Warrington Pregnancy Yoga & Hypnobirthing

Pregnancy & birth support through weekly pregnancy yoga classes in Stockton Heath, Warrington. Pregnancy yoga in Warrington.

Suitable for women from 14weeks of pregnancy to birth. Classes cover breathing, yogic movement and relaxation. Classes across south Warrington at times to suit you. A perfect time to bond with baby and to meet other mums. A chance to take time out each week to concentrate on you, your baby and your body. For class times see the website or page or contact [email protected]


Baby yoga and massage classes start this week in Tyldesley, Worsley and Stockton Heath.

Book here www.peaceatlastyoga.co.uk/book-online

Baby massage is suitable from as soon as you feel comfortable leaving the house until babies are pre-crawling.

Baby yoga is from your 6-8week check (or at least 10 weeks post C-section) until babies are pre-walking*. *New Tyldesley class for older, mobile babies available

Classes are chilled, chatty and friendly. They're as much for you as they are your little one 💙

Baby massage includes space to talk, make friends, and learn movements to alleviate wind, colic, constipation, teething pain and more.

Baby yoga is taught by qualified, experienced instructors and includes yoga for baby as well as postnatal-friendly yoga for you. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Both classes are a great way to learn ways to relax (not always easy when you have small people to look after) meet people and make friends.

💙Tuesday 11am baby yoga Tyldesley
💜Tuesday 10am baby yoga Worsley
💙Tuesday 11.15am baby massage Worsley
💜Wednesday 9.45am older babies baby yoga Tyldesley (crawling, sitting, shuffling, walking babies welcome)
💙Wednesday 11am baby massage Tyldesley
💜Thursday 12.45pm baby yoga Stockton Heath
💙Thursday 2pm baby massage Stockton Heath


Timeline photos 06/11/2021

Just a little reminder for anyone who needs it. Enjoy your weekend :)

Kate x
Peace At Last Yoga


Pregnancy yoga classes - Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm at St Thomas Church Hall, Stockton Heath.

New blocks start 6/7th October.

Friendly and welcoming class - get to know other parents-to-be. Book using the links below.

Wednesday - https://www.peaceatlastyoga.co.uk/service-page/warrington-pregnancy-yoga-oct-wednesday?referral=service_list_widget

Thursday - https://www.peaceatlastyoga.co.uk/service-page/warrington-pregnancy-yoga-oct-thursdays?referral=service_list_widget

Warrington Pregnancy Yoga Oct Wednesday | Peace At Last Yoga 26/09/2021

Join us for pregnancy yoga classes at St Thomas' Church Hall, Stockton Heath.

New blocks start next week - Wednesday 6th or Thursday 7th October at 7.30pm.

Book Wednesday: https://www.peaceatlastyoga.co.uk/service-page/warrington-pregnancy-yoga-oct-wednesday?referral=service_list_widget

Book Thursday: https://www.peaceatlastyoga.co.uk/service-page/warrington-pregnancy-yoga-oct-wednesday?referral=service_list_widget

Taught by a qualified postnatal/antenatal yoga teacher to relax and empower you as you navigate pregnancy and prepare for birth, delivery and parenthood.

The class help you manage aches and pains during pregnancy, stretch and strengthen, and prepare for the birth of your baby mentally and physically - whether it's your 1st baby or your 4th.

Suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis.

Warrington Pregnancy Yoga Oct Wednesday | Peace At Last Yoga Pregnancy yoga classes at St Thomas' Church Hall, Stockton Heath Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30pm Taught by a qualified postnatal/antenatal yoga teacher to relax and empower you as you navigate pregnancy and prepare for birth, delivery and parenthood. The class help you manage aches and pains during pregnanc...


Baby massage starts next Thursday at St Thomas' Church Hall, Stockton Heath - still chance to book.

6 week course, including oil, handouts, and a brew.

Lovely, warm, welcoming group that's perfect for new parents and your little ones.

Find out more and book here...


Kate x

Photos from Breastfeeding Together's post 01/09/2021
Pregnancy yoga | Peace At Last Yoga 17/08/2021

Join us at a pregnancy yoga class in Warrington. These sessions are calming and relaxing, helping you manage aches and pains during pregnancy. During a class you'll stretch, strengthen, and prepare for the birth of your baby.

Classes include breathwork and yoga poses and are suitable for pregnancy for the second and third trimester.

Book online: https://www.peaceatlastyoga.co.uk/pregnancy-yoga

Pregnancy yoga | Peace At Last Yoga Taught by a level 3 qualified postnatal/antenatal yoga teacher, these classes are calming and relaxing. They help you manage aches and pains during pregnancy, stretch and strengthen, and prepare for the birth of your baby.

Pregnancy yoga | Peace At Last Yoga 16/08/2021

Hi! I'm Kate. I've recently taken over the booking side of Warrington Pregnancy Yoga. Classes will continue to be taught by the lovely Seona and the only difference will be booking will now come through my booking system instead.


Please use the above link to join the next block if you'd like to join the class.

Kate xx

Pregnancy yoga | Peace At Last Yoga Taught by a level 3 qualified postnatal/antenatal yoga teacher, these classes are calming and relaxing. They help you manage aches and pains during pregnancy, stretch and strengthen, and prepare for the birth of your baby.

Photos from Warrington Pregnancy Yoga & Hypnobirthing's post 05/07/2021

My little cherub 😍

I often talk about the trials and tribulations of parenting - but loving you is easy 💗

I had no idea love like this was even possible!

Thank you for all that you bring to our life baby boy 🤱


My memories are really giving it some today!

Flash back to the time I had a basket ball up my top! (Not really it was a baby!) Haha

I'm in the process of planning and preparing for a Hypnobirthing workshop - it feels like the right time to start bringing these back!

More details soon 💗🥰

Ok so it looks like I’m just ‘pretending’ to be pregnant and actually just have a basket ball in my top! 😅

Happy 36weeks + 567days to me and baby bump! 💙

Im not entirely sure how we are in our 9th month of pregnancy but wow, blink and it’s almost time to meet my little wonder 💫 - admittedly i actually feel quite proud of this baby bump I’ve spent so many months growing! How magical is pregnancy and birth? 😍

I am beyond excited to meet him, wondering what he’ll look like!

Not only that I’m ready for labour itself - I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into preparing for that moment that I feel ready for it! I am ready to enjoy the labour and see it as part of the whole experience of getting ready to meet my baby 🥰

Over the next few days I’m going to share with you some of the tools and techniques and practicalities of how I’ve taken time to prepare my mind and body for this moment - I’ve been determined to see birth as something to embrace NOT fear and I want to be part of that movement of sharing my positive birth story - whatever it might look like!

So I’ll be sharing;
💫 The relaxation scripts and how they work best
💫 What do we pack in our hospital bag
💫 Birth plan A (most ideal birth id like to happen...but also a back up plan B and C - because sometimes Mother Nature needs to lead the way and take us down a different route (but we can prepare for any eventuality!)
💫 Preparing the space where I’d like to labour (that also has become my relaxation space at home during pregnancy)
💫 Positioning of my posture during pregnancy to support baby into the most ‘ideal position’

What’s on your mind the most about labour and birth?

It’s perfectly natural to feel nervous and apprehensive about this moment - after 9 months of growing your little human and it all bringing you to this moment right now - of course it brings with it a whirlwind of emotions - embrace them! Acknowledge them and don’t be afraid to let them out - whatever happens just remember that your body has been designed to grow and birth a baby!

You have got this Mama 🥰💫💞💙

Photos from Warrington Pregnancy Yoga & Hypnobirthing's post 02/07/2021

Anyone feel a bit like this when they first became a Mum / parent? (See pic 1)

I always felt like I was playing catchup and it took me a long time to find my feet as a Mum - even now I get thrown off balance quite easily!

As time went on and Arlo got that bit older and I could plan a bit more 'me time' I suddenly found i couldn't actually remember who I was before I became a mum!?

Honestly I was blank, what did I do for fun, joy, hobbies, letting off steam before Mum hat got put on?

Well I'm trying my hardest to remember- its getting easier but its something I have had to work at! It didn't help the world closed down so inspiration was low too!

Recently I've been for a mountain bike tour of kirkby lonsdale, paddle boarding on coniston and wild swimming in windermere - oh and next week I'm abseiling down the Liverpool cathedral (since when is that a good idea!?)

Yes I've always loved a bit of random fun and its starting to slowly come back to me - and it feels good!

Abi is still there, buried amongst the chaos, lost confidence, inability to organise my time or find a right balance with everything but she's there and slowly but surely getting stronger

Ps don't get me wrong I love being a mum but will be the first to admit I find it soooooo hard!

Anyone else resonate? Do you wonder if you're still in there? Have you been finding yourself again?


It feels so good to be back up and in full swing with our pregnancy yoga classes!

We have had 2 classes per week completely full for the last term - amazing to bring expectant mums together ❤

Our new term starts this week and we have a couple of spaces available- please message to book

Both classes are at St Thomas's Church Hall in Stockton Heath 7.30-8.30pm on Wednesday and Thursdays

We can't wait to welcome you to class 🙌


All the love for this - Arlo loves being the little spoon as we snuggle up in bed - we started to co-sleep from 8 months old and it was the best decision I ever made - my health was deteriorating fast and I started to question why I was making things so hard for myself trying to mould my parenting to fit how society tells us it should look like- ie. A baby should sleep in their own bed from a certain age (cos you know you'll make a rod for your own back)

Anyways I am so glad we started to do things that aligned to us as people, as parents and how we wanted to raise our baby- to me its the most natural thing on the earth to stay close to those you love - especially at night - it works well for us - Arlo loves his own bed and I love getting in with him when he stirs for the first time in the night - its easy to get him back to sleep and we all feel calm, rested and happy

These years won't last long and I will look back and cherish these baby snuggles so much

Do you ever think about how strange it is that adults sleep next to their partner every night, yet we expect tiny babies and toddlers to sleep alone. Often in their own rooms. If adults are so independent - why do they need to sleep next to a loved one?


A little indulgent treat but its Bank Holiday weekend - anything goes!

Arnside Beach Hut


Have you gone from bump to baby?

Pop along to our baby classes- new term starts next week (no class Monday as Bank Holiday)

New term starts next week for our baby yoga and baby massage classes

No class Monday as its Bank Holiday 🙌

So excited to meet lots of new parents and your little ones 💗


Hello on this wet and wild day!

I think I'm up to date with my messages and have sent the link to book the new term to everyone in our current class and on the waiting list (the new term started this week but we do have a couple of spaces on a Wednesday)

If I have missed anyone or you haven't received it please pop me a message 💗


We have a couple of spaces remaining in our pregnancy yoga class

New in person classes starting this week!

Wednesday 19th May - few spaces remaining

Thursday 20th May - Full

We can't wait to meet you and bump 💗🤰


For anyone who might need this right now 💗

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 21 has been brilliant & we’d like to thank every single one of you for your contributions ❤️❤️ To everyone who has shared their story, fundraised, liked & shared our posts & contributed generally to raise awareness - THANK YOU ❤️🙌🙌🙌

We are so very grateful 🙏Sharing this gorgeous art of important things to remember by Helenetheillustrator 🎨❤️

Thanks also to Perinatal Mental Health Partnership for their epic work in putting the week together 👏👏❤️

The week may be wrapping up, but our work continues, now more than ever after the most trickiest of years, to help ensure every single parent/carer who needs us receives the support they need. We continue with our mission & are so grateful to you all for supporting us. A reminder of our services to those who may need us...

If you don’t feel like you are coping, please know we are here for you.

We exist for you...for all parents...mums AND dads & all carers too. If you are worried about anyone in that position you can also contact us. You are NOT alone.

Our helpline is manned by our lovely trained volunteers who are ready to offer help & support.

The phone line is open between 11am - 10pm. Please don’t hesitate to call

☎️ 0808 1961 776 ☎️

We know sometimes a helpline can feel daunting to call too...if that’s the case you can contact us via email & we will I get back to you within 72 hours, often sooner. Just email
[email protected] & write all your thoughts & feelings.

We also have two wonderful closed peer to peer support groups on Facebook. One for mums (search PANDAS FOUNDATION closed group: Perinatal Mental Illness Advice & Support ) & one for dads too (search PANDAS Dads closed group)

Sending you all SO MUCH LOVE ❤️❤️

Photos from Warrington Pregnancy Yoga & Hypnobirthing's post 09/05/2021

From bump to baby!

Did you know we also have baby massage and baby yoga classes in Stockton Heath

A great way for your new pregnancy yoga friendship group to meet again - with your babies!

Visit for more details.

Pregnancy yoga in person classes start again in May! Yey!

Our Thursday class is full and so now starting a list for an additional Wednesday class starting on 19th May

If you'd like to join us on the Wednesday please message to be added to the booking list 🤗🤗💗

Photos from Warrington Pregnancy Yoga & Hypnobirthing's post 04/05/2021

I tell Arlo I love him a thousand times a day - I want him to always know he is the best thing ever to happen to me

Who knew it was possible to love a little human this much!


Photos from Thriving Families Together - Clare Millar ‘A Mum Mentor’'s post 20/04/2021

Clare Millar The New Parent Coach - Thriving Families.



100% love the science behind reasons to hold, cuddle, connect with your baby - you will not make a rod for your own back- you will meet their every need and therefore help them to become secure, content and happy babies which in turn stays with them into their adult years,

And baby cuddles are the absolute best! We cuddle Arlo and connect in a million different ways from breastfeeding, cuddling, carrying him in a sling, feeding/ rocking/ cuddling to sleep and when he wakes in the night I get in bed with him and stay there until morning- will I ever look back and regret any of this ? Not a chance! Waking up to his beaming face every morning singing wheels on the bus at anytime between 6 - 7am is exactly how I want to start my day!

Do I care if anyone thinks this means Arlo will forever expect it, never grow out of it or manipulate me in any way? Nope! I'm teaching him what love and security feel like and how to be able to love and be content himself- its a no brainer for me,

Parent how nature intended and trust your instincts 💗🥰

The first 1001 days of a baby’s life (approximately the first three years) is a key stage of growth and development, and it is the point at which a child’s brain is shaped most significantly by the environment around them and the experiences they have.

In these first few years, more than a million neural connections form every second, and connections that are used again and again become “sticky”, and pathways begin to develop.

One of the key ways we encourage to help these pathways develop consistently is to hold your baby, and give them the gift of soft touch and cuddles.

The close contact of soft touch (holding, stroking, massage, rocking) is an essential part of building a social brain and a secure attachment (that later encourages confident exploring).

Our human instincts are strong (a baby’s cry tugs at our heartstrings and we feel the urge to gather them up, hold them close and rock gently while murmuring in a soothing way). We are discovering much of the neurochemical science behind this normal, natural behaviour; the chemistry of cuddles. Oxytocin release builds loving connection via multiple pathways. Soft touch has helpful effects on the hypothalamic-pituitary-axis and cortisol production, reducing pain and modulating the stress response via epigenetic changes (the work of Francis McGlone.)

Don’t be afraid to cuddle your baby often; you are helping to build a happy brain. Comments such as “put that baby down, you’re building a rod for your own back” are inaccurate and not based on any scientific evidence. Securely attached children with happy brains are worth building!


Like butter wouldn't melt - such innocence 💗🥰


Flashback to my baby shower - Mum, Bump and Nana (the days when we could socialise and hug!)

Its been so very quiet on here lately - sorry for being a little MIA!

We have lots going on being the scenes as we prepare for restrictions relaxing and what that means for all our classes!

Its been a busy old couple of weeks being back in Schools for children's yoga fun - never been a more important time for our children and young people to be taught the tools to look after their health and wellbeing 💗

Over at - we have in person classes for Baby Massage & Baby Yoga raring up for not one but TWO new start dates - Monday 12th April and Thursday 15th April will see us at St Thomas's Church Hall in Stockton Heath - so very very excited to bring lots of new parents and babies together for massage, yoga, sensory, parent yoga and a good old chin wag!

Here we have our Pregnancy yoga classes starting too - now this is still a little unclear- we plan to start the term on 15th April - but - we have yet to find out for sure if we can stsrt then as part of phase 2 or we need to wait until 17th May (praying for the former we appreciate just how much our pregnant mamas need these sessions!) 🙏🙏

So as busy as it is behind the scenes we are in a bit of a weird limbo place between here and waiting for 12th April- its not far away now but has it been a long time coming?! Yes it has!!!

Desperately need new pictures too I'm really digging dip for oldies now!

Please do stay in touch - let us know how you are- where you are - if you're bumping or babing and everything else in-between!

Lots of love 💘

Warrington pregnancy yoga & Hypnobirthing

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Our Story

I help women enhance their pregnancy and birthing experience through weekly pregnancy yoga classes & monthly hypnobirthing workshops in Warrington, Cheshire.

Contact [email protected] for more details and booking.

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