We've visited the best roads in Europe so you can have the experience of a lifetime. Driven is the chance to join other like minded petrolheads and people that just want to drive, in a European road trip taking in a variety of superb locations and drive some of the worlds most outstanding roads.

The emphasis on our tours is on the driving experience with hotels organised to leave you nothing more to worry about, than the mishaps and triumphs of your fellow competitors over a drink in pleasant surroundings. We've attempted with few exceptions to avoid traffic hot spots leaving you to simply drive 'The Open Road'. Even in the UK it's possible to drive three hundred miles without going through a set of traffic lights.


For those that have access to my personal facebook account forgive the repeat performance but for those that do not I shall give you the highlights of my Grand European Road Tour. Any questions or help in choosing your own tour destinations feel free to ask or email.

Knutsford Rd/A50 to E6 - Google Maps 25/07/2013

Knutsford Rd/A50 to E6 - Google Maps

The general plan, lots of detail missed but I'll fill that in as I go.

Knutsford Rd/A50 to E6 - Google Maps View maps and find local businesses on the web.

Rue d'Etigny to N-135 - Google Maps 25/07/2013

Rue d'Etigny to N-135 - Google Maps

Rue d'Etigny to N-135 - Google Maps View maps and find local businesses on the web.

N-135 to Ctra. Solsona - Google Maps 25/07/2013

N-135 to Ctra. Solsona - Google Maps

N-135 to Ctra. Solsona - Google Maps View maps and find local businesses on the web.


If anyone fancies driving around the Thuringer Wald on the east side of Germany I can recommend, lovely area with some good roads and we're now in the Hotel schloss Hohenstien near Coburg-Ahorn which I also recommend, wonderful meal and great local Riesling.

Driven Tours | Our Tours 14/03/2012

Driven Tours | Our Tours

No response from the website people so I had a go myself. Hope it all works, just got to do the reconnaissance and check out all the hotels. Life's so hard.

Driven Tours | Our Tours Super smooth and deserted roads over amazing mountain ranges. Northern Spain has an incredible wealth of scenery, rugged beauty providing the perfect backdrop for any road trip. Option to drive down but intension is to ferry you all to Santander then wind our way south before crossing to Barcelona a...


Well they've still not updated my site with new tours but only 7 days to road trip Germany.


In a few days I hope to confirm the dates for the French Alps tour, awaiting response from Monaco. Maybe some of you would like to join us.

Timeline photos 12/12/2011

The more sinister front to Driven? More impact??

Tiger1050 Col du Mont Cenis Ascent 10/12/2011

Tiger1050 Col du Mont Cenis Ascent

On two wheels again but great vid of a fabulous road.

Tiger1050 Col du Mont Cenis Ascent Riding my Tiger 1050 up the Col du Mont Cenis from Lanslebourg on the N6. A superb fast sweeping road, every bend is on the edge of the tyres, the road surfa...

Le parc Naturel Régional de Chartreuse en Isère 10/12/2011

Le parc Naturel Régional de Chartreuse en Isère

First time round I missed this but second time, AMAZING!

Le parc Naturel Régional de Chartreuse en Isère Le parc Naturel Régional de Chartreuse, créé en 1995, assure la protection des espaces naturels, de la faune et de la flore du plus petit massif des Alpes, s...

Clermont Ferrand Charade old track 10/12/2011

Clermont Ferrand Charade old track

A chance to step back in time to the old French GP at Charade, near the end of our tour.

Clermont Ferrand Charade old track The section that once connected to the modern, shortened track. Double speed.

The Hardknott Pass in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria 08/12/2011

The Hardknott Pass in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria

Videos not brilliant but the stills are perfect. Hardknott is amazing!

The Hardknott Pass in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria Hardknott Pass is a pass that carries a minor road between Eskdale and the Duddon Valley in the county of Cumbria, in the Lake District National Park. The Ro...

Hartside Motorcycle death trip (graphic) 08/12/2011

Hartside Motorcycle death trip (graphic)

Forgive the two wheeled reference but this does show off this fabulous stretch of road, day 1 just before lunch.

Hartside Motorcycle death trip (graphic) Tragic happenings on our Hartside run marred by this terrible accident caught on video!

Best Roads in UK 08/12/2011

Best Roads in UK

Truely a great road for early on day three.

Best Roads in UK This is the A4086 from Pen-Y-Gwryd hotel towards Llanberis through the Snowdonia National Park. Fantastic scenery

Timeline photos 02/12/2011

The French Alps


You know if I spent less time flying.. I mean driving round the roads I might rememebr to stop and take some pictures. Can't find any of day 1 except for a field which I'm sure should have been a fantastic view?


Finalised day 1 of the UK tour, this is a mix of smooth fast flowing roads to Penrith then challenging tight scary seat of the pants jobs, plus the most amazing views all the way but you'll have to stop for those as taking your eyes of the road is not an option!


Cold and windswept in the Shetlands



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