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This page will be updated with lots of useful tips, helpful advice and top links to help you improve in many areas of your studies. This page has been made for Study Skills (now part of the Learning and Teaching Institute) at the University of Chester's Warrington Campus.

We aim to help students develop their academic skills, including: Referencing, critical thinking, academic writing and much more. Useful documents, links to helpful websites and top tips for improving skills will be posted regularly to help students improve their academic work. 24/05/2018

Study Skills This is a two minutes long survey which will hopefully lead to improving the university's services. There are only 8 questions which are arguably quite straight forward and simple. Your answers will be anonymous.

Hi all! Our Work Based Learning Student, Peter, would be grateful if you could answer a few quick questions to help with his study.

I am a second year student undertaking a small project evaluating the marketing strategy of Study Skills at the University of Chester. I have put together a short questionnaire to help gather the views of students and would really appreciate your time in completing the survey. The survey is eight short questions that will only take two minutes of your time. All responses will be anonymous. It would be great to have the views of students about Study Skills marketing and hopefully your participation will give some great feedback for the Study Skills team. Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.


The first of this year's Head Room sessions are being held tomorrow. If you have any questions on Stepping Up to Higher Education, get yourself to the Green Floor in the Broomhead Library at 11:30 or 13:00.

See you there!


Calling all Warrington Postgrads!

Are you reaching the end of your dissertation or thesis, and looking to add those final touches?

We have just the thing! - sign up to one of our Finishing Off Your Dissertation / Thesis seminars on 22/09/2017 or 05/10/2017 for tips, tricks and advice on how to add the finishing touches to your work.


Don't be vague in your academic writing. Learn how to execute precision in your writing by looking at this blog.


Seminars on research techniques and academic writing are coming soon. Watch this space!


You learn something everyday #1

Use the past tense reporting verb for older publications and defunct arguements For example, Marx arguED, Polanyi refutED, Maslow explainED. Use a present tense reporting verb when the publication is recent (5 - 10 years) and its ideas are still relevant. For example, Chomsky explainS, Lofstedt noteS, Whyte & Tombs mentioN


Feel free to contact me on my new number 5157 (01925 535157)


Hi, my name is Ryan Arthur. I am the new Study Skills Adviser. Feel free to contact me; [email protected]


The Guardian

For more than a decade, an unknown corrector of poor English has been venturing out in the dead of night and tidying up the punctuation on Bristol’s shop fronts and street signs … 31/03/2017

Seven essential tips for writing the perfect essay

Top essay writing tips to help you improve your marks. Ever since the days of GCSE English, we’ve had a range of fundamental rules to stick to when writing essays. ‘PQC’ (point, quote, comment) was the literature teacher’s favourite, while the "list of three" was supposedly meant to engage readers better than just listing two factors. Unfortunately, you... 12/03/2017

How and when to quote | OUPblog

How and when to use quotations in your academic work. 📚 I have a confession to make. I often skip the long blocks of quotes when I am reading academic articles and books. I suspect that I'm not the only one who does this. I don't skip the quotes because I’m lazy. I skip them because they often pull me away from a writer's ideas rather than further into t... 01/03/2017

Support Study using Software

Another opportunity for all staff and students at Warrington to learn about the software that can be used to support learning and research. Please sign up! Delivered by Peter Scorey, LIS Officer for Assistive Technologies, this is a hands-on workshop to investigate how software can be used to support learning and research on campus. The session will include looking at Microsoft WORD and Adobe Acrobat as well as other packages that can be used to suppor... 28/02/2017

APA: In-text referencing

For those who want to brush up on their APA in-text referencing, come to this seminar on Thursday. Referencing plays an impartant part in our academic work and we all have concerns at some point about whether we are referencing correctly. If you want to learn the basic principles of in-text referencing, then this session is for you. Please note: This session is a repeat of the session held at the... 22/02/2017

Assistive Technology - Using Read&Write Gold

Our Assistive Technologist will be on hand tomorrow to demonstrate how Read & Write Gold can be used to help you study. It's not too late to book! Practical workshop to consider and use some of the apps in Texthelp’s Read&Write Toolbar to support research and study.  Session will include: Introduction and help Text to speech (TTS) Dictionary Predictive Text Screen Tinting/masking 26/01/2017

Critical thinking and evaluation skills

Our first session next week focuses on developing your critical thinking. Sign up using Eventbrite. Critical thinking is arguably one of the most important, and yet most challenging, aspects of university study.  It is certainly the key to higher grades, and is considered to be one of the most advanced cognitive processes of human thought. This session will explore the concept of critical thinking... 19/01/2017

Embedding Inclusive Academic Writing Skills in Lectures- A Talk for Lecturers

Calling all academic staff here at the University of Chester! Please sign up to this Diversity Festival talk: The talk invites lecturers to reflect upon their current lecturing and assessment practices, and using the latest academic writing- learning theory, adapt their practices for inclusion of dyslexic- dyspraxic, and other learning diverse students. Aileen Hanrahan MSc. HDip. SpLD PGCE has been tutoring...


It's our last study skills session of the term on Thursday. Join us in the library to develop your understanding of academic integrity & the skill of paraphrasing.

Location: Green floor, Broomhead Library.
Time: 13.00 - 14.00.


Check out "How to use feedback positively to support action planning" on Eventbrite!

Date: Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Location: Tucker WTU101 05/12/2016

Study Skills Seminar: Critical Thinking

Check out "Study Skills Seminar: Critical Thinking" on Eventbrite!

Date: Wednesday, 7th December 2016. ‘More analysis needed’ – Have you ever seen this comment on your work? Then this session is for you! Come along to learn how to improve your critical analysis of texts and how to construct effective arguments. Location: Tucker WTU103


This Thursday in the library, we have a session on writing introductions and conclusions. Come to the Green floor at 1pm to get some top writing tips 👌🖊 19/11/2016

Study Skills Seminar: APA compiling your list of references

Check out "Study Skills Seminar: APA compiling your list of references" on Eventbrite!

Date: Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Location: University of Chester, Warrington Campus Referencing plays an important part in our assignments and we all have queries at some point on where to put a comma, whether italics are needed, or what a DOI number is… If you want to learn the basic principlesof referencing so you don’t lose easy marks in your assignments, come along to this sess... 17/11/2016

£1 AV credit | LEARN HOW TO STUDY: Developing the study skills and approaches to learning that will help you succeed in university: A virtual tutorial with Professor Derek Rowntree

Another FREE study skills ebook for you to download, available until tomorrow night. You don't need to own a Kindle; simply download the Kindle app onto your smartphone or tablet. Please WELCOME back Professor Derek Rowntree's LEARN HOW TO STUDY, now in its 5th edition. First published 45 years ago, it has since helped more than a MILLION readers around the world in a variety of languages. Back in 1970 it was the ORIGINAL — the first book about studying to offer rea...



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