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Claire Stone


There is some kind of magic happening at the Daily Mail - they are running more and more empowering stories about women and the Moon!

This one features my lovely fellow Hay House author Claire Stone - and some quotes from me as well!

It's called infiltrating the mainstream and it's actually happening, as the Divine Feminine re-emerges after a 5000 year period of withdrawal.

You could say the male aggression in the world right now is the counterbalance to the Divine feminine rising.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, as Newton said.

Keep the faith, hold the vision and keep the Divine Feminine' s love in your heart, especially now.
It's been a long journey (13+ months!) but I've completed the Angelic Priestess diploma program with Claire Stone! This amazing program covered forms of energy healing, prayer, and ritual that were new to me. Thank you, Claire! I hope to be back for Year 2 🤩 #Angels #TheAngelMysterySchool
A small feather came over my shoulder and landed in front of me. Is this a meaning?
Just finished Day 3 of #guardianangelchallenge it was such an amazing experience as I am starting to connect with my Beautiful Guardian Angel. I can’t wait to build up our relationship and many more days to come.

Thank you Claire Stone for this amazing content. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏🏽
Just Finished Day 2 of #guardianangelchallenge wow this was amazing to practice getting to know your aura and then to answer the questions when you finished. It really opened my eyes to how I am feeling and what burdens I am carrying.

Thank you Claire Stone for this amazing course and to help us open our eyes to get to know our Guardian Angel.
Just finished Day 1 of #guardianangelchallenge and Omg, mind blowing with writing my letter out to my Guardian Angel. The words kept flowing out of me. Never knew that I could ever write a powerful letter. So emotional right now and feeling amazing. Thank you Claire Stone and my Guardian Angel for helping me connect with you.
Thank you Claire Stone,I had a beautiful meeting with my guardian angel today on Day 1,verry excited for the coming days💗

2+9+4+2+5+9+3+5+7=46 | 4+6 = 10 | 1+0= 1

Number 1 represents Bravery, Creativity and Leadership, how does your name work out?
💫💜💚💙Happy Friday Everyone 💙💚💜💫

I'd love to know what works for you...
💫💙I feel this today. Anyone else?💙💫
Happy Friday everyone! Are we looking forward to the weekend?

Are you chilling? Sunbathing/staying in bed late?

Or are you creating? DIY projects/hobbies?

Claire Stone is a Hay House bestselling author {The Female Archangels} and founder of the award-winning academy The Angel Mystery School ® {Winner Best Spiritual Course 2021}.

This page is filled with uplifting content to help you to discover your truth Claire Stone is the founder of Ancient Wisdom Modern Woman. Her business ethos is aligned towards motivating and empowering women to create happy and successful lives. Her teachings are centered around spirituality and the reclaiming of our spiritual heritage. It is time to rise and shine your light into the world. Are you ready?

Operating as usual


I love it when the Great Mystery says hello and nudges you with synchronicities🦋⭐️🙏


My mums best friend sent me this today.

Did anyone see the article?

How perfect! 👼

Full Moon in Sagittarius Candle Magick Ritual 14/06/2022

Full Moon in Sagittarius Candle Magick Ritual


Full moon in saggi candle magick ritual

You will need :

A red candle (white replaces any colour)

Cinnamon powder (or other warming herb)

The elements - a candle (fire) south, water west, crystal ( earth ) north, incense ( air ) east

Salt to surround the candle.

A mirror to double the power.

The Queen or King of Wands and the Moon tarot cards.

Engrave your intention upon the candle, rub in the cinnamon and say

‘Sagittarius moon, move my soul,
Guide me upon the path
I’m which I am whole,
May the power of fire 🔥
Course through me now
I am open and ready show me how x 3

And so it is !

Happy full moon 🌕 🔥

Full Moon in Sagittarius Candle Magick Ritual You will need a few household items to take part. You can always make do with what you have!


Mini full moon tarot card reading.

The gifts and challenges of the Sagittarius full moon 🌕


Paul Woolford, Diplo & Kareen Lomax - Looking for Me (Official Music Video) 14/06/2022

Paul Woolford, Diplo & Kareen Lomax - Looking for Me (Official Music Video)

I met someone very special on the astral plane many years ago during a crisis.

I wondered who this being was and set the intention to go find him during the dream time.

In a lucid dream I was in a dimension where everything was green and finer in vibration than here.

Things appeared slightly ethereal.

A huge volcano was about to erupt.

Yet it was a place of pure energy so how it could erupt in the same sense of Earth, that I don’t know.

I was given the name of the being that helped me out all those years ago.

Upon waking I asked for confirmation and I got it that same day. It is also the name of a place.

This song came on the radio and goosebumps broke out across my body.

“I heard that you’ve been looking for me, heard you’ve been looking for me” where the words.

I felt like it was a message from an old friend. He was saying I know you’re seeking me out.

What stuck me even more was when I seen the video !!! The volcano, the green, the vibrational beings!

I decided I had to share this story with my spiritual teacher, who simply laughed and told me that the name I had been given was indeed his confirmation name.

It was as if he said ‘that was me you divvy’ 😂 Or maybe this was just my own judgment which is potentially just that.

How many (independent) existences are we having simultaneously?

Some say 5…7 even 9 ….

The mystery is oh so magical and wonderful 🦋⭐️🌈🌹

I’m having a great day, contemplating. Hope you are too ##

Paul Woolford, Diplo & Kareen Lomax - Looking for Me (Official Music Video) Paul Woolford, Diplo & Kareen Lomax - Looking for Me (Official Music Video)Subscribe to Diplo YouTube Channel - Listen to ‘Diplo’ LP ...


Happy full moon in Sagittarius ♐️

My Guardian Angel told me that this full moon is a great time to align with your desired career.

You came here to fulfil the wishes of your soul.

Many people are confused as to what that purpose actually is.

Start here.

Do you have a dream? A goal? A vision?

What have you always wanted to do?

What is your heart longing for?

Can you imagine it?

Tap into the expansiveness of this full moon. Widen your inner landscape.

Connect to the element of fire 🔥 with a simple candle magic ritual. I will upload one onto YouTube this morning for you 🦋

The Archangels of this full moon are Archangel Raguel and Archeia Mary.

Mary can help to to follow your own star ⭐️

Raguel can help you to make peace with yourself so that you can become your own best friend.

This beautiful artwork was created by the incredibly talented please show her some love and go follow her page ⭐️🌹🌈🦋


Affirmation to reclaim peace of mind

‘Peace is a place within me. I connect to that place of peace now’

~ The 9 of Swords.

What Every Tarot Reader Really Wants to Know ~ Claire Stone


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Weekly Psychic Tarot Reading 12-18th June 12/06/2022

Weekly Psychic Tarot Reading 12-18th June

Weekly Psychic Tarot Reading 12-18th June Claire Stone with your weekly collective psychic energy readings plus one card for each of the star signs.See my course Read Tarot Like a Pro or book a priva...

Claire Stone's Amazon page - Getting started with Tarot 11/06/2022

Claire Stone's Amazon page - Getting started with Tarot

Everything you need to get started with Tarot.

Except books - hand on heart I can’t recommend a great book - that’s why I decided to write one myself.

Learn Tarot with me on my Read Tarot Like a Pro course - or book a reading at

Claire Stone's Amazon page - Getting started with Tarot Shop for recommended products from Claire Stone on Learn more about Claire Stone's favourite products.

Guess which is the no 1. Tarot card I HATE? 11/06/2022

Guess which is the no 1. Tarot card I HATE?

It's true, there are less desirable cards to pull in your Tarot card reading.

However, there is 1 card that I absolutely HATE!

Can you guess which one it is?

A follow-on video later will reveal the No.1 Card I hate and why.

Guess which is the no 1. Tarot card I HATE? It's true, there are less desirable cards to pull in your Tarot card reading.However, there is 1 card that I absolutely HATE!Can you guess which one it is?A ...


If anyone who has attended Read Tarot Like a Pro could leave me a review that I can share that would be wonderful 🥰 Thank you 🥰😍😇

Claire Stone's Amazon page 09/06/2022

Claire Stone's Amazon page

I am frequently asked questions about card decks, crystals and other spiritual items. I have partnered up with the Amazon Influencer Programme. Here is the link if you want to look at what books, cards, etc I recommend.

I only recommend items that I personally use and love.

Claire Stone's Amazon page Shop for recommended products from Claire Stone on Learn more about Claire Stone's favourite products.


‘Hope keeps us alive’ ~ Kanye West

Place the Star card where you can regularly see it to evoke a new sense of hope ⭐️


Divine Feminine Archangel, Seraphina (Fire of the Goddess) is the angel of the 666 kundalini fire codes.

She can help you on your journey back to wholeness (enlightenment), to clear and fire up your 144,000 energy pathways that activate your sacred seal, granting you access to heaven or wholeness.

When your mind, body and spirit is in unison, you literally become lighter. Your carbon body starts to become crystalline. The number of the beast, ‘666’, can be interpreted as our carbon‐body illusion, keeping us in our own hell. Carbon‐12, one of five elements in the human DNA, is composed of six protons, six electrons and six neutrons. When we’re free from our 144,000 (potential) restraints, we’re free from suffering.

So now it becomes clearer as to why the number 6 (Beauty, feminine, harmony, sensuality, balance) and more importantly, 666, has been damned by the Roman Catholics as the mark of the beast. It is the number frequency that liberates you from separation. Its essence brings light to our inner demons.

Todays date 06/06/2022 boils down to 666. It will be interesting to see what arises today.

What Divine feminine powers are calling to be reclaimed through you?

~ The Female Archangels, Reclaim your Power with the Lost Teachings of the Divine Feminine. Claire Stone, Hay House.

*Fire Codes - Integration of your own Spirit

Weekly Psychic Tarot Reading 5th-11th June 05/06/2022

Weekly Psychic Tarot Reading 5th-11th June

Weekly Psychic Tarot

Weekly Psychic Tarot Reading 5th-11th June Your psychic Tarot guidance for the coming week PLUS one card for each of the star signs.Book a reading with me at


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Timeline photos 03/06/2022

How cute are these 😍😍😍

Credits: Georgia Marfels Miniatures

For Woodworking Plans:


Divine guidance is always available. We just need to remember to open our hearts and minds to our angels and guides.

If you feel so stuck, simply slow your breath and imagine a golden bubble being placed over you. Ask your angels to fill this bubble with love while you breathe slowly.

Once in a state of peace, clarity comes forth more easily.

Thank you angels 😇 thank you guides ⭐️😇🙏 Thank you for loving me, thank you for protecting me 🙏😇



Yes 🙌 my kind of people 😘🌙⭐️


Expectation opens you to possibility.

Have a wonderful day ⭐️🙏



Don’t allow painful past experiences shape your bright future.

Otherwise, you risk repeating the same old experiences and limit your maximum potential.

Place the 6 of Swords on your altar when you are ready to turn a corner.


Do you believe in past lives?

Even better, do you remember any?

I believe and I remember.

My last life I lived on a farm in Denmark.


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Gorgeous to see Hay House family @flavia_kate_peters at @witchfest_coa today.

I will be clocking Barbara next 🌹❤️🙏🧙‍♀️ ###



When I lived in St Helen’s I would often bump into my (late) Mum in Morrisons.

One day last week I was feeling nostalgic and called in while I was in the hood.

On my way out I had the shock of my life - I thought I seen her!

She looked so much like this lady that I had to take a cheeky pic (sorry!) to send to my sisters.

Today I was rummaging around in some unpacked boxes looking for a shell (ritual time 🤣❤️) and lo and behold - there was my Mums work badge - in her nurses uniform just like the pic.

Our loved ones in Spirit will always be around us. Leaving subtle signs. Thank you Mum, I know you are always close by and I appreciate that.



We’re all learning at Earth school 🌞😁


To celebrate World Tarot Day ⭐️ I will be joining Out There with Valient Himself] LIVE tonight to discuss the weird and wonderful mysteries of the psychic world. And of course we can chat about my favourite topic: Tarot, it would be rude not to 🤩

This takes place at midnight BST / 7pm EST
on Instagram

You can catch the replay at Out There with Valient Himself] channel tomorrow if we are not in a suitable timezone ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Excited ⭐️


Check out my story ‘A-List Angels’ in June edition of Soul & Spirit mag ⭐️

Also featured is angel expert @stewartpearcethevoice

@soulandspiritmag @mslisaappleton @esterdee @lauren_simon_835 @faye_brookes

Psychic Tarot Reading 22-28th May 22/05/2022

Psychic Tarot Reading 22-28th May

You’re week ahead Psychic Tarot guidance plus one card for each of the star signs 🥰

Psychic Tarot Reading 22-28th May Claire Stone, Psychic Sunday 😍Your weekly collective reading plus one card for each of the star signs


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Unlock the wisdom that resides within your Soul.

What is the meaning of life? Why are you here? My mission is to help you to access your own wisdom and to align with your true calling, your destiny. When you are in tune with your body, your intuition, when you take the time out to listen to the whispers of your soul you find the most incredible treasures; Peace, Purpose and Wisdom.

The Golden Age brings us the return of the Divine Feminine, as we reclaim our lost spiritual heritage we relearn the old ways of being; the slower non competitive way of love that grants us the gift of living our lives in a state of harmony. With spiritual understanding, by walking the path of self discovery you can achieve your highest, happiest version of you.

I offer psychic guidance through the use of Tarot cards in conjunction with communicating with your guardian angel. And I host events.

Work with me; Please see my website for workshops, retreats and online rituals.

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I choose to let go of worry and fear My angels support me,  Are always near, I choose peace and love as my reality today...


Online Angel Courses. Angel Membership. Getting to Know your Guardian Angel Challenge. Angel Communication. Angelic Priestess


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