss Treatments & especially the patented Nanofibres patented Camouflage for Thinning Hair. More information is available at htt...


How To Get Thicker, Fuller Hair In 30 Seconds: Nanogen

This product is amazing. Nanofibres technology is all you need to create real hair density and natural volume in seconds. It even resists wind, rain, and swi... 18/09/2013

Microneedle: Significantly Increase 5% Minoxidil Absorption Legit, No Bu****it Hair Loss Info- Hey guys, I have an super inexpensive recommendation that might significantly help you...

[09/18/13]   Help hair shake and nanogen selling fast order at


Further research supports the avoidance of

Subjects consumed the supplement for 3 weeks before commencing a fourth week of supplementation with concom- itant high-intensity total-body resistance training (overreaching) (3 3 6–8 repetitions maximum, 8 exercises). Blood was drawn prior to and after supplementation, then again after 2 and 4 days of training. Serum was analyzed for testosterone, cortisol, and creatine kinase. Serum testosterone levels were significantly higher (p , 0.001), and cortisol and creatine kinase levels were significantly lower (p , 0.001, and p = 0.004, respectively) in the BCAA group during and following resistance training. These findings suggest that short-term amino acid supplemen- tation, which is high in BCAA, may produce a net anabolic hormonal profile while attenuating training-induced increases in muscle tissue damage and hair loss. ....


**Latest results from Afro Caribbean AFR Patient**

Dr Mwamba uses Help Hair Shake for all his Hair Transplant patients. Both FUE and FUT. One of our most active AFR doctors.

Subject: Dr Mwamba + My WHTC-1142 grafts FITshaven in black female in receding temples - 07/09/2013

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Place your orders today at At Cheshire Hair- Loss we offer a full consultation either over the telephone, email or face to face where we can discus your hair -loss and advise on a treatment plan to suit you, either with products or a referral to one of a hair transplant surgeons


Help hair shake .. Another great result before and 6 months after
,Typical patient took 1 Help Hair
shake daily and 1 Help Hair vitamin(8-10 hrs apart) daily post op for 6 months. Will continue for another 4 months. Using Finasteride daily


At cheshire hair loss we also have hair extension technicians available with the latest safer fitting methods, thick bouncy hair in less than 3 hours

Just finished this beautiful set of remi cachet micro rings


Hair Vitamin Video - Dr.Shapiro's Help Hair Vitamin - Stop hair loss with a hair vitamin formula from View client testimonials explaining the benefits of Dr. Shapiro's - h...


CBS News - Dr. Shapiro's Help Hair Protein Shake

Advanced Follicular Restoration....Thousands of Patients Worldwide cant be wrong... Courtesy of CBS News, this CBS News4 report discusses human growth hormone & damage to hair. Help Hair shake provides...



2 Month Treatment Plans from only £159.99 - SAVE £60
4 Month Treatment Plans from only £219.99 - SAVE £90
6 Month Treatment Plans from only £329.99 - SAVE £130

[email protected]

"By chance I noticed Help Hair in Whole Foods and since I was looking for Whey Protein anyway, I bought it over a month ago - or however long it takes to consume 2.1 lbs at a scoop a day. I noticed a difference in a week or so. My hair is stronger and shinier and little hairs are popping up around my hairline. Hurrah! My Dermatologist has just prescribed adding Zinc to my regime of Biotin and Omega 3. Help Hair has Biotin and Zinc and so it's two meds in one tasty shake and I believe this liquid form to be more quickly absorbed than tablets. What a winner. Thank you Cheshire Hair Loss!" - Danny, 35 - London


You can lose 3-5 lbs a week

And it provides All the Nutrients for Heathier, Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair. Most weight loss or work out products will damage your hair as a side effect. Buy Now!

Features whey protein

Allergen free
Low glycemic index
Contains none of the following:

NO Artificial Flavors or Colors
NO Artificial Sweeteners
NO Xantham Gum
NO animal byproducts
NO Wheat or Gluten
NO Soy
NO Sulfites or Eggs
NO Growth Hormone
NO Nuts (Including peanut oil and tree nuts)


Andy B's 100 Mile Bike Ride Prep - INSANE!!!

This man knows the importance of good nutrition!


Help Hair® Shake Vitamin rich, hair-friendly protein shake suitable for healthy hair growth, hair thinning, weight loss programs & weight training. Our patent pending, proprietary formula is the only all natural, growth hormone free whey protein concentrate to make your hair look thicker and fuller -- unlike whey protein isolate which our studies have shown to accelerate hair loss found in most weight loss and workout products.

Help Hair® Vitamins - Vitamins for Hair? Effectively promote hair growth from within! Great for nails too!

Help® Hair Shampoo Protein & Vitamin-rich moisturizing shampoo for fuller, flourishing, vibrant hair.

Help Hair® Conditioner Stimulating conditioner adds smooth body & restores oils stripped by blow-drying & colorants.

Help Hair® Shake Vitamin rich, hair-friendly protein shake suitable for healthy hair growth, hair thinning, weight loss programs & weight training. Our patent pending, proprietary formula is the only all natural, growth hormone free whey protein concentrate to make your hair look thicker and fuller -- unlike whey protein isolate which our studies have shown to accelerate hair loss found in most weight loss and workout products.




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