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Battle ropes session

Really enjoying trying different types of cardio so far this year, especially after tearing my calf running into the freezing sea on New Year’s Day 🤬🙈
Me and the Mrs tried battle ropes this week and loved it, such a great way to build strength, cardio whilst working your stomach muscles. We are definitely going to invest in one of these, which at around £50 is good value


Really enjoyed training with my nephew at the gym. Much prefer this style of functional training in my 50’s ie pull up’s, sledge pushes, push ups etc, it’s going to help me a lot more in my later years than just pure weight training

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Love being able to train outside with consistently good weather here in Spain. It was a rather moody sky but a really nice temperature to exercise.
I’m focusing on my straight arm strength and balance by doing handstand holds against the wall and L sits on my bars which are testing to say the least 🏋🏼🏋️‍♀️

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Great to be back out in Spain again. We love cycling here as the weather makes picking a day to ride much easier than the UK.
First hill climb was a challenge but each week we will get better as with anything repetition will always get you fitter and stronger🏋🏻‍♀️🚵🇪🇸

Mindgiftpersonaltraining updated their website address. 22/08/2021

Mindgiftpersonaltraining updated their website address.

Mindgiftpersonaltraining updated their website address.


40 Minute - No repeat cardio and strength workout

In this our final Lockdown routine we will be doing 30 different exercises, working 45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest. It's 40 minutes long and we will be using light weights/ tins/ whatever you have to give us all a great start to the weekend 🏋🏼


Sorry guys having trouble with the Facebook app going live, should be with you in a few minutes


45 minute Full Body workout- with or without weights


A Toigh 45 minute Cardio/Strength workout to suit most ages/Fitness

45 Minute Cardio and Strength workout to set you up for the weekend


Join us for this tough Tabata style workout with light dumbbells.

45 minute Cardio and strength workout


Join me and Helen for our weekly Facebook Live session tomorrow morning at 9:30am.
We have a 45 minute session with cardio, light weights (tins, water bottles etc), suitable for all ages and fitness.
I will be doing the harder variations and Helen will do a modified session.
Have a great weekend everyone
Paul & Helen 🏋🏼


Full Body 60 minute workout with or without weights

Get ready for this 60 minute Full body workout 🏋🏼


Grab your Dumbells, Tins or water bottles as we are going LIVE in 30 minutes🏋🏼


45 Minute Strength and cardio Live workout


Join me & the Mrs tomorrow at 9:30am Live on here for a great workout to start your weekend.
Or just watch us from the comfort of your own bed and do it later ( that way you’ll know how tough it is or not) 😂🏋🏼💪


Well done to everyone who joined us Live this morning or if your planning on doing the workout later (as the workout is saved on my page)
According to my Garmin I burned 492 calories in 47 minutes, not forgetting this will be a lot more after the workout finished.
I then entered that into MyFitnessPal with my breakfast (generally porridge) see the picture for details.


45 min cardio/ strength workout. With or without weights.


Join us tomorrow(Saturday) at 9:30am for a 40 minute Live workout. As normal I will be doing the harder version of the exercise and Helen will do a modified version to suit all ages and fitness 🏋🏼💪


Killer 40 minute Cardio/ strength and core workout with modified exercises

Cardio / Strength and Core 40 minute workout


Join us LIVE tomorrow morning at 9:30am for a great workout. This routine can be done with or without weights. I will be using some dumbbells but you can use tins, water bottles if you don’t have them. See you in the morning 🏋🏼


40 Minute Cardio/ Bodyweight workout to suit all ages and Fitness

40 minute Cardio/Bodyweight workout to suit all ages and fitness


Hope you can join me and Helen tomorrow morning Live here on Facebook at 9:30am. As I was the BiG 50 on Wednesday, the workout will be based around the number 50.
No equipment needed but have a couple of tins or light weights/ Kettlebells ready 🏋🏼 Suitable for all ages and fitness 🏋🏼


After this morning’s Live workout. I enjoyed a shower and then for breakfast - Mango/strawberry overnight oats prepared by the Mrs, which is super easy to make and healthy but kind of feels like a treat 🏋🏻‍♂️ not forgetting lots of water and 2 strong coffees💪


One of our challenges/ goals this year is to hold a 10 second handstand away from the wall.
Lockdown and the good weather has provided us the opportunity to have a crack at this.
We have a long way to go, but with 4-5 days a week of practice (very tiring) progress is being made. Today was trying to hold a chest to wall handstand for time and managed 41 seconds.
Has anyone else mastered the handstand or can offer any tips?


Thanks to everyone who joined us Live on Facebook this morning for our workout.
My watch said I burned 431 calories with an average heart rate of 156.
This then transferred into the free app MyFitnessPal and I entered my breakfast which was 349 calories.
Tracking my food and exercise works really well for me as I can see if I am losing fat, gaining muscle etc by also doing regular body fat and body part measurements.
During lockdown I’ve been able o lose a little bit of fat, 3lb in weight and increase my body weight strength.
How have you coped with exercise and eating healthy during lockdown and also keeping booze to a minimum ?


Just a thought 🏋🏼😜


30 minute LIVE bodyweight cardio and strength session

Join us for this 30 minute Live workout. Paul will do the harder variation of each exercise and Helen will do a modified version. Suitable for all ages/ fitness. Go at your own pace, form over your EGO please.


Apologies be with you shortly


Thursday April 2nd 11.30am, the live session will be:
“Is your bad language shocking your system?” .......... And it’s not the kind you’re thinking!

What we think and say, changes how we feel emotionally, how our internal cells/physiology responds and how we react physically.
Because your mind and body are intrinsically linked

For those of you asking, who can’t be with us live, you can watch anytime later by simply looking on our page

Until tomorrow : Stay safe and well


Exercise session to help our senior adults stay in shape

It’s great to see so many Personal trainers doing videos with exercises to do at home, including Joe Wicks every morning Monday to Friday (hats off to him)
Whilst there are lots of more intense videos being posted, I thought I would post low intensity exercises for our parents and even grandparents to do.
Many of us know it’s not good for us to be in a seated position for hours on end, as we quickly lose strength which then affects our mobility.
So if you know someone who is stuck indoors and could benefit from these simple but effective excercises, then please share.
It’s been proven that people in their 80,90’s can still increase muscle “use em or lose em”


Thank you to my clients who have all moved their sessions to either Skype/ FaceTime or Facebook messenger.

It’s great that so many people are choosing to exercise and eat healthier during these challenging times.
There are tons of home workouts on YouTube and Joe Wicks has been doing daily sessions for kids which is brilliant.

I’m going to utilise this time to improve my strength and body weight skills, whilst being blessed to be able to workout on our decking on nice days like today. Even if you don’t have much equipment, there are plenty of exercises you don’t need any for.
Stay safe and do all you can to stay fit and healthy. Together we will all get through this🏋🏼🙏


Still keeping up my strength training in Thailand. Amazing to be able to practice my Crow Pose whilst watching the sunset 🌅


I hear many people use age as an excuse to not exercise but as we always say ‘there is always a way’
We went out with our friends yesterday for a bike ride with the oldest being in their 70’s with a knee replacement. They invested in 2 electric bikes to help improve their fitness, but also help give them support on the hills with Helen Clare Jones


Great to be able to do a TRX strength session whilst watching the sunrise this morning 😎
can you spot the Mrs?


Handstand practice is always easier in the pool, oh and in the sun helps as well

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Battle ropes session
40 Minute - No repeat cardio and strength workout
45 minute Full Body workout- with or without weights
A Toigh 45 minute Cardio/Strength workout to suit most ages/Fitness
Join us for this tough Tabata style workout with light dumbbells.
Full Body 60 minute workout with or without weights
45 Minute Strength and cardio Live workout
45 min cardio/ strength workout. With or without weights.
Killer 40 minute Cardio/ strength and core workout with modified exercises
40 Minute Cardio/ Bodyweight workout to suit all ages and Fitness



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