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Lighthearted look at neurodiversity
A lovely and brilliant man
As you well know, you enjoy a bit of dopamine when you see yourself approaching a reward. But how do you know if you're approaching? It's subjective. You rely on expectations built from past experience. So if you succeeded at something in the past, you keep trying, even if it's not working. And if you failed at something in the past, you give up easily, even if it could work. Your dopamine stops, and that's the feeling we call "burnout."

You have more power over your dopamine when you understand the power of your old pathways. You can free yourself to take in new information about what works. Instead of always chasing the same gazelles in the same way, you can discover new gazelles, and find new ways to catch them! The excitement of dopamine is restored, and that paves a pathway for more positive expectations in the future.
Friendly resolutions you may keep
Jung quote: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will continue to drive you and you will call it fate.”
Holiday Season - Christmas - Midwinter - Yule is a hard time for some. Don't feel forced to be jolly if you aren't. Here is a bit of love and appreciation for some of those who might be finding it hard just now.
We all need our piglet friends
Louise Hay on loss and grief . Some helpful and comforting thoughts.

What do you want to have happen now? Psychotherapy Counselling Psychotherapy Counselling Coaching NLP and CBT Therapy. Friendly supportive effective therapy.

Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Phobias, Worry, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Stuck, Life change, Change of Direction, Relationships, Couples, Divorcing, Newly Single, Psycho-sexual, Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSD) Aware, Knowledgeable and Friendly

Operating as usual


This is a graphic representation, for anyone who has heard me using the metaphor that OCD is like having ivy grow up your house walls. Getting therapy for OCD is the equivalent of this bulldozer operation. And afterwards you need to stay vigilant for signs of the Ivy/OCD growing back and stop it while still small.

To the Person Who Thinks My Fibromyalgia Isn’t Real 30/05/2022

To the Person Who Thinks My Fibromyalgia Isn’t Real

A really good article on Fibromyalgia

To the Person Who Thinks My Fibromyalgia Isn’t Real "We aren't faking or exaggerating our symptoms."





Like that. That is the difference between still life and the flow of life. Beauty is what animates us!!!




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If you are stuck, sad, angry, afraid, What do you want to have happen?

Achieve your Life-Goals

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