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Hope I didn’t frighten the life out of you when I tooted my horn in Glazebury this afternoon Charlie.
A lovely day for a run.
Nice to bump into you today at ogwen cottage! Hope you had a nice day 😊
Hey Charlie, you recommended a Prezl head torch recently.. I can’t seem to find the link. Could you point me in the right direction. Cheers 😀
Thanks for this morning's foam rolling live session - the first live session / video of yours I've watched. I found it really useful. I'm looking forward to catching up on your stretching session next.
Today taught me a lot - particularly that my left glute is much more sore than the right and I need to work out why.
I can see rolling and stretching being added to my New Year resolutions for 2018. Thanks again.
Latest video just uploaded! Some great footage from the technical trails of Croatia

Charlie helps runners get faster, stronger, feel more confident and perform better in races, both in Charlie helps busy runners all over the UK who want to dramatically improve their speed, strength, confidence and energy levels allowing to perform better in their next ultra races.


Training going well this year though I've not raced an ultra yet... (I've done the same training as if the races were on, a few 30 mile and plenty of 20 plus runs in training and back to backs etc)

I wanted to get out for a decent length so entered the virtual G2E from GB Ultras 50 miler. It seems the legs haven't forgotten what to do anyway. Relaxed pace fairly flat and a mix of trails and road, I've run quicker than 6 hours and a few low 6 hour 50 milers before. To me it wouldn't 'count' if I ran a pb in a training run or virtual race so aimed at 6.30 😎

Whilst there are plenty of conveniences to running an ultra on your own I'll wait for a race before I'm pushing for times.


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Would you stay here? 03/06/2020

GB Ultras Virtual Race Series

Anyone fancy a virtual race ? 😎🏃🏽‍♂️ We've taken our 2020 races and made them virtual, plus we've added new distances and a new event JOGLE, check out the page for more details! 16/05/2020

From total beginner to ultra runner and coach

😎 Life as a sponsored athlete can sometimes be quite stressful, with the pressure to perform. Charlie is his own man who has been running and coaching for 9 years, he runs for fun and uses races to e…


Let's see your running shoe pile 🧐
Got to be some impressive ones about


Funny to look at whilst you're nice and snug in your lounge this evening but remember your compulsory kit in races and consider taking a bit more perhaps too. That's usually the bare minimum not necessarily everything you'll ever need... Especially winter time in the hills (or summer too if you're in the UK 😂)


Warrington Way 40 mile 2019 race report

Warrington Way 40 mile race report 2019.


2015. 1st ever Warrington Way 40 mile by Lymm Runners. 4 hours 51 mins.

Tomorrow it's my 3rd running (1st in 2018 with 4hr 53 mins)

Conditions on the ground are the wettest I've had so whilst feeling fitter not sure I'll get below that CR this time. Let's see.... 29/10/2019

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How to deal with a blister?


How to deal with a blister?

12/10/2019 07/10/2019

Eliud Kipchoge all set to fly to Vienna and take on the INEOS 1:59 Challenge

What do you think?
Will we see the first sub 2 hour marathon this weekend? The decision has been made for Eliud Kipchoge to fly to Vienna tonight with the Challenge window shortening to 12th - 14th October.


How to use your phone to follow routes like a GPS for free.

A quick thought, this will drain your phone battery so if you intend to use a GPS for a long event I'd recommend the Garmin Etrex which I've been using since 2014. This app is great if you can easily charge your phone as you are moving or if you are only needing it occasionally as a backup to your map reading skills which I'm sure you already have, right? Ok...

1. Open Google Play where you download apps for your phone.

2. Search "viewranger" and click on it.

3. Click install

4. Wait a little while for it to download and then click open

5. No image... go to the race website or race instructions and find the "GPX" file with the correct race route and download it to your device.

6. Go back to Viewranger and click the 3 dots on the top right hand side to bring up the menu

7. Scroll down and click "import/ export"

8. Select "Import externally"

9. Select the file you just downloaded from the race website it will usually end in ".gpx"

10. On the box that pops up asking to confirm select "yes" and then on the second box "close"

11. Now click the 2nd icon from the left at the top of the page it looks like a folded map

12. Your route will appear (you might have to scroll to the correct area to see the route if you are not already at the race area.

13. You can tap the line showing your route to edit the colour and name etc.

14. Select "edit" then "properties" and ensure the tick box next to 'visible' is ticked then press ok and you're back on the map.

15. To zoom to your current location press the circle in the lower middle of the screen that looks like a cross hair. Use + or - to zoom in and out. It might take a few seconds to find you

16. The arrow showing your position will rotate and move as you do.

Enjoy. And if you still get lost... Take some responsibility 😂


DNF 'awards' .... What do you think? Harsh or great?
Do we know anyone who's done this race?


A run through of the first 8 miles of Warrington Way 40 mile trail ultramarathon


I won my first race!
This day in 2011
Peaks 40 mile ultra. 70 mile bike ride to get there the day before and to get home straight afterwards if I remember right.
Whilst I'd been training regular and with good structure for just under 1 year, having done some occasional but very inconsistent running the year before in 2010.

This was the first race I'd really planned anything before the race. I went on to win 3 races quite soon after on my way to an 18 hour xx 100 mile run time (in the mountains in Spain and taking almost 9 hours off my first 100 mile time 4 months earlier.

Remember nobody is born running and if you keep at something consistently, ditch the excuses, prioritise certain tasks and you'll achieve beyond what you could ever imagine. (If someone told me that in 2010 I wouldn't have believed them either)

Anyway... Would you find it useful if I shared how I plan my races and what I learned to make it happen?
Send me a message with what you're struggling with and let me know your questions


Tomorrow is a new week. Take it as a fresh start if you need it.
What is 1 thing you can do starting this week to help your training?

For me I'm going to schedule some of my easy runs first thing in a morning rather than waiting until later in the day. I just feel better having run early in the day and it saves waiting until after eating for example. Some days it fits better to run later in the day eg if I'm running somewhere or doing a speed training session.

What's yours? 05/08/2019

Jahorina Ultra Trail BILTEN

The race journal from Jahorina Ultra Trail. I've a short article in there with some tips and advice for running when it's hot (not that we really need these tips in the UK ;) ) Bilten Jahorina Ultra Traila je prva bh publikacija o trail trčanju pripremljena i objavljena povodom jubilarnog izdanja JUT-a koje je održano 26-28.07.2019. godine. Tom prilikom, bilten je štampan u tiražu od 1000 komada te distribuisan učesnicima trke a zamišljeno je da se dalje distribuiše...


Going to be a new area for me to adventure through on Saturday. I've been on the Taff trail and nearby during the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race but not along the Beacons way before.... See you on the other side

ONLY 1 Day to Go!
100 Miles Across the Brecon Beacons National Park... Follow the Race Live from 6am Saturday!

#Ultramarathon #GBUltras #BeaconsWay #Wales 09/07/2019

LK Yoga Virasana Yoga Mat 6mm Thick, Non Slip, Premium TPE, Eco Friendly Carry Strap Included (Blue/Blue)

Anybody looking for a new mat to practice their fancy stretching on?

I've worked with LK Yoga almost a year to help create a high quality, environment friendly and wallet friendly mat for all you running yogis. 😂😏

Drop a message to LK Yoga for the special offer to celebrate the launch 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ The Virasana (Hero) mat offers a closed cell design, which prevents the ingress of sweat, bacteria and dirt making it easy to keep your mat clean and hygienic. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a high density material which will provide you with additional comfort and joint protection during pract...

[07/03/19]   Six tips for running when it heats up. Whilst what we each feel is 'hot' can be different I've done various races where temps have been 30°C + and even 40°C+ in varying levels of humidity. Training in Thailand 36 degrees but incredible humidity felt the toughest even compared to 40 plus days that felt like a dry heat
0. Avoid the hottest part of the day if possible. Instead of dealing with the challenge you might be able to just avoid it completely if not... read on. ...
1. Keep the effort level correct for the run you're doing, that might mean slowing down slightly from your normal pace.
2. Nail the basics like ensuring you're well hydrated, whilst this is one of the most simple and basic things for your health many people could do better here.
3. Either splash water over yourself or take a dip mid run. Try and avoid tipping water in your shoes and be wary of doing this near the top of a big climb where you might suddenly started getting exposed to wind that could chill you down rapidly. Obviously keep safe around water too.
4. You could wet your cap, buff or vest and wear it across your neck and shoulders which spend a lot of time in the sun.
5. Layer up. You might feel cooler especially when out in the sun for long periods If you can get a lightweight long sleeve. Best with a long sleeve technical shirt than a baselayer type job as they get very warm. Equally a hat with a peak is ideal although those with the extra fabric at the back to keep the sun off your neck can be good if it's very intense or you're out for a long time.
Enjoy your ability to run and remember only a few short months it'll be too cold or too dark to run if you want it to be ;)

Jahorina Ultra Trail Beacons Way Ultra 100 Ultra Trail Wales


The Race

Some morning inspiration for anyone who needs it 😎

Heather Dorniden of the University of Minnesota races the 600m at the Big 10 Indoor Track Championships. She reminds what a race really is about. What life i...


Had a great trip out to Ultra Skyrunning Madeira last month.

Really good concentration of unique trails to play on.

Comparing to some of the Spanish islands like the Canaries I think Tenerife is probably my favourite all round with a high point well over 3000m. Look out for the Maratón de Tenerife or Tenerife Bluetrail for a race across the island.

Lanzarote and Fuertaventura a little bit flatter but still some decent climbs in Haria Extreme and the new 'Half MDS' Haria Extreme Lanzarote and Half Marathon Des Sables Fuerteventura

Gran Canaria and La Palma famous for the Transgrancanaria and Transvulcania, isla de La Palma have some great trails and high peaks. The other Canary islands like La Gomera and El Hierro I haven't been to yet but are a little more difficult to get to and have equally beautiful trails I hear

You also have the Balearic Islands which are easily accessible and have plenty of great trails. Particularly Mallorca 5000 Skyrunning and 3 días trail Ultra Ibiza - CxM Ibiza . I did quite a bit of the Mallorca route in November and there's plenty of rocky trails to be had.

Have you any favourites? Been to them all? Let me know your recommendations below


What else should be banned in ultra races? Apart from wimp rods of course


Ultra Scotland

Check out that buckle for the 100 miler 😍

Ultra Scotland®
50 & 100 Mile Ultra-marathon on one of Scotland's Great trails!


When your finish line is replaced with photographers...

The power of training cycles....
A training plan should include various cycles.

Your plan might start 1 year away from the goal like mine did in this case.

The 1 year block is a MACROCYCLE which further breaks down into MESOCYCLES of a period of months which again break down into MICROCYCLES that could be 1 month for example.

Within the MICROCYCLE are your individual sessions.

The benefits of a periodised training plan mean that you can tune your training around a specific event, give your body a variety of training stimuli and essentially break the goal down into smaller manageable chunks

Had a great experience out in Italy for the Magredi Mountain Trail 100 mile. This shot was 2014 where I won after taking the lead around 40 miles in.


[05/14/19]   Good Morning!

Here is my mini video series for foam rolling.
What to do and how to do it.

Foam Rolling Beginner Video:
Foam Rolling Lower Leg:
Foam Rolling Upper Leg:


The Runners Hub Excalibur Marathon Today. Ran a comfortable pace (about 1 min per mile slower than my best time there). Great to see so many friendly faces and take part in the event again after missing last year.

Here's my collection of 1st trophies out of 4 times (came 2nd in 2017 too) I love the Dragon from 2013!


How to finish quicker and stronger in your next ultra race

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