Re:Marc Able

Re:Marc Able


The Queue for loo roll is
a mile long again! 🤣
After watching Blackadder goes forth the final scene I wrote this

P oppyfields stand high and proud
O n no man's land where brave men lye
P oppies next to our hearts
P eace and honoured reflection
Y our duty is done, your soul now rests in
F ields of poppies where you fell
I n no man's land
E very heart filled with gratitude
L ove and immense thanks for your
D edication to our freedom
S ound of the wind in poppyfields is the sound of you at rest

Wishing you all a Very Happy Safe Christmas, here for you all if you need to talk, your not alone
to all our Emergency Services, Ambulance Staff, our carers, our GPs, Nurses, Doctors, our treasured staff at Hospitals uk wide, THANKYOU from all my heart and soul for being such unsung heroes in difficult, traumatic, upsetting times, Sending My Very Best Wishes and THANKS to you all for all you do for us
Can we please get behind this lovely book
AB Gets His Wings a beautiful way for parents to talk to their kids about mental health through a beautiful bear story

amazing Illustrator : - Rosie Philpott
owner and background of this beautiful story in the heart of a caring guy
Mr Richard Bland
I just had to share this so so powerful, going on from this post I can't stress this enough * YOU ARE SO SO LOVED, CHERISHED, WE AT RAINBOW BELIEVE IN YOU, I BELIEVE IN YOU * turn that bad experience into one of strength and happiness * YOU GOT THIS * go out there be happy with HUGS X###XX
My Remembrance poem


L et them not just disappear into the pages of history but to be remembered and honoured
E very fallen comrade past and present
S pecial fields of poppies are your hearts
T hankyou for being our protector

W e will remember you always
E very serving past and present men and ladies
We stand together to commemorate your hearts and souls of love and freedom

F or you we bow our heads In quiet reflection
O utpouring of our thoughts and hearts for what you went through
R ightfully we come to attention as our armed forces are on deck
G enuine love and admiration for the lives you gave for our tomorrow
E very salute is one of applaud and thanks
T o our beautiful men and women of of HRH Armed Forces I owe you my life and deepest thankyou's
Thankyou Mark for your time, kindness encouragement, support in seeing me, and difference you make to those around you
my life story thus far
I hope it's ok to share my life story as to why I am who I am now
My back story I was different at school, I struggled to make friends / relationships, I was isolated and alone unwanted and badly bullied throughout my school life. Thanks Verdin High School for not caring
I thought when I got to college, things would change but no got worse and the bullying intensified
I left before getting qualified in my courses due to my mental health declining
Again thanks to Mid Cheshire College and the staff for not caring one iota.
due to my mental health issues having ASD, BPD anxiety disorders and have been badly bullied throughout my career both in retail by 2 major supermarkets ( Morrisons ) ( Asda )
And by local government ( Cheshire West And Chester ) supported employment I have been used and abused so I have given up looking for employment
And then to be threatened into silence by a local winsford forum group and to have my disability used against me I found very distressing
I have then been let down by CWP NHS IAPT access to pyschological therapy support team on all 3 tiers of primary, secondary and tertiary care, to be cut loose
I am now diagnosed with asd, bpd, eupd, anxiety disorders.
Friendships and relationships have been so hard to make let alone keep
Yes I am different to others but don't judge me before you get to know me properly, intact don't judge me at all.
The only thing keeping me here is the loving supportive friends of Rainbow After The Storm and my parents
Here to help this NYE 🤗
.how do I invite people to the page?

Thanks to all the team for the ongoing policy & procedure reviews ... 192,481 words in four weeks !!!

Also, with the training bringing the documents to life, we really are motoring along, keeping our clients and volunteers safe along the way is our prime responsibility.

Just help people, the rest falls into place.

Thanks to all the volunteers that make this possible. We really could not do it without your tenacity, drive, and commitment.

Sandy, Vicky, Harry, Alan, Louise, Joanne, Gemma, Colette, Sam, Shauna, Cindy, Carole x

Also, thanks to our ongoing sponsors for all the support and belief you show in us :-)

Ray Fleming & Leah Murphy, Your Housing Group, Paul Edge Quattro Logistics Ltd, Chris Bowman, Bowman Specialised Liquids, Dave Appleton Co-op, and all the local companies and personal supporters who have donated items for us to raffle and sell at our events.

All who support us in being, "Good people helping good people through tough times."

Thanks & kindest regards,



We support you in finding your ability from your mental disability.

We are not our thoughts, we are so much more. RISE above ...

Mental Health Peer Support at its very best! Founded by Mark Moran who has over 28 years of lived experience and has enabled hundreds of people to find their remarkABILITY once more. Safe, ethical service by one of the countries most experienced peer-led charitable organisations. Working locally, regionally & nationally to get the very best from up to date research, working practices and support so we can bring all this education back to our town, making our service the best it can be. Award-winning service and projects, appreciated by our peers, motivated by our clients and provided by our experts by lived experience.

Operating as usual


Failure is a part of life.🖤


*** Calling all Men ... singing with a group of mates is a great reliever of stress, you can have a laugh and maybe even shock yourself at how good you really can sing! Check out the flyer for more details ***

Shared on behalf of our friends at the Warrington Male Voice Choir (Warrington Male Voice Choir, Warrington. Male voice. Choir)

*** Calling all Men ... singing with a group of mates is a great reliever of stress, you can have a laugh and maybe even shock yourself at how good you really can sing! Check out the flyer for more details ***

Shared on behalf of our friends at the Warrington Male Voice Choir (Warrington Male Voice Choir, Warrington. Male voice. Choir)


A million thank yous to Katie from Flowers By Higgins for the shop equipment they supplied to help us recoup so of the money we lost in the robbery.

You have really made a difference to our new project and hope to see you again at our opening.

Thank you once again.

A million thank yous to Katie from Flowers By Higgins for the shop equipment they supplied to help us recoup so of the money we lost in the robbery.

You have really made a difference to our new project and hope to see you again at our opening.

Thank you once again.


Be the miracle

Timeline Photos 11/10/2021

Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos 29/09/2021

Find the strength from within ... 💪 your mind needs a workout just like your body. Wanna know how? Get in touch.

[09/29/21]   So the recovery begins, 3am start ... kitchen back together and sparkling clean, toilets sorted now the main room half scrubbed ... watch this space for news of our new venture coming soon!!!


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Photos from Re:Marc Able's post 24/09/2021

Slowly getting back on our feet after the robbery.

Doesn't look much to anyone else but its all we have.

Thank you to Cheshire Police for all you help and support. We hope the perpetrator is arrested. As least we know who it is, who stole from our mental health peer support team. We hope his God walks with him and give him the faith he has obviously lost 😢😢😢

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Timeline Photos

True story.


Through thick and thin...fur-ever together!

Timeline Photos 10/09/2021

Timeline Photos

Mental health support! 07/09/2021

Mental health support!

Mental health support!


If you have you are welcome here.

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Timeline Photos 02/09/2021

If you need any help ... give us a nudge.


Thought for the Day.
This is often difficult but so important if we are to move on..................

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Timeline Photos


Have a great day everyone

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Timeline Photos 28/08/2021

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Mental health support! 19/08/2021

Mental health support!

Mental health support!



Remember the smiles of the day, the laughter, the little wins, the warm words…
And let everything else go.
Put the lessons learned in a file marked ‘done’ and give yourself a pat on the back for the things you got right.
Leave the stresses of tomorrow where they belong – tomorrow.
Leave the stresses of today where they belong too.

And let the night take away the heavy weight from your shoulders.
Let it go.
Let yourself be safe.
Let yourself be still.
Let yourself be at rest.

When your head hits the pillow tonight my friend, let sleep come and let your soul be.
You did enough today.
We are all just doing our best with no rule book, in a game with no referee and no half-time.
None of us are getting it right, we are all just winging it.
We are all just as scared, just as weary.

When your head hits the pillow tonight my friend,
close your eyes and remember,

you are worthy.

Donna Ashworth
Art by Laura Graves #lauragravesart

From ‘to the women’

#humpday #wednesdaywisdom #midlifewomen #mums #wordsforthesoul #tothewomen #donnaashworth #poetry #words #quotes #inpsiration #letitgo #quotestoliveby

Timeline Photos 18/08/2021

Timeline Photos

RISE and promote your mental fitness.

*** Click to donate to RISE ***

Resolving Inner Stressful Emotions - we research what is going on locally which leads to how we can help to sustain a good level of mental health. Along with the Research, our specially trained volunteers offer Peer Support within a multitude or scenarios alongside supporting people out in the community as well. We also enable Group Support so people can help each other utilising Mindfulness to the people who need it the most when they need it the most.

Our services are free of charge at the point of delivery but donations are welcome if you can if you can’t if matters, not one jot! We believe through our 25 years experience, we can take control back of our minds and get back to an acceptable, content way of thinking.

We can even support through illness by just being a listening ear and walking with you until you reach a better place.

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As Volunteers Week draws to a close, we have a unwritten rule at RISE that we are all equal, we just have varied ranging...
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Friday Feel Good Theories
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Founders Friday Feel Good Theories
The Big Lad's Back (ish) ❣
'Reaching Out' - Rise Promo Vid
So this happened ...The energy, the lyrics, the music ... a lot of emotion expressed ... The atmosphere was amazing.Than...


Research, Mindful Peer Support, Signposting, Mindfulness, Other Volunteering Opportunities


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