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Rees Vets


Tilly is home....still no diagnosis exactly what was wrong but she's been in overnight on fluids, and her temp is she's eating all her food....huge thanks to Rees Vets for all your help and support. Let's hope it was just a bug x x x
We want to say the biggest thank you to everyone who looked after Fleur this week! After having an accident she needed several teeth removing. Her recovery has blown us away - as you can see she's clearly traumatised by the whole event!
Missing from Cabul Close, Orford, since very early hours of Tuesday 18th February morning. Phoebe, Grey female cat, wearing a pink and grey stripe collar with id tag containing my address and phone number. She was spayed Monday 17th February and also microchipped, so shouldn't be out at all. Only had her 2 weeks, contained in a bedroom. Think she must have watched one of my cats using the cat flap and followed him out. I've tipped out the Hoover contents in the back garden and also left her litter tray hoping she will scent her way home. Very worried she may have found a shed as she came to me as a stray with her feral kittens and got lost. I've walked round shouting her but no joy. Please keep an eye out and message me if any sightings. Thanks x
Good afternoon,
i wonder if you would be able to share my picture

i’m a newly opened boarding cattery with just 9 houses. I’m licensed by St. helens council as higher standard 4 stars and would love your clients to come look for themselves if they have cats who may need a holiday.

Fully insured, licensed and climate control Upvc quadruple glazed hygienic resorts.

Thank you in advance

Regards Maria
I want to and roo also would like thank all the vets surgeon's and all staff at rees who noticed how poorly my 12 and half jack Russell roo was when I brought her in , they gave me the best advice and they acted quickly and roo had a big operation and is now recovering really well at home , thanks to you all again 😁
Our beloved Ritzie has gone missing from Clegge Street WA2 on Monday 18th Feb. He's ginger and white with freckles around his mouth. About 6 years old and he's neutered and microchipped.
If anyone sees him please let us know. We really miss him.
Hi did you find the owner of the dog x
I could do with a cushion or two, but I'll let you off this time, as I love coming to see you all. Have fun, probs see you soon. Love Molly ❤️
Thankyou for the lovely card for the loss of our beautiful Jet and thankyou for caring for him over his 12 years 😘
Our bouncing, healthy, 10yr retriever, Jackson, went for a routine check up and Vet Dianne thought something was not quite right. A subsequent scan suggested a large growth. 2 days later Jackson had his spleen and a 3kg growth removed. It took a little bit of juggling to get his pain relief right but now 2 days post op he is recovering well. Sharon and Kirsty, as usual, have been wonderfully supportive and helpful in patiently and efficiently getting the help or information that Jackson or I needed. On Friday the future looked bleak. Today I have an old dog who looks like he has a good future. Thank you,!!!
Found this little one tonight. He’s now at Rees vets being looked after. If you know anyone who has lost one. Please give them a phone in the morning. Found fisher avenue near tetley walkers club.

Our Veterinary Centre is part of CVS (UK) Limited, a company which owns over 200 veterinary practice Company Registration Number 03777473.

Rees Veterinary Centre is part of CVS (UK) Limited, a company which owns veterinary practices within the UK. Registered Office: CVS House, Owen Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4ER.


Happy New Year to all of our clients and their pets - we wish you a happy and healthy 2023!


Merry Christmas to all of our clients and their pets - we hope you all have a magical day!


A polite reminder about courtesy!

Happily, most of our lovely clients are wonderful and share our love of animals and appreciate the work we do.

We simply will not tolerate abuse of our staff, verbal, physical, emotionally abusive behaviour will result in termination of our provision of veterinary care to your pet. Without exception.

We are here to help, but please be nice.

Kind regards
Helen - Practice Director


Please take note of our holiday opening hours as follows:
Christmas Eve- 9am-12pm
Christmas day- Closed
Boxing day- Closed
27th December- Closed
28th- 30th December- Open as normal
31st December- 9am-12pm
1st January- Closed
2nd January- Closed
3rd January- Open as normal

Photos from Rees Vets's post 13/12/2022

🎉 Vote by commenting below

Photos from Rees Vets's post 13/12/2022

🎉 Vote by commenting below

Photos from Rees Vets's post 13/12/2022

🎉 Vote by commenting below

Photos from Rees Vets's post 13/12/2022

🎉 Vote by commenting below


🎉 Introducing the 2022 Team Rees / All Creatures Awards!!! Celebrate your Veterinary Superstars by voting for your favourite Vet/Nurse/Receptionist/Support staff in the following posts - simply comment on their photo and tell us why they should win! 🎉
Winners to be announced on NYE!🍾🥂


⚠️ Warning: graphic photo of stomach contents incoming!…⚠️

Gorgeous boy Teddy came to see us today after his owners had noticed him swallow a sock, little did we know the cheeky boy had managed to tuck away not one, not two, but three socks!! He was very well behaved throughout his visit, giving us the truly “guilty as charged” eyes as seen below once we had safely made him vomit them back up. Left in, these could have caused a dangerous obstruction and signs to develop such as vomiting and diarrhoea.

This time of year it is very common for us to see both dogs and cats ingest things they shouldn’t, including festive treats (such as mince pies and chocolates). If you are worried that your pet may have ingested something they shouldn’t, please contact us straight away so that we can assess your pet and determine the safest course of action ☺️

There's No NHS for Pets | MiPet Cover 01/12/2022

There's No NHS for Pets | MiPet Cover

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#BestForPets Magazine Edition #5 (Autumn 2022) 28/11/2022

#BestForPets Magazine Edition #5 (Autumn 2022)

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#BestForPets Magazine Edition #5 (Autumn 2022) Welcome to the Autumn issue of magazine, dedicated to helping the nation’s pawrents do the best for their pet’s health, protection and wellbeing. As the seasons change and the winter months draw in, we’re focussing on how to keep your furry friends happy and in high spirits throug...


We humans are probably not looking forward to the shorter days of autumn and winter. 🍂
It can have implications for our pets as well, so now is a good time to review what we can do to keep our pets safe in the dark. 👇


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Photos from Rees Vets's post 21/11/2022

⚠️ Warning: photo of a graphic wound ⚠️

All of the team at Rees are so delighted to finally sign Jack off as fully recovered from major surgery that he had over 4 weeks ago now!

Jack unfortunately sustained a life threatening injury after a dog attack, which resulted in him developing a pneumothorax (which is where air fills the space between the lung and chest wall due to a puncture to the lung). It was touch and go as to wether he may make it, but we are so proud of his fighting spirit!

He has been a superstar throughout and his superb recovery is credit to all of the team and his owners diligence and care throughout


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❗We need newspapers for our hog hospital, if you have any you are about to throw out please drop it off at the practice. Many thanks 🦔 ❗


There’s no NHS for pets… so if something happened to your best friend, do you know how you’d afford the veterinary bills?
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To all our lovely clients, please take care getting to us today. The weather is awful and the traffic is crazy!! Drive safe🐾☔️


We have had a black male cat handed into the practice. He is microchipped but we have been unsuccessful in contacting his owner. He has a grey fabric collar on with a bell.

Please contact us if you think they may be your pet.


Antibiotic Amnesty

Working together on the safe disposal of your pets’ unused antibiotics
Did you know that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a world-wide health threat, as bacteria are becoming resistant to many antibiotics that we use in human and veterinary medicine?
Find out more about our antibiotic amnesty here


Did you know that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a world-wide health threat, as bacteria are becoming resistant to many antibiotics that we use in human and veterinary medicine?
Find out more about our antibiotic amnesty here:


Lest we forget – remembering all of the brave people and animals.


A big thank you to all our lovely clients who gave us their support and blessing to close early and gather together (puppies and children included) to celebrate everything we have achieved and all the new team members we have welcomed. I feel so privileged to work alongside such an exceptional group of people, and it’s an honour to help them fulfil their potential professionally. I am one very proud Practice Director! Kindest regards - Helen 🌟

The Healthy Pet Club | Preventative Health Care that offers the #BestForPets 09/11/2022

The Healthy Pet Club | Preventative Health Care that offers the #BestForPets

The Healthy Pet Club is here to help your furry loved ones stay healthy and happy, by covering all of your pet’s preventative healthcare.
Our schemes are tailored to your pet’s needs with benefits including annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, health checks and a range of exclusive discounts.
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Speak to us in practice to find out more or register now at:

The Healthy Pet Club | Preventative Health Care that offers the #BestForPets The Healthy Pet Club is here to help your furry loved ones stay healthy and happy, by covering all of your pet’s preventative healthcare.Our schemes are tail...


Seasonal Canine Illness is a condition which currently has no known cause.
It affects dogs shortly after walking in woodland and can be fatal, though often isn’t if treated early.
It’s most commonly seen between August and November, hence the name seasonal - find out more about Seasonal Canine Illness here:

Photos from Rees Vets's post 03/11/2022

Found on Halloween!! This Sassy young lady was out trick or treating all on her own, she doesn’t have a chip or collar. She was near the Peninsular Flats, if you recognise her please give us a call!


Today is National Stress Awareness Day.
Pets are amazing for helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Did you know, studies have shown that owning a pet helps to lower blood pressure, meaning they help with our health and wellbeing too!
How do your pets help you cope with stress?


Happy Halloween! We’d love to see some photos of you and your pets enjoying spooky season below.


Free to a good home! We have a under counter freezer we no longer need if any clients can make use of it? Please get in touch!


Today is National Black Cat Awareness Day! We love black cats and to celebrate this purrfect day, we’d would love to see some photos of your black moggies below.


With Fireworks Night less than a month away, The Healthy Pet Club have
rounded up some top tips on how to keep your pet calm and safe over the


🦇Happy Halloween🦇
We are getting into the spirit (👻 get it?) of things here at Rees and All Creatures!
We are loving our patients visiting us wearing their spooky costumes!

Keep an eye on our pages as we share some photos of our furry trick or treaters - and don’t forget to collect your treat from reception!!


‼️ Found, young female kitten in WA2 area of warrington. No chip, collar. Currently at Rees vets. Photo evidence as proof of ownership required to claim her‼️


‼️We are open as usual‼️
We are pleased to announce that the floods have subsided and Rees is open as usual again!

Thank you to all our lovely clients who were so understanding last week when we had to move everyone around.

Also a huge thank you to our team for working so hard to limit the damage and continue to provide exceptional care to our patients. 🐾

Photos from Rees Vets's post 07/10/2022

We have had a female white cat handed into us, she was found around Oldham/ Cumberland street, Latchford. If you recognise her please call us on 01925 232221


‼️Due to the continued bad weather Rees Vets remains closed. The practice will be shut from now until reopening again on Tuesday morning ‼️

Our staff are working out of All Creatures so please call there should you need us.

The team are working tirelessly to accommodate all clients wanting appointments and all those currently booked in. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Apologies again for any inconvenience🐾


‼️Rees Vets remains closed today due to yesterdays storm damage‼️

Our staff are working out of All Creatures today should you need to contact us.

Apologies again for any inconvenience🐾


‼️‼️Urgent Announcement‼️‼️
Due to the current weather conditions we have sprung a leak at Rees Vets and need to close our reception area!

We are diverting everyone as best we can but please bear with our staff who are doing their best in not ideal conditions!

Updates to follow, apologies for any inconvenience caused🐾

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Introducing our new vet Charlotte who joined our team at the start of this month!Charlotte is talking to us today about ...




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