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Top fan _Yippee-ki-yay
Here’s my entry for this months competition!!! Please excuse the look of insanity on my face but I was just a bit excited to be on The Iron Throne!! (I am also very limited with my skills but I tried!!😜)
... even in Hungary 😊❤️🖤
Be back on Tuesday! 💪🏻😊
I’ve run 5 miles in less than 45 minutes this morning - haven’t been this fast since a loooong long time. Those animal exercises are paying off 😉👊🏻
Still working on my handstands Phil, there getting better!!!
Easter Antics. 🐣
March challenge

We offer total body improvement using a proven system we have designed over years of training! We fo

At BODYPROJECT we believe that every individual can be fit, strong and athletic. I have been on a quest to make my vision a reality through calisthenics training, mobility and educating people on how to make a lifestyle change. Since becoming a trainer in 2014 I have helped many people surpass their personal expectation of how fit they can become, breaking the stigma that weight training is the on


Get in for another week of great sessions. Learn how to use your body efficiently and effortlessly with our small, mixed ability, progressive and enjoyable classes.
Link in bio


This Sunday we have Ben down at our gym hosting a calisthenics skills workshop. Ben is a very knowledgeable athlete and coach who specialises in calisthenics skills so if that’s something you’d like to get to grips with do not miss this opportunity!
Please message us to book your space.


Simple methods work best!
The more gimmicks you add the more if muddies the water.


Another beautiful sound healing session from
Sound is a powerful healer and these soundbaths will leave you with a feeling of tranquil bliss. It’s all good pushing ourselves to reach new goals but it’s just as important to get some mental space and have a nice little reset.
As soon as the next date has been confirmed I’ll let you all know ✌️


Did you know that your grip strength is a great indication of your overall health?
It’s also a good indicator of when you need to have a rest or deload. The grip is the first thing to weaken when the body needs to recover so always listen to that sign and act accordingly. Our body will always let us know what it needs when it needs it but it’s up to us to take that onboard.
Classes are filling up for the week ahead so please don’t forget to book your spaces.


Rope climbs are a brutal pulling exercise that will bulletproof your elbows if you don’t over do them.
The also have a really good carry over to pull-ups, front lever and 1 arm pull-ups.
Do you ever do them?


Alternative to weight training?

We believe so!


The best project you will ever work on is you, it will impact every area of your life positively.


Proud to be Warrington first and only calisthenics academy!
We have been helping people get STRONG since 2017.
Have you watched calisthenics and thought that you’d love to learn it and use it as your training regime? Well there’s no better time than now! Let us guide you through the process with are structured, progressive and enjoyable classes.
All abilities are welcome and catered for in a supportive and friendly environment.


Smiles all round.


On Sunday the 30th of July we have Ben down to coach you on the fundamentals of calisthenics skills!
Ben is a great coach and athlete and has a lot of knowledge in regards to strength and skill training!
Spaces are limited and are £35 per person. Msg me or Ben to book a space.


L sits are a fantastic exercise to work on once you’ve got to grips with the basics. They are usually the first cool looking isometric exercise people learn and come with a whole host of benefits including improved compression core and scapula strength.
As always there are many progressions and regressions making the L sit accessible to everyone!


No matter where you’re at with your strength and fitness you can always grow and improve.
The key is choosing the right progressions for YOU. This is your journey and this requires specificity. Comparison with others will always put you on a downer, comparison with yourself will always elevate you to new heights.

Photos from Body project's post 25/04/2023

The community is strong!
Blessed to be around all the fantastic people at the bodyproject gym and seeing them all progress week in, week out!
We have a laugh, we build strength, we support each other and we share a passion for bodyweight training!
Spaces are filling up fast so please make sure you book early to secure your spots on the classes. We still have memberships available but those too are capped and once they’re gone they’re gone.


The most important factor for positive lifestyle change is finding the things that you actually enjoy doing!
If you go to any mainstream gym you’ll see slot of bored looking people going through the motions. If it’s a chore, sooner or later you’ll justify not doing it with an excuse.
There’s something very rewarding about mastering new skills and that feeling will make getting in great shape a joyous and exciting process and if your training is something you look forward to it’s not something you’re going to try and get out off!


Your beliefs shape your experience.
You can learn anything even if it seems a long way off. Belief in yourself is the first step.


Getting stronger makes everything easier! Prioritise balanced strength training and everything else will fall into place!
We run mixed ability classes that WILL get you strong, fit and mobile. Link in bio


Our handstand classes are suitable for most abilities and work on building balance, strength and mobility.
The idea of a handstand class may seem odd but we can promise you it’s a great workout that will build the upper body and core as well as improving your cardio! Why not give it a try and discover the best thing you’re not doing!


If you really want a meaningful outcome you must stop searching for shortcuts!
Instead of trying to find what you can get away with find out what you are actually capable of handling!
The only way to find your limit is to push past it.
Happy training 💪


There’s this idea that unless you can already do calisthenics to a high level you can’t use it to train. I often hear statements like “I’ll go to the gym to get strong first” or “I’m too heavy”
Truth is going to the gym won’t automatically make handing your own bodyweight any easier, in fact chances are unless you know how to program weight training well you’ll quite likely loose mobility and become less able to move your own body. As for being too heavy……tall and muscular people can still perform to a high level so it’s only a mindset that’s holding you back!
Calisthenics is the oldest form of exercise and something that has been fundamental for people to stay healthy, mobile and strong. I’m not saying drop all other types of training, what I am saying is until you can handle your bodyweight basics such as pull-ups, dips, press-ups and squats you really are leaving a lot on the table.


🙏🏼 ** PLEASE READ*** 🙏🏼
As a small business it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete with larger companies regarding advertising, and its getting even harder with Facebook and Instagram as posts are not reaching the intended audience.
I would really appreciate it if our followers,friends and customers could take a minute to help our business.
Only takes seconds but would mean so much!
I would really appreciate it if you could:
⭐️ go to body project
⭐️ Next to the “Follow” option you will see 3 dots ••• click on them
⭐️ Click ‘ALL'
⭐️ Wait 10-15 seconds for the invitations to send.
Thank you!!
I can see those of you who have 🤍
And we do really appreciate it

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So we aren’t even out of January and 2 of our members have already ticked 1 of their goals of the board!
Well done fella’s!
Want a results orientated training style where you’re individual needs are met? A class where you actually get coached and not left in a corner trying to figure out what to do?
Well get involved and let us show you why calisthenics is the best style of training you can do for relative strength, mobility and athletics!
Remember you don’t need to be great to start but you do need to start to be great!


We offer a progressive and skill based approach to fitness using bodyweight training.

make 2023 the year you actually enjoy the process of getting in great shape whilst mastering your bodyweight, getting mobile and pain free and being part of a fantastic community!

sign up today.....


Another year boxed off!
Thank you to our fantastic community for all your support! I feel honoured to be surrounded by such a kind, enthusiastic and fun loving bunch of people.
I’ve seen so much progression in you all this year as well as many new faces and want to wish you all a prosperous and abundant 2023!
Much love


Great vibes this morning!
The goal board is awaiting your 3 main training goals for 2023 so have a think of what these are. The goal board helps me create sessions that will build you up to achieve your goals!


Another great day of progression, new faces and good vibes!

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Due to the popularity of our teens sessions we are adding 3 more from January.
From January the teens session will run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:45pm.
This session will still be available as pay as you go however we will also offer 2 tiers of memberships which will work out cheaper.
If you are or know someone who is 12-17 that wants to build superhuman strength, make new friends and generally be a badass then this session is for you!


Are you seeing the results you want?
Bored of those same old gym sessions?
Monday: chest
Tuesday: back………
It doesn’t need to be that way!
Training calisthenics is a complete training system using only your bodyweight as resistance. Not only will you build a well balanced athletic physique but also get more excited about keeping fit making it a pleasure not a chore.


Why wait for new year?
Seriously why wait to do what you know you need to do? Get started on building a healthier life now then by January you will already have a head start and some good habits.
Yea ok you’ll most likely slip over Xmas but we all do that doesn’t mean December as a whole has to go under the bus.


Shoutout to our October photo challenge winner


This Sunday we will be holding another sound healing session ran by
This session is deeply relaxing and gives us time away from our busy minds. There are still some spaces available on our booking system (link in bio) so if you fancy giving this brilliant experience a go you will need to book a space.


Mindset is everything! Don’t write yourself off before you even try.
Too old
Too busy
These are just excuses and whilst they may sound good to you I can guarantee there is someone older, busier and less physically able who gets in and moves forward.
You will only get older and busier so prioritise your health and make a conscious effort to get to where you’d love to be.


How well you can move has a big impact on your quality of life.
Learn to master your bodyweight whilst getting in great shape and learning some cool new skills with us!
Try 8, 12 or 20 classes in a month with no contract or joining fee. Link in bio


If it scares you then it’s probably just what you need.
Train without limits with calisthenics. Classes Monday-Saturday catered for ALL abilities.

Photos from Body project's post 01/11/2022

A few more entries for last months challenge!
The winner will be announced this week

Photos from Body project's post 23/10/2022

A few more submissions for challenge of the month. You have 1 more week to get your pictures of you doing cali in a random place. Best 1 gets a hoody!

Photos from Body project's post 01/10/2022

What’s the secret?
Consistency, determination, and self belief.
You owe it to yourself to stay healthy! There are many ways to do it so find a way that gets you excited and motivated and you’re half way there!
Master your bodyweight and unlock the bodies real potential with us. You won’t regret it.


Ok so we are rolling this 1 into October now. Get a pic or video of you doing calisthenics out of the gym and tag us in it on Instagram or dm me the pic.
Funniest, most inventive 1 wins a hoody!……GO

Photos from Body project's post 23/09/2022

Calisthenics will get you in shape.
But here’s the thing, that is just a nice little by product! You will get a new found strength and confidence from bodyweight training as well as a strong mind body connection which I believe is unrivalled by other types of training.
Calisthenics is also extremely scalable meaning everyone can start it and benefit massively.
Let us show you how to get the body you want using the body you’ve got!

Photos from Body project's post 16/09/2022

Shoutout to Andy for getting a goal boxed off!
Last December Andy barely scraped 2 pull-ups, today he did 11! Super proud of him and the effort he’s made this year despite working long hours and missing sleep he’s got in and smashed it.
I’m motivated by everyone in the bodyproject community. Together we grow and overcome.

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Our Story

At BODYPROJECT we believe that every individual can be fit, strong and athletic. There has never been more people trying to live a healthy life and get into some kind of fitness regime.

Although the intention is often there for a lot of people, including myself, lifting weights or hours of slow state cardio does not really excite us. We offer a serious alternative to the run of the mill gym training using a type or training called calisthenics..... cali-then-ics. yes its a mouthful I know, however this basically means bodyweight training.

When you use your own bodyweight to train you get many benefits over the standard gym training, mostly due to the fact that your body is designed to move itself in a variety of ways and training like this will give you real world strength that will make day to day life easier and more efficient. bodyweight training uses your body as a whole and so is a great way to burn fat and build muscle in a natural and balanced way. As well as this imagine that your workout was a practice and your exercises where tricks, thats how it is with calisthenics!

At BODYPROJECT we have a diverse mix of abilities and really do cater for all levels with a great variety of classes and personal training packages! If you are serious about getting started in your fitness journey or just changing your training focus to calisthenics then we can help you achieve your full potential in a supportive and progressive way.

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Starting something new can feel intimidating.  At bodyproject we have got you every step of the way wether you are a new...
Cheeky little pb on the weighted muscle ups
Slow progress is still progress!Appreciate the little wins, accept the days that aren’t great and be consistent. Done
⚠️ring muscleup workshop⚠️Saturday 23rd April11:30-13:00£20ppThis comprehensive workshop will cover all the pro tips and...
⚠️WORKSHOP⚠️I will be running a ring muscle up workshop on Saturday 23rd April 11:30-13:00Covering all aspects of this s...
You’d be surprised what your capable of when you’re consistent and accountable!.Join our community and together we can g...
This Saturday……Muscle up workshop 11:30-13:00 just £20 ppWe will cover techniques, exercises and how to program the trai...
Gaining more control over your own body is an amazing feeling.  Although it may not be easy it is very simple…..🔴Train h...
The banded standing ab roll is a favourite of ours for intermediate level trainers who can rock the knee ab rolls all da...
Jumping muscle up .Fantastic movement to strengthen yourself up for the full muscle up.  The higher the bar the harder i...
Pelican press-ups / pelican curl.Incredible exercise for the biceps especially the tendons and ligaments surrounding the...
Get up and move!  Everything else will fall into place once you take that first step..#calisthenics #fitness #workout #r...




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