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Sabai Nun UK has been designed to provide a range of Thai therapies, relaxation, revival and renewal for your body and mind after a hectic days.

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Sabai Nun UK updated their information in their About section. 31/03/2022

Sabai Nun UK updated their information in their About section.

Sabai Nun UK updated their information in their About section.


Why do we need a good stretching?
What stretching and flexibility does for your body ?
While stretching is a movement we certainly can perform at home, it’s becoming increasingly popular in the fitness space, not only on class schedules at big box gyms, but with boutique studios dedicated solely to stretching. Here are a few of the other benefits that can be reaped from a consistent stretching routine:
It helps muscles heal: Perhaps the most recognized benefit of stretching and most commonly applied use is as a recovery after strenuous exercise. One of the main benefits of stretching is realigning tissue within the muscle and connective tendons. During physical activity, fibres can often become disorganized and stressed. During strenuous activity muscle fibres can become overly contracted. If not properly stretched and smoothed, the fibres can be more prone to pulls, tears and a shortening of their range of motion. That’s where a good full body static stretch routine performed while the body is still warm from your cool down can be most beneficial, because your muscles are most receptive at that point.
It prevents everyday aches and pains: When you start to notice minor aches and discomfort or limited movement in certain muscles, you may brush it off as normal tension that results from sitting at a desk, carrying a heavy load of groceries or pushing through a tough workout. If the muscle tension is resolved, the aches tend to diminish or go away and the muscles are returned to normal function. However, if the tension in the muscle is not resolved, the muscle tends to ‘guard’ by tightening, which may continue to limit mobility and flexibility, and the body may continue to experience some level of aches or pains.
Stretching, if done correctly, is one of the simplest forms of body maintenance, which almost anyone can do on their own. I have many clients who had a lot of joint pain and overuse injuries. Joint pain can often be attributed to tight muscles. Stretching is one of the most effective ways to loosen those tight muscles and leaving you better prepared to perform everyday physical activities. Stretching it can help your de-stress, the best when you are taking deep breaths and really feeling and listening to your body while stretching, Yes, it works almost as a form of meditation.
If you fall into one of these categories, it may be time to start scheduling stretch sessions into your weekly routine: Sitting a lot - People leading more sedentary lives benefit greatly from stretching. Specifically, when it comes to their hamstrings and lower back. If you stand a lot - These are the people who spend a lot of time standing, which causes a lot of issues with the lower back, hips and calves.” Schedule a stretch session 2-3 times a week. “Stretching is no different to any other form of exercise," If you want to improve your flexibility and range of motion on a permanent. Long term basis you need at least two to three (30 to 60 minute) dedicated stretching sessions a week.”
A Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is another way to stretching.

Sabai Nun UK updated their business hours. 27/03/2022

Sabai Nun UK updated their business hours.

Sabai Nun UK updated their business hours.

Sabai Nun UK updated their phone number. 27/03/2022

Sabai Nun UK updated their phone number.

Sabai Nun UK updated their phone number.

Welcome to Sabai Sabai Traditional Thai Therapy - Warrington 12/01/2022

Welcome to Sabai Sabai Traditional Thai Therapy - Warrington

Welcome to Sabai Sabai Traditional Thai Therapy - Warrington Visit for more!


Upper Back Pain
The upper back is the region below neck, the cervical spine and above lumbar spine and it’s called the thoracic spine, and it is the most stable part of the spine. The range of motion in the upper back is limited because of the spine’s attachments to the ribs cage. It carries the weight of your upper body.
The spine itself shares some of the physical load with nearby muscles, some of which include:
• Trapezius:
• Latissimus dorsi:
• Rhomboids: Adjacent to trapezius,
Caused of upper back pain:
• Upper back pain is often caused by having poor posture for a long time.
• an accident or sudden injury such as whiplash or a sports injury
• straining a muscle or ligament your back
• lack of strength in the muscles of your back or not doing much exercise
• Sitting at the computer desk for long periods of time
• carrying a back pack
• repetitive movements causing overuse injury
Three stages of Upper back pain
1. First, there’s mild: slight pain that’s easy to ignore when it comes to the upper back.
2. Then there’s medium/moderate: You’re feeling it, but usually only if you take a deep breath or sneeze or move too quickly.
3. Finally, the equivalent to pain so intense you feel the burn from doing the simplest daily tasks, or even nothing at all.

Relieving the Pain Upper back
Rest and activity modification. If the pain gets worse with certain movements or activities, such as doing household chores or participating in hobbies, a short rest period of a day or two may help. After an initial rest period, trying to become active again is advised. Resting for too long can cause muscles in the back to become weaker, which could lead to more pain.
Ice and/or heat therapy. Ice may be applied to reduce swelling within the first couple days of the pain starting, and heat is typically recommended after the first 48 hours.
Over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Various pain medications are available at stores check with pharmacist for purchase without a doctor’s prescription.
Massage. Many people find that a massage can provide relief from back pain. Even if the effects are temporary, a good massage can help loosen tight muscles and get more blood flowing to the painful area. For a greater massage benefit, seeking out a professional therapist.
Try a traditional holistic massage treatment to relieving the upper back pain, please visit my website and booking online through my website. Hope to see you soon..

It's now easier to send Sabai Nun UK a message. 30/10/2021

It's now easier to send Sabai Nun UK a message.

It's now easier to send Sabai Nun UK a message.

Photos from Kemp and Collins Hairdressing & Beauty's post 17/08/2021

Photos from Kemp and Collins Hairdressing & Beauty's post

Photos from Thai Herbal Tea- by Madi Peach's post 17/08/2021

Photos from Thai Herbal Tea- by Madi Peach's post

Photos from Sabai Nun UK's post 08/07/2021

How’s your circulation?
Signs of impaired circulation: swollen, heavy legs and feet, swollen veins and arteries, restless legs and feet, split, weeping skin and pelvic pain or discomfort.
Sedentary jobs – sitting or standing without much movement, for hours isn’t great for your circulation. Your leg muscles weaken, which could even cause a clot.
Our entire body holds about 60,000 miles of blood vessels (amazing!!) to supply blood to and from your heart and other muscles. Every cell in your body needs to get oxygen and nutrients from blood and then excrete waste back into the blood.
Poor circulation and a build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries restricts blood supply to leg muscles which leads to many health issues such as cold or numb hands or feet, dry skin, brittle nails, hair falling out and some men may have trouble getting or keeping an erection. Don’t mistake this as just part of growing older.
A professional massage facilitates circulation improving blood supply to congested areas, flushing lactic acid and other toxins from your muscles and allows new blood to flow in providing great relaxation and relief from stress. With this therapy, most clients may experience an improvement from those symptoms.
Ways to improve your circulation:
1. Try the leg-up-the wall yoga pose. It is an easy way to send
your blood up to your heart.
2. Drink lots of water
3. Drink green tea
4. Cut back on alcohol consumption
5. Control your weight, eating a healthy diet
6. Get sufficient sleep
7. Exercises to get your blood pumping such as walking.
8. Meditation
9. Yoga
Sabai Sabai Traditional Thai Therapy is a practice which provides ancient Eastern massage therapy. I aim to be part of my client’s recovery to achieve a better quality of life as your pain dissolves. After an assessment, I use one of several techniques which have been popular in Thailand for centuries to provide alternative, holistic therapies to improve your well-being.
For an appointment, Please visit website for availability to suit and booking online through website.

Photos from Thai Herbal Tea- by Madi Peach's post 01/06/2021

Photos from Thai Herbal Tea- by Madi Peach's post

Photos from Sabai Nun UK's post 29/03/2021

For appointments, please visit website for appointment availability to suit and booking online through website

Photos from Sabai Nun UK's post 29/03/2021

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Sabai Sabai!! I hope you are all feeling as upbeat as I am, as we move out of lockdown and back to a high degree of normality. As the trees begin to blossom, a new season of growth will lift our spirits. Let's try to improve our well-being, and if you wish, I will try to help you on this journey. I will try to combine the practices of western physiotherapy with eastern principles of energy flow to make you feel better in body and mind.

April 12th, 2021 - a date to remember! Businesses like mine can operate again. At this moment, I am already booked solid for two weeks from that date. If you would like to make an appointment, please use my online booking system. This will help you and me - it will tell you exactly what is available, and from that you can choose a time and date to suit yourself. Please remember - if the time you want is not available online then phoning me won't help!! I only have one pair of hands (and of course two feet and a bag of hammers!!! 😁😀😁).

I am so looking forward to using my skills again. This is my purpose in life.

My regards to you all,


Photos from Thai Herbal Tea- by Madi Peach's post 12/03/2021

Photos from Thai Herbal Tea- by Madi Peach's post

Photos from Thai Herbal Tea- by Madi Peach's post 12/03/2021

Photos from Thai Herbal Tea- by Madi Peach's post

Photos from Sabai Nun UK's post 23/02/2021

Dear clients,

Finally! Some good news! I will be returning to normal work routine on 14th April. I have reserved the first two days for those clients who had paid for appointments which had to be cancelled. Please refer to my website for availability and book online.

I am very excited about this. I have used my imposed spare time to study improved techniques and I look forward to the challenge of improving your wellbeing.

Kind regards,

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