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Top fan _Yippee-ki-yay
Here’s my entry for this months competition!!! Please excuse the look of insanity on my face but I was just a bit excited to be on The Iron Throne!! (I am also very limited with my skills but I tried!!😜)
... even in Hungary 😊❤️🖤
Be back on Tuesday! 💪🏻😊
I’ve run 5 miles in less than 45 minutes this morning - haven’t been this fast since a loooong long time. Those animal exercises are paying off 😉👊🏻
Still working on my handstands Phil, there getting better!!!
Easter Antics. 🐣
March challenge

We offer total body improvement using a proven system we have designed over years of training! We focus on athleticism, movement and aesthetics.

At BODYPROJECT we believe that every individual can be fit, strong and athletic. I have been on a quest to make my vision a reality through calisthenics training, mobility and educating people on how to make a lifestyle change. Since becoming a trainer in 2014 I have helped many people surpass their personal expectation of how fit they can become, breaking the stigma that weight training is the on

Operating as usual


Summer colours are in!
Any colour t shirt and any colour text just £20
Next order is in 2 weeks so if you want to cop 1 get in touch.


⚠️ring muscleup workshop⚠️

Saturday 23rd April

This comprehensive workshop will cover all the pro tips and tricks to get you blasting out ring muscle ups!

Spaces are limited so get in touch to book.


Crucial to show your happy face when nailing a goal! 🤣
Well done craney!


Together we stand divided we fall.
A sense of community is often overlooked as a pillar of physical and mental health. Being around likeminded positive people makes us feel happy and connected. I’m proud of our community and the great people that make it what it is. I hope to see it continue to grow so we can reach more people with this amazing sport and show people how much strength they really have both physically and mentally.

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Thanks @lululemon for the t shirt! Pretty comfy and breezy and I like the colour too!
Here’s a couple of shapes from today.



I will be running a ring muscle up workshop on Saturday 23rd April 11:30-13:00

Covering all aspects of this skill just £20


Congratulations to @stretfordbecks on getting another goal ticked off. Man’s on fire!


Starting is the hardest part. Once you’ve made that first step it’s on!

Join our fantastic community and get strong, mobile, happy and healthy. You deserve all this and we can help you get it!


Congratulations to last months challenge champion Michelle. 💪🏼


You’d be surprised what your capable of when you’re consistent and accountable!
Join our community and together we can get strong, have fun and learn some cool skills.


This Saturday……

Muscle up workshop 11:30-13:00 just £20 pp

We will cover techniques, exercises and how to program the training to get you popping over the bar!

I have 4 spaces left for this but they won’t be available long so get in touch to book! ✌🏼


Gaining more control over your own body is an amazing feeling. Although it may not be easy it is very simple…..
🔴Train hard but not to complete exhaustion
🔴eat whole foods (not just chicken and broccoli)
🔴get a good restful nights kip
🔴remain consistent and be patient
If you follow these points I’m confident that anybody can excel in their calisthenics training!


The banded standing ab roll is a favourite of ours for intermediate level trainers who can rock the knee ab rolls all day but struggle with the full fat standing ab roll.
You can use different resistance bands to fine tune this exercise to your current ability and then progress from there.
Happy training✌🏼💪🏼


Jumping muscle up
Fantastic movement to strengthen yourself up for the full muscle up. The higher the bar the harder it is and be sure to do that negative nice and slow!
Thanks Lewis for the demonstration!
Happy training ✌🏼


Pelican press-ups / pelican curl
Incredible exercise for the biceps especially the tendons and ligaments surrounding the elbow.
To progress this move simply move the feet further back so your body is more horizontal.
Happy training ✌🏼


Men of Warrington……
Want to get in shape? We have the formula that’s guaranteed to whip you up for summer.
Calisthenics classes
Personal training
Dietary advice
Mindfulness practices
And much more.

Photos from Body project's post 26/02/2022

Thank you to @supergongspa for a fantastic gong bath at our gym.
If you would like to try some healing vibes then dm me and I’ll let you know when our next gong bath is going ahead.
Such a lovely experience and both mentally and physically relaxing.


Get up and move! Everything else will fall into place once you take that first step.


I will be running a bar muscle up workshop on Saturday 19th of March.
We will cover all the techniques, strengthening exercises, mobility drills and how to program them into your training schedule.
If you want to achieve a clean muscle up with no kipping or chicken winging safely and effectively then you don’t want to miss this!


You can make great gains with press-ups but you do need to take a few things into consideration…..
Pick a progression that is challenging for 6-12 reps. Doing sets of 40+ is great for endurance but certainly not optimal to build muscle. Much like doing high reps with a light weight on bench press isn’t the best for muscle building.
Form is everything….go all the way to the floor, lockout at the top, keep a posterior pelvic tilt and protracted shoulders.
Do slower reps! While fast explosive reps certainly have their place you are better of doing slow controlled reps if muscle building is the goal.
Don’t underestimate the humble press-up. It is limitless in its potential for progression and it works so much of the upper body in a safe and effective way.


Some clips from last weeks handstand class.
Yes we work on handstands but it’s also a lot of shoulder and core strengthening exercises as well as mobility and alignment drills which benefit newbies and athletes no end.
Try something new. We have a wide array of classes all available to book via our website (link in bio)


Lifting weights is not the only way to get in tip top shape nor is hours of cardio. To be honest unless your goal is bodybuilding or powerlifting then lifting weights is sub par to calisthenics. Now I’m not saying lifting weights or cardio are a waste of time but they certainly don’t cover all bases when it comes to health, fitness and mobility.
If you can move your own weight well it will literally improve your performance in EVERY other athletic endeavour.
If you are skeletal about body weight training all I can say is try it for 6 weeks and see how you move, feel and perform.


Great to see so many of our members getting stronger and moving better!
Be consistent, make the effort and have faith in the process and you will succeed.


Take a mindful approach to your strength training and connect with your body.
We are all so capable of amazing things it just takes a little practice and discipline.
Some great sessions coming up this week so get your spaces booked and come play.

Our Story

At BODYPROJECT we believe that every individual can be fit, strong and athletic. There has never been more people trying to live a healthy life and get into some kind of fitness regime.

Although the intention is often there for a lot of people, including myself, lifting weights or hours of slow state cardio does not really excite us. We offer a serious alternative to the run of the mill gym training using a type or training called calisthenics..... cali-then-ics. yes its a mouthful I know, however this basically means bodyweight training.

When you use your own bodyweight to train you get many benefits over the standard gym training, mostly due to the fact that your body is designed to move itself in a variety of ways and training like this will give you real world strength that will make day to day life easier and more efficient. bodyweight training uses your body as a whole and so is a great way to burn fat and build muscle in a natural and balanced way. As well as this imagine that your workout was a practice and your exercises where tricks, thats how it is with calisthenics!

At BODYPROJECT we have a diverse mix of abilities and really do cater for all levels with a great variety of classes and personal training packages! If you are serious about getting started in your fitness journey or just changing your training focus to calisthenics then we can help you achieve your full potential in a supportive and progressive way.

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