Grant Wood Piano

Grant Wood Piano


Grant is an utterly fantastic piano teacher!! I cannot believe how much my son’s piano skills came on over the summer. Grant isn’t just interested in teaching basic piano, he ensures that he lays vital foundations for a future pianist. I genuinely can not recommend him highly enough!

Welcome to Grant's Piano Studio page! This is where we celebrate the achievements and success of students at the studio

Operating as usual


Noah sight-reading a little more...


Noah sight reading


Noah Loves Coffee


Aimi performs ‘I Like Coffee’ during the Low Concentration segment of her lesson today - well done!


My new handcrafted Shaker-style piano bench, designed for two adults duetting or three children trio-ing. Thanks to Bunny at


Celebrating the season with a gorgeous plaque made for me by my favourite craftsman


Momoha Nishimura at her last lesson before returning to Japan.


This is Nick Stevenson who has just finished his third tutor book. This was learned from scratch in ONE LESSON! Congratulations Nick!


Bach, Prelude and Fugue in d minor


Elodie playing Alphabet proud!


Elodie, age 3, at her very first lesson...


Aliyah at her first lessons, decorating the piano and learning about a steady beat... 28/05/2017

Dogs...A Musician's Best Friend? - The Bulletproof Musician

Amazing idea, go South Africa Reading is often thought of as a calming and relaxing activity. Something you might do before going to sleep at night, or on vacation while sitting poolside with an ice cold strawberry lemonade. But for many young children, reading can actually be quite stressful and cause a lot of anxiety. Because… 26/03/2017

“Brain Fatigue” and the Best Thing to Do on a Practice Break - The Bulletproof Musician

So nature is more restorative than the city...who knew? Still, wholesome food for thought. Whether we’re practicing, studying, or doing our taxes, there comes a point where our brains begin to get a little fatigued, our thinking gets a little sluggish, and it’s difficult to think productively and creatively (though tax preparation is probably not the best time to be flexing our creativity...


Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

Power to the Makers...40m views can't be wrong!

Get the audio track "Marble Machine" by Wintergatan: Marble Machine built and composed by Martin Molin ... 05/03/2017

A Practice Hack That Could Significantly Boost Practice Efficiency (but May Not Feel Like It In the Moment) - The Bulletproof Musician

True! I don’t know if it’s true, or just my imagination, but I’ve always felt that my most productive practice years were actually my very earliest years, up until about the time I was in mid-to-late elementary school. In that period of my life, practice was structured in a very particular way. One key fa... 02/01/2017

Why Visualization Ought to Include More than What We See with Our Eyes - The Bulletproof Musician We often hear about athletes’ use of mental imagery techniques in preparation for competition (like here). And on the surface, mental practice does seem like a pretty straightforward concept. But sometimes it’s not really clear what “mental practice” ought to look like. Does “imagery” suggest that w... 13/12/2016

Deliberate Practice - The really positive revelation in this book is that the ‘most talented’ people in the world only get there by hard work and focussed Deliberate Practice. 20/11/2016

"Thinking of Your Performance As a Gift": Does This Really Work? - The Bulletproof Musician

Something to try next time you turn to jelly. Ever notice how your brain can sometimes be your greatest asset, but at other times, a total liability? Like how … 17/11/2016

Exam Resources for Elementary Players - Practising the Piano When I started this blog in 2011, I wanted to set out what I called The Practice Tools. These are universal principles for what we do when we practise, applicable to all ages and levels of ability no matter our pianistic heritage or technical approach. You could even think of these tools as techniqu...


Piano Masterclass | Playing Scales: The important Role of the Thumb

These are very useful exercises for scales, and everybody loves scales, right?

For ENGLISH SUBTITLES click CC and choose English in Settings. Masterclass with pianist Laszlo Gyimesi on the most essential elements of piano technique: sca... 15/11/2016

TTTV057: Measuring Success in Smiles with Susan Bessette -

This made me smile... When you're teaching piano to students with special needs, sometimes you need to reframe success. That's why, Susan Bessette is measuring success in smiles. 14/11/2016

Let's Play The Piano! - Manchester Come and join us for our Christmas event and last of 2016! We'll have plenty of festive musical surprises for you and free mulled wine!! Everybody is welcome to play regardless of ability, experi 13/11/2016

Learning Something New? Try This Mental Practice Tweak That Could Accelerate the Learning Process. - The Bulletproof Musician

Just like counting sheep. There are many stories of athletes who visualized themselves practicing before going to bed, whether it be a baseball player engaging in a little batting practice or a diver rehearsing their dives. But you’ll often hear discrepancies among their accounts of how and what they visualized. Some describ... 12/11/2016

Let's Play The Piano! - Manchester

Playing at this Meetup today, Bach Prelude & Fugue in B-flat, Book I. Bartok placed this third in his pedagogical sequence. Played d-minor, Book I last month. Only 46 more months to go... If you love playing or just listening to the piano then our group is for you! Whatever your ability, experience or musical style you'll be welcome. The idea is to provide a monthly opportunity to play


Grant Wood Piano


Piano Masterclass | Weight transfer

These are movements well worth learning, more like yoga than exercise. Mindfulness is key rather than mind-numbing repetition.

Masterclass with pianist Laszlo Gyimesi on the most essential elements of piano technique: scales, arpeggios, double notes, chords and trills. Emphasizing on... 10/11/2016

TTTV004: Holistic Sight Reading: How technology is revolutionising teaching with Colin Thomson -

There is free Working Memory software at In Episode 4 of the TTTV Podcast, I'm talking to Colin Thomson from Sight Reading Academy all about his online holistic sight reading resources and training 09/11/2016

How to Stop Worrying so Much About What Other People Think - The Bulletproof Musician

This is worth recollecting often. Do you remember the first time you got a “like” on something you posted on Facebook? That little spark of excitement you felt was fun, right? Like a standing ovation, glowing review, or positive feedback from fans in the audience, it’s nice to get that little bit of validation - to feel like we’ve e... 08/11/2016

75 pieces in one year? How Ben went from beginner to Grade 2 in 10 months! -

The kind of masterful teaching we all want... In 2011, I challenged all my students to learn at least 40 pieces during the school year. Out of my 40 or so students (and despite my best motivational effo


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Noah sight-reading a little more...
Noah sight reading
Noah Loves Coffee



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