University of Chester Warrington Campus Freshers 2015

The OFFICIAL freshers' week page for students attending the University of Chester's Warrington Campus! Happy to help with anything freshers related!

This is the OFFICIAL page for Freshers' Week events taking place in Bar Twenty10 on the University of Chester's Warrington Campus. Each and every year we pride ourselves on giving the students of the University of Chester the best freshers' week experience they could possibly have. As a student here you will find that the bar plays an important role in your time on this campus, and so we look to m

Operating as usual

[10/04/15]   Tonight is the last night of freshers! Sad times, as for some you'll never experience it again 😢......


Bogan Bingo is not bingo. It's an immersive experience of redneck australianism. So if you like boozing, having a laugh, and acting like a drongo you're gonna love it. PLUS amongst other things the is a HOLIDAY TO BE WON!

Following that is the SH*TTY DISCO! The cheesiest, unashamedly corniest experience on the planet. Think air guitars, singalongs, maybe even Celine Dion. Oh and confetti.

Dress code is 80's or trailer trash; don't be 'cool' and pretend it's not gonna be amazing. It's the perfect end to this week!

Bingo: 8pm (limited numbers); disco 10-2am

[10/03/15]   Yo yo yoooooo!

A day of 'rest' before the silliness that is Bogan Bingo and the Sh*tty Disco! So what's going down....?

Tonight from 8pm we're doing the SUPER SATURDAY SESSIONS! we have free samples of various weird and wonderful beers and ciders, all served to you - at your table if you want! - with free nuts if you buy a round. Laid back niche hiphop and more from our DJ provides the sound track.

We also have one of the UK's top ten FLAIR BARTENDERS mixing you a perfect cocktail and providing you with a bit of a show. A flair bartender, mixing you a perfect cocktail for £3? Madness....

The Saturday Sessions are all about bringing you a touch of class on the campus and are the perfect antidote to the stresses of freshers week. You can try new things, see new things, hear new things, even play a boardgame or two!

We have been open since 12 and are also showing the rugby, including the England vs Australia game in the club area. It's all about chilling out tonight so we can hit the ground running tomorrow!

[10/02/15]   The big night is here! MistaJam, Etta Bond and Meridian Dan!

Doors open at 10pm. £15 without a wristband. If you have friends coming make sure they have ID with them, and I suggest not being too late as there are quite a lot of guests coming tonight.

Make sure you're in by 11pm as we have a lot to squeeze in tonight and we won't be able to hold the acts back! Pre-drink sensible too; you've done really well the last couple of nights with NOONE (well one) being asked to leave which is awesome in freshers week!

Enjoy this night! You will be remembering it for a looooooong time.....


Mock the Week Series 14 Episode 4 - Rob Beckett, Miles Jupp, Romesh Ranganathan, Tiff Stevenson

Just while we Wind down from tonight's SILENT DISCO lets talk about tomorrows comedy!

Firstly, this starts at 8pm! It's a sit down event, so make sure you're in and seated. It will be in the bar to bring you that intimate comedy club atmosphere....

Our headline act for the evening is the wonderful Tiffany Stevenson! Fresh from one of the top rated shows at the Edinburgh Festival, she's been all over TV - Mock the Week, Russell Howard, etc, - and has been tipped as one of the hottest new comedians this year!

Check her out on Mock the Week from July this year:

Supporting will be Ahir Shah

And Matt Winning:

Holding it all together will be our stand in compere - as Danny is busyl he'll be back in two weeks - Hayley Ellis!

Get in for 8pm, and settle down for a good couple of hours of fun and no alcohol! Unless you choose of course, cos, like, you're an adult...

Episode 4 Mock the Week, Series 14 Episode 4 of 13 Dara O Briain and the team return for another series of the topical comedy featuring guests Rob Beckett, M...

[09/30/15]   SILENT DISCO:

Headphone numbers are strictly limited for tonight so make sure you're in early to be sure you get a pair!

Bring your student card to leave as a deposit for headphones. If you don't have one you can leave a refundable £5. Student cards or money will be returned when you return a set of working headphones when you leave.

Outside of a Silent Arena silent disco the headphones are totally useless so don't nick them. That'll only make us grumpy.

[09/28/15]   Well I hope you're all suitably well introduced! Some more than others I bet...


There will be:
Messy stage games
UV Bubbles
UV Paint

So, DO NOT WEAR ANYTHING EXPENSIVE! You can get your Hall Championship t-shirts from the CSU today, and wear flat shoes that you don't mind getting dirty!

If you have sensitive skin by all means come and test some of the fluids in advance. There will be someone in the bar from 1pm. The only messy area will be the main club room, so if you stay away from there all will be fine!

If you are wearing heels/impractical shoes you will be sent to change! Phones and money and keys in freezer bags is highly advised....Talk to your hall warden, or any 2nd/3rd year student. They'll know the score!

Fun and games!


Tough Love - So Freakin' Tight


The bar will be open from 11am to pick up/buy wristbands ('what's this wristband?' Every it doesn't get you all your drinks) or just have a farewell drink as mum and dad separately corner you and stuff £40 in your pocket and tell you to not tell the other....

Then tonight we have the awesome pairing of Tough love and DOORLY, supported by V Smoove and House Shack! After a fantastic summer in Ibiza, they'll be bringing the closing party vibes to our opening party! Dress as you wish, it's a night ALL about new beginnings!

“So Freakin’ Tight” is available to on iTunes now: Alternatively you can stream “So Freakin’ Tight” on Spotify here: http://po.s...

[09/26/15]   Less than a day before the fun begins!
Tomorrow marks the first day of Freshers week. If your a returner stop reading because you know the business!

For the first years out there, get your lists out and make sure you've packed everything you're going to need! It's not about getting half way up the M6 and forgetting your phone charger...

Once you've moved in there's plenty of things happening on campus to keep you happy, so get involved.

Support department will be at hand for any queries.

Keep an eye out for the Chaplain: Fr Ian and the CSU VP: Tom Little. They will be present on campus all day should you need them.

The Bar will be open for you to pick up your wristbands and of-course if you want to purchase a refreshing beverage. Its also somewhere to sit down and take the weight off your feet, along with the Chapel and the seating area outside the library (weather permitting)

We shall see you all tomorrow!

Get some sleep, It's a long day... 25/09/2015

Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015 - £45.00 : Shopfront | University of Chester

Firstly, wristband:

Get it.

Secondly, for those of you who are new, here's a bit about the bar.
We have all sorts going on here, so don't just see it as a crazy place on a Wednesday night, and remember Freshers' Week is a one off event which doesn't really have any bearing on reality.... Things we have:

Mondays: Karaoke - hosted by Laura Garlic! Open from 4pm.

Tuesdays: Comedy or a gaming league on alternate weeks. The comedy is top class and, above all, totally free. We have had, very recently, the likes of Rob Rouse and Gary Delaney - £15 a piece in a comedy club. The gaming league will involve a mixture of games, but generally will break down to 'fun' games in the bar (Mario Kart, etc) and big old shootemups in the club on the club projector and sound system. Open from 4pm.

Wednesdays: Sports and societies socials nights (don't worry; you don't have to be part of a team/society to come in!) with various fancy dress and, once a month, a visit from HOUSE SHACK Events with a guest DJ. First up is Endor! Fancy dress deets will be with you shortly! Open from 2pm.

Thursdays: SoundShed or film night, on alternate weeks. Sound Shed is our bi-weekly live acoustic music night, featuring musicians from around the Northwest and beyond. Again, totally free entry! The film night features different themes each week, and we try to give you some classics, some new, or some you may never have even heard of. Open from 4pm

Fridays: Anything can happen on a Friday this year! Alongside our offering of fishbowls, this is going to be a lot of fun. It's, once again, free, so stay posted.... Open from 4pm.

Saturdays: The Saturday Sessions! We remove all of our usual products from the bar and bring in premium only spirits, beers and ciders at 'student prices', all accompanied by a chilled out selection of niche tunes from our DJs. It's a night for people who don't want to go out, but don't want to stay in... Open from Midday.

Sundays: Pool league, Quiz league, laid back and relaxed. Open from Midday.

Alongside all of this we have our amazing prices, live sport when we can, and finally I'd like to introduce you to Love Jubo.

Jubo is our interactive smartphone controlled jukebox! You can control our music for free from your seat by downloading the app on your phone. Not only that, you can earn points by requesting songs. A jukebox that pays you? Clearly this is some Matrix sh*t....but all true! Download it now by searching for Jubo in the app store, or go to in your phone's browser.

Aaaaand there's the special one-off nights that we do here...but that'll do for now. That'll do.... Shopfront | University of Chester Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015 - Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015Sunday 27th September - Sunday 4th October8 Nights - £45We have a huge line up for this year's Warrington Campus Freshers' Week! Your wristband will guarantee you access to all events and save you £1…

[09/22/15]   Good news! The Bar will be opening at 6 this Thursday. All that paying loads of money for a beer in the normal world is almost over. We have a few new products on offer this year so keep an eye out!

[09/21/15]   We're almost there! Make sure you're not missing out.

A few accounts to follow in Twitter

And don't forget to add the Bar on Snapchat: bartwenty10 and Instagram: bar_twenty10

Only two days left before we open for you early arrivals.
And only 6 days until the first day of Freshers week 2015!


Bar TwentyTen


We're genuinely on the way boys and girls! 6 days till the madness begins, and if you want to be sure of entry and not have to worry about any of that side of things you're gonna want your wristband! It saves you £15 over all, gives you peace of mind, and if you buy it now it'll feel like you're getting it all for free!

Plus I can shut up about it.

Go go go! 20/09/2015

Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015 - £45.00 : Shopfront | University of Chester

It's literally a week away. We're excited, nervous, edgy and certain we've forgotten something, and we've done this a few times!

Don't forget this band:

It's the ONLY wristband to get you in to all of our events, and the only one you should worry about getting if you're coming to the Warrington campus. If you've bought a 'Chester Freshers' band get your money back and get this! Shopfront | University of Chester Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015 - Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015Sunday 27th September - Sunday 4th October8 Nights - £45We have a huge line up for this year's Warrington Campus Freshers' Week! Your wristband will guarantee you access to all events and save you £1… 18/09/2015

Bar Twenty10 has missed you!

This is the email we sent out to your returners....just covering allllll the bases y'know. Cos we're missing you


Morning all! We're up to all sorts here getting ready for freshers. Have you done your bit though? No? Then click here and sort it out!

If you've done that you're amazing and olive juice.

[09/13/15]   We're getting closer to Freshers week. Make sure you start getting together all the things you need. We recommend a few pens and a couple of notebooks.

Start asking your fellow students what they're taking, no kitchen needs 50 cheese graters. Ask your neighbours what they have and collaborate sharing. It's cheaper that way :D 11/09/2015

Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015 - £45.00 : Shopfront | University of Chester

I've seen a few things about getting wristbands for the Chester Campus events.

Firstly none of these are endorsed or run by the University or students union. They're run by private companies who only wish to make money out of you.

The ONLY wristband that will get you entry to the Warrington campus events is available on the university's website:

We will not accept any other wristband.

Not only that, remember that 99% of your friends will be made on the Warrington campus. If you travel to Chester you will miss out. Save any trips around and about till after freshers week is our advice. Shopfront | University of Chester Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015 - Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015Sunday 27th September - Sunday 4th October8 Nights - £45We have a huge line up for this year's Warrington Campus Freshers' Week! Your wristband will guarantee you access to all events and save you £1…


Do add the bar on Snapchat! Be warned though: we have no honour and will screen shot...

Oh, and

[09/05/15]   One month from today it will be Super Saturday Sessions!

Bringing you the best craft beers, premium spirits, delicious cocktails and Milk-tails.

Not to mention board games and free nuts along with play your beers right!

Make sure you get your wristband!

[09/04/15]   In a months time you'll be finishing up your academic induction week and looking forward to a nice weekend!

Friday night is the headline act of the week at the Bar.

Mista Jam with Meridian Dan and Etta Bond.

If you don't have your wristband yet i advise you get it because once they're gone they're gone and having it is the only way to ensure entry.

[09/03/15]   In one month you'll be dazzled by last nights amazing Silent Disco. But don't lay about in your rooms. Plenty to do!

On the Thursday the CSU will be holding the all important Freshers fair!

Freebies,fun and lots of information to take in.

The campus sports and societies will be there to help you find the right recreational activity to do. Along with other bits and bobs you can get involved with during your time at University.

Careers and Employability will also be holding the job fair: where you can hunt down a part-time job to give you some extra money while your at University.

In the evening it's time for a bit of laugh with our Comedy night!

Get your wristbands here!


University of Chester Warrington Campus Freshers 2015 03/09/2015

Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015 - £45.00 : Shopfront | University of Chester

If you're ummming and ahhhing about getting a wristband don't forget these things:

1. It's the only way to guarantee entry

2. It saves you £15 over the whole week - that's free entry to one big event!

3. If you buy it now it'll feel like you're getting it all for free!

It works out at just over £5 per day, and you'll spend more on takeaways! Without the amazing memories....

Get your wristband NOW from Shopfront | University of Chester Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015 - Warrington Campus Freshers' 2015Sunday 27th September - Sunday 4th October8 Nights - £45The Warrington Campus Freshers' Week never disappoints, and this year is no exception! However we don't announce the line up until Thursday 27t…

[09/02/15]   In one months time you'll be in the peaceful moment of the Silent Disco...shhhh


[09/01/15]   One month from today you'll be continuing your academic induction sessions.

Last night will have kick-started the hall-championship competition.

To continue the healthy-competition we'll be hosting Around The Bar in 80 Minutes!

A chance for you and your new house mates to go to war with the opposing halls in a competition of singing,tasting and comedy...

And remember It's the winning not the taking part that matters.

But everyone's a winner! We'll be giving away spot prizes and freebies. And someone will walk away with a lovely JD Honey fridge.

Get your wristbands!

[08/31/15]   One month today!

You'll have settled into your new rooms, hopefully.

Made some new friends and with a bit of luck had a good night and ready to start your academic induction.

The night time we bring you, with the help of CSU Warrington, The Hall Championship UV Party!

Get your hall specific t-shirts from the CSU office on the ground floor of Padgate hall and go decorate yourselves in as much UV stuff as possible.

Get your wristbands here!




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