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High Fliers Study for Success


We would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy new year! Go for your dreams, work hard and achieve those goals!

We are a private tuition service for primary school aged children. We offer tuition in maths, English and all other primary school subjects.

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High Fliers Study for Success updated their address. 19/07/2021

High Fliers Study for Success updated their address.

High Fliers Study for Success updated their address.

High Fliers Study for Success updated their website address. 01/01/2020

High Fliers Study for Success updated their website address.

High Fliers Study for Success updated their website address.


We would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy new year! Go for your dreams, work hard and achieve those goals!


We have a new tutor with over 20 years experience of teaching in primary schools! Contact us if you're considering private tuition for prices and availability.


The summer holidays are almost over and slots for our 1:1 tuition are going fast for next term! Don't miss out on giving your child that extra help or that 'push' to enable them to shine and reach or exceed those incredibly challenging age related expectations! Incredibly competitive prices. E-mail your requirements to [email protected]


I'm so proud of my year 6 children who have completed their SATs this week. Each and everyone of them, from lots of different primary schools, have worked incredibly hard over the last few months and have demonstrated the perfect attitude and work ethic! As our saying goes - the more you put in; the more you get out! I can't wait for results day to see how amazing they have all done!


The summer holidays have only just started, but slots for our 1:1 tuition are going fast for next term already! Don't miss out on giving your child that extra help or that 'push' to enable them to shine and reach or exceed those incredibly challenging age related expectations! E-mail your requirements to [email protected]


Massive congratulations to my year 6 students who have all achieved better than expected results in their SATs! All that hard work has paid off! Remember guys - the more you put in; the more you get out!!


I am now taking bookings for children who wish to continue with their learning over the summer holidays so that they can hit the ground running in September. 1:1 tuition in the comfort and security of your own home. Give your child the advantage they deserve! Contact me for availability and very competitive rates.


Only three months until year 6 SATs!! Send us a message for any tuition needs you may have. We will travel to your home, or you can come to us!! Give your child the best chance you can of achieving what they deserve!!


End of term assessments are approaching fast!! Contact us if you would like to give your child some extra support or a 'little push'! 1:1 and small group tuition (no more than 6 children) available.


We hope that your children have settled in to the new academic year now and enjoying their learning.
If you feel that their learning journey would benefit from a little more support, then get in touch with us. You'd be amazed at the boost in confidence that tuition can inject into children that lack that self belief. We offer a professional, high quality tuition service at very competitive prices. Drop us a line at [email protected] for more details.


We hope that your children have settled into the new academic year and are looking forward to all the exciting challenges ahead!! As their parents, if you feel they could do with a little extra help that school just can't fit in to their jam packed time tables, please feel free to message us for our availability and very competitive prices. 1:1 tuition available and special rates for small groups (no more than 6 children - these are proving to be extremely popular).


We would like to wish all you hard working children out there good luck in your new classes, new schools and new colleges!! We hope that you hit every challenge head on and that this year is a very successful one for you!!


Just over half (53%) of pupils met the new expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics.
Improve your child's chances of achieving the new standards with affordable private tuition. All primary subjects taught.
Contact us at [email protected] with your enquiry and for our very competitive prices.


Read this very interesting article on the School Run' website.....

Dear Parent,

You probably already suspect that your children's learning slips back during the summer holidays – and you're not wrong. A number of studies have shown that pupils who are given the same test before and after the summer holidays will score worse the second-time around. And it's not just a small amount of learning that's lost...

One school in East Sussex, which tested children before and after the break in reading, writing and maths, discovered that a large percentage of the children had slipped back by as much as two to four national curriculum points (four national curriculum points amounts to what you would expect a child to learn in a whole year).

The key: keeping their brains ‘exercised’ and stimulated…

Nobody, of course, wants to sit their child down and make them do hours of school work during the holidays because holidays are times for relaxing and having fun, for idling away the hours and for allowing minds the space to develop in a different way to the more regimented approach of school.

‘Summer learning’ is not about making your child do extra work. It is more a continuation of what you’re already doing at home: encouraging a natural love of activities like reading and writing that makes children WANT to do those things for enjoyment in their free time.

And of course, you also want to make sure that they go back to school having retained what they’ve already learned – and with their eager brains ready to absorb and learn more.


Six reasons why summer learning is important

As parents, some of us have a hard time connecting the words ‘summer’ and ‘learning’. But we're not talking about chaining children to a desk and denying them the delights of their well-earned summer break. Summer learning should be distinctively different – more of a case of keeping the door to learning ajar than flung wide open. We explain why summer learning is important for your child’s development.

1. It keeps the mind sharp and stimulated

It is important that a child keeps their mind working during the long holidays to avoid them experiencing brain-drain and facing a setback once term starts again. Research consistently shows that children who do not engage in any type of mental activity during the summer tend to lose up to a third of what they have learnt during the academic year. Teachers typically spend four to six weeks re-teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer and kids spend about the same amount of time settling back into the habit of learning.

2. There’s more time to learn the basics

Taking extra time over the summer holidays to concentrate on one particular subject, rather than focusing on a number of subjects at the same time, will help your child get to grips with the key aspects of that topic. The extra work will help them feel really confident about tricky aspects of maths, spelling or science and boost academic achievements when returning to school.

3. You can find the time to overcome a challenge

During the summer your child is learning without the sense of urgency and pressure associated with school, so the brain is free to relax, to imagine, to wander and to create. This helps to associate happy and positive feelings with learning and may be all your child needs to grasp a previously elusive concept.

4. It increases confidence

Taking extra time during the summer to concentrate on a subject that they found difficult in school and discovering new talents will help to build a child’s self confidence and give a feeling of accomplishment.

5. Innovation, creativity and a love of learning are all promoted

During the holidays children have more control over what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. Your child might want to join a summer camp and take up sports or music, or they could join a performing arts class and become more involved in a production. When it comes to extra learning throughout the summer the world is their oyster. So encourage your child to discover and pursue a new passion.

6. It helps your child to hold on to routines

As much as summer is a time for long lazy days and later bedtimes do try to avoid throwing out all routines completely or you will have a battle on your hands towards the end of the holidays. Routines are healthy and good for children as they provide them with a sense of security, safety and stability. Structure time for learning opportunities but keep schedules light and flexible


New dates added for key stage 1 and 2 summer maths and English workshops. E-mail [email protected] for more details. Very limited availability.


The 100 things to do before leaving primary school......

Boys and girls must have fun

Falling asleep in a lesson or telling your teacher to "chill out" are among the 100 things primary-age children feel they should do before turning 11.

As a million children wave goodbye to primary school, a Times Educational Supplement survey of 2,500 youngsters reveals their wish lists.

The top 100 includes numerous pranks such as spinning on the teacher's chair or being caught impersonating "Miss".

It also features life lessons such as failing so you can learn from mistakes.

Helping younger pupils learn something and being kind to someone who needs a friend are also on the list produced from the survey of under-11s.

And perhaps surprisingly, children saw the experience of losing or falling out with a friend as a key lesson for life learned in primary school.

Daisy chains

The list, which has a distinctly end-of-term feeling, also focuses on silly behaviour, with more than a third of activities likely to irritate a teacher.

Highlights include falling off a chair - because you are swinging on it - running around a corridor and smashing into a teacher and laughing so hard that drink comes out of your nose.

Other classic school tricks include forgetting your homework.

For adults who worry that children spend too much time glued to a screen, there was a reassuring vote of confidence in the great outdoors.

Playing conkers, making a daisy chain, going pond dipping and running around in the rain were also popular.

'Remarkably resilient'

TES editor Ann Mroz said that adult worries over youngsters' "disappearing childhoods" and "lost innocence" seem overdone.

"It's heartening to see that children today behave much as children have always done.

"We may think they are tested, tutored and drilled as never before but they seem remarkably resilient.

"They love being naughty, playing pranks and getting up to mischief much as we did at their age.

"And despite the ubiquity of mobile phones and tablets, they still like to splash around in puddles and construct daisy chains."

She added: "I wonder if a lot of the anxiety over childhood today has more to do with adult projections and expectations than children's own concerns."


Drop us an e-mail at [email protected] to tell us your requirements and enquire about our availability and very competitive prices.


Why wait till September to get your child the extra teaching that will
make a huge difference to their attainment in school?
We have limited places available to start in August for 1:1 and group tuition for English , Maths and science from years 1 to 6.


High quality 1:1 and group tuition for children aged 4 - 11 in maths, English and science,



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