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With the rising cost of living, many are wondering if switching energy suppliers could help.

According to the experts, including switching your supplier may not be a good option as prices continue to rise across the board.

If you are falling behind with your bill payments and need debt advice, you can get free, no-obligation advice on our website.

It has been confirmed that starting this month, Klarna will be reporting to credit agencies your shopping habits, especially who pays on time and who falls behind with repayments.

This has the potential to impact mortgage and loan applications among other things.

If you have fallen behind with buy now pay later repayment, get in touch to see how we can help manage your debts.

If you've been searching for support for the cost of living crisis, our latest blog details the financial support recently announced by the Government.


Although many debt advice firms are closed for the bank holiday, you can still access free, no-obligation debt advice on our website.

Get started on your debt-free journey here

Happy 🤩

If you're looking for a reliable and friendly team to offer debt advice, check out our website. Our free, no-obligation debt advice tool can find the right debt solution for you in minutes.

If you want to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee but also want to stick to your budget we can help! Our latest blog has loads of free, fun activities you can enjoy this weekend 👇

Happy June! With payday having just been, and the cost of living increasing, it is more important than ever to be aware of your monthly or weekly income and expenditures. If you need help creating your budget, visit our website where you can find help and advice.

We have a brand new page on our website dedicated to giving advice and tips for the rising cost of living 👇

It is sometimes a little too easy to overspend when using contactless payment methods. In our latest blog, we have listed three ways you can stay on budget and better track your contactless spending 👇

A DRO is only available to individuals who have very little disposable income available to pay to their creditors, have few or no assets, and a limited level of debt. If you are eligible for a DRO we can help you with the application.

Find out more about debt relief orders and apply online:

Highlighting any disposable income in your budget and recognising your priority debts are the first steps to taking control of them!

If you need help or advice get free debt advice using the link below 👇

Happy ! Check out another wonderful review left this week by Lisa. If you, like Lisa, need help and guidance paying off your debt our friendly team is on hand. Start your own debt free journey with free debt advice on our website.

Debt advice by phone, email & online. Search MoneyHelper for sources of free & impartial debt advice We also know how hard it is to talk about debt on the phone.

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with debt, and how life-affecting it can be. It is part of our culture to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and we are continually working to ensure that we have the tools to do just this. That's why we offer debt advice online, over email, web chat or over the phone - whatever works best for you. Speak to us today at info@angela

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Inflation has fallen again to 6.8%, the lowest point in the last 12 months!
More welcome relief for mortgage holders 🏡

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Having sleepless nights when you're in debt is common 💤
This week we heard from a customer who can now sleep after contacting us.
We're so happy we were able to relieve the pressure and help this person.
If you're in the same situation and would like to speak to someone about your , head to our website to start getting impartial & confidential debt advice:

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How Will The New Plan 5 Student Loan Affect You? 🎓
Next month the biggest change in student loans will affect new higher education starters in England.
Read our latest blog to find out more:

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A bit of with our weekly
Check cashback websites before buying online 🛍️
Look at the websites and to see if the retailer you're purchasing from offers cashback. It's a great way to get a percentage of money back. Think of it as a reward for spending with a certain company.

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Feeling the pinch with your finances? 📉
It might be time to look into your options and get debt advice. You're not stuck to a phone call which can be anxiety-inducing for many. You can choose how to communicate, whatever suits you best. Get debt advice online using our online tool or web chat, or use your phone to WhatsApp us, email or speak to an advisor.
Get started by going to our website:

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This week we're debunking another debt myth!
People often think that taking out a debt consolidation loan is the same as a debt management plan (DMP). This is a myth, while a dmp and a debt consolidation loan have their similarities, a debt management plan is one monthly payment that is flexible, so if you have to change the amount you can, with a loan you can't do that. Interest on a debt consolidation loan would still be added, but in the majority of dmp cases, the interest and charges are frozen.
You can get free debt advice anytime via our website or talk to one of our expert advisors on the phone:

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It's ⭐
We were thrilled with this amazing review about how we've changed this customer's life.
If you have you would like to tackle, head to our website to start getting impartial & confidential debt advice:

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A new report has suggested scrapping the Energy Price Cap 💡
Originally the price cap was put into place to protect customers, but the report suggests abolishing it would mean a return to healthy competition in the retail market.
If you are struggling with your energy payments, visit our website for help and advice:

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Download food apps 😋
Olio and Too Good to Go are great for grabbing free or discounted food from places such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee and other places like supermarkets. Have you tried either of these apps?

Timeline photos 07/08/2023

338,194 bank switches took place between April & June
A 76% rise in comparison to 2022
Have you switched banks recently? You could get a switching bonus of upto £200
If you require debt advice, visit our website to understand your options


It's Angel Advance's 10th Birthday today! 🎈

In 10 years our expert advisors have supported over 35,000 people with getting debt advice and helping them understand their options when it comes to their debts.

We're so happy we're able to help so many people, and we will continue to be here to support our customers in need!

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Poverty charity the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has reported that millions of families are borrowing to afford bills and other day-to-day living expenses.
If you require debt advice, visit our website to understand your options

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😇 There's nothing better than hearing amazing feedback from our customers!
If you have you would like to tackle, head to our website to start getting impartial & confidential debt advice:

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One of the main reasons people ask for help with debt is because they don't want to speak on the phone, but you don't have to, it's a complete myth. Angel Advance have an online tool that you can fill in with your income and debts and get advice on your screen straight away.
Get started here:
It's a no-obligation service, so you get debt advice and you don't have to enter a debt solution if you don't want to.

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It's a fresh new month, do you have your budget sorted? 📅
Here are a few things you might want to budget for in August 👉

Timeline photos 01/08/2023

According to the Insolvency Service, the number of people registering for breathing space from their debts rose by 26% in the second quarter of this year in comparison with last year.
If you are struggling with your debts and require advice, visit our website to understand your options and get advice from our expert advisors:

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New Government Mortgage Help 🏡
With the market bearing the brunt of high-interest rates and rising mortgage payments, the UK government has been forced to step in and introduce support measures.
Read our latest blog to find out more:

Timeline photos 28/07/2023

Happy everyone! It's once again our favourite time of the week, ⭐
If you have you would like to tackle, head to our website to start getting impartial & confidential debt advice:

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This week we're debunking another debt myth!
People often think you have to pay to get advice, this is a complete myth. You can get free debt advice anytime via our website or talk to one of our expert advisors on the phone:
It's a no-obligation service, so you get debt advice and you don't have to enter a debt solution if you don't want to.
*Please be aware whilst getting debt advice is free and you have no obligation, if you are given advice about a debt solution and you then decide to sign up, a fee may apply to some solutions.

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Go food shopping after 7pm ⏰
We've all felt the pinch of our weekly food shop going up, so our this week is to try and cut the amount we're spending on food just by changing our routine. Have you seen this difference when you look for yellow stickers?

Timeline photos 25/07/2023

🚨Reminder!🚨 It's 1 week until the 1st of ! Keep track of your next month and get your ready now to be prepared.

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Can you get credit if you're on an IVA? 🤔
If you do want to borrow further, you must ask permission from your insolvency practitioner.
Read our latest blog to see what kind of credit you can get during an IVA:

Timeline photos 21/07/2023

Our has received an influx of amazing reviews recently and it really puts a pep in our step 🎉
Are you on the lookout for impartial, no-obligation ? Get started on our website:

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Always paying for prescriptions? It might be worth looking into a prepayment certificate to see if you could save money. They're available for 3 and 12 months and you can apply via the NHS Prescriptions website:

Timeline photos 19/07/2023

Positive news! Inflation has fallen to 7.9% and interest rates are forecast to rise less sharply. This will be welcome news for everyone, especially mortgage holders.

Timeline photos 18/07/2023

Debt Myths Debunked 🤔
Dealing with debt can be scary and there are often a lot of half-truths about how it can affect you if you take action. One of the most common we hear is that getting advice will affect your credit rating.

It's a MYTH!

If you'd like to get debt advice, get started here:

*Please be aware whilst getting debt advice does not affect your credit rating, if you are given advice about a debt solution and you then decide to sign up, it will affect your credit rating.

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Are you about to graduate? 🎓
Usually, the world is your oyster when you graduate, but we know the current cost of living crisis is a worry for many just starting to look for a job.
Times are tough and competition is fierce, so take a look at our latest blog post, to give you some tips:

Timeline photos 15/07/2023

5-year rates are now at a whopping 6% and worryingly millions of are due to end over the next 12 months. If you are struggling with payments, visit our website:

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It's our favourite day of the week 🎉
Our services have helped over 35,000 people and we continue to help people become debt free and tackle their financial goals.

Timeline photos 13/07/2023

Water Bills To Rise by 40% 🚿 British households could see another bill go up as they plan to increase water bills between 2025 and 2030. It's said by due to water companies' sewage spill repairs and a consequence of climate change.

Timeline photos 12/07/2023

Thinking about moving banks? 🏦
Now's a good time. There are a few banks that are currently offering cash for switching. Natwest is offering £200 if you switch your account to them. Head to their website to get your switching bonus

Timeline photos 11/07/2023

As 6 weeks of holidays approach with the kids, we're saving and screenshotting every tip we see. You can still eat out for less with them at numerous places.

• ASDA - Kids eat for £1
• Tesco - FREE with purchase of 60p
• Sainsbury's - Kids eat for £1 when purchasing 1 adult hot meal
• Yo Sushi - FREE with £10 adult spend
• Morrisons - 1 free kid's meal when you spend £4.49
• Gordon Ramsey restaurants - Under 8s eat for FREE
• Bills - 2 kids eat for FREE
• Preto - Under 10s eat for FREE
• Bella Italia - Kids eat for £1 when purchasing 1 adult meal

Timeline photos 10/07/2023

It's a new week, so we thought we'd give you some with our money-saving Monday tip! If you're off to work, set yourself up for a low or no-spend day with our tips!


If you or a member of your family are an army veteran, you could be entitled to over £1,000 in support from Royal British Legion, as a part of their newest grant scheme. Find out more and apply on the Royal British Legion's website.


According to a new report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies Institute for Fiscal Studies, households in the UK could lose 1/5 of their disposable income due to increase mortgage payments.

If you are struggling with your mortgage payments, visit our website for help and advice regarding paying your mortgage and handling mortgage arrears:


Happy everyone! We do our absolute best to offer fantastic services to our customers, always in a professional and straight-forward manner.

Are you on the lookout for impartial, no-obligation debt advice? Learn more about our services on our website:


A little bit of positive news! In June, dropped slightly in comparison to May, meaning that price increases are slowing down. Unfortunately though, this doesn't mean that prices will stop rising.


For today's , we're reminding you that an easy way to save money weekly is by remembering your reusable shopping bags!

This is a simple way to curb unnecessary spending on even more bags ♻️


As the crisis continues, more young people are reportedly opting for options when it comes to essentials like food. Many charities have warned about the dangers of using in such ways, as it can lead to .

We offer impartial to those who struggle with . Check out our tool to learn more about your options today:


Do you know how to get for the first time? For younger people, it can be a confusing but important task.

We note some of the ways you get credit in our latest blog post, helping you to kickstart your credit journey:

If you are struggling with , you can also find more information about your available options on our site:

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Welcome to Angel Advance - Real Debt Help and Advice

We are a debt solutions company based in the UK. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to give debt advice and administer Debt Management Plans (DMP’s).

We also employ licensed insolvency practitioners and intermediary’s to administer IVA’s and debt relief orders (DRO’s).

Unlike some service providers, we not only advise on the best solutions to your problem debt, but we setup and service the plans to get free of debt.

At Angel Advance, we can offer debt advice over the phone and in some situations over email. Our advisors are knowledgeable and compassionate, it’s unlikely they have not come across your situation before. We never judge or pressure, just listen, ask questions, offer advice and get a solution in place for you.

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As the #EnergyPriceCap rises, households across the UK will continue to struggle with payments. If you have fallen behin...
With the #EnergyPriceCap expected to rise even further this Autumn and into the new year many are beginning to look for ...
Happy #FeedbackFriday ⭐ If you want to start your #DebtFreeJourney get in touch. Our #DebtAdvice tool offers free, no-ob...
Happy #Monday! This is your weekly reminder that we offer free, no-obligation debt advice on our website 👇Simply fill ou...



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