Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon

Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon


Warrington wolves u13s girls would like to thank Kayleigh Louise for donating a prize towards our raffle in order to raise funds for the foundation and the teams within.
Raffle will be drawn 22nd October where will will update with a picture of winners on social media 😘

Thank you for supporting our girls! #thesegirlscan
Another very happy client!!
Looks fantastic and we love the picture!
Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon

If you are interested in advertising your business or event on buses in your local area, then give us a call or drop us a message!!! #busadswork
Saturday can’t come quick enough! Lockdown hair be gone!
Hi how much is it for a complete restyle please?
barber razor scissor kit
j2 stainless steel
powdered coating avialable in all colours
contact us for more info
How much would something like this be?
Appointment this week 👑

Tuesday 22nd of September with Shannon at 1pm for cut and blow or colour services - (15% off with booking with Shannon )

Tuesday 22nd of September with Lindsay for pedicures and manicure, gel polish or gel extensions

Wednesday 23rd of September with Linsday at 11.30 , 1.30 for any beauty service or nails

Thursday 24th of September with Linsday with Linsday for waxing , lvls , dermaplanning or full body massages

Don’t forget Linsday still has offers on for all beauty and nail services ✨

Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon
Thanks Shannon for my lovely short choppy cut I love it,I know how hard my hair is to style being so fine, but I love it ♥️
Has this lock down made you realise you want to learn something new ?
Start a new carrier?
Well head over to Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon for more information on our course or head over to our Instagram page 🤩 we look forward to hear from you xox
Omg as if I was driving through Warrington and saw your name up in lights!! Congratulations 🥳 ###
Love my gel nails :) xx
Made up to named one of your Fans 💗💗xx

We are a salon that offers everything under one roof , gives you the confidence you deserve inside & out .

2020- winners of best hair and beauty salon north west
2021- spotlight salon of the year UK winners

Operating as usual


Appointment available this Thursday with shannon for a colour at 1.30 ✨


Please remember all appointments message that get sent out please can you confirm within 24 hours if not confirmed they automatically get cancelled.
Thank you xox


The time has come I have been waiting for ✈️
This time next week the 13th of March kayleigh louise hair and beauty team will be jetting off to Marbella for an amazing opportunity and Woking on some amazing influencers/ models we can not wait show you what we will be up to 😆🤩

The salon will still be open why we are away so any booking of enquiries you can still pop in .

Who’s excited to see what we will be up to ? ✈️ ☀️ 💇🏾‍♀️

#trip #overseas #salonteam #work #worktrip #marbella #spain #opportunity #excited #nextstep


With a client base waiting in a busy / award winning salon .
Kayleigh is looking for someone to join our salon team / family who is hard working , Loyal, positive and puts there all into there work .
We have amazing opportunities for the future due to moving into a brand new salon later on this year . If this is for you or know anyone who it might fit please contact Kayleigh .
Thank you xox


How stunning is our beth ❤️🧡 with her new hair . Can you believe last week she has black hair ???? 😰

Artist - Kayleigh ( salon owner )
@kayleighlouisecollection -used

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Nail opportunity come available-

Employment & self employed nail technician wanted !!!

Employment- 2 days a week ( Thursday and Saturday

Self employed- 5 days a week choose your own hours and days .

Joining the kayleigh louise team and salon with lots of opportunities along the way if you think this is for you please contact us today .
Thank you kayleigh xox


Simple French 🤍

Offers this Saturday ONLY - (no swaps )

£10 gel nails all day
£25 full set acrylics all day

This Saturday only -

#frenchnails #acrylicnails #nails #frenchnailstyle #nailstyle #warringtonnails #nails #nailsofinstagram #instagram #naildesigns #shortacrylicnails #nailsoftheweek


This Saturday only -

£10 gel nails all day
£25 acrylics nails all day
No swaps

Photos from Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon's post 01/03/2022

Happy 1st March / pancake day 🥞

Now let’s talk HAIR …. Can we just take a minute to see the before picture to after 😯WOW using a full balayage effect to create this beautiful ashy balayage 🤍

Artist - Indeya ( senior stylist )

#balayage #sliverbalayage #ash #hairinspo #warrington #haydock #liverpool #manchester #haircolor #hairofinstagram #instagram #awardwinning


Nail appointment this week -
3rd March -12.15 ,1pm , 6.30
5th March - 11.30 , 2pm , 3pm

10% off - no swaps


Kayleigh louise team day out 💛 just missing our shannon .

These girls make my Kayleigh louise family / team complete and I can’t wait to share this next journey of Kayleigh louise with all my girls ✨👑

#dayout #team #family #salonteam #warringtonsalon #salons #teamwork #mygirls #salongirls #journey #salonjourney #myteam


Artists - kayleigh (salon owner )

Another one week down & I can’t believe we’re in March next week 😦 it’s been another busy week we’re I am so grateful for ✨

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend tomorrow Kayleigh louise hair and beauty team are having a day out together 🥰

#happyweekend #haircolor #blonde #blondehair #balayage #balayagehighlights #rootsumdge #rootfade #moneypiece #longhair #weekendvibes #warringtonsalon #hairsalon #beautysalon #awardwinning #cheshirehair


Cancellation today at 1.30 for a colour


Phone update !!!

It’s now been 10 weeks since my phone lines have been cut off from BT . Today was the final day they promised me it would go back on again something has got in the way.
I am so sorry for anyone who can not get hold us on but for the time being our salon phone number will be my personal number this is something I don’t want to do due to BT not sorting out there mess our new number for the time being is 07969994691 .

You can still contact us on this number for any bookings or enquiries or you can book your appointment on Facebook or Instagram or via our salon app .
Hopefully this will be sorted soon .
Thank you Kayleigh xox

Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon updated their phone number. 25/02/2022

Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon updated their phone number.

Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon updated their phone number.

Photos from Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon's post 25/02/2022

Swipe to see the before 😯👉🏽

Artist - shannon (senior stylist )

#blondes #warringtonsalon #salons #uksalon #hair #hairsalon #nobrass #warrington #cheshiresalon #hairandbeauty #long #hairstyles #haircolor #awardwinning


Appointment come available tomorrow at 1.30 or 2.30 with indeya for a colour and cut ✨


⁉️Colour correction ⁉️

I forgot to get a before picture BUT my lady had been somewhere else for her hair colour with unwanted lines that was not blended out so today we created those harsh lines out and created a beautiful balayage 😻

Artist - Kayleigh ( salon owner )

#balayage #balayagehighlights #mushroombrownbalayage #balayageartists #hair #warringtonsalon #cheshire #ghd #ghdsalon #salons #mostwanted #awardwinning


Please read as you know we have a booking app that sends automatic message out 48 hours before your appointment this helps us a salon to see we’re we are up to with your appointments . If you can not make your appointment please message back with a NO if you can please message back with a YES this takes 1 sec out your day . If you can’t make your appointment that is no problem this just helps us cancel your appointment and give your appointment to someone else . We are a very busy salon and people are on a wiating list for there appointments so if you can not make it that’s fine we can give your appointments to someone else .
I don’t believe in deposits but this year we are being firm on if you don’t confirm your appointment in the 24 hours it will automatically be cancelled.

Please can everyone confirm your appointments when the texts get sent out to you .
Thank you Kayleigh xox


Last chance to get an offer for tomorrow-
Gel nails £12.00
Acrylics nails £22.00
Gel nails and toes £20.00
Acrylics nails and gel toes £30.00

( no swaps )

Photos from Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon's post 23/02/2022

March availability-
For nails and beauty - Thursday and Saturdays available ✨


Nail appointment available tomorrow with our offer -
Gel nails £12.00
Acrylics nails £22.00
Two spaces left 💅🏼


March availability for all stylist and nail technician-

Kayleigh -
1st - 1pm
2nd - 2pm
9th - 2pm , 3pm
11th - 1.30 , 2.15
17th - 10.30 , 11am
18th - 11.30 , 12.30 , 2.30
22nd - 1pm
23rd - all day
24th - all day
25th - 12.30
26th - 3.15 ( blow dry only )
29th - all day
30th - all day
31st - 9.30 , 10.30 , 1pm

Shannon -
2nd - 12.30
9th - 9.30
10th - 9.30
22nd - 9.30 , 1.30
23rd - 9.30
24th - all day
28th - 2pm , 3pm
29th - all day
30th - 12pm
31st - 10.30 , 1pm

Indeya -
1st - 12pm
4th - 2pm , 3pm
8th - 4pm
10th - 9.30 , 10.30 , 1pm
11th - 10am
17th - 9.30 , 12.30 , 4.30
18th - 12.15 , 2pm , 3pm
22nd - 4pm , 5pm
24th - 4.30 , 5.30
25th - all day
26th - 9am ( blow dry or cut and blow only )
29th - 9.45 , 4.30 , 5.30
31st- 2pm

Hannah -
3rd - 12pm , 4pm , 6pm
5th - all day
10th - all day
17th - 11am , 1pm , 4.30 , 6pm
19th - 9am , 1pm , 2pm
24th - all day
26th - all day
31st - 11am , 1pm , 4.30 , 6.30

Photos from Kayleigh Louise hair & beauty academy salon's post 21/02/2022

Today was a very exciting day for me I picked my 3 winners for the @hairandbeautyawardsuk 🏆✨
I am so hounded to be judging this year not only being choose to be a judge but being a judge for the category we won last year 👑 it’s amazing reading everyone else’s story’s and what they do to make there clients choose there salon .

I am so proud I have choose my winner this year and I can make someone extremely proud of themselves, there team and there salon it is an amazing feeling and i can’t wait for them to hear there salon name been called out because believe me that makes you feel on top of the world ✨😁🤍🏆 roll on March ✅

#proud #excitingday #judge #winners


Please remember to make an appointment please call /
07969994691 or contact us on Instagram or Facebook or to make it easier you can book your own appointments on our app you can download on the App Store ✅



Nail technician- hannah

#different #acrylicnails #nails #warringtonsalon #longnails #nailart #artist #warrington #manchester #liverpool #salon #uk #nailsofinstagram #instagood


Summer 2022 🤫


vanilla cream …. 🍦🤍

Artist - kayleigh ( salon owner )

#vanilla #haircolor #balayage #vanillabalayage #balayagehighlights #longhair #staighthair #faceframing #rootfade #warringtonsalon #awardwinner


Appointments for today available


Appointment come available today for 3.30 for full set acrylics or gels 💅🏼


Cancellation come available with Indeya tomorrow for a colour at 2.15


This Thursday (only ) we have an offer on for nails -
£10 gel nails
£15 acrylics nails
£30 acrylics nails and gel toes
£20 gel nails & gel toes -
(No swaps , clients that book for these appointments only )


Kayleigh louise heatless crown gives you the confidence you deserve ✨👑


2 days till our next stock of heatless crowns are back in stock ✅

#curls #heatlesscurls #hair #hairstyles #longhair #shorthair #warrington #cheshire #liverpool #manchester #haircurly #nodamge #hairhealth


Join our nail team with hannah and Lindsay ✨

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Best products for those beach days 🌴🌎💭 visit kayleigh louise collection on www.kayleighlouisehair.co.uk
There back In stock on our website www.kayleighlouisehair.co.uk
WAIT a minute who are you 🔥
2021 IS A SELL OUT OF @kayleighlouisecollection heatless crown ( copy right owned by Kayleigh Edwards ) BUT not to worry...
BLUE 💙💦 It’s the finishing touches ✌🏾…. We added 1 pack of tape extensions to add that splash of colour over them ends 💙...
Want lose curls in the space of 3 hours without using any heat ? Watch this ✅
On Mondays we glow up 🍊
Tonight I treated my team to a surprise 3 course , candle light dinner at the salon I told them all to turn up at the sa...
Happy 1st of December… which means I am ready for 21 days straight 👏🏽😴My last day off this Sunday but we are having our ...
My gosh were do I bloody start …. What a bloody night . First of all I just want to say never in a million years did we ...
Request yours today ✨
‼️ATTENTION NEW SERVICE ‼️Kayleigh Louise hair and beauty salon is now qualified in Brazilian keratin straight blow drys...




4 Martin Ave

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9:30am - 5pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 5pm
Thursday 9:30am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm

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